Monday, November 30, 2020

living isn't blooming all the times


The depression

Out of job out of value

Along the way life becomes bad

The affected persons shouldn't fall

In the pandemic

Many companies folded up

Many are out of jobs

Staring in defeat

Suicide isn't the way

Sadly 266 persons gone

They didn't want to struggle

They gave up their lives!

Life is ups and downs

It isn't a straight road every time

We need to navigate our lives

Find ways to challenge the misery

Learn to accept defeat

Learn life isn't blooming all the times

Learn to live with setbacks

Learn to live with struggles and pain

Living 6 feet underground

It is giving up before trying to fight

Every one will face hardship

Living isn't blooming all the times

the long dribbling begins


The long dribbling begins

The debate on the budget allocations

Anwar and his team have to get it right

No more last minute instruction

The back door will not offer reasons

They want the budget to get through

The huge allocations don't justify it

The long dribbling and winding debate

A chance to box out Moo

Gave him a bloody nose to go

But Anwar threw his white towel

Left the ring offering lame excuse

Now the long dribbling in session

By 17 December the block votes should begin

Do not let the budget get through at all

Moo has to get the knocked out punch hard

the tortoise man


The tortoise man

Work hard to save the nation

Walking in careful steps

Wanting to make the right decision

The weeks gone by

The talk of no support

The members and supporters

Tuning to hear the final call

But the tortoise man

Only a foot away he stopped

He didn't want to claim the flag

He stood there ignoring the calls

The hare woke up jumped 3 times

He got the flag rising up in his head

The tortoise man looked surprise

He knew he lost the first round

the politicians sing a different tune


The wealth of the nation

It has to be distributed fairly

When it is unfairly treated

The nation will feel the heat

The wrong in the decades

We could see the economic records

But the racial harmony takes a hit

As the wealth distributed lopsided

Now we face our common enemy

We can't see with our naked eyes

Once we are in its grip of infection

We realize we shouldn't stay and share alone

Every one has to shoulder the responsibility

The nation depends on us to stay in peace for progress

Shoulder the burden take care of the nation

But the politicians sing a different tune

The wealth of the nation

Covid 19 makes us to realize

A race can't fight it alone

It needs cooperation from every one

Sunday, November 29, 2020

azzmin tales


Azzmin tales

It will be hard to believe

He knows he can't stay for long

Now he wants to find his scapegoats

He doesn't blame himself

On the Sheraton move

He doesn't blame himself

For the collapse of PH

All he can say

The Old Man idea of PN

Anwar is a bitter person

But he doesn't blame himself

He and Moo played out PH

They pulled out from the coalition

So the Old Man sent his resignation

They came in to take the flag

Who wants to believe his tales?

He is to blame for the Brutus story

Now he feels he may lose his position

So he comes out to find his scapegoats

Azzmin to save your skin

He and his gang should support PH

They will get some credits

Unless they want to fall into the hell hole


the second round chance


Let the second round

Be the battle to take down

The back door for good

No more giving second chances

The budget 2021 will move

Now it gains its first round

Anwar and his coalition partners

They have to stand their ground

No more giving excuses

The first round croaked for nothing

Anwar had miscalculated his move

On the penalty he shouldn't change flag

Now the dust settled in the first phrase

Anwar should really must fight it out

No more trying to belittle supporters

Give it a hard knock and see the result

Don't let Moo run away

He is in his tent afraid to moo

Anwar should read the situation now

The back door should go to pasture

the way of life


The way of life

It is in our hands and minds

How we plan or not plan at all

The cycle and time will move on

Even if we don't do anything

The way of life will still push on

Live in paradise; live under the bridge

It is how we progress with opportunities

The way of life

Opportunities will come aplenty

Once we forget to grab it

The cycle and time will move on

What we are in our hands

What we plan in our minds

Live in paradise; live under the bridge

The way of life is how we work on it

Anwar chess game


The Renaissance Man

Stake his claim but he failed

His credibility got the hit

He had to find ways to get back in

Now many want his skin

They aren't happy he let it go

Without a good fight but surrender

Though the ending hasn't been completed

The good opportunity

Anwar let it go in the last minute

Now he will he dribble in the next round

Putting his final game plan into action

Though Moo can breathe a release

He mustn't forget there is the next round

This will be the time to decide his position

Will Moo stay or get kicked out?

Anwar dares to fail

Now he has to go all out

He has nothing to lose

In his game of plotting a show down

Saturday, November 28, 2020

don't evolve just for the sake of it


You want to evolve?

As long as you know

Where you are going

You have to start

Else there will no beginning

You may find the road

Be unfamiliar in taste and smell

You may start to feel regret

Leaving behind a path you made

Living in comfort but not on your own

You work for somebody's else

The time isn't yours

The successes aren't enriching your soul

You will feel the emptiness

You want to break free

Now you have the opportunity

Seeking a place you will craft it yourself

Failures may happen but success will be paradise

When you hit the right chords

Bringing you up to the spot

the lonely shadows in the pandemic


The lonely women

The hungry men

Separation by Rocking Rona

No physical embraces

The days and nights

Dragging on the lonely sound

In the far end of the mind

Staying alive must be the norm

The dating game

It can't go around

Nobody wants to get infected

In the time of Rocking Rona

Though there are other forms to contact

It mustn't in the physical form but in the internet

So we will hear the lonely women

And the hungry men prowling in their minds

PH should stay together and in tune


PH should stay in tune

One set back isn't the end

The budget may have gone through

Because Anwar wants to scrutinize it

It isn't the end of the budget

PH leaders and followers and supporters

They shouldn't jump the gun and talk of separation

The hard talk will begin by next week

Though Anwar walks on tortoise spaces

He may have his reasons to stay the budget

It may sound like Moo win his round

It is for Moo to feel happy until the showdown

Now let us wait and see

What will Anwar do by next week?

PH must stay united and fight it through

There is still hope yet after all

women want to stay a mystery


Women want to stay a mystery

They want the men to think hard on it

No doubt the men want the easy way out

Like the work of ABC

Though women need to be appreciated

They want the men to recognize their ability

They are strong willed as the men

Sometimes softness in characters win the play

Men with the right frames will win

The women will not hide it away

Though women will appreciate compassion

Allowing freedom in conversation and thought

Men and women are like a painting

With strong colours tone, soft brushes flow

The picture can tell of many ways to go

They will need each other to grow

there is still hope for Anwar


There is still hope

Running through the darkness

Though it seems lost at the moment

When Anwar doesn't hit the right note

There is no need to dismantle PH

DAP leaders should stand up and be counted

It is a collective decision though doesn't go well

There is still the next round to play

Of course Anwar missed the penalty

Now the game is playing on the field

The dribbling begins once more

The ultimate goal is still intact

DAP leaders shouldn't lose hope

Don't they learn it all by now?

Sometimes you win; sometimes you miss it

It doesn't say it is the end of the road

Moo will see his downfall

Anwar still says he has the majority

In a week he will show his numbers

When the budget moves to the next round

Friday, November 27, 2020

Anwar still can do it in the next round


Moo isn't secured in his position

The days ahead he has to face

He may not sound so confidence

When the budget goes for the next round

Anwar and his partners

Wake up and do the right way

So much expectation turns to nothing

When you have the penalty aim it to goal!

Now they want to dribble on the field

They want to waste time and prolong the agony

Rocking Rona is forever floating with glee

The many hosts it can sweep down easily

So what will it be?

The heavy loss on the missed opportunity

Anwar has to show his leadership skill

Don't go for the slow walk when he can run

The opportunity still lies in the next round

He better get it right for the sake of his credibility

He mustn't give last minute instruction anymore

It shows lack of preparation or confidence

what now PH?


What now PH?

The leader can't decide

The last minute instruction

It makes a bad impression

The party members and public

They aren't supportive of the move

It is better to lose than never trying it

Anwar's credibility has gone down the tube!

The public expected a fight

It didn't happen alright

Amno baru got its demands

PH got nothing for shouting

What now PH?

An opportunity came and gone

No doubt there are 2 stages to go

Why doesn't nail it first?

Anwar's nick name

Mr Man Man Lai chameleon

He better has a look in the mirror

Evolve or lose in the water

the black witch in the house


The black witch in the house

She makes the going looking good

She makes the members seeing stars

They can see it in their eyes

When she wishes what she wants

The spook members can't run

They will get it on to make feel satisfied

The passage of bills she wants it pass

The black witch in the house

The concoction of mixture of goodness

It makes the members feel obligated

Letting go the passage of bills

So much they yell and shout

In the end the silence in the house

The black witch wins the first round

She laughs gleefully as she takes flight

Come to reality

The members have to explain

They can't get out on the knots

They are bound by the record

the man man lai Anwar


The man man lai Anwar

So much to gain to hit the gong

Yet in the last minute he changed his mind

Giving out his last minute instruction

The first round went to the back door

Most of the members allowed the budget to sail

On the next round to fight again

But it left a sour taste to the public

In fact it is the supporters of PH

Feeling the outcome out of the blue

The man man lai Anwar

Didn't he realize what he had done?

When the opportunity knocks the door

Nobody should let it go without a fight

It is better to fail then not taking the chances

Anwar has failed in his task in the first round

It isn't what you have or not

It is the willing to fail grabbing the opportunity

Anwar hasn't done it right

He leaves a bad impression as a leader

Though Moo hasn't out of the wood

There are 2 rounds to go to push him out

Will Anwar has it to make the amend?

Now Amno baru got what it wanted but PH?

Thursday, November 26, 2020

in the pandemic


Wine and women

Drugs and men

In the pandemic

The hollow in the mind

Beers and rap music

The party going underground

Getting into the groove

The blues gang hit the note

The hungry in the souls

The men and women

Drowning sorrow of loneliness

Causing by the pandemic

The economic will go down

It is bound to happen

When economic activities will be low

Causing by the pandemic

Beers and women

The men can't go to the game

The blues gang will hit the note

Causing by the pandemic

the budget is lopsided


The honest members

Know the truth for the nation

Let the light guide them

To make a right decision

The budget 2021

It is only for the back door

The other races will see the crumbs

Little Wee can't even see it!

Don't be greedy

The sins will be paid in full

Nothing will go free

Bribing must be stopped

The budget is lopsided

Catering to the back door

Covering for its race

Hitting for the general election

The God fearing members

Don't vote for the budget

Let the people's mandate return

That is the solution!

fear is playing in the mind


Fear is always playing in the mind

It will stare at us the whole day

Nothing can chase it away

It doesn't smile or say a thing

It is only in the mind

Playing its tricks this way or highway

It can make us running away

Sometimes crying in lonely areas

Fear is to stare at it

See it through its bull eye

It can't be strike down

It can be waved to go away

By keeping the mind free

By praying and stay in positive mode

In this way fear will not fly in

It will stay in its hiding place

the Old Man feels lonely


The Old Man

Still wants to stay relevant

He should know by now

His credibility has gone

He wanted his way

He didn't care the outcome

Now he would realize

Nobody wanted him

Maybe age finally catches with him

His thinking hasn't been consistent

He says he will not support the budget

Yet he says he wants to work with Moo

Unless he feels he wants support

Staying outside the circle can be lonely

He needs to feel he has the power

But he forgets he has lost it long ago

The Old Man

PH gave him a chance

He blew it and dumped PH

Now who wants to believe him?

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

the MCO should make a come back


The locked down needs to be done

On areas which causing the high infection rate

Some may argue on the economy

But lives are important aren't they?

The MCO should make a come back

On the high degree of infection

These areas need to be controlled

Before the infection scores a high again

As it stands now

The numbers jumped up high

Yet the back door leaders still talking

Even decisions make aren't staying effectively

They will keep changing the post

They make confusion to the people

But Rocking Rona isn't confused

It still keeps on its attacking mode

So what will it be?

Saving lives or pushing economy?

The choice we have to make

To survive in this pandemic

let Mas go


Enough of pumping billions to Mas

The taxpayers monies must be put in better use

Mas is a company running by its rules

Now it isn't viable to save it

Let Mas go

It has sucked billions into the black hole

It shouldn't be helped anymore

Let it sleep with honour

We aren't proud of it

It bleeds the public funds

It hasn't turned around in profits

Every year we hear of losses

Be honest with it

There is no reason to save Mas

It is time to wave goodbye

Save our billions for better uses

the economy has to wait


The economy will not recover

Even running through next year

Though the back door will speculate

The chart on the economy

The major wall erected

The Rocking Rona isn't going away

It will bear it down on the economy

Countrie in the World will try to beat it

The invention for a cure

The proper testing has done

The companies want to cash on it

Beware of the bad side effects

Like the saying

Don't jump from the frying pan to the fire”

The economy can wait

Fry off Rocking Rona to the ground

No doubt we want the economy to grow

We have to be realistic on the outcome

There is Rocking Rona putting up barricade

It is better we burn the virus out for good

rocking rona


Rocking Rona

Laughing in the air

The easy hosts

The infectious cry

People still talking

The rules in hide and seek

Some aren't listening

Causing sadness in our minds

The clusters of infection

Rocking Rona feeding well

It doesn't care what we say or done

Its job is to infect those defying order

The rise in cases

Yet some aren't listening

Giving Rocking Rona its doses

Give us bad news in the chart

The cluster areas

Total MCO should be imposed

This is to stop the infection rising

But do we see it happening?

So Rocking Rona

Flying gleefully in the air

The easy hosts to be infected

If only we don't think of economy

MCO for 2 weeks

The economy may suffer

But it will recover in time

But lives loss nothing to fight

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

the tricks in its sleeve


The back door

The tricks in its sleeve

When the going is a liability

It may just postpone it

There is a chance

It may jump out of it

It can't stand the moment

Likely to be humiliated

The emergency law

It can't get it for the nation

Otherwise it will flourish

Within Rocking Rona flow

There is a possibility

The back door may defer the vote

The excuse will be Covid 19

It has taken the back door that far

moo of the back door


Moo of the back door fame

His legal standing is still questionable

As he hasn't obtained his majority support

Because he is afraid to test in Parliament

The Constitution stands supreme

No other party can over-ride it

The Speaker mustn't take side

His reasoning is flawed in No Confidence Vote

There are 25 members requesting it

The Speaker by all counts should allow the vote

Moo has to get his legitimacy by the members

As it stands today Moo knows he can't

The members must unite to vote out the budget

In this way Moo will have to resign from his post

A man of integrity will submit his resignation

But Moo hasn't learned because of greed of power