Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The BN government is buying time on the Lingam video clip. Set up a panel without power and authority is its way to say there is some truth in the allegation. So this panel goes out and try to make something out of it. In the end the 3 men panel got nothing to report except perhaps from ACA giving its report. The outcome many people already taxi nasi said no original no case......What the people want is a Royal Commission of Inquiry to go deep into its source of what happening to the could go back to 1988 to determine how the judges are appointed what players hooked behind the scene. Who are the players involved in shuffling the appointments and who make the call? The BN government can't ignore its noble aim to eradicate corruption. Now it looks like it is just words to play along. The people appeal to DYMM Tuanku to play his role right in the democratic principles. Over 5,000 people had signed petition to the Supreme Ruler to call for the Royal Commission of Inquiry which is His Royal Highness prerogative to ask for one. Further he shouldnt extend the contract of the current chief justice who is embroiled in the Lingam video clip controversy. He should retire on 1/11/07. I want the country to progress but not with so many 'scandals' or 'tainted' administration running in the country. Something must put it right. It is the rulers and Agong to put it back is proper course before the country goes to the dogs..The BN government is not doing it because it is the cause of it.


Datuk Ramli YusofCCID chief: I'm the one

Commercial Crimes Investigation Department Director Comm Datuk Ramli Yusoff has admitted that he is the RM27mil senior police officer being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Agency. However, he denies that he is worth that much. Courtesy the Star

In any organization there will be infighting and curry favours to make the most in one's career. Sometimes the jealousy turns ugly like Datuk Ramli Yusoff's case. ACA investigated him on claimed he had $27 million. ACA didnt furnish information on its claim. If ACA isnt sure about the amount, the agency should maintain its secrecy until enough evidence is obtained. But I think it is the work of people who wanted to poke fire in the police force. There could be some truths

as reported under Tun Hanif's column in The Star about police forces divide in its organization. The internal feud between IGP and Johari and the crimes increase in the country pointing to the elements of curry favours to the underworld. There are grumblings in the force yet the AAB allowed the extension of the IGP contract of employment. This is something the people and the police force couldnt comprehend. Knowing that there are feuds in the police force on Musa and Johari, AAB shouldnt extend Musa's contract. Now with Ramli Yusoff press conference, there is the truth finally exposed to the public yet I am sure the BN government will say something different. It is sad too basing on his press conference that the AG never assists the Federal Officers to prepare affidavits on the allegations. So in this instant I view it at the internal power struggles within the police force and AG is part of the group. I can't help remembering that AG and IGP were part of the gang prosecuting Anwar Ibrahim on the made up charges....some had died in office and now I see these top officers are finding their turns coming to the fore. It is a circle now they felt the heat. Dont you believe Allah/God always work in circle?


Candles and shadows
It comes up to play
In the mind it seems to say

Years gone years arrive
It never stays forever
It will be there
Barely a time
Then changes come alive

Along the roads
People meet say hello
Exchanging greetings smile then forget
Until such time the roads meet again

On this day like any other day
The mundane things will shine again
Looking at it
Years gone by

Candles and shadows
It flickers as the time flies
When you get up in the morning
A new chapter runs your life

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


How could things go down?
When the sleeping giant isn’t awaken
It is now on auto-pilot
Know not which way it wants to fly

CI points going up
It doesn’t say the economy is sound
It doesn’t say the country is well run
It only says that somebody or group of bodies
Playing the games to enrich or riddles the economy
Ultimately the benefits go these people

Corridors spreading out
Every point of the country
Announcements of many developments
The layout plans only going to start now

Packages going to get inputs
What are the projects by whom it will be played?
This is the number game

By the time the costs go up
Nothing is left to the weary people
Running and sweating just barely to live by
The basic essentials rocking up their lives

And our sleeping giant rings his CI
Feeling so happy something he did is right
Is he sleeping in his mind or what?


A cat has 9 lives as the saying goes. I wonder why.............because the cat can go anywhere and shit as it likes without consideration to the houseowners. I have problem with cats here. My pearl grass is damaged by these feline creatures -urin and shit on the pearl grass killing it softly with its meowing. Dont get be wrong......I dont hate animals. I dislike the owners of these animals who dont take care of their pets. Beside cats coming into my garden, there is now a puppy coming to do business here. I caught the puppy on camera came through the side gate so now I put up potted plants to block the passage. For now I observe the puppy hardly visiting my garden. Perhaps the puppy has grown big so can't pass through the steel divider but not the feline animals. Last month I had the slippery snake crawling in my garden. I let the snake go after it swallowed a toad in the garden. These animals like my garden........................These animals know how to enjoy life. Learn a thing or two about them. Life must enjoy. Forget about negative thought. Live life with positive attitude. Even you can be down today, think of it as a small step back. Generally look forward to feel the positive values about it. In sickness, it tells one is too greedy or never do something to help others; or perhaps telling lies to get something...One never balance it one's energy in the ying and yang sequence. Positive values always enrich a person's life. One thing most people forget is never pray to God or asking His help. Look for Him you never waste your time on Earth.


courtesy from

Parliament House
It should stay where she is
The good solid ground
She got it solid in 1960s

The long corridors of lying
The long shadows of cheating
The brewing of greed and deceit
She hears it all in her walls

The crying on her inner soul
The leaders scrap and hide away
The symbol of dignity erodes
On this August House she still stands tall

Now the leaders want it shifts
Close to the dark forces on PJ hill
The many corridors jumping queue
The objects of money, gold and silver

The dark forces will run
Immunity as of now till she sleeps
Parliament House a symbol of dignity
The leaders make it worst every day

Parliament House
The pillar of a success story
In the beginning so noble and sincere
Now she turns her eyes
Tears falling incessantly

The leaders of hidden objectives
Milk her honey let her suffers slowly
And when she leaks they say it is time
A new structure a new light

When history forgets
The noble values of yesterday leaders
What is a nation when foundation gone?
It is here in Parliament House
The echoes of decades
Building the nation


Education doesnt make a good leader in a country in company and in people. It is love for the people and the nation that make the difference of leaders. All those leaders who say that everybody who wants to aspire to be the top must have university education. They are trying to protect their own turf. Education is a must but it doesnt mean that education will make a person a leader. Look at Bill Gate, the wealthiest man in the world, who has no university education but now he has an honorary doctorate degree. Back home Lim Goh Tong, the founder of Genting Resort, who had no education but he loved what he enjoyed and toiled for it. There was also Loh Boon Siew who made his fortune in Honda motorcycles. He could speak Hokkein dialect maybe some spoken Malay language but no university education and there is this Al Bukhary who has secondary education yet he succeeded in this corporate world controlling strings of public listed companies in the country. In politics there is Syed Razak who was the chief minister of Kedah for one and half term with no university education but he loved his job and his politics. A leader must grow within. Without it a leader can't go far.

Monday, October 29, 2007


I always believe that a politician must be willing to serve the people and country. As long as he/she understands written and verbal languages, this should be the requirement to settle into a life of a politician. Now the chief minister of Perak Tajol Rosli said in future in the Perak Exco, the elected representative must have a first degree. I wonder why is that so? Is university degree can help the people and country? Playing in politics isnt about university degree; it is about how one thinks on his/her feet and a willingness to help and serve the people and country without favours or looking to enrich one's position. Look at our current leaders....they are amply qualified yet see what kind of statements they made in their lives. They can't think positively on their feet. They dont go to the ground to help the people. They are there because of the voters yet they dont go to help these people. I rather have politicians who can go down to help the people without any air of protocol. These educated politicians have too much airs with them. They think they are the cream of the lot in the country. By the way the Federal Constitution never says a prime minister must have a university degree. A prime minister must have the confidence of the house and the supreme ruler will pick his choice for the country's prime minister though the pm designate may have the support of the house; the king can stop his appointment as the country's prime minister. Food for thought isnt it?


The drum beats
On the descent of lost souls
Stepping into the darkness
No one to sing song
The parade goes into oblivion

The young ones die
Hanging themselves believing it is right
When there are many exploits to be had
They give it up before they even try

Parents cry tears fall aimlessly
Teachers can’t understand
Children staring at the empty chairs
The drum beats
The souls gone into the depths

Life is meant to be free
The eyes seen leaving them scary
All those pressures in their minds
They let go
They don’t want to grow

The drum beats
The wind caressing their hanging bodies
Swaying aimlessly regretting their ways
For a life not fully accomplished
They die hanging by the short ropes
Saying a statement
They want to be free!


The PM and his cabinet ministers should read blogs. Period. There are many topics and complaints sometimes anger posted on the blogs. The gang in the cabinet shouldnt use ISA or OSA as camouflage to hide behind their actions. Be open and engage these bloggers. They arent there to waste their precious time oh ministers and pm sitting on the screen thinking what to say and write. These bloggers have many things to say. Mind you, you dont have time to read all the letters received. Many times it is your own confidential secretary who sorts out which letters for your eyes only; the rest is dumped in the wasterpaper baskets - never know the light of day. The gang in the cabinet should make a point to surf the blogs for an hour a day before they retire for the night. Politicians dont sleep early. I think they retire after 2 am. I knew of one who talked into the wee hours of the morning and he said most politicians in UMNO could do it. He said it is politics.............and I knew of a former MB of Kedah who always slept late because of his position and people came to see him. His wife said her husband always slept in the car travelling from one place to another. This was the only time he could catnap before he attended his functions. Now if these cabinet gang love the country and people in it they should spare time to read blogs. Nazri always think he is in the high horse isnt he? He should be humble and read the blogs. If Prophet Muhammad could listen to his followers, why nazri couldnt spare his time? It is sad for a minister to say. This telling us how much the leaders in BN forget their roots and education. Power and greed have corrupted their minds and the results are the brewing words of silly jokes....................ah it reminds me of THE STROLLERS 'Silly Jokes'

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I dont believe in long term plans. Basically I can't see beyond tomorrow. Can you? I only stick to a maximum 3 years plan which is basically what I never achieve in plan 1. So it continues to 2 then 3. I have heard people plan so many years ahead......They should look at plan 1 first and see what they can do. Too many years of planning it makes the mind foggy in the sense one feels that there is time to achieve something. By the time you wake up the next morning, you find the same thing surrounding you. Try telling it to the gardener or taxi driver. Do you think they have plan even for tomorrow? If they can survive today, they are happy. Tomorrow is a dark horse....................So when a country wants to plan like 25 years ahead, the leaders forget that the next leader may not want it there. The new leader may opt for his own design and imprint his foot prints. Then it will be a dry run.......................Plan what you can do for today, for tomorrow is the will of Allah/God


A young boy aged 7 years old hanged himself at his parents' home. What is happening with the young mind nowadays? They haven't even tasted the ups and downs of life. The young go get killed in their own hands. What really gone wrong in parenting? Lack of communication and mixing with their own aged groups. Parents nowadays stress so much on getting good results for their children education. Normal schooling isnt enough. These children will be sent to tuition classes. The parents believe they give the best to their children. My advice is stop there a minute. Do your children want to go for extra tuition? They want to enjoy as normal children do. I dont believe they want to stuck up the whole day in class after class. For so many hours and days in a week, in time the children will get pressured and feel the strain of it all. The easy way out is to commit suicide. When the result is bad parents will scream at them. Stop there too..........Dont you think sometimes children deliberately hit the parents back this way? Purposefully fail in their tests and examinations. They are saying keep your money Dad and Mom......we have our needs to take care off.......Do the parents listen? No sir......the parents blame the tuition teachers and switch to another tuition centre or teachers and start all over again. Same result some nightmare for the parents. PARENTS LISTEN TO YOUR CHILDREN. I dont know how many commit suicide here in a day. In Hong Kong it is said 3 persons and in Japan 80 persons take their own lives. Suicide, suicide, oh what a waste of life!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


The white color on blue
On a bright sunny day
The clouds radiantly glow
Not many people see

The patterns of nature
The glorious day passes by
In the afternoon light
I watch it changing

It looks like a white Christmas tree
Changing coloring the sky
Not many take time to see
God’s magic painting on clouds

Then the white angels fly
All around the blue sky
I watch the painting flow
Don’t forget to say a prayer or two
For the Lord is great
Everything He wants to do


2 cops died on duty
On raid no proper precautions
No bullet proof vests
What are the police officers doing?
Superman, are they?

2 cops never got to celebrate
Deepavali with their families
They got bullets instead of cookies
The superiors must pay………

Now the sleeping beauty woke up
Yawned widely and exclaimed
“What they don’t know what to do?”
“Yes my lord we fucked up”

Dealing with drug lords
They don’t care about lives
Money and addicts
These they want to have

200 years in police work
A bust turned tragic
Now IGP cries for action
“Get the cop killers!”

Don’t they visualize in their minds?
What will happen with the drug lords?
They don’t care about lives
They will take a few with them
Into the land beyond
As their body guards

Police know
“Don’t cry for me when I am dead and gone”
Sacrifices are necessary
In this line of policing work
So that the nation can sleep peacefully
The police officers’ sacrifices aren’t in vain

My condolences to the police officers
They live though we may forget
The good Lord will take care of them
On their journey to a land beyond our dreams


The bad moon rising
In the dark dim clouds
The black bats flying
In many formations
Seeking preys in the dark night

The rustling sound in the air
People walk don’t care
By the time they look up in the sky
The black bats pick them one by one

Screaming people
Gun fires smoke in the clouds
The black bats come in droves
Driving the people scattering them

The bars across the streets
The patrons see the commotion
Quickly they rush out
Then they rush back
Close all doors and windows
Praying silently on their knees
The black bats swarm
Rustling air becoming eerie
The blood thirsty bats
They don’t care

The sky full of blood thirsty bats
Flying in circles picking up preys
Nobody is spared
When evil comes to feast

The long night of doom
The smell of death every air
When the patrons leave the cinema
They look everywhere
It spooks them
On the quiet night and streets

2 police officers shot dead

2 cops were shot dead during a drug bust in Sungai Buluh, Selangor. IGP screamed furiously telling his officers to go all out to catch the cop killers. Police officers should know that when they go raiding drug lords they must be prepared to get shot at sometimes die in line of duty. There is nothing to scream about. All the police officers must know the rules. When you enter or raid a place, nobody will give you a chance to come in so easily. If there is a chance to kill, I believe the drug lords or his runners will do the shooting. These people dont care about their lives and they dont care about the police officers barging into their hideouts. Period. Now when 2 cops were shot dead IGP asked for more money to buy bullet proof vests for his officers. This part I can't understand. Only when his officers were shot dead then he wanted to buy bullet proof vests for his officers. Where was he? This is the mentality of the government and the agencies involved. Only when something really happened to the civil servants then the top brass will say something like that. If the IGP could say like that when Nurin was gone missing "go all out to nap the sicko", by then Nurin won't die. She would be laughing smiling sharing jokes in school and with her parents and sisters. But it didnt happen. The police took their own sweeet time to investigate. The police officers must wear bullet proof vests every time they go raiding on drug lords and gangsters hideout...............which must be the standard procedure all the times.

Friday, October 26, 2007


The cool breeze
Make the smile on his face
Now he is on his familiar surrounding
He can walk freely

In no time he will be ready
Challenging the world as he comes his way
In the country as he dreams about
One day we will listen to him say

Look at him
Feeling good and smiling his way
Family members and friends
All wish him well

The love of his life
Through rain and shine
Smooth terrain rough lives
She never leaves him aside
She is there all the times

This is why he could recover
Failure isn’t his way
He makes it a success
Believing God will help him
Picking up his life
There are things he hasn’t finished
So there he is
Smiling standing tall once again


Air Asia wins the lucrative flying routes from KL to Singapore for twice a week. I say this is a coup for the budget airline. In fact the people will applause now that they can get cheaper flights to Singapore. One thing Air Asia must improve its delivery services. Lately I read about delays and poor services rendered by the budget airline. There are also people who used it vouch for its services. It is better Air Asia improved what the people commented while using the budget airline services. Now who is real loser in this trade? In the country it is MAS though firefly can use the route later? In Singapore SIA doesnt have to worry about losing money because Tiger Air - the republic budget airline-SIA has a considerable interest in the budget airline equity. So the kiasu Singapore will not lose sleep over the trade in air business. Idris Jala will have to find way to increase MAS profits. If one thinks about it, the BN government decision always benefits its own people at the expense of the people rights. Poor business sectors Air Asia doesnt want to fly. Lucrative routes the budget airline wants to take a share of it. Why do BN government so goblok about it? Dont we have firefly under MAS?

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Why you let me travel in an ambulance?
I have money I cant sign it my way
I am lying my mobility is dead
I can’t believe it
I am put on a government vehicle
Knocking on roads
All the way back to the hill

Oi driver! Don’t you know me?
I have money let me go in style
I look at my surrounding
In plastic bag I am wrapped nicely

Bouncing on the road
Beating traffic along the way
Winding road reaching my home base
I am dead so they say

Of all the money shares and properties
I am wrapped in plastic sheets
In an ambulance to my resting place
I am dead so they say waking for me

I look at them
Poor souls crying away
Why put me in plastic sheets?
Traveling in an ambulance
What happen to my luxury cars?
I can't travel in my comfort

It is the full circle
From nothing I return in public vehicle
I am dead my last journey they forget
My riches can’t buy me a decent last journey
Now they wake me
I am already gone for good


Parents never learn. Children are left to fend themselves. Out shopping alone knowing how bad the snatching children is. After so much publicity, an Indian girl aged 10 years old is reported missing in Penang. The father waited until 4.00 am called his wife then she made police report. Why waited so long to take decisive action? By the time her father realized it, she had gone hours from her home. I guess parents will not learn. No matter how many reports done, children will go missing. Parents aren't proactive to make the extra precaution. Dont let young children go out alone and shopping or buy something from the neighbourhood. It is so sad another one missing when so many havent been found or cases affecting them aren't found yet. Where will the security in the country be? Parents must play their roles to effect changes within their households and the housing estates. Police can do that much; they can't be around 24/7 in the neighbourhood. Now we have young people committing capital crimes. Murders aren't in the field of the adults. It is now happening amongst the young people too below 16 years old. I read a few days ago about a young man of 16 years old doing loan sharking business while still in school. I dont know how he gets his money to fund his loan sharking business. In my own experience of my growing up years, I think it is the Big Taiko who uses the young people to run his business with commission. It can come into a tidy sum to enjoy one's labour. In the city many sleazy things can happen. Believe me nobody dares walk into those areas in the dark.


The government has agreed to pay out $292.5 million for the cancellation of the crooked bridge project last year. It worked out something like 20% of the total cost of the bridge project to Gerbang Perdana. The original estimates is for $270 million. I wonder why the compensation has increased by $22.5 million more? Now the taxpayers monies had gone made by the 'goblok' government(we are part to blame for electing BN to rule the country) It shouldnt have happen in the first place. This is the result of no affirmative action on decision made. Once contract signed it is going all the way otherwise dont sign the contract. People must decide in the next general election before our wealth and reserves fly with the wind.........

Chart courtesy Malaysiakini


When rich men die
You dont hear bad things said about them
Everything was the best in public eyes
Spin by the inner circles
Close friends and acquaintances
The charitable characters
Of such prominent persons
Nothing about what they did
Everything was according to the law
Best business practices logical conclusions
Ask employees they would praises their bosses
Ask the maids they would say they were kind hearted
Ask the wives they would say they were good companions
Ask the children they would say they were amply provided
Ask the Almighty God he would say they didnt put His name first
When rich men die
The press won't say badly about them
In the report everything was right
As they say let the dead smile

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Before you die
Let it be known you made allowances
For your family in time of grieve
So that they can remember you by

Plan it worth your time
The family welfare runs into the future
Just don’t let them suffer in pains
When you forget to think of them

I know many don’t do it
They think they can make to the end
The consequences of not planning
The family suffers in time of loss
Who will help them when you are gone?

Don’t think you can live to the old age
Polish your eggs glory in the end
Mind you it is always not happening
Look at the people
How many smile when the funeral is over?

When the crying done
When condolences pouring end
Reality kicks to wake the family
Where will we live without fund to stay afloat?

So plan it now
A little will carry the weight
In the long run the family benefits
For future nobody can predict


ACA gives Anwar Ibrahim until Thursday to hand over the full video clip of the Lingam tape saga. When the people say the truth, the government of BN uses the machinery to make fear on these people. ACA is one of these machineries.................The sleeping PM wants the people to tell him the truth but when he receives it, he gets annoyed and start harassing the very people he asks to tell him even though it is hurtful to him. Slogans my dear Watson..........he wants to punish the truth seekers. He is living in his palatial home not knowing what is happening on the ground. He feels he has created wealth in all the 'corridors' he announced. The drawbacks are the people complaints about high cost of living

"The euphoria of the 50th National Day celebrations, the successful double heart transplants of Tee Hui Yu and the sending of the first Malaysian into space should not be allowed to cloud the real and serious problems that plague the nation – rampant corruption, abuse of power, misuse of public funds, the gradual loss of independence and integrity of the various public institutions, escalating cost of living, commercialisation of basic essential services, unacceptable level of crime and accident, ethnic polarisation, the disintegration of social and moral values, indiscriminate destruction of the environment, just to name a few...."written by Dr Chris Anthony

ACA should have gone after Lingam and the people he named in the video clip. Leave the people who brought it out to the nation. Leave the whistle blower(s) alone too. ACA is threatening these very people who thought they followed the PM advice - tell him the truth no matter how hurtful it is. I always say he doesnt know what he is talking about. It must have come from his son in law of which the PM can't understand the full meaning of it. So he just said as it is. Now the government it targetting Anwar a former deputy prime minister.............BN government is still afraid of Anwar Ibrahim though the leaders say otherwise.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


If you want to hire Indian maids from India, you must go there yourself to hire your maids. There is no middleman involved. You must also agree to pay $1,200/- a month and a bank guarantee of $9,000/- deposited to the local Indian High Commissioner's office. The Indian Government knows how Malaysians want to get maids in their households. The demand is huge so they can up the price. Indonesian maids can be had for $500/- a month but you have to pay for the middleman fees here and in Indonesia. Why can't the government fix an amount for the local people to work as maids? Maybe like $1,000/- a month. The maids have to do all sorts of work in the house. Get up early in the morning starting doing her chores non-stop until late at night. Sometimes no leave at all...................sometimes get abusing employers. All the local maids must be governed by the Employment Act 1955. In this way I think more locals will take up the job. Currrently locals arent interested because of low pay and long hours of work.

RUBBISH TRUCKS slow repair work

The mayor of city of alor star said out of 19 rubbish trucks 15 were sent for repairs. This was the problem that caused the residents to send bags of rubbish to meet him in his office. The residents in alor star got annoyed after so many months nothing was done to collect the rubbish in the housing estates. He shouldnt cite the breakdown of the rubbish trucks as an excuse to divert attention of his problem. Why do the rubbish trucks take so long to repair? Does he go out to the workshop to inspect it? Is the workshop mechanics competent to handle the rubbish trucks repair? So many months no rubbish collection yet he doesnt take proactive measures to alleviate the residents headaches. He should hire lorries to transport the rubbish. I am of the view the officers just relax in the office and taking long tea breaks or going to long meetings (base on my experience staying in Alor Star......I remembered vividly till today I had to wait for nearly 4 hours for this officer to come. Nobody wanted to help me saying I had to wait for this guy. Eventually I got so annoyed I asked the next guy what must I do to get certain things done in this department or I had to see the MB of Kedah which at that time I knew the MB then so finally he checked for me) I think it happens in most states in the country. The little warlords want to rule but they forget they should provide services to the people. This is what they must do but I guess government officers always ignore that principle. They want to be addressed as the British. I dont find government officers going all the way to help unless you know somebody or somebody of somebody. Even in this district I find many ambulance vans in the workshop some I see for months. Can you imagine what happen if there is a serious disaster happening in this district? Surely there will not be many ambulance vans to ferry injured people or for that matter emergency cases. And the workshop is quite far away say from the GH. Why can't they use the local mechanics in town? It is easy and not so far away. Moreover the officers or the district officer can check on the status of the vehicles......There is always something weak in the administration. Pro-active in delivering services sleep on it people!


The Old Man
The Man we hear
Smiling waving to friendly faces
On the steps of IJN

The family members
Happy faces eyes glow
The Old Man is going home
The cozy warm breeze
He will be back on his feet

The Old Man knows
He has much to do
Time is so precious commodity
It can’t be bought
It can’t be bargained

He has a long way to rectify
The many wrongs he finds
Now looking out of his box
He recognizes his weaknesses
If he is still on the seat of authority
He wont’ does it like that

Now he needs his time out
The long game the long hours
The Old Man knows
When he comes out
The guns will do the blazing
The sleeping beauty will get a shock
Not knowing how to do damage control

The Old Man walks into his car
Smiling so happy on his way home
The sky is beautifully crafted
Giving him a welcoming hand


EPF says there are 4,700 members have over $1 million in their accounts. So in the country there are now an additional 4,700 millionairs! These are the top bracket earners in the country from general managers, group general managers, directors and ceos of companies. Now down the food chain there are over 80%(I think) whose savings will not last within a year when they retire or withdraw their money. EPF also announces new schemes to withdraw money from the funds to the members. I always think EPF should stick its basic aim of keeping the members contributions until they reach 55 years old. With all these type of withdrawals, the members won't save while they are working. Believing that they can withdraw certain amounts when they reach certain ages. Perhaps EPF should set up another board for members to subscribe while they are still working. It can model after ASN for example where the contributions will be channelled to give maximum returns on investments. Allowing members to withdraw in the base fund shouldnt be allowed in the first place. Because as I said it would be gone within a year for majority of the members. With this method they contribute while they are still working to increase their pension scheme. Mind you as for example ASN gives a good return on investment. Mind you majority of the lower food chain dont buy life insuranc policies or endowment fund policies or whatever products insurance available in the market. I think it is the amount they have to pay that turned them away to subscribe to these policies in the market. As EPF calculated a member needs a minimum of $120,000/- to last until he/she is 75 years old at $500/- a month ( without taking into consideration on inflation and cost of goods?) Now how many members have that amount of money in their accounts?

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Now ACA has said it. No original video clip received there is no case. The Lingam video clip saga will just be - no case to answer. All parties involved just remain elegantly silence. ACA gave Anwar ultimatum to surrender the original video clip to the agency. Why keep hustling it? Go after the the parties involved and get their statements then start the investigations. No sir! The ACA officers go after the people who let the public know about it. Anwar can give ACA the whole video clip on duplicate but he is thinking about the whistle blower(s) in the tape. There is no law to protect these people. So ACA must protect the lives of the whistle blowers. If the ACA can't do it, the agency shouldnt demand and threatened people's lives. Maybe Anwar and his people should file a case on ACA and bring it to court. The way I see the government of BN is trying to delay it or possibly to make as no relevant issue. And the panel? They too will close shop elegantly because they dont know what they are suppose to do. When nobody turned up, there is no case to deliberate. Basically they have no power and authority and so why set up the panel in the first place? To delay the embarrassment I think.


The full moon in the sky
Bright orange sparks
Hitting on the palatial home
Dracula wakes up
Eyes red like Martian light

It is feeding time
He knows it by heart
Years on the prowl
He can’t forget
The fooling slogans
The people got hooked and wined
Leaving him to plunder
Every way he knows
When full moon rises
He looks at his hands
The fingers sharp calling for blood
He stares at the mirror
He can’t know what he looks like
He smile and walks down the steps
Slowly with even strikes
The followers tremble
Knowing not what he will do

People say he sleeps a lot
In the day when bright sun rules
He can’t make his presence
He has to hide

When the dark night arrives
Dracula will prowl the streets
The ever cool gentleman
He takes the ladies for rides
Then one by one disappears
Chilling wailing in the dim light
For the guys he makes them his lackeys
Running errands protecting his home
Afraid of golden arrows tint with silver bullets
He isn’t waiting to happen
So he keeps shifting
Every schedule he knows

Now he looks at the assembly
Every guy must carry his order
They are the ears and eyes
He listens when they talk

He lets the voices echo
Deeply into his mind
As he closes his eyes
He dreams of his faraway land
Of freedom to do he likes
If only there is no distraction

The marching of penguins
Stomping the streets
The PJ hill shakes with vibration
As if something really falling down

The lackeys rush out
Surrounding the palatial home
Eyes of hate
Howling of the night beasts

Above the sky
The eagles fly
Circling in for the kill
Dracula knows he quickly makes his exit
Underground his followers put up barrier
Nobody can enter without permission

Then the bright lights
From the powerful search lights
The streets of humans
Waving cloths soaking in fire
Hurling high into the night sky

The lackeys run
Calling for help
Howling in desperately cry
The penguins shoot silver bullets
The lackeys drop dead one by one

The palatial home on PJ Hill
It shakes with the might of the people
Barricades tumbling down
The lackeys run all shoot on sight
Leaving them gasping for their lives

Underground Dracula tries
Every way he knows how
Yet he realizes he is locked in
There is no escape this time around

The iron doors burst open
Golden light arrows fly
Silver bullets penetrate his body
He looks surprise
When his blood oozes to the ground
He wails loudly
The penguins aim open fire
Dracula split into many parts
Then his body parts turn into ashes
Dropping it on the concrete floor
Breathing his last


Every festive seasonal holidays drivers of any vehicle will die or meet accidents on the roads. Every time the government will advice drive carefully and be alert. When you are tired stop driving. Take a break on the resting places along the highway. No sir....................these drivers will forget when they are behind the wheels. In their eyes is the straight road to kingdom come. It can be hari raya aidil fitri, chinese new year or deepavali or christmas, there are so many road accidents. Do the drivers think lives are cheap dont they? Studying the statistics majority were from the motorists and pillion riders. So the government should ban the manufacturing of 250cc below motorbikes. The government should encourage bigger bikes on the roads. In this way I think accidents on the roads will be curtailed. These heavy machines can withstand strong vibration from cars, lorries, vans, trailers and buses. Long time ago I had the experience of pillion riding on my friend's motorbike. When buses cruising by, the poor motorbike shakes because of the impact of the vibration. I hardly ride on motorbike nowadays. I have totally written it off. I dont feel comfortable sitting on it. Lastly it is the attitude of the drivers. They never learn even though they read about deaths on the roads. They always think they won't get involved in accidents. When a driver doesnt flow with the simple rules, he is in danger to himself and others on the road. So get real while on the road..........

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Lingam, Lingam, judiciary ice-cream
Licking the miniature phone telling plenty
What flavors? What colors? Is any one listening to me?
The fireflies smoking up in the sky

ACA busy calling
The people who made known the video clip
Trying to find out the truth about it
The officers go on the wrong barking tree

Lingam, Lingam, glued his speech
He doesn’t want to implicate any
The judge too keeps quiet
When silence stays no guilty charge

The tycoon keeps a low profile
Lingam mentioned his name
The power broker let out his tricks
The judiciary gets hooked instead

Lawyer Wee lodged report
Suhakom must do its job
Something must be put right
Before democracy speaks in the mud

Lingam glues the puzzles
ACA should have quizzed him more
Many beyond the video clip
There is something out there to know

Now the video clip in Hong Kong?
To find the truth or a hatched up job
Why can’t ACA ask Lingam?
Serve him notice or risk going to jail
Why ACA never do it?
The truth is there after all
Only the taxi nasi doesn’t want to know
The sleeping beauty yawns is that it?


High on the palatial home on top of PJ hill, dracula sleeps soundly in the day. He doesnt worry about will happen. He has his hatchet followers doing the job for him. On his side to warm his big silky bed is the Jin of the city. He got her while cruising then romancing her on a boat in the land of Oz. He could fly with the $200 million jet shading him against the sun and golden light.....nobody can touch him then. He has his vampires patrolling all the corners of his palatial home. It isnt easy to dislodge dracula but it would happen in GE. He sleeps in the day; in the night the zombies walk free. Over in Hang Tuah state, a vp of the ruling council rapped the minor league. Get lost and disappeared. He doesnt like this pee inking problem demanding a pint of blood knowing too well it doesnt have the clout to hold anybody to his party. A minor leak causing problem to dracula on the palatial home on top of PJ hill. So now this pee head must go....and the party should join PKR to push for change. The lesson of humiliation in the conference made it hard to stay in the ruling council. The pee head and his party should go. Take this arrogant vp vampire advice split the scene then find ways to put stakes into their hearts one day. Why wait? To get suck into zombie's world and lose the fight? Unless these people want immortality to suck the peoples' blood dry........the candles have been lit and wooden spikes and silver bullets are ready to unleash in the GE. The people have enough of it. Now the talk of petrol increase is looming ahead. Today the oil price is US$90 per barrel and dracula sleeps knowing he has his wishes dreaming along into his own paradise. Light the candle for a change in the horizon.


picture courtesy from
Nothing to say
You wrote many
The gift of words
It will flow easy

As I look at Dr M
The pictures in your blog
He is looking romantic
He will get it through

His business hasn’t finished
He will make his way again
The fighter he is
The people will hear him say

The eyes has the fury
What the country goes into
His smile the evils always run
They don’t know what he will do

May Allah always bless him
He will be up and busy
The spirited Tun Dr M
He will smile telling plenty


The Mersing tragedy finally the lost souls came home. The last body found and retrieved from the sea 1okm away from the scene. Family members can now go home and start a new chapter of their lives. Arent we all are we? This is another tragedy owing to basically driven by profit margins and corrupted officials for failing to carry their tasks entrusted to them. The Transport Minister should have resigned by now. But within our cultures there is no likelihood he would do so. It is not like we found in Tokyo or South Korea or Taiwan.......where minister resigns or PM resigns when too many tragedies befalling in the administration. Here there is no such thing. These people want the power and the wealth. You think these ministers or PM will take cognizance of the fact that malpractices happen down the lines. They will issue statements and send condolences to the victims' families. Then it is back to business as usual. Few months ago it was the bus tragedy killing 22 persons. The bus driver had many summons and bus had no permit to ply the routes...yet he was allowed to drive the ill-fated bus killing 22 persons. Mersing boat tragedy isnt the last on the list. At the rate the authorities are conducting their businesses, many deaths will be made. It is all through human errors and greed. The little devils are dancing and smiling all the way to the soul bank. Yesterday MB of Selangor ordered two boats grounded owing to safety regulations not followed. He said he didnt want to see another tragedy like the one in Mersing for people travelling from Port Klang to Crab island(Pulau Ketam) This is the after effect of the tragedy in Mersing otherwise the government will just sleep on it. Before Mersing boating tragedy, it had happened before. The incident was from Kuala Kedah to Langkawi Island in Kedah. Looking at it, the government never learns so are the enforcement officers. Maybe this time aeroplanes? I hope not. The last time a commercial airliner crashed was like 40 years ago in Johore.

Friday, October 19, 2007


In my life I had seen death many times
When I was young my younger sister died
She was a cute 3 years old
I still think about her all these years

Then my maternal grandmother died
I was there to attend her funeral
I walked right to her resting place
I cried all the way
She was the one always defended me
Against my mother
I was the one challenging authority
The years of teen I knew my rights
I never forget what my mother did to me
Luckily I had no scars….

When I was working
I saw my colleague’s father demise
I went there to support
Looking at death
It was nothing new to me

I had seen death many times
No life no soul nothing to hide
It is just a gateway for another chance
Somewhere in a world
Our minds can’t see at all

Then my youngest brother died
Of an illness late in the morning
I rushed home to see him
He was dead body was warm
I kissed his forehead wished him goodbye

Last my brother in law too
Got dengue fever died in hospital
I saw his face balloon twice his size
In death as in sleep
Naturally gone to a place beyond our mind

There were many
In my life I saw
The years of knowing
It will be just memories
In my mind dreaming about them
The shared words and friendship
The laughter and smile
It will come on a lonely spell
This is life for crying out loud!


This is a positive approach on NURIN ALERT. What is gone would remain a memory of someone special who came for igniting something in our hearts and minds then that someone special left a mark to multiply into many prints reaching out to every part of the country. The fire is burning though small now but with many like minded people getting involved it will turn into a positive plan to help others facing similar heartaches in searching for their loved ones. Crimes happen every day; this is a fact nobody could hide from it. With NURIN ALERT it is hope it could reduce the crime index in the country. The young ones are very easily conned into following strangers. They dont see threat; they see helpful guardians to help or play with them not knowing that these strangers are out to catch them for other purposes with their lives.


courtesy from

Hooray finally justice is done! Ex-ISA detainee Abdul Malek Hussin won his case in the High Court on "unlawfully arrested, detained and beaten up while in police cutody in 1998" (quote from The Star) High Court Judge Hishamudin Mohd Yunus granted an award of $2.5 million to Abdul Malek Hussin. The Judge went on to say on record that "The behaviour of the defendants is inhuman, cruel and despicable, as the plaintiff was not just arrested and detained unlawfully for 57 days but was also subjected to a vile assault, unspeakable humiliation, prolonged physical and mental ill-treatment" He also added that the arrest and detention smacked of "mala vide" done for political purposes than internal security. What will the PM do now? Appeal to Court of Appeal to quash the verdict? Before he thinks about it, he should remember what Rahim Noor did to Anwar Ibrahim on the famous one black eye episode. It happened during the former PM Tun Dr Mahathir administration. I know all along that the police mistreat detainees whether criminals or political detainees. During my younger days in the kampong I had seen those village guys got arrested and punched while holed up in the "black maria" When they were brought to lock up, they were subjected to inhuman tortures though they didnt show any physical injuries. Walloped with hose pipes, stripped naked sat on block ice blowing by a fan, punched on the stomach for internal injuries, kicked on the legs and thighs, long hours of interrogation without food and drink, providing lack of sleep to these political detainees or gangsters or any one who was arrested. As far as I could remember nobody could identify the police officers. They poor souls were blind-folded sometimes blows came in so many directions that any macho tough guy would cry in pain. When these tough village guys were released, some went to seek treatment from the Chinese medical halls for remedies to their internal injuries. These people didnt seek the modern doctors because these doctors would inform them that they didnt suffer any injury on their bodies. The village gangsters always told me not to join or follow them. They said it wasnt worth it. Now finally a Judge wrote on his judgement on police injustices to prisoners in the prisons or lock-ups. Now i HOPE THE OTHER POLICE OFFICERS SHOULD BE HAULED UP FOR INVESTIGATIONS AND CHARGED ACCORDINGLY.(My late youngest brother too had his experiences in the lock-up. He told me a bit of it. When he saw any high ranking officer he shivered with fear in his eyes. Maybe he thought the officer was going to catch him or what....mind you he had his own followers in his group. Though I told him years ago, he didnt listen. I asked my brother in law why these tough guys shit in their pants.......he said the police had its own methods to instil fear into these tough guys. He is the deputy OCPD where I believe he had his hands too on my late youngest brother. When the two met, they remained cordial)

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Here lies the shadow
Eyes staring to the sky
Words can’t describe
Nothing flow in the mind

The dark lines flow
Searching for a way to go home
Along the dark edges
Where light seems out of reach

Is it true about the mind?
Imagining whirlpool of silly things
Shooting blindly at the stars
Knowing it can’t be had

The sparkles fall
Eyes staring to the sky
The journey of the dark line
It is one making it
The dark clouds hovering in the mind
For nothing really
Yet it is the mind
Doing it for nothing
On the dark line


No response
The panel sits and waits
The secretariat never calls
Nobody comes to tell story

What is the use panelist?
Prolonging the agony
The government knows it
The people broker behind the scenes

The truth must be told
You have no power no control
What is the use panelist?
You know it
Even before you accept the post

Tell me who wants to tell story
When no protection to hide a face
In the country of mysterious deaths
Hit by killers pay for money
The hired assassins on the prowl
Don’t you think it is hard to find
People walk tell you stories
Tomorrow you may read the obituary

No sirs!
No protection no story
It is through Royal Commission of Inquiry
It will do the trick
The truth will be told
Right on that panelist


We always say charity begins at home. We have to start helping our own then to relatives then to friends then to those who are in needs of funds or something to sustain their living. When I look at the government spending on the space programmes, the government doesnt put its house in proper perspective. By sending a spaceman to space involving something like $100 million ringgit, it tells me charity isnt starting at home. In the backyard of the country, there are people who needs support and help to live from day to day. There are people too who need financial support for medical fees, medical operations and other related issues. No doubt some are paid for by the MOH but it is only a few......then the government will make a huge PR statement in the election. With $100 million ringgit the government can build affordable houses for the poor at very cheap rates to own these homes. At the rate the government is spending, one day I will wake up to find all my hard earned money gone. We dont have a sound programme for space development. We are showing the world that Malaysia has sent a space tourist to space. When we dont have our own space programmes mapped out in terms of money and time to send a man to space, we are nothing to cry about. Even rich people are willing to pay that amount of money to go to space. I dont support the idea of spending money out of which the country won't get anything out of it. Get our house in order first. Let the people live comfortably and with wealth sharing amongst the people. Dont waste money.


This morning I saw a car coolly knocked a black puppy on the road. The car drove away slowly around the housing area while the poor black puppy was howling on its top voice. It happened so fast like a few seconds. I heard a loud thud and I saw a car coolly driven away on the road. Nobody came out to see. The poor black puppy got what it deserved. Running across the road without looking left and right. I saw another black puppy running away to the house which I use to see the puppy there. So I concluded these two puppies were playing on the road like the road is belonging to them. Now one of them learned a bitter lesson. A hurtful bang on its butt I think. One must know the place to roam. Safety is important in any situation. Crossing streets must always look left and right and left again to make sure there is no suddenly a car or motor-cycle cruising by on the road. I give you that even with the precautions of looking left and right and then left again, sometimes accidents or near accidents do happen. It makes you wonder..............I had this experience in Johore Baru many years ago. I was in the largest complex in Johore Baru. After I did my shopping, I started my car drove to the T-junction looking left and right and left again before I drove my car out of the T-junction, then suddenly I heard a car banged into my car. I stopped my car and the other driver stopped his car too. There wasnt any damage caused to my car. He apologised and sped off. So even though I tried to be careful on my driving, it was the other party that one has to be observant. My late scout master said one has to anticipate what the others are trying to do and behave - you play your part but will they play theirs?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


What are leads now for Nurin? Has it turned cold already? There is no more suspects to catch. The trail so far has nothing. The police says it has several leads then (Commissioner Datuk Wan) now there is nothing to catch the murderer(s) of the poor 8 years old Nurin. The police is trying to figure on the motorbike number that it can lead to the person putting the sports bag in the shop of row of buildings nearby. Maybe the police should ask David Copperfield to do his magic to visualize the number plate......he may have his gifts to open up the number plate and catch the culprit(?) Parents should pay extra attention on their children playing in the playgrounds in the country. Don't let it happen again. Death can occur at any where any time. It takes a few minutes to pull a person away. Dont lose your concentration when you take your children out for shopping, swimming, playgrounds and to school. Tell them no stranger wait for mommy or daddy or the school bus driver.....Teach the young to know familiar faces unfamiliar faces shouldnt tag along........


Everybody has a chance
Everybody also has a second try
On a journey of one’s life
It doesn’t end just because of a wrong horse betting
It is just a good decision then
When principle comes into play
One has to decide
The road of wrong turning
The road of sweet success

In life nobody can predict its fate
This is the way where life has to be
The adventures any which way you pick
You cry or you laugh
You make your choices then
The heavy load or the path of gold
You won’t know until you make a choice

It is worst for those who never made
They always think to do this and that
It never comes; it never happens
No choices no adventures

Sad really when one can’t make a choice
Make one live with the adventure
Of light of dark of sparkling wink
Do it to taste your picking choice
Wrong one you still have second try


The current chief justice will retire by 1/11/07. Basing on past records, the chief justice will get an extension of 6 months. The PM will submit his request but it is The Agong prerogative to agree or turn it down. So far The Agong hasnt said anything yet on the chief justice tenure. The Conference of Rulers will be held on 31/10/07 for two days. Maybe something important will come out of these meetings. The Lingam video tape has sent shivers down the government and juidiciary yet the PM is still sleeping on it. No firm action is taken as yet. Set up a panel just to prolong the ultimate decision that the Lingam video clip is true. VK Lingam never issues a press statement to deny it. When he remains silence, it means there is truth in it. The chief justice never says it openly too. Only issue the standard reply of 'no comment' ACA is after the party who made known the video usual barking on the wrong tree. Now ACA has conducted its interviews with the players involved but no press statement so far. The PM is hoping the people will this time PM. Too many excuses and committees yet you dont make a decisive plan of action. You are only too happy to announce the 'corridors'..........................but the people still feel the pinch in their pockets.


One more member passed away
I got a call today
My brother in law died of dengue fever
No saying goodbye

Leaving his wishes unfulfilled
Thinking about his life on Earth
Children, grandson and his wife
On a house never belong to them

The last time I saw him
About many months ago
Nobody could say
When death stalks the door

I view death as a rebirth
On another land beyond our minds
Somewhere in one of the planets
We don’t see it
Until the time arrives

We are born to earn credit points
On Earth we must make it right
So when the time comes to say goodbye
On the land beyond our minds
It is much easy to make the landing
When one wakes up in a new beginning

So long brother Tan
Go find my youngest brother
You won’t feel lonely
You have company

Goodbye brother
May God always bless you
On your journey to paradise


The Transport Ministry should haul up the departmental head for the Mersing tragedy. Somebody wasnt doing a job entrusted therein. Two inspectors suspended from duty. Is that all to it? ACA, I have commented before, never takes the pro-active procedures. The officers sit and wait until somebody makes a report or until direct to do so. Why can't they take their own initiative to investigate all the agencies in the government? They can go to the ground, talk to the people in the coffee shops, restaurants or mamak stalls and I am sure the officers will get many tips of what are happening in the government agencies and companies too. Like the case of Istana Zakaria............ACA hasnt started any investigation on the project and of how it is funded. Building without approvals and when it was discovered and reported then he only duly submitted his plans for the 'istana zakaria' to the authority for approval. Now it had been approved. Was there a fine on it? Why there is a double standard in this procefure? When ordinary folks put up simple structures, the authority immediately tear it down by saying there is no approval given. But Zakaria Deros wasnt. Will ACA go to investigate? Will ACA investigate the PKFR fiasco? I doubt it very much. There are many episodes that the ACA should investigate without waiting for the people to make reports. As long as the officers go underground, find some information, then they should visit the premises and locate the personnel mentioned in their snooping around in mamak stalls............Or the government leaders use to say 'tak cukup orang dipejabat' but they have alot of times going to meeting after meeting. Like the PM setup committe after committee for each episode........for what purposes then? Looking good? Proper accounting? The PM never and shall not take action at all. Because he is sleeping on his job! Sigh.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Today I drove from Kampar to Pandamaran and back on the same day. I use to do it whenever there is something back in the place I played during my secondary school days. Now Pandamaran has grown into a thriving town of its own. I can't recognize my old hunting grounds no more. In a nutshell my footprints had all been gone. I can never know the place any more. The massive housing projects on Bukit Tinggi and Bandar Botanic have totally transformed the area. Now there are Tesco and Giant and many shops surrounding the area. By end of this year Jusco will open its largest mall in the country. I am now considered the outsider looking into the urban development in Pandamaran. Oh yeah not forgetting about the Istana Zakaria Deros which has made the place hot once again. Not forgetting about the Mona Fandy case where one of her assistants was from Pandamaran. Not forgetting too about the cohesiveness searching of the missing Chinese boy lured away by a woman.....Until today it was reported he is crippled in Thailand begging for alms. By now he should be around 17 or 18 years old. I went back to pay my last respect to my late brother in law who passed away on 15/10/07 from dengue fever. The clinic didnt diagnose it correctly. By the time he was sent to GH he was too late to be saved. He died in considerable pain base on what my sister told me. Road upgrading had nearly completed along Tanjung Malim area. Driving was a breeze though it rained heavily on certain areas. By the time I reached Kampar I was tired already.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Oh moonlight bay
The Dollah sings his way
Sailing on his yacht
Forgetting about the floods

The storm brewing
What more he wants to say?
He wants to sing his way
To his lady on moonlight bay

You can’t hide
The truth will come out to say
Dollah tries through his 4th floor boys
Pin up story sick on the bed

Oh on an island back home
I know a place back in the country
On the island of legend
There is a beach
Once the locals called Moonlight Bay
Sandy beach quiet place
Now hotels sit on it retaining the beach

The Dollah sings his way
“I want my lady to stay with me
On Moonlight Bay
I have you for all my days”


My brother in law passed away today. I got a call from my sister late evening. He died of dengue fever. I was told that. One by one of my family members is going to the land beyond our minds. Nearly 3 years ago my youngest brother died. I always view death as rebirth to another world where one is given a second chance to practice the good or evil. One must be very careful to choose the road. Because one false move, the fire will consume the whole. No more chance to enter the world of paradise. Here is the knowledge of good and evil. Choose wisely by then. What one does on Earth is earning credit points to ease the rebirth into the new world. My brother in law leaves behind his wife, 3 children, son in law and a grandson. I view he had made his marks in his life here. He used to help others and in the family of problems or something. I hardly talked to him because I am out of the inner circle and also I am out of the kampong harmony. Basically, I traveled to many states in my work and I hardly stay in my own town. Now I stay put in Perak


The Seagull Expresson fire while on the way to Pulau Tioman. This picture was taken by a Star reader who was on a passing passenger ferry.Ferry tragedy

Fire horror: Four passengers drowned and three are still missing when a ferry, the Seagull Express, with 106 people on board caught fire and sank while on the way to Pulau Tioman on Saturday. courtesy from The Star

Mersing ferry tragedy.............the enforcement officers in the Marine dept hasnt learned its lessons. Once we had the tragedy of the ferry to Langkawi. No licence not enough life jackets yet the ferry was allowed to ferry passengers to Tioman. Now with the tragedy, the agency said there was no licence issued to the ferry. I think the police should charge the operater/directors for this tragedy. It is no used accepting excuses or holding enquiry to determine what went wrong. No licence charge for the offence. The directors shouldnt allowed to escape. Treat them like criminals for lives had been lost. This is like murder to me. Knowing that there was no licence and insufficient live jackets and the ferry hadnt been checked properly by the marine dept for the seaworthiness, the directors shouldnt be allowed to escape liability. It is best they are put in jail until the probe is over. No bail should be allowed. In this way the other ferry operators will take the necessary precautions to maintain safety for the passengers while on the sea

Sunday, October 14, 2007


A car nearly knocked my car. As I was cruising on my lane, a car from the T-junction didnt really want to stop. He nearly banged into my car. I stopped my car and stared at the man and his wife or girlfriend. Why didnt he stop at T-junction? Coffee O licence I suppose? Every driver be it car, bus, van, lorry or whatever should stop at T-junction and traffic lights too. This is the basic rule of traffic laws. But I had my share of near accidents on the roads. Last month as I was turning into Bandar Seri Botani, Ipoh, two cars from the opposite direction didnt stop at all even though the traffic light was red, the drivers nearly banged into my car. I stopped in time. This type of driver shouldnt be allowed on the roads. The police should go all out to nap these drivers who dont have the courtesy while driving on the roads. This type of offence the driving licence should be cancelled immediately and ask the driver(s) to resit the driving test and highway code again. I am really pissed off with these type of drivers. The other type of drivers are those who dont want to signal on turning left or right before hand. They just turn as they like.............mind you most of the times I saw female drivers doing that. They learned it from their husbands and boyfriends. It is learned by examples. When on the wheels, courtesy is important. When a driver has no consideraton of others on the road, he shouldnt be driving on the road. Period.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I believe all racial based parties can evolve into one party. The BN government with its coalition of race based parties should dissolve it and form one party likewise with the opposition parties too. Look at the US of A. Two parties system for the people to vote. In one stroke US people dont talk about racial parties. They talk about Republican and Democrat. Here it can happen the same. BN one party facing BA another party. The people then talk about BN and BA. The country has too many race based parties which isnt good for the future of the country. It had been 50 years since our independence yet we haven't step over the racial line yet. What are we? Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan, Javanese, Bugis, Aborigines, Mixed race...........? We are Malaysians. Period. It is the race based party that splits the harmony in the country. Every leader in the race based party will dont agree to merge. Because the leader wants to harvest the wealth for himself and his cronies and share some crabs with the other partners. If the party leaders put aside racial sentiments, one party system can work. Look at Rotary Club. Many races in the Club doing services to the country without interference of race and religion. The Club fixed the tenure of the president for a year. In this way the president and his team will have to carry out the planned projects in his term. So every one in the team will make a success of the president term. There is no cronyism involved. Because every one will learn in different capacity and then one can be elected to assume the president post for a year. (I was once a president of the Rotary Club in one of the districts in Johore) The political leaders can't do it because of personal and race interests. It is sad in this country after 50 years of nationhood the leaders still think in term of race not of Malaysian. The way I see can be done effectively providing the leaders think positively of Malaysia. The country can't stay forever in racial base parties and policies. It is time for change for the country needs it to transform. If the country needs to leapfrog it, so be it. The leaders of the race based parties should think out of the box otherwise the people have to decide for them. The security of the nation is at stake. The political leaders must wake up to the challenge. This is 21st century. Time to progress.

Friday, October 12, 2007


I walked in Jusco. Today there are many people shopping in the complex. I went for window shopping and to pass my time. Went to see the latest Nokia h/phone 6500 advertised in the newspaper but couldn't get the selling price. The dealer said it would be next week......Imagine advertised in today's star but nobody knows the selling price. What the Nokia people up to? Do they want to sell the product now? Perhaps Nokia isnt chasing its sales so it can wait. Today is also the last minute shopping for the people of Islamic faith. I saw many students walking around in the mall. Took my lunch in the food court - mee rebus utara and yong tau foo. Maybe I can't forget my stay in the Northern States for years. Now I hang around in Perak way out from my home state of Selangor. Forgot to visit the art gallery. I was thinking of buying pictures for my house here. My new house in Ipoh hasnt done much yet. I am not in a hurry to dress it up though I had put some basic things now. After all I am not really going to stay in this house. I bought it in case I need to stay for a few days in Ipoh. So I will take my own sweet sweet time to think what to put in this present house. So tomorrow will be Raya holidays..........many cars and traffic jam at my current place near to UTAR...............


I wish you Selamat Hari Raya Puasa
May it brings joy and happiness
In completion of a month of fasting
Building up faith and convictions
In a society of many trials and disturbances
Let there be smile on our faces
Share our good fortunes and religion
Be it there a shining star bridging the people
Sharing and embracing unity as a nation
I wish there isnt a lost journey
In bringing home the peace and harmony
For it is the neighbourliness that brought smile
When things or events make it unbearable
But when there are good neighbours
The troubles can be forgotten
Hari Raya a time to celebrate
It is a time to reflect on one's journey
It is a time to share one's friendship
It is a time to forgive and forget
Amongst families and friends
Of actions, deeds and words said and done
Maaf zahir dan batin
Give a smile
The world will be nice
Amongst the people
Of many colors


Nurin Jazlin Jazimi

Nurin courtesy The Star

The suspects in Nurin murder case released. Now the police is back to zero. The published photokits of a man and a woman remain as such as no new evidence emerged to solving the case. I presume the leads now are nowhere near to finding the murderer(s) of the poor 8 years old girl. Will there be light for her dead soul? Everything for now turns cold. Yesterday the police released the pictures captured on CCTV cameras done by the FBI in USA but it wasnt clear shots as such it is difficult to identify the man and the group in the car. It is still cold on this lead...................But the police says it has several leads on this case. I pray the police find the culprits soon before another victim falls on this Raya celebration. Every one is so busy shopping and window shopping that parents sometimes forget about their children towing with them. I had seen it happened before. Now I think it has become the urban hunting grounds for the criminals. Think about. It has no difference with our ancestors of millions years ago. They went hunting, killed their preys and brought the loot home to share. Back in modern society, go to work, con job, sweet talking, telling lies, then captured the preys, locked them up, abused them or molest them and rape them, kill them and dump them in public places at night or early morning or buried them in remote areas or in the jungle or in the slope of mountain...............The society has forgotten to love thy neighbours; this is why criminals have a field day targetting innocent victims in the shopping malls or in the neighbourhoods and dont forget about the money too ( a root of the many evils ahhhhhhh)

Thursday, October 11, 2007


The 9th God Kow Ong Yah Festival is today. It rains now until the festival is over. In Penang as I could remember many stalls will be set up along Burma Road. It is this time the Chinese of Buddhist faith will eat only vegetables. I use to remark that the Chinese dont forget about meat. Every vegetarian stall on display will sell vegetarian meat in most of the dishes. It is in name but the Chinese can't forget meat. So in a way the Chinese in Taoist faith dont get it right most of the times. They shouldnt think of meat though publicly they say they are vegetarian for the next 9 days. But in my view they are only fooling themselves. When the mind can't get it free, the fasting isnt complete. I suppose it is true with the other faiths. Even in fasting for the Muslim one must be free in the mind though physically one has to forgo food and liquid for 12 hours. I tell you it isnt easy to control it in the mind. It takes practise and conviction and faith to carry it through. During this vegetarian crusade for the Chinese, many stalls will make money. I dont like eating it when I was in Penang for years because the food is too oily. I rather went to China town and eat porridge on stool. Now I dont know whether the stall is still there.............It has been years I haven't set foot in Penang. But one thing I know the traffic becomes worst every day. I am happy I get out before I become stress out........


Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor smiling from inside the spacecraft minutes after the launch on WednesdayWe have lift-off!

In less than nine minutes, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor created history by becoming the first Malaysian in space.

courtesy The Star

A first Malaysian in space
Now Malaysia walks a bit taller
Amongst the developed nations
Telling Malaysia on the rise

In the country
PM, his cabinet and the people
Smiling happily for the occasion
The blast off perfect
A doctor in space

Yet I am not jubilant
Our space is our backdoors
The leaders pocket billions
Not to walk tall but tall in money
Leaving the people poor
Finding life hard to live by

This is wool over the eyes
Let the people forget sometimes
Excavating billions out of the nation
Leaving pittance for the people

And the people celebrate
All colors in one unity
The billions walk away
Out of their eyes
They think it is for space exploration

Malaysia walks tall
Backdoors the poor cry
The millions can be used
To feed and upgrade them

Though I am happy
We have a Malaysian in space
Yet my heart bleeds
For the poor and needy
And the economy………..

Ah….this is Malaysia Bolih
What more can I say
Money talks my friend
So the people will forget

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


She is 68 years old
Many suitors come to her door
Searching for a life partner
Maybe heart of gold

Elderly guys walking by
Eyes short never mind
As long as they can find
Partners to share their lives

She is 68 years old
Looking for a man in her life
Many came to look at her
One is a 25 years old guy

She is 68 he is 25
He thought she has the experience
A stable life
But she can’t accept him
He is like a boy
Too young to know about life

Unless she is like Elizabeth Taylor
Money runs into millions
Then perhaps it will be a different story
Searching for a life partner

She is 68
Searching for a partner
Sharing out her golden years
With some one special
So she thinks she wants to do
In her life before she goes away


The Iron lady marches on
The Cyber trooper boss eats mails
What the outcome in next year poll?
Will there be a challenge of Wanita Chief post?

The groundwork is laid
The grumblings go to the women
Fight it out in the ring
The guys ogle in silence

The supporters and detractors
Each claims to know the truth
Nothing will be known
Until the powerful lord says it so

The women fight
The guys watch in spirit and dime
With popcorn in paper bags
Pop it up let the changes light

The Iron lady watches
Rust succumbs on its railings
Aging process time to go
Enough has been said
Exit the door before it collapses

The Cyber trooper’s chief
Gear it up in space
Mischievous devices plug-in holes
Time to go up
Otherwise go down in empty space

The traffic signals a race
Will there be a F1 car?
Will there be a super-bike face?
It is too early to decide
The light is still red
The contestants just warming up
Putting perfume and scarves
Waiting for a signal
Then they will decide

The windy wind crying
Cloudy clouds misty sky
The temperature is rising
Hot or cold nobody knows
Every one waiting
For the flag to signal
Let there be a race


I rather have superbikes on the roads than the smaller bikes. Though superbikes sometimes make a heart jumps, it is a safe bike on the road. In a way it will limit the people to own these superbikes because some of these superbikes cost as much as a car. I am viewing it as a safety of life. Superbikes are heavy machines which are steady on the roads with other cars. I suppose accidents will be controlled for these bikers. Now look at the smaller bikes. Every one can afford it. Even secondary students are riding the smaller cc bikes upto 250 cc. But you see the way these young and adults riding these machines. They seem to rule the roads. And the Transport Ministry is supporting these bikers of smaller machines. Look at the advertisements in TV. The government wants the car/van/lorry/bus/station wagon drivers to look after these smaller bikers but these smaller bikers dont pay a shit of their lives. They ride like snakes some women's legs can't even touch the ground when they stop for traffic. Isnt it hazardous to themselves? According to the police statistics, these small bikes cost the most accidents and many died on the roads either on the trunk roads or highways. The famous one now is the Mat Rempit antics. Because UMNO youth has supported these group of bikers. These people will now feel wanted and will do anything for the UMNO youth. In the end Mat Rempit becomes more powerful and daring in their pursuits. These Mat Rempit on small machines dare to challenge the police officers. Some of these police officers were bashed up by Mat Rempit. It is time to me that the government should stop allowing the small bikes to be manufactured and on the roads. Stop producing them. Lives will be saved. Start up factories producing superbikes. One must have the money to buy. In so doing, the bikers on the road will be the professionals and businessmen. Bikers of save lives on the roads. Right now many will die because these small machines are light weight..............the government is encouraging people to die on the roads for the smaller machines.