Friday, November 30, 2012

the old beggar

The old beggar
Sitting on the corridor
Along to the shop lots
In the night

I passed him a few times
He looked at you eyes lost
The future he knows
He has lost it all

By the side he had his walking stick
He never asked for alms when I passed him by
The old beggar just looked at you
The time he knew he has none

The last time I walked the corridor
Along shop lots nights ago
It was raining softly from the sky
I didn't see the old beggar anymore

the old village

In the old village
The decades it was there
The bamboo trees clustered
On the orange road

It was called KampungTengah
The place of multi-races lived
Sharing the common public loos
The unkeep was intolerable

There was a tale
The old would share with the young
Those were the times
Of the ghost stories

At midnight the old would say
If you are unlucky coming home
In the dark of the village
You will see a white apparition of a woman

She will stand near the bamboo trees
Eyes of red, white dress with a smile
She will wave at you to come to her
You better run; you don't look back!

Once you do
You will fall sick
The next day of the light
You better ask for help”

The years spent in the village
The young would learn to respect
The time of the darkness flow
Nothing would ever be the same

you walk away

You found somebody new
You leave the old behind
Without a glance backwards
You walk away from it all

You never want the old
You want to start life anew
You never want the memories
It leaves you in hanging sorrow

You found somebody new
The way of the past you brushed away
You never want the memories
You want to start life anew

On the track of a new circuit
You let the new light shining
You never want the bad memories
You found somebody new

Thursday, November 29, 2012

the history of the old

The history of the old
The good and bad that gone
In the records of the minds
The old will share their lives

Yet the young of today
They still want to follow history
The roads have been traveled
Knowing the hardship and the joy

Why the young want to walk backward?
The parents had gone through the pitiful life
In marriage, in work, in social environment
The bitterness and the sorrow branded in their minds

The young will say
It is the modern world today
The century of the old
It is irrelevant in the 21st century

We have seen the ways
The young do the same mistakes
The parents had gone through
With education they still forget!

the memories of life

The yesterday of life
When the young went
The world was beyond reach
The playground around the house

The raining season
The flooding water rose
The playing field of wet
The jumping joy on the wet land

The danger of the time
Nobody thought about
It was the pleasure of easy pool
Nature made it through heavy rain

The cries of pleasure
The young boys ran
Into the field of water
The memories of the time

the fall is coming

They shout and roar
Amno leaders row
They think they have it
The gravy train to ride

The young party members
They think of it as their rights
The past got them the prosperity
Without efforts just party politics

They should see around
The marks have been crossed
The greed of power and corruption
They forget to walk the front doors

They drum in their minds
They think they owned it
The country and nation's wealth
If only they know the deepest fall

The humans tsunami
They are gathering a storm
It is just the waiting game
The date and time of place

be health conscious

Take your health seriously
It never waits for you
Once you forget
You think you are young forever

The small demons will come
They will make your life in hell
The misery of day and night
You will regret your life

It just takes you a short way
Change your life styles
Exercise and proper food
How hard can it be?

If you don't believe
Take a walk at the General Hospitals
You will pray it doesn't happen
The way of your life

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the marching of change

copy from www.

The truth will collapse the regime
When the people get the news
Of the decades suppressed it
Hiding away in the darkest mind

The walls cracking and flaking away
The fake facade will not hold it long
It finally cracks its face revealing the truth
The wolves in the lamb skins

The feeding of money and promises
It never satisfies the greed of the leeches
They come and ask for more and more
When it isn't coming, the truth is expose

The marching of change
One by one coming out to tell
The stories of the regime
Something will not run away

Once they were the favoured boys
They performed for the regime leaders
When the cookies never arrived like before
They came to spin the stories

Crying In The Rain by 黃露儀 Tracy Huang

The Beatles - Dont Let Me Down

Teresa Teng - Ai De Ni A He Chu Xun

what enemies bee anne?

Where are the enemies?
Amno youth drummed it up
The Malaysians they want to divide
The self serving party never knows the fall

Bee Anne and its friendly frogs
They aren't doing it for the people
They just want the wealth and its prestige
Dividing the people they want to hide

What enemies they spoke?
They spoke to garner support
They want the money and power
For the leaders to enjoy and prosper

Nothing else matter
It's time we bury them for good
Bee Anne can't stay on forever
The party has stayed on its welcome

the fallen petals

Once the sunshine
The multi-colours of flowers
It blossoms in the daylight
The eyes bewitching its magic

There is no wrong
You will go and be merry
Dancing in its shadows
The scents of flowers

In the garden of breezing songs
The layered petals glow
The eyes glitter of the time
The summer of holidays

When it's the change
The withered flowers fall
The petals broken up
Waving pitifully to the ground

There is no crying
Once the sunshine gone
The withered petals fall
Dancing its final glory

something of a shadow

Months I walked
Through the graveyard
Many times I done it
I felt something around

It was a short cut
Climbing up the gradient of a slope
Those days of my times
In the day why so afraid?

It was always on the same spot
The gradient a bit higher when I climbed
It was something made my hair stood
The goosebumps came on my skin

I stood for a while
Looking for something
All I saw was the graveyard
And the hot wind blowing at me

In time I took the long cut
I never wanted to feel that shadow
Maybe trying to tell me something
It was best I changed my routine

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

鄧丽君 - 15周年纪念集

The Moon Represents My Heart - Teresa Teng

the wolves will go

The wolves slowly run
The animals have seen
The saliva flowing with taste
They smell the fresh souls

The chains are free
The wolves will go
Into the minds of fear
They think they can

They forget of times
The changes have arrived
The wolves howl in the night
Now they fear of their lives

The people are prepared
The traps and weapons done
The wolves smell of their own fear
As the prowl in the open field

The lightning in the sky
The flow of thunder strike
The flashes of bright light
The wolves howl fear in their eyes

we have our demons

We have our demons
The black shadows staying behind
They never want to go away
They pick up what we do

We don't see their faces
We can imagine the familiar sizes
We have our demons
They never want to go away

In the light we walk
We see the black shadows imitating
The whole game to spook on us
We have our demons

It's only in total darkness
We are alone in our thoughts
We have no demons
They never exist in our consciousness

We have our demons
They never want to go away
We don't see their faces
They never want to go away

the durians

What type of durian money buy?
The exotic ones costing a pocket
The easily cheap but tasteful durians
Along the roadside stalls

In the Klang Valley
The many varieties to choose
It never comes cheap
The traders just want to make quick profits

The similar type of durians
In other areas it will cost so much less
In Klang Valley better to forget
Be a local tourist out of Klang Valley

The aroma of durians
In the air floating with the breezes
Some may get headaches
Some may get the addiction

bee anne on borrowed time

Bee Anne wants to sell
The aged products to the Nation
The decades the party rules
The products never change

The expiring date gone
In 2008 henceforth
Now it is on borrowed time
The day will surely come

Now the repackaged the products
Giving the fanciful names on transformation
Of the products in new coating
The core ills never change

Malaysia pleads for changes
She cries when she loses her shines
For decades she suffers in silence
Bee Anne digs her into the bottom pit

The towns and cities folks
They know where to put the marks
It's the rural villagers
They have to spring a surprise

Monday, November 26, 2012


The Beatles Live in Japan 1966 Full Concert

the drumbeats of a new dawn

Bee Anne hasn't changed
The old man tries to play
The words into the people
Debts are high costing the nation

What change Bee Anne?
The leaders never wake up
Really see the changes
The people want since 2008

The time has come
The end is nigh
Bee Anne knows the rope
It is at the end of its hope

Bee Anne hopes
The rural people will support
By now the old villagers will learn
It isn't too late to change!

The city and town folks
They know what to do
When GE13 comes along
The drumbeats of a new dawn

the heavy rain

The highway rain
The misty flow on the road
The many lines of glass mirrors
It makes driving slow

The flashes of rain
The heavy pour from the sky
The cars in hazard modes
Visibility is poor

Yet they are drivers
They drive for no tomorrow
Speeding on the heavy rain
The devil smiles with glee

The express bus drivers
The drivers push hard along
The highway rain
There is no deterrent

The opposite road
The long jam stretching over 3km
The road turns into one way
The snail paces hot on the collars

The highway rain
The misty lines in open sky
The teardrops heavily pour
The hazards on the highway

the illegal dvd sellers

The illegal DVD man
He walks around with his sling bag
On his hand he carries a small basket
The DVDs he wants to sell

He walks from table to table
Showing his goods he wants to sell
Some customers agree to buy
Some customers wave him away

There will be customers
They are willing to pay
For the government always sides the companies
The higher price the companies fixed

Businesses depend on the people
Profits should be reasonable
The companies make huge profits
Yet the customers don't get a fair price

So the illegal DVD sellers
They will be around for a while
Even going underground
There is a need to be around

the dancing feet

Take a bow and a smile
The moments of her time
The stage is waiting
The eager eyes watching

The dancing feet
The training has for years
The rehearsals for weeks
Now the small swan takes to the lake

The lights bright of colours
The shining glow spreading whole
The girl is ready with her dancing feet
She takes a bow and dance

The story of her dance routines
The dancing feet move in rhythm
The hands move in flow
Izzy in dress of red smiles

The sea of eyes watching
The dancing flow in rhythmic feet
The lights of cameras flashing
The moments in Izzy's day of life

Sunday, November 25, 2012

asia cafe
ss15 Subang Jaya

Asia Cafe
The drizzling rain
The parking bays
Fully occupied

The crowd for dinner
The many stalls to choose
Every taste bud to chase
Not every one will buy

The Asian and Western
Every one will have to walk around
Pick the menu you think you like
When you taste it, it's something else

Asia Cafe
When you have no idea
This is the place to try
But don't expect too much

too young to know

Don't get married too young
Don't ever think it is so easy
You want the joy in marital bliss
When the minds haven't set...

The parents shifting responsibility
When children playing hide and seek
They let them married too young
They never want to teach

In the years the misery
The young married couples change
The view they hold will be different
Don't get married too young

Now they may say
It is my life just go away
Let me take my joy in marital bliss”
If only they know the loads

Don't get married too young
It isn't the bed of roses....
It is shifting base to misery
When the minds haven't set

if we don't change

If we don't change
The better way to manage
Of things or events or governments
We will go deep into the black hole

The signs are around us
The way we have seen
If we don't change
We sign our own misery

The parasites climbing in our minds
We shouldn't allow it to grow....
If we don't change
We will surely go into the black hole

They say why change record when it isn't broken
They never want to say why listen to songs too long
We need to change our selection of songs
If we don't change, we will never learn

Saturday, November 24, 2012

a child marriage

A child of 12 years old
The parents allowed her to get married
They are afraid she would commit sins
So they reasoned it is better for her

Without proper education
What future she holds in this marriage?
The parents just pass over her upbringing
To another family to nurture her life

What can a 12 years old girl do?
What wifely skills she will know?
This is basically child abuse
The future will be bleak...

In her formative years
She will see and change her view
What will she become?
The years she will lose

take a break

On the highway
Driving to the city
Take a break
Away from normal routines

Many cars driving North
Maybe for wedding functions
For holidays too short a time
It can be the day

Cool cloudy weather
A good day to drive
Going to the city
The traffic is smooth sailing

On a Saturday cloudy afternoon
A morning showering drizzle
On the drive to the city
Take a break from normal routines