Tuesday, September 30, 2014

outing on the beach

Man on the beach
The sun shines brightly
The cool breezes waving
Nothing to worry

The family he brings
Izzy and Sebby run
The white waves rolling in
The sand of softness walk

Sebby tries to challenge
Digging up sand with his dad
He has the enjoyable day out
With his daddy playing in the sand

Izzy meanwhile chases the sea lines
The mark of white foam on the coast
Running along to see who is the fastest
Of a time spending in the outdoor

Now taking Sebby along
Showing him how to dig up sand
The soft sand on the walk
Sebby looks Izzy woks on it

The photographer is a busy bee
The spring rustles in on Manly Beach
With her camera she captures her family
The background of sea flashes and rolling ripples

the dog's owner gives up

The mother and daughter
Caged the black and white dog in the house
Knowing she is in heat
The male dogs will flock around

Even when they take their pet dog out
With a rope and a cane
Telling the male stray dogs to get away
But the bitch dog in heat

One cloudy morning
The bitch dog is released
The stray male dogs pounded on her
She stands there waiting for the inevitable

The hooked up and dragging along
Other male dogs waiting to take turn
The bitch dog whining loudly
The other male dogs growling and clashing

The women of the house
They aren't bothered with the bitch dog
Let her running loose
Let the male dogs have her full

act fairly

A professor of law
A police issued notice
Under the Sedition Act
For his statement recorded

The Sedition dragnet
It clamps down on the people
Instilling fear not to say bad
About events happening

The police must act fairly
Do not pick and choose
Do it without fear or favour
Even ministers too must be probed

Show the people
You have the badge of honour
Nobody is above the law
Prosecute those who break it

a child beaten to death

A child died
Beaten to death
By his own mother
What could a toddler know?

If a woman can't take care
Of her child she shouldn't get pregnant
Why make a child suffer?
When a woman doesn't want him?

There are many planning methods
Choose one or two and get on with life
Why want to suffer in depression?
When a child is born

Don't you know?
You have the creation in built
Bringing out another human being
Into the world of rights and wrongs

If a woman can't handle a child
Don't get pregnant do the family planning way
It helps to make a major mistake in life
Losing one or losing two it doesn't worth the knocks

Monday, September 29, 2014

a leaf from history

Instilling fear
The death in the eyes
Many have died
Believing in their rights

The abusive corrupted leaders
Through the centuries of our history
What did they achieve?
A rope on the neck!

The fight for light and dark
Fear of death will not deter any right minded person
The fight will be carried on
Of death is just a passing episode

No doubt the pain
The suffering in silence
The toll of anguish in the eyes
Instilling fear only a temporary win

History will tell
The light always triumph in the end
Yet the power abusive leaders
They are blinded through it all

power abuse the fall of many

The flavour of the ruling elites
It is none other than the Sedition law
Any one or politician can be hauled up
By the police for saying something different

Without conforming to normal dealing
Once you speak in a different tone
Contrary to popular buffet
You will be put into your place

Right in the police lock up
For intimidation is the key of power abuse
It is into this form of fear
Where the power will collapse

The form of history of our times
Intimidation to control the populace
It hasn't worked in the empires of history
In fact it brings the fall of many

a man died for his petty crime

A man died for his petty crime
Caught and beaten to death
While others looked at the incident
In a day in Penang

He was caught and tied up
Then he was beaten defenceless
Though this shouldn't have happened
The vigilantes should have taken him to police station

But he wasn't
He died for his petty crime
Nobody should take law into his own hands
This has become a murder on a defenceless man

No doubt he committed a crime
Stealing handphone shouldn't cause a murder
The vigilantes must be hauled up
The police must take swift action

Crimes the police must investigate
It is no use saying crimes have gone down
Tell it to the people affected by it
Work on it clean up the streets

the hangers on

The hangers on
The parasites of a party
In an institution or organization
The money and rewards
The living standards to take
The bending of rules and laws
Just to show how it is
Nobody will lift a finger
As long as it benefits the ruling power
That's the life of hangers on
The souls in exchange of money and rewards
No shame or guilty in the minds
It is just to take the spoils of the game
The placards and shouting
The hangers on will play
It is a game to earn a living

Sunday, September 28, 2014

the mating season

The mating season
The cats on the heat
The calling of the male cats
Running around the neighbourhood

The female cats will wait
Maybe they are playing a game
The poor male cats keep calling
No female cats bother to show

Even at night the poor male cats
Crying loudly to seek the hunger
Of the mating season which comes around
By nature it is like clockwork

There are female cats around
In normal days the cats laze at the back lane
The Indian woman will feed these cats
On mating season the female cats migrate?

Like exchanges with other cats?
The loud crying will be heard
Until the male cats are satisfied
In the day or in the night

the arrows fly

The arrows fly
Up in the sky
By gravity it will fall
On whom the unlucky few
They forget to bring umbrellas

It is easy to talk
What ills in a nation?
When sum of it all
Covered by the carpet
of glittering gold

The applauses
When the arrows fly
The birds will detour
It isn't worth the space
Challenging its flight

For gravity will bring it down
The whispering rain to the ground
The twang of its vibrations
Take cover and plan another day
For death will not climb to the top

politicians like kicking ball

A long way of a red herring
The politicians don't play straight
They will run the marathon
In circle then they return

But politicians like kicking ball
Running on the field shouting instructions
The ball just rolls kicking by the foot
Aiming for the goal

But they then back pass the ball
Drawing out the goalkeeper
Only to see the ball flying around
The intention to set up a poacher

The open goal post
The ball kicking around
Politicians want to score
Only the groundwork they count

the wiping rain

The wiping rain
In the middle of the morning
The rolling thunder hit the note
Rattling sound on the roof

Occasionally cars passing through
The night owls returning after night calls
For these drivers everyday affairs
Sleeping late wake up in the sun

The middle morning rain
The whining in the drizzling night
No lovers or champions to comfort
It is just the falling out of saints

The dogs and cats hide away
No business to grumble in the night
But the wiping rain keep falling
In the night of quietness

Saturday, September 27, 2014

the black and white mongrel

The black and white mongrel
She was roped to the window rod
Leaving her alone at the back lane
With friends of cats and fowls

The woman owner closed the back door
Leaving the black and white bitch alone
She made some barking and whining
Nobody took a second look

But the constant barking and whining
Finally the woman owner opened her back door
The bitch dog was on heat
A stray male dog sniffed and took advantage

The bitch dog tied to the window rod
She couldn't move she just barked and whined
The big size stray dogs couldn't drag her along
In the back lane the bitch dog whined loudly

Later a group of Indians came
They chased away the stray male dog
The white and black mongrel bitch
Whining loudly in the kitchen

the fall from grace

What gone wrong in religions?
The Books are around for centuries
The scriptures wrote by outsiders
Maybe that is the problem

Every religion we discover
It teaches the good values to all
There is no discrimination
Every one is equal and live in harmony

Along the way the lies are told
Using religion to control
The minds of men and women
The twisted flow the anger flourished

If only we should know
It is the test we should endure
The faith we hold dear in our minds and souls
When Devil comes he wants to twist around

The grounding of weak minds
The lure of money and power
Many will fall in suffer in fire
For the simple reason it is all wrong

God will watch
The angels will keep records
The reach is wide
We are in the circle

taking the vow

The bright smile
On the day of bright
The angels sing
The saying of the vow

The beautiful smile
It can make a man walk many miles
Just not to get behind
The moment of his life

The shining golden orb
The reflection of many lights
The eyes reflections of whispering moments
This is the day the puzzle clicked

Close family members
Relatives, friends and well wishes
Come together to share
In the church of God's Grace

maybe it is a test of faith

Lonely women
Lonely nights
Lonely men
Watching TV

Days and nights
The thunder rolls
The flashes of light
Will it be a union?

Nay..it's lonely women
It's lonely men
The lonely nights
The sad story of life

Maybe it's a test of faith
Something never comes easy
In the running race
So there will be lonely days and nights

Lonely women
Lonely nights
Lonely man

Drinking to sleep

the union of the embrace

The vow exchanged
In the church the lights shine
Casting the brightest glow
It is a day to remember

The embrace of a thought
It takes a long way to reach there
Now it has been done
The angels will sing in good spirits

The union of the embrace
The sweetness of time and forever
Into this memory of a smile
Of Martin and Belinda wedding's day

The road they will share
The memories they will write
The steps they have taken
Now the story begins

the drummer boy

The drummer boy
See his face so enthusiastic
Jamming the session
The sound he likes it

On the floor
Belinda and Martin dance away
Sebby hits the drum set
The eager eyes hitting it hard

Everyone is watching
The photographer takes his shot
In time of a memory
One day he may become a musician

So Sebby can claim
It starts here drumming his tune
In his mind he surely makes it
There his parents dance

Friday, September 26, 2014

the loan sharks business

The loan sharks in business
Police take down posters or bulletins
Does it really matter?
By night it is up again

The contact numbers
So easy to call
Let officers go undercover
Find out the big brothers

But then the police know
Their own officers allegedly borrowed
So the loan sharks business strives
For the small traders or people have financial sorrow

The sharks will come smiling
Eager to lend willing to take the risks
Once the borrowers fail to pay
The nightmare of red paint begins

Unless the police have a dedicated team
Monitoring and arrest these loan sharks
The adhoc methods will not solve anything
In no time the loan sharks swim again

time Selangor moves on

Now the headache is over
Time Selangor moves on
There are many irritating bush fires
The goatherd will have his hands full

Kidex highway project
The Bible issue dragging on
The water deal for Selangor
Potholes and rubbish collections

Though the Constitution wasn't followed
By interviewing candidates for the post
It shouldn't have happened but it did
Let this be just a one off thing

Now the goathead got his dream
This time he has to prove he is the better man
Administering the State for all
Plan it fair and distribute it without malice

Show it to the people
Putrajaya will be next to roll
Now the traction has got it corrected
Full steam ahead enough time has lost

nature has no poor quality

Nature has no poor quality
She has the balance in her arsenal
Everything we have is good for us
Nothing is left to chances

The virgin forests exist
It isn't for us to degrade
It is to balance the ecosystem
For Nature knows best

For authorities to say
Giving green light to plunder
The inhabitants in the virgin forests
The crying shame of greed

The bad quality of reasoning
The vast track of virgin forest gone
Into the coffers of preferred companies
Leaving the forests naked

There is no poor quality in Nature
It is us who never learned
The crying shame of greed
The damages to untold misery

Thursday, September 25, 2014

it isn't all in a life

The money tree
Everybody hopes to get
The dream in the mind
It isn't all in a life

The money tree
It screams out every day and night
The dreamers and practical people
They work out the best they can

The money tree
Some get scared of it
They hired guards to protect
In case of unsavoury characters

And the money tree
The poor can only dream
The middle income earners can't get enough
Every day before the time is up