Thursday, December 31, 2020

rocking rona will put a stop


Amno baru wants GE15

The leaders find the situation is right

Are they really sleeping on it?

Want to have another Rona waves?

Now we have Rocking Rona rising the chart

It hasn't come down for the top post

It is still capturing the hosts

They refuse to heed advice

It isn't the right way

Amno baru thinks of its own survival

The party can't survive to the future

With its present crop of leaders

Forming political cooperation with Pas

The leaders think they can survive

The time has changed with Covid 19

The normal way of cooperation will not last

They are thinking of a race

But the country has many colours

The thinking must change

The old way will be bad

a contract is a binding agreement


A contract is a binding agreement

The parties sign in to pay damages of any breach

Even in political parties the members who sign in

They are bound by the contractual terms of contract

This contract is signed before the General Election

Once a party who wins the election and defects

The guilty party must honour the contract

It doesn't say you can't quit and join another party

It only says a party has broken its agreement

So the affected party can demand compensation

As the contract is signed with that intention

When there is a breach of contract the agreed sum must be paid

Trying to deflect the issue under the Constitution

It shows the guilty party of the breach doesn't know

The law of contract on the terms in the agreement

A party is allowed to defect but has to pay compensation

A contract is signed

Both parties know the reasons and consequences

Yet one party tries to faint ignorance of the contract

It is signed before the General Election and is binding

the pot holes of pain


The pot holes of pain

If the fence sitters never wake up

Still sleeping in their La La land

Never want to find out

The time will change

The events will come and go

Leaving its marks and records

But the fence sitters?

They may not worry

They live within their minds

Thinking nothing will affect them

Until the pot holes of pain

By then it will be too late

They can cry the rain of tears

It will not help them

In the pot holes of pain

Politics affect every one

Active or inactive in life

Because impact will be felt

In the pot holes of pain

the last day of 2020


The last day of 2020

The Vision of Dr Mahathir gone

Broken down to pieces

Like ashes blow away by the wind

The bad still rules today

Nothing is changed; nothing to celebrate

Only the bitter taste in our tongues

Tasting the wrong political food in the wrong plates

Anwar gave us much hope

But the numbers didn't show

He popped out his magic of numbers

There was nothing to show

The wolves, crocodiles and monkeys

The frogs, the running dogs and hornbills

They are celebrating through the back door

Even Rocking Rona never want to infect them

But the saints will keep marching

Light up where there are darkness

The fight isn't over until the mandate returns

The back door must be kicked out

The last day of 2020

The bad can sing, laugh and smile

They sit on the power the easy drive

What will Anwar do to survive?

We will see

What will happen in 2021

Will Anwar find his numbers?

Will PH get back its mandate?

don't be cruel to animals


The cruelty to animals

Don't let it stain your soul

If you don't like animals

Chase them away

The stray dogs will run

When you wave them away

When the stray dogs bark at you

You move away slowly while staring at them

You mustn't run away

The dogs will recognize your fear

Don't give the dogs the advantage

Let the dogs know you aren't chasing them

Even stray cats will jump in and out of houses

Some will poo on the grass or urinate on plastics

Some may jump on cars poo on it or plastic tongs

Sometime urinate on car wheels

But you don't mistreat the animals

You don't cane them with sadistic blows

You can chase them away

Tell them don't come back again

They will understand

A few times you repeat it

Show them the sign language

They will know you mean business

There is a law Cruelty to Animals Act

You don't want to get foul of this law

You will get fine or go to jail

It isn't worth it to be cruel to animals

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

stay together fight the common foe


Anwar had his chance

To collect his numbers

To get his prize

On the high stake of politics

Announced it in September

The solid numbers he had

But as it turned out finally

He was played out again

The numbers didn't come

Even on voting on the budget

The supporters he had with him

They didn't turn up the heat

Now he has to find ways

His reputation is dented

But for a politician

There is nothing to shout about

Anwar has to work with other parties

As long as they share the same sentiments

Even enemies can be good friends

If they have common foe to fight with

Maybe should let Dr M finish his job

He is the one causing the problem

Let him take out his betrayers

In his way to get even with the traitors

All the opposition parties should unite

Forget about personal likes and dislikes

Finish the common foe and then decide

The chart for the nation and themselves

the love spells


The love spells

It can happen to anybody

Once the black magic is cast

The victim will not know it

Everything will stay familiar

The victim will not feel short changed

Only in the mind the person is taken

Until the spell is broken maybe in 3 years

Some are used for short term

Maybe like a week or a few days

The victims will think it is the real thing

Until they wake up and find something different

Those who are charmed by black magic

They will never admit it in their lives

The outsiders may think they have changed

But they will not see it in their eyes

The love spells

Ancient of the old ways

Crafted in mystery

A price has to pay

the meat cartel


The meat cartel

Who are the importers?

How many are there?

What's Jakim role in it?

The halal meat

Certified in fake documents

Who are the officers involved?

What roles they have played?

Which are the ministries involved?

Who were the ministers then and now?

Now the government should recall it

But the back door still debating?

The people of the Islamic faith

With the uncertainty on the imported meat

It is better to refrain from ordering it

It is better to be safe then feeling regret

Now let the police investigate

No need to have a RCI

The police can probe it

Find the causes, the connections and why

love is easy to say


Love is easy to say

It is hard to keep it glowing

In the height of the romance

Everything seems in one page

When the friction rears its head

Slowly love will take a back seat

The constant feuding will ruin relationships

In the end the split to save sanity

There are cases to learn and study

Why couples get married then filed for divorce

Some for a month others less than 3 years

The answer no give and take

Sometimes it is jealousy

Sometimes it is about finance

Sometimes they don't talk anymore

They have different interests; they don't connect

Love is easy to say

When action comes to do it

Many couples will find it hard or fail

The game is stay within the circle

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

PH must go on stealth


Every political leader

There will be differences

As long as it stays on focus

It will be democratically allowed

PH must gather these parties

Though of different concepts

But is facing the same foe

To have a solid mandate to challenge

The back door is facing its problems

The calm after the budget session

The truth will rear its ugly head again

When the wolves will keep up the demands

Now PH has to start doing its homework

Stop dragging its feet and start to speak in one voice

The years ahead should be a good time to hit

The weak back door with its internal bad flow

bring back MCO


Close borders

Close the inter-state boundaries

If we want to fight with Covid

Else it will spread quickly

What are the back door thinking?

The control isn't working

People get caught by Covid

The spike jumping high

It has to go back to MCO

Clamped it down now!

Don't let the virus spread

But back door thinks of economy

And so we read

The chart going upwards

The easy hosts to net in

The front liners cry with disappointment

Now in the land below the wind

A new mutation detected with Covid

Is it a UK mutation which can spread quickly?

In NSW the UK mutation begins to infect in Sydney

The back door has lost the game

The virus spreads its wings ahead

Now with its new mutation in the wind

The back door runs to find ways to contain it

the pot-holes on the road


The pot-holes on the road

The same old story still playing

PWD should go round every week

Make report now so easy with hand-phones

PWD engineers are free

Majority of the works are contracted out

So there is no reason of shortage of staff

The same old story we hear all the times

When the pot-holes are filled

PWD engineers do not come to survey

Because the contractors take pictures

So the jobs are done no need to test it

Within a few months of vehicles driving through

The pot-holes will appear once again

It will be left for months until somebody's check

Sometimes we wonder what PWD is doing?

The pot-holes on the road

Learn from Singapore how the engineers work

Each engineer will go round the road under his charge

Make his report for action to be done

Until a minister was injured

PWD will come to the senses

The apology should be given to all of us

It shouldn't be fallen on a minister

Monday, December 28, 2020

politicians are the chameleons


The saints singing songs of hope

As the year running to a close

Of hope we need haven't achieved it

We were tricked by the duplicitous traitors

Now the memories stay in our minds

Though we can feel bitter with it

But life in politics isn't about good morality

Because politicians are the chameleons

The year 2020 a bad one for the saints

They can't get the lights shining bright

The darkness spread too quickly

The saints can't get it in time

So we will close 2020

A history of frogs, monkeys, wolves and crocodiles

They laugh at us with their wealth and positions

We are left to deal with Rocking Rona

songs of praises


Songs of praises

Ringing out in the air

Bringing the year

To a close with mix feeling

The smiling faces

The bright eyes

The songs flow of melodies

Behind it the worries

Rocking Rona flies

Ever searching for hosts

On people who ignore rules

Causing worry to all

But songs of praises

Praying for The Lord to intervene

Let Rocking Rona disappear naturally

Close it with a mix feeling

politicians aren't saints


We want to kick out

The back door leaders

We can't allow them to stay

Longer as it is

If there is a way

Supported by the parties of interest

To kick out the back door leaders

No party should ignore the opportunity

Pejuang shouldn't ignore the call

We want to kick out the back door leaders

Pejuang shouldn't pick and choose

Because politicians aren't saints

As long as there is an opportunity

PH should take it and try to settle the score

It's better to say yes and find ways later

How to deal the corrupt leaders support?

Bearing in mind politicians aren't saints

They can shift stances at their own free will

When the opportunity comes to settle a score

It is better to take it then living in regret

take it easy


Take it easy

Living in the pandemic

We don't need to worry

Every time we step out

Of our homes to see

The world in our eyes

No doubt we will hear

The stories of the pandemic

Causing fear in our minds

Just take it easy

Live the way with restrictions

It is for our own good

We know we can live

And still enjoy the little things

It will make living still a joy

Except don't let fear rule our days

We have to take it easy

Live with our self imposed restrictions

Cause Rocking Rona rules today

the economy will be slow


The economy will be slow

The flight of glowing figures

It will not happen so soon

As long as Rocking Rona rules

The back door leaders want to show

They can see to the future

On reality of today the economy will not grow

They have to breathe reality in their minds

Many companies have closed shops

Some are struggling to make the cut

Because consumers feel the fear

Saving their monies wait for the sunshine

The losses wil be high

But saving lives important too

The economy can be revived

When the vaccines can show its grade

Next year the season of the low

Rocking Rona will still rule the day

The economy will get the beating

The unemployment rate will be high

Sunday, December 27, 2020

the corridor of bad smell


The S movement

It gives us the bad smell

It isn't the way we wanted

We have to live with it

The corridor of bad smell

It smells of evil on the roll

There is no way to deal with it

The year has come to a close

The S movement

The evil doers laugh

Standing on top of the wealth

Planning how to take it out

But they are stopped

By the Rocking Rona high

Capturing souls as its hosts

The evil doers run to hide

Now the shadowy souls move

Planning how to stay in the groove

Using religion to spook the souls

Camouflage their hidden menu

Along the way

There is karma coming in

She isn't going to let it go freely

Time the evil doers face justice

the rats in the sewers


The rats in the sewers

They still get their cheese

They don't have to sneak out

They don't have to face the cats

Of course the cats will watch

Every day the same old routine

Waiting for a shout out

Most of the times nothing happen

The rats in the sewers

Like clock work the cheese will drop

Letting them have a nice party

Touting the cats to come down

Of course nothing happen

The cats will stay quiet or fall asleep

Let the rats have their days

Until the tides hit the hiding place

the alliance of hope leaders


The Alliance of Hope leaders

Seriously they should map out

The next course of action for next year

They should speak in one voice

The year 2020

Goes to Moo

He can laugh quietly

By his back door ways

The Old Man allowed it to happen

Because he wanted his way

But he was back stabbed by his own leaders

Leaving him alone without a party to hang on

The Alliance of Hope leaders

Gather the troops for next year

Forget the bad ways of 2020

Focus on one strategic pathway

Moo isn't stable

He still worries about his numbers

It can change at any time

So there is his weakness

He can't plant his root

Because he knows he can't

He is a puppet on the string

Dancing his tune to the puppet master

The Alliance of Hope leaders

Let Anwar battle it out

Though 2020 he lost a few chances

His tactical moves showed his weakness

The back door leaders

Facing their own problems too

The demands and constantly watching

How long will they last?

the stray dogs and cats


The stray dogs and cats

They aren't going anyway

These animals will search for food

Maybe hoping finding homes

How strays happen?

In a new township?

Maybe it is the previous owners

They kicked out their pet animals

The stray of dogs and cats

The cats can easily find homes to stay

Because the cats will jump from house to house

Maybe one owner may give them food

Their lives like the humans

Living from day to day

Scavenging for food and places to stay

In the night of cooling wind

I used to feed the stray cats

Came to my house to be fed

At one time 8-10 cats

Until one by one disappeared

The last one came

Maybe to say goodbye

I don't see the black cat anymore

The last of the lot I fed

The stray dogs and cats

On the streets or in housing estates

They may bring diseases

Too long roaming the streets

Saturday, December 26, 2020

the old leaders in DAP


The old leaders in DAP

They should know their times

The heydays are over

They shouldn't stay longer

Some young leaders can't wait

They want the old leaders to retire

They want to climb up the ladder

Of the leadership in control

A party needs the old leaders

They are the golden ones to give advice

When the young leaders may make careless mistakes

The party needs a firm hand to hold it

What the party elders can do

Fix an age for all leaders to retire

When they reach 65 years old

They should stay behind as advisors

But the young leaders must remember

Come old age comes with golden experiences

It will help the party to stay strong and progress

Because the old guards have seen it all

Patience is the key

Impatience will be the downfall for many

The young leaders in DAP should reflect on it

The old will retire one day

you have to play a fool


You want women with benefits?

They can smell you poles apart

They have recognize the way it works

No thanks to the internet

These women are prepared

Facing the ways of the men

In the bars; in the open or in the super-marts

They know they are hot but they have their pick

So what you can do?

You make yourself as fool

Drain out your ego

Let them reject you over and over again

It will help you

Bring your ego down the low

It will make you free

You will not feel shy or ashamed

As long as they talk about you

You have the recognition

Make yourself a fool

Women will want to know why

You will get your last laugh

As you begin to master the art

Ego is always the stopping page

Once it is gone you can dance in your way

You want women with benefits?

You should be honest but don't spill the beans

You have to play the fool

Let them laugh they will come to you

the stray animals


The stray animals

Running free on the streets

They are the free agents

Nobody wants them

But there are cases

Of animals got infected by Rona

Some died without treatment

This is a case to look into

In every housing estate

We will see stray animals

How do these strays appear?

It could be left by the previous owners

Currently we are look at humans infection

Now we must take precaution on strays

These animals can be a potential hosts for Rona

Then link it to the humans

The town councils should act immediately

The strays must be rounded up and put to sleep

It isn't a harsh way to do but to stop the virus

Some drastic measures must be used to fight Rona