Saturday, December 26, 2020

the old leaders in DAP


The old leaders in DAP

They should know their times

The heydays are over

They shouldn't stay longer

Some young leaders can't wait

They want the old leaders to retire

They want to climb up the ladder

Of the leadership in control

A party needs the old leaders

They are the golden ones to give advice

When the young leaders may make careless mistakes

The party needs a firm hand to hold it

What the party elders can do

Fix an age for all leaders to retire

When they reach 65 years old

They should stay behind as advisors

But the young leaders must remember

Come old age comes with golden experiences

It will help the party to stay strong and progress

Because the old guards have seen it all

Patience is the key

Impatience will be the downfall for many

The young leaders in DAP should reflect on it

The old will retire one day

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