Tuesday, December 22, 2020

the battle for GE15


The back door can scream

Afraid to lose the seat of power

Coming in through the bad way

It will not stay strong in the next GE

Its whole concept is on 3R

Leaving out the fourth R

The people aren't in its folder

They are only for themselves

Moo will have no choice

Though he knows he will lose

Calling for a snap poll

He is really cornered

The wolves will keep demanding

Moo will not tolerate it further

Else his cortisol going to shoot high

With his illness he will not stay strong

The wolves think they can win big

With their case history the people will reject

But for the wolves they think they can lie and cheat

All the way as they had done before

The crocodiles as usual they will play

The backroom boys to instigate with their make believe

Brewing their bad hidden agenda exploiting the weaknesses

Of the wolves and the moo falling for the sweet support

PH has its own weaknesses though

PKR must get its house in order

PKR is considered the weakest link

With its weak reputation and in-fighting

At least PH can be transparent

GE15 PH has to repeat its success again

Anwar should lead his troop for his last battle

After this a new set of young leaders should take over

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