Friday, December 18, 2020

the General


The General

Standing alone looking afar

His mind feeling tired

After the hard fought battle

In the field of Parliament

He marched with his loyal troops

With some renegades to hit the score

For days they fought the hill

The final count they lost by 3 votes

But it made Moo laughing

The General knows

He has to take stock of his leadership

The rank and file aren't happy

With his last minute decision to withdraw

It may have cause him his leadership quality

Now he has to ponder

The future the nation needs

He has to lead his troop to fight again

He has learned his lessons

He needs to consult his Commanders

The General has to plan ahead

GE15 should be his last battle

He has to find his final strategy

Lead his coalition to the final line

Sweetness will be after many failures

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