Sunday, July 31, 2016

the good deeds

The good deeds we hear
Of how a person helps the poor
It is the kindness that helps
Without asking any in return

In this world of many colours
With religions trying to get a foothold
Into the minds of every person
We wish there is kindness every where we go

People are strange in our lives
Some will go out of the way to help
Others will not care what is wrong
They have no time for charity

The homeless and the poor
In every corner we will find
This is test of our faith
How we treat these people we see?

A little kindness will go a long way
A little good deed will bring a cheer to two
It will bring a smile to the poor
Of life hardship they have to endure

in hopeless there is hope

Hello Sam hello to your world
Now you are free pardoned by the King
Walking out of the walls
You have much to see

You got into trouble
You got mixed up in your life
You paid for your crime
You were jailed for life

In prison you found Jesus
He guides you to your way
You taught the other inmates
You set examples for them to go

In the decades of prison life
You changed many ways of the inmates
You too got recognized in your efforts
Every concerned people helped you

Now you are free
You know Jesus may have played a role
Gathering His people to crusade for your release
You better make good use of it

There is your calling
Help the people to get second chances in life
Now at aged 59 a time to start a new chapter
Hello Sam hello to your world

there is no escape

In the hole the rat stays
In the darkness nobody sees
How the day has changed
Shivering in the black hole

The heavy rain swings into action
Pouring out from the sky or heaven
It marks the sinners on the transgressions
The water pouring into the black hole

The rat can feel it
The sound of pouring rain
The rising tide there is no escape
It bids its time thinking of a way

In the darkness of the falling water
The rat knows he is cornered
Outside he can't run out now
The flash floods covering the road

Though it hears the sound
The voices of its kind calling around
But there is no escape now
The flash flood rising to drown

In the hole the rat stays
The staring of its doom is so near
The rising tide has no feeling
The sins one has to pay

there is always a way out

A man of experience
A man of knowledge of work
He works for years in his line
He gets up or he gets down
All the while he manages to stay normal
Of his life pursuing his wants
The years may sound good
He gets his promotion
His families and friends feel happy
He has made his grade
After years of struggling to get the top
Now he has his ball on his feet
He finds his days have changed
He can't sleep at nights
He still worries about his work
The heavy loads crash on him
He finds he can't take it
He has nobody to talk
He is alone sitting high
One day he walks up the height
Standing alone feeling like superman
The little voice keeps telling him
Fly busy man; feel the wind
You will not die you will live!”
But what he doesn't know
Once he steps off the height
He will not fly but plunge downwards
Death is the game
When he allows depression takes control
He isn't a superman
He is just a mortal
He finally knows it
But he is late
The crush of body
A sad way to leave
He can just walk away
But he fails to do

the bad seems to win but...

There is no hope
The agencies we pay
The heads seemed to be compromised
Covering the backdoor of a person

The bad smell in the air
It floats in and around us
The statement of lies
It never fails to make us fools

We are strange people
We keep losing our bearing
We keep being cheated
Even the red lights show

We still walk straight
Believing there is a right
But the roadblock in sight
We never seem to stop

There is no hope
The gates are guarded now
The snarling dogs keeping watch
No intruders will be tolerated

But the truth isn't going away
The bright light will be shone
The massive wave of tsunami
The might of the people will say

On the current form it seems so
We feel there is no hope to beat the crooks
We have friends from overseas

They have the might to crush the thieves

Saturday, July 30, 2016

in the silence i walk alone

In the silence I walk alone
Up on the hill once I stayed
I hear the whirring wind
It makes me seeing shadows

I look around on my walk
In the late night I return
I feel the cool air of the hill
The air is cool; fresh and clean

I don't see a soul passing by
In the night I hear the insects cry
In the silence I hear the crying wind
The shadows of trees surrounding me

Alone I walk on the short cut
Listening to any sound I hear
I reach the top of my resting place
I stop and listen to the waving wind

In the silence I walk alone
Up on the hill once I stayed
I reach the top of my resting place
The air is cool; fresh and clean

he skins the lies

He skins the lies
Right to the bottom of the bones
He tries to make it sounds relevant
He forgets the jigsaw puzzles going in

The person who holds the cards
The authority in the company and government
Right in his hands he signs it all
He pretends he doesn't know?

He can't divert his bad decisions
The paper trails gone into his accounts
He can't say a different tune
When DOJ has directly hinted the chords

The music is playing now
The airwaves and prints will be reported
He still wants to spin his tales
He better realizes it and pays his sins

He should remember the truth
It will poke its head out in the open
He can't control the hunters of transparency
The truth will bring him down for good

the war dead

The war dead
The long lost years
The names immortalized on walls
As other soldiers bow and cry

The loved ones knocked heads
Friends, neighbours and comrades too
They come to remember the war dead
Once they lived how they fought and died

On a land so far away from home
They fought battles on political differences
The tragic deaths ringing through the years
Why we wasted our lives for nothing?

It will not be the last battle
It is still fighting to this century
Many will perish on the foreign land
Of political or religious differences

The war dead
The long lost years
It will not be the last battle
It is still fighting to this century

people are strange

The music playing
The crowd jumping away
All the moves on the floor
People are strange

When critical difference exits
They will make the division
They will take side on the divide
People are strange

When a coalition partner wants a snap election
One member refuses to endorse the issue
Its leaders feel they will lose its way
People are strange

All for one; one for all
It seems the leaders never see it
Forgetting about the bigger picture
People are strange

In the scandal of the century
Billions stolen through a company
All the agencies sing the same melody
The lies playing on the airwaves and prints

The members in the coalition
And the members never say
They repeat the same lies
People are strange

Now DOJ has filed charges
In the good old USA
The crooks have no place to hide
Here people are strange

The music playing
The crowd jumping away
They don't see the bigger picture
Here people are strange

he can't hide

He can't hide
Though he will try
Get into the wall
He can put up face

The echoes from the seas
Across continents catching rats
Into the cages screaming away
Under the bonfire burning lives

The smell of the hunt
It will never disappear
The footprints will be found
The dark will see the light

He can't hide
Though he put the agencies down
With his power on the chair
He thinks he can escape

But the truth crawling out
The liars have no face to go
He knows he is on sleepless nights
The wall will crush on him

He can't hide
Though he will try
With his power on the chair
He thinks he can escape

Friday, July 29, 2016

jamming out of lines

The lies, the lies, the lies
We don't seem to get it less
Everyday we will hear the beats
Jamming up the airwaves and prints

The sound engines revving up
The whirring of bullets fly
The screams of somebody falling
The drumbeats of death in our eyes

The crimes of passion
The crimes of silencing critics
The draconian laws to protect leaders
They are afraid to face the music

The business rivalries and gangs
There is no harmony in the end
Sharing the field to take a smaller cut
But greed overrides give and take

The lies, the lies, the lies
It flies high and low in our minds
But we know there is trouble brewing
When leaders keep telling out of lines

the blind dates

On the blind dates
The women should take precautions
They shouldn't leave it to faith
When they can control the movements

The blind dates of unknown characters
The women shouldn't fall for the game
Out in the unknown territory of their lives
They shouldn't play the roulette game

Everyone wants to find love
A companion for life
But there are pitfalls in many
On blind dates don't go out blind

There are cases of women die
Rape, rob and beheaded
Is this the way to find love?
The play of roulette in the blind?

The women shouldn't close eyes
There are beasts in loving smile
Beware of the roulette game
Don't fall victims losing lives

the chesty cough

The nights I hear
The constant coughing in the silence
You can't sleep it right
The chesty cough makes it bad

You lie on the folding chair
Trying hard to get into sleep
But the chesty cough disturbs you
In the night taking away dreams

You try your best to sleep
But sleep never comes right in
You cough it bad in the night
The virus never wants to die

The specialist says nothing serious
He prescribes cough mixture
And throat liquid to soothe it
But the chesty cough comes

Now try home remedy
Honey with grapes mix together
It is hope to remedy the chesty cough
Cause by flu or cold as its base

And the nights the sleepless time
She coughs badly at a corner
Trying hard to fall asleep
But the chesty cough refuses to die

And I keep a watchful eye
In the nights I listen in the silence
I pray to dear God let her sleep well
Let her be sunny in the morning

i never want to leave you

Girl..I never want to leave you
I will stay behind rain or shine
As long as you are right there
The world will be lived in our eyes

I can see it in your eyes
You know what I say is true
I will never leave you behind
You are the one in my life

In the morning I see
The sunshine in your eyes
You make my world in songs
There is never a day without you

The wind will bring the news
You are the one painted in my mind
There is the door in your heart
You wait for me to come running in

Girl..I never want to leave you
I will stay behind rain or shine
As long as you are right there
The world will be lived in our eyes

the light will hit hard in it

The laughter in the night
The sleep may not come
As the time passes through
The bad once we did before

It never wants to disappear
Hiding in the mind slowly coming alive
It will make its way to the light
The sins of the night

The bed looks inviting
Soft, cool and bouncy
Underneath the layers
The sins awake to the light

The bad can hide
Many layers like a maze
Believing it can get away
But friends sins have to pay

The bad can talk
The untouchables in its life
The darkness it can play
But the light will hit hard in it

The laughter in the night
The sleep may not come
The bad can talk
But the light will hit hard in it

are we safe driving on the road?

Are you safe driving on the road?
Will you be the next victim of a killing bullet?
You stop at the traffic lights checking your rear mirror
Afraid there may be a killer prowling on motorbike?

In the city of Kuala Lumpur
The massive jams during peak hours
Every motor vehicle will stop
When the traffic light turns red

The hired killers on motorbikes
They will tail the suspected victim
The suprise on his faces when he knows
The death by bullets hardly an escape

In the broad daylight in the city
On the traffic light junction a man shot death
By two motorbikes on each side of the car
Pumped in bullets let the driver be dead!

Are we safe driving on the road?
Who will be the next target on the roll?
The hired killers in the market
Money will talk business

the darkness will call

The darkness will call
When the good people don't say
Staying silence pretending not to know
Leaving the bad to have the field day

We have to pick the right candidates
Through the years we don't do it
We just follow what the leaders say
We crossed the candidates

Now we have realized it
All the laws never to our benefits
It is always centred on the leadership
They think they rule the nation

Democracy isn't this way
It is for the people who elected them
Granting the elected people the mandate
But not to misuse it for their own benefits

But the darkness will call
When the good people don't say
With all the laws screwed into place
The bad will have its bonfire!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

the women in the night

The women of the night
They dress up in style
They want to make a point
Do you have money?

The women of the night
Money will make them come
They are used to its way
Don't come with out it

The unsatisfied males
They leave their wives or girlfriends
They want to search of something special
But they forget it is the putting and the greens

The males look at differently
They see the beauty in their eyes
The women of young and carefree
The males miss it in their lives

The women in the night
Sometimes they are good
Sometimes they are bad
Beauty isn't lasting a life time

The women in the night
They may have stories to tell
The good yarn or the bad experiences
A risky work but pleasures over-ride it

the ground has potholes

The man still walks free
Every step he takes he is worried
When will the time strike him?
On the foot steps he takes?

He thinks he is strong
Every agency under his finger
He can do as he pleases
Who to say he can't?

But the ground has potholes
He can't see it filled with water
The rain falls the eyes can't see
He thinks he walks on straight road

Once he falls into the pothole
He will realize the impact of the fall
The long arm of the law will catch him
He can scream nobody will listen

the liars better wake up

The liars cemented the walls
They think they can make it strong
Putting up signs to hang the intruders
There is nothing to say!”

The road of redemption
It is a long and winding road
The liars can't see their way
They think they are well protected

They can hide within the walls
They can pretend they aren't wrong
They can use all the laws to benefit them
But they forget time of death is ticking away

We can't hide from death
Once the time is issued
Nothing will stop the process
So it is better to do good deeds

The lake of fire
Nobody wants to go there
The eternal flame will hear the cry
The never ending scream of pain

The liars better wake up
Change it for your redemption
There is no way you can take it all
You forget the lake of fire wait

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

the games of hunters and hunted

The power comes and goes
It never stays in a person's hands for long
Once it comes to pass
The wrongs will be investigated

In the power game things can be hidden
As long as the chair is involved with it
No person wants to get in the wrong book
They will polish the apple like kids

There will be the hunters and hunted
The thin line on the border games
When the change of guards are involved
The running of catching the thieves

Those who did wrong will feel afraid
When the regime sails into the deep water
By then the rules of the game will be changed
There will be the hunters and hunted

the silence of liars

The silence of liars
They can't find words to say
Now the legal filing in USA
The jigsaw puzzles clicked in

Though MO 1 still walks
Putting up his face
Has he no shame at all?
So greedy of power game?

The agencies can't wake up
They have no balls to throw
The laws of the nation
It is there to be used

It has already stated
Into his accounts the money gone
What else they have to wait?
Have the balls play the game!

He didn't deny it
So why kept the distance?
DOJ had said it came from 1MDB
Have the balls play the game!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

we have to change our attitude

The rivers are dying
Once it was crystal clear water
We could see fishes swimming
Sometimes we could see crocodiles

Those were the years
It was gone before our eyes
We didn't realize our rivers
We made it our dumping ground

Now the crying needs
The rivers we use as our laundry wheels
It has broken down into its deep ends
We are the caused of its dying breath

We have to change our attitude
The enforcement officers must be quick
It is no more sitting in the office
Playing games on the internet

dreams in the mind

In the night of dreams
Every one can make the belief
Floating it in the mind
Let the stage light up in the eyes

You can be anything
There is no stopping you
Within the realm of dreams
It will make you smile

Nobody can stop you
You make your dreams
A desire; a need; an escape
Into the night of dreams

At times you will be watching
Of dreams out of your way
You aren't making your dreams
Somebody's else is showing

The path of reality
Where the dreams foretell
You may not realize it
But the marks will be there

Dreams make to escape
The everyday life on the road
Sometimes it is just dreams
But at times it tells of events

there she goes

There she goes
Sitting on the dark brown sofa
Closing her eyes shutting out the light
Breathing slowly as the sound passing by

She has no choice
She needs her time out
Closing her eyes to the light
She hopes she gets some rest

Nobody telling her
Don't play in the rain
It will bring her down
When her brightness is low

She never listens
She wants her way
Every time she sees it
She answers to herself

There she goes
Sitting on the dark brown sofa
Closing her eyes shutting out the light
She listens to her world needing her rest

Monday, July 25, 2016

doj says it all

There is no denying
Who is Malaysia No:1?
DOJ of America says it
36 times in its report

The drawing lines can be linked
The culprits involved are named
Linking it to Malaysia No:1
Who is going to deny it?

He signs the documents
He can't deny if he hasn't done
He has the authority and power
Granted to him under the Act

Who is Malaysia No:1?
The apple polishers say a different tune
The AG quick to come to the rescue
Still trying to divert the cause of it

All these people will face the music
When it is played in the records
None of them can escape though they can try
The documents are filed in DOJ of America

The assets seizure will be done
There is no escape in the American law
Corruption and money laundering
Plant the seeds suffer the bad crops

the truth of light

The darkness in the walls
Every window is shut down
Let no light to penetrate through
The secret behind closed doors

How long will it stay?
In the dark walls to hide?
As the time going through
The questions will be asked

The liars will issue statements
Clearing the air of half truths
They believe they can fool
They are only committed own sins

The truth of light
It will never disappear
The lights will keep piercing
Until the day cracks appear

Now the nation know
The stealing of country's funds
The liars and thieves have no place to hide
The justice will hit them hard

the smell of sugar

The smell of sugar
On the washing basin
The ants will appear
As quick as the seconds

Before it is known
The smell of sugar
The taste of sweetness
The ants crawling in

On the outer walls
The ants will crawl and wait
Exchanging communication
Until the smell of sugar

The scouts will appear
Running around the wash basin
When it has collected the titbits
A bigger group will appear

The smell of sugar
It never fails
Like the sugar babies
The men will fall over