Friday, January 31, 2020

Wuhan virus 4

Wuhan virus
WHO declares it
As global emergency
It is too late to say

It has spread to many countries
UK now joins the rank on the list
Wuhan virus can jump and mutate quickly
The basic hygiene must be told everyday

Wash hands with soap
Wash it thoroughly with water
Even when removing the face masks
Wash hands before removing it

Stand about 3 feet away
Don't go to crowded places or malls often
Wear face masks for protection
Though it may not help as much

But it is the confidence
It will booze up the body's immune system
Fighting against a virus bending to claim victims
Now a global emergency by WHO

Wuhan virus
The scientists haven't found clues yet
The people should take own precautions
Practice the basic hygiene

the 4 ice queens

The 4 ice queens
Trekking on the cold ice floor
Looking for the time capsule
It is better to ask the sleeping beauty

There is no reason to go
Let the future generations to do
We shouldn't want to know
We live through it already

Tell me what we do not know?
The sleeping beauty lies in the dreams
Of sparkling lights and paradise
The 4 ice queens waste their efforts

The climatic changes
The shifting ice landscape
The time capsule may disappear
Bury deep in the watery cold bed

What the 4 ice queens want to learn?
Go back to the source to find it
The man is still alive living quietly
Ask him he may recall part of his plan

The 4 ice queens
And time capsule buried in the ice land
Far far away from the humid land
Anything new we need to learn?

the white faces

The white faces
Walking on the air
The truth is hard to say
Nobody wants to hear

The air whirring sound
The white faces look down
The streets of emptiness
On the stretches of the road

The white faces
Walking on the air
They don't speak
They record the day

The street of emptiness
The people all stay indoors
Watching movies and TV programmes
Some doing nothing but sleeping

The news still airing
The white faces record
The streets of emptiness
The people stay indoors

PKR troubles

PKR troubles
Cause by impatience
Of leaders wanting the top
Forgetting the rules of the game

Azmin and gang
They don't see the wrong
They keep on pushing
Serving their own interests

One leader issued a show cause letter
Why Azmin and gang going all out to support?
It is the breaking of ranks in PKR
It serves nobody any advantage in the cause

Maybe Anwar should expell all these trouble makers
It is better to lose now than later in his career
They have spoken against their own leader and party
There is no reason for these members to stay

Azmin and gang
Time for them to reflect
The party is important not the individual
Stay together or just exit the door

everyday living

Everyday living
Driving and walking
Listening to the wind
Hearing of gossips

The young and old
There is no difference
They will play the grapevines
The gripping or sad tales

Now the hot topic
It's the Wuhan virus
It is good in the open
People will take precaution

Wash hands with soap
Clean it up for 30 seconds
Do it often in the day
It will help to stop the spreading

Don't touch any strays
They may be the carrier of diseases
Leave it to the town council officers
They will know what to do

Everyday living
The talk of impact on businesses
The statistics isn't pushing up
It is going down trend

Everyday living
Let stay confident
Pray for the goodness
Every where any time

Thursday, January 30, 2020

the face masks

The face masks
The demand too high
The supplies can't match
The enforcement should walk

Don't let the traders
Hike up the price
Catch these traders
Find and put them in jail

Lives are at stake
The traders shouldn't play
The manufacturers should go over-drive
Get the supplies to the markets

Look for traders who hoard it
Hoping to get a high price
Face mask is a controlled item
No traders should charge more

If face masks are really out of supply
The people should use handkerchief or scarf
Though it may not stand out as good
At least it gives a sense of confidence

note 170 death
7,700 infected in China alone

the Taiko Persian cat

The Taiko Persian cat
He is out of scene for nearly 2 months
When he was around roaming on the streets
Other male cats would run away

One grey and white male cat
He takes over the role
He will chase other male cats away
Now he claims he is the Taiko

Yesterday I saw the Persian cat
He returned to the streets
He was sleeping under a car
Maybe the owner cured his infection

The grey and white cat
He went under the car to pow-wow
The angry sound could be heard
Finally the cats fought over rights

The grey and white cat walked away
He declared he lost in his fight
The Taiko is back on his rounds
But the female cats aren't interested

the dry weather

The drought hitting the country
The states in the North are getting hit
The Northern people must save water
The dry months are still ahead

The dams in these States
It is going low in days ahead
The water is receding fast in the dams
Cloud seeding will be carried out

The areas of green
Cleared for developments
Changing the landscape
Causing the climatic changes

We owe it to Nature
She sustains us everyday
Nature doesn't owe us
We have to remember

The dry weather ahead
The weathermen say till April
The people should conserve water
It is for our own good

Malaysians in Wuhan

Malaysians in Wuhan
They are locked down in the city
Living what they can
Living with a positive outlook

Some say it looks normal
The people move like before
Buying groceries or going to work
Leaving an air of everyday living

The only difference now
The people are wearing face masks
Everyone tries to play a role
Stop the spreading of Wuhan virus

The Malaysian government is arranging
To bring back Malaysians in Wuhan
Over 85 of them will be air lifted home
When China gives the green light

These Malaysians will be quarantined
They will have to stay in hospitals for 14 days
It is a precaution to stop the corona-virus
Currently lives in the country are normally free

Malaysians in Wuhan
The government will bring them back
The locked down in Wuhan is still enforced
Nothing has changed the precaution is necessary

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

a new gadget to steal cars

A new gadget to steal cars
A thief will walk casually by
As the driver gives his car signal
The thief will lock the signal in

When the driver goes for his work
When the driver goes for his meal
The thief will activate the lock in signal
And drive the car away!

It is in remote control
It works on electronics
The car thief will have a gadget
To listen and record the signal

Now the police have found out
The car owners should be aware of it
Lock in with steering lock gadget
It may help to stop the car thief

Even a simple steering lock will help
To deter the car thief of even trying to steal
But we all know there are still owners
Who will not listen and so the car thief will try

the lustful men

The lustful men
They can't hide with sexy women
They will dream or try to catch
With sins mounting up in their minds

The men can be rich or poor
It doesn't really matter
When they see hot women
The lustful minds will sing

They don't mind the sins
As long as they can get the sexy women
Into their homes or hotels or cars or vans
Let the lust play its game

The lustful men
Through history they stay
The hot women or easy lay
The men can't forget

the one of many drug lords

One of many drug lords
The police didn't wait for his return
They stalked his movements and properties
Finally the police confiscated his assets

Leaving the drug lord
Hiding in neighouring countries
The police say they know where he is
Why do the wait and see game?

Why not let the drug lord return?
The police have tracked his movements and assets
They can wait a bit longer can't they?
Now the drug lord will not fly home

The assets on properties, shares and cash
It amounts to about $333 million the police sealed it
Now the drug lord will stay put hiding
He may have his funds and contacts overseas

It will be like J Low hiding
The police will wait and see
It may take years to realize
The world of monies is easy to hide

Wuhan virus 3

Wuhan locked down
The city of 11 million people
Causing by the corona-virus
Now the virus spreads to 4,500

The air of fear
The city people hear
The silent creepy virus
It leaps from eating animals to humans

The death number reaches 106
The hospitals are over-crowded
But the vaccine can't be found
The faces of death staring in the air

The Wuhan virus
Spread over 12 countries
The Chinese tourists should stay at home
Forget about plans on holidays

This is a deadly virus
It incubates from 1 to 14 days
When it awakes it attacks the lungs
Causing pneumonia and death

Look for alternative treatments*
Drink boil distilled water
Keep in plastic bottles put in fridge
When it is formed into ice take it out to melt

Drink 6 bottles in a day
It will help to flush out the bad elements
The power of water though soft but effective
It will bring out the virus

Next drink baking soda with honey
Mix with a cup of distilled water and drink
In the morning in empty stomach
In the evening before meal

It is better to try
Then waiting to die
Wuhan virus isn't stopping yet
The death tolls may rise

* there is still no vaccine

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Pakatan Harapan will stay

Pakatan Harapan will stay
There is no reason PH will disappear
The good ground work has been done
Though many must be accomplished

PH leaders don't jump the wagon
Of race and religion supremacy
It will bring the nation no where
It will sink us to the hollow darkness

The Old Man can't change
He has show in the last 20 months
It is time for him to step down
Before he is forced to leave

He is given a 2nd chance
To remove the bad policies of his 1st stint
But he forgets to get it done
When he swallows his power once again

Pakatan Harapan will stay
When the Old Man is removed
With it Anwar Ibrahim should bring
The way forward for the nation

PH has 3 years to rectify many
Bring the promises to the fore
Don't give excuses but should try it
The voters will understand

old town

Old town
In the day
The activities flow
The hive of people

Banks and supermarket
A few cake shops and mobile shops
Hawker's food and a few restaurants
A few repair shops- cars, motorbikes and bicycles

When the sun goes down
The businesses closing down
The old town seems empty
Leaving the restaurants

The back lanes
The Ronin dogs and cats
The drunkards sleeping
Leaving the activities behind

Even the bus station at Terminal 1
There are no passengers in the night
The nearly empty shop-lots waiting
No businessmen want to open yet

Old town
When night falls
The streets will be quiet
A night of nearly empty souls

the face masks

The face masks
Now many will buy
Believing to be safe
Then feel sorry later

It is a controlled item
No traders are allowed to hike up price
The enforcement will be carried out
It will not be good for the traders

The penalty is $100,000 fine
A jail sentence can be imposed
So the traders must be smart
Do not get caught by the law

The face masks
It may run out of stock
The recent Wuhan virus
It causes fear in the air

So far the country is manageable
The controlling systems are in control
We have learned of our own experiences
This time the authorities will be wiser

1ply a box $5
2ply a box $8
3ply a box 10*
95 a box $100*

  • *a better choice

don't sink your teeth into debts

Don't sink your teeth into debts
You will not get to enjoy life
You will constantly working to pay
The accumulated debts in your mind

When you have the work
You think you can manage debts
Easy credit flow easy loans
When it hits the roof you get panic

When bills come to pay
You find you have insufficient to escape
The debts keep piling up
The interests keep digging in

What's there to say?
You have mismanaged your funds
You think you can get an easy life
But it turns out a heavy load

Don't sink your teeth into debts
Live within the means all the times
Ukur baju dibadan sendiri” before you jump in
It will save you lots of headaches and pain

Monday, January 27, 2020

the scientists better find a cure fast

Malaysia must be ready
To contain the corona-virus
Don't tell us not to worry or panic
There are 4 confirmed cases already

Sarawak hasn't confirmed its finding
The corona-virus makes every one jittery
Nobody wants to fall victim to the virus
Because there is no vaccine!

Langkawi confirmed there is none infected
Among the Chinese tourists who came and returned
It is good to hear else the panic button will ring
Now make sure masks are available in the market

The flu vaccine isn't available in GP clinics
The doctors say they don't have stock yet
It is better to try another vaccine
It protects the lungs against pneumonia

Wuhan virus
Pray it will die its natural death
The world scientists are trying to find a cure
They better find it fast

where are the hound dogs?

Where are the hound dogs?
They stay in the dark
They don't have meat bones
They can't bark out loud

Where are the hound dogs?
They don't want to run
They see the road blocks
The blue trucks of cages

Where are the hound dogs?
There is no money so no talk
They keep out of sight
Linking their wounds on ego

Where are the hound dogs?
Sometimes they bark a while
The short whisper with the wind
Then they keep low profile

Wuhan virus 2

Wuhan virus
The talking point everywhere
Nobody wants to get infected
No vaccine to treat yet

The crises is spreading
The largest hit is in Wuhan
The hospitals are filled to the brim
Many can't be attended

Wuhan virus
The city is locked down
The virus has to be contained
Else the world will see an epidemic

This is a new strain
From the corona-virus family
The scientists scramble to find a cure
They are studying its causes

The people should look for alternative remedies
There is nothing to lose right now isn't it?
No vaccine in the market to cure
Look in the kitchen of oils and herbs

Wuhan virus
It isn't stopping yet
The people should stop moving often
Wear face masks and drink boiled water

the golden rat begins

The crackers at dawn
It wakes up the sleepy heads
When the partying late in the night
It never bring a good sleep

The day of the Golden Rat
The hot weather glides into sight
The clouds are clear and bright
The soft breezes passing by

The praying by neighbours
The joss sticks and fire crackers
The ashes floating in the air
The pattern of dust on the ground

As usual the cats and dogs
They have disappeared or stayed out of sight
There is no staring match or running around
They hear the fire crackers better hide quietly

The Golden Rat walks in
Smell his welcome and his throne chair
Sit on it and smell the air
The beginning of his watch and sight