Friday, June 30, 2006

evading issues

PM gone on leave until 15 July. I thought he should have addressed the critical judgements of Dr Mahathir but he left it to his ministers to reply to their former boss/retired PM. Is he afraid that he couldnt give a good reply? He knows Dr M. Without replying to his former boss he thought he could let the matters rest. He shouldnt do that. He should respond to Dr M and dont listen to his advisors or cronies which will make the matter worse especially on investments in the country and bread and butter issues of the people. Now he runs for his holidays. Nazri had no right to respond with his outburts on Dr M. He has made himself of showing no respect to his former PM and UMNO president. He has shown no gratitude. This is what happening when one allowed free reigns to rule. We can't have absolute freedom here. It can't work to the multi-racial country. As I look at it Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should respond by himself and shut up all his ministers. For not responding direct to Dr M he has made himself lost control of his administration. Dr M was his boss once and I think it is very easy to see Dr M direct. Why evade Dr M?

Malaysia every one wants to get publicity for the wrong way of doing it

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

shah alam/klang

Tomorrow I am going down to Shah Alam for a night. I will be staying at the Kota Kemuning house near to the golf course. But then I am not a golfing fan. I used to play golf for awhile in the hill resort. My favourite is still jogging. Now I occasionately jog around the housing estate at my current place. Beside I will be driving to Klang too. In all I guess I will finish my errand within 24 hours then I am off driving back to my current place of stay.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

i have a job to do

We all have jobs to do. What we want from our PM tell us the truths. He is going around in a bush. Tell us what is happening in the country and don't tell us you are walking with the 9th Malaysia Plan. The truth. The plan for the country, as you are aware, will spin to the 10 or 11 or 12 plans. You should make sure it stops at 9th Malaysia Plan that the projects should be completed or planted to finish in a certain fixed years. Monitoring and delivering system must be put in place otherwise every one will take it easy...Keeping quiet and passing the buck wouldnt work PM. A cool guy must take decisive action to get it done. You arent new in the cabinet so there is no excuse at all though your supporters say otherwise. The next election is about a year away and you needed time to tell us..................sorry PM you aren't have much time just walk the talk and things will be fine.

Let old ministers retire
Let the loud mouth ones too
Let those who want publicity go

To me the home front is pretty quiet. I dont know what is going on in the country. I thought I would know. Now alot have been censored. Internet news help. The official organ news are hiding facts and figures just the minimum to satisfy some but not all. Walk the talk PM

Malaysia.....where are the news?!

Monday, June 26, 2006

BN leaders

Two Barison leaders to retire? Keng Yaik said he would step down next year. He has been saying for a number of years that he wants to retire. This time I think he will step down and pave the way for Tsu Koon to take over the presidency in Gerakan. Samy said he would when the time is right. I think he should follow Keng Yaik and retire next year too. He had already kicked out Subramaniam, his deputy for the last 25 years and he shouldnt say otherwise. I say Subra should make a come back in 2009 for the president post. He will be only 64 years old which I think should be the right time to lead MIC. The current crop of MIC leaders are beholding to Samy.They can't say NO. These crop of leaders shouldnt be around in MIC. They should retire too and let the new team walks the talk. Maika and Telekom shares arent explained in detail on what happen to the shares. So the new leader should shade some light on it. Now Dr Mahathir went on his critical comments on the current government under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. He must have something to tell the nation. He wont simply open his mouth and say something without knowing the facts. This is Dr Mahathir. I want to know and so are many people in the country. The PM doesnt walk the talk. His supporters and cronies say he has done it. Look around. The police thumb nose at him. The AG takes so long to recommend his view on IPCMC. Mind you he was given a year to do it. But he failed. Awarded the contract for the scenic bridge that cancelled it after 3 months. The issue of AP permits hidden in the closet. No positive answer to the rakyat. How could 2 Malays corner the APs market and make them a tycoon? What reasons they get the APs? Dr Mahathir must be shaking his head in disbelief. Though he admitted he made mistakes during his tenure as PM, he couldn't stomach what Abdullah is doing....he appointed him as his successor. Keng Yaik shadow playing days will be over next year and my bet Samy will stay until 2009. He hasnt finished his agendas for the Indian community...and I dont think he will. He should the cue from the MCA president. He said if you can't finish in 3 terms you never will and let a new person takes over. MCA did the right move by limiting the president term to 9 years. By then the president should have done what he plans for the party and chinese community.

Malaysia.....the non-performing ministers should be allowed to go. It is no use wasting tax payers money on them

Saturday, June 24, 2006

subramaniam lost

Subramaniam lost in his bid to retain his deputy president post. All the president's men won in this election. I feel sad for the Indians. There won't be any uplifting for these people. They will be as they are now - receive only the minimum to survive in the National Front. Subramaniam is more likely to get more if he were to be president one day. He is more friendly towards UMNO which is a plus sign for the party. Yet the delegates didnt cast their votes. They dont see beyond the years the president keeps telling the same story - give him to help them. But he does it on his own whims and his own time. Arrogant, combative, doesnt want to follow rules if he can. He tries to evade issues in his aggresssive style. In time the Indians will realize they will lose a capable leader in Subramaniam. He is a party loyalist and the delegates didnt send a clear message to the president. End of the road for Subramaniam. Maybe he should try one last time in the next election.

why stop asking for 60 days maternity?

Shahrizat wants a 60 days maternity leave for married women or single parent. On the onset it is good to tie up with the public sector. In fact most union agreements have a 60 days maternity leave for married women. I think if it changes the Labour Laws then most workers will benefit but currently I see it is with the family runs businesses that does not follow with the unionised workers. These workers work long hours with less pay less benefits. I can understand the view of the owners. Some family run businesses are not doing so well but they need to survive because it is the daily bread and butter for them. Currently the companies or sole enterprises want to survive and people want job to feel a sense of belonging not with those benefits when they can't be employed in the first place. Job opportunities must be there for the people to choose. We hear of unemployed graduates not suitable for job applied or choosy or can't communicate with confidence. And the tax payers need to golf out more money to retrain these graduates. And we forget about those we discontinue their studies after SPM/STPM...not every one can progress to universities. I dont hear of helping out these secondary students. In time these people who will be bad hats in our society if we hold the view that less educated people will cause more troubles in the country..So why fight for 60 days maternity leave when there are many problems affecting the unemployed people? The money to retrain them can be used to set up businesses for these unemployed graduates or secondary school leavers to work with. In the end they will acquire skills to run a business themselveas. Set up a cash crop enterprise where money making is much easier in a short term planning. Set up a few companies for different products and use these graduate skills and labour intensive skills of the secondary school this way there is a way for them to learn the tools of a business..

Malaysia.......the ice-cream man calling

Friday, June 23, 2006

siti and dato k

Siti and Dato K is going to get married. The press had rumoured for so long that every one already knew. Siti needed the publicity to boost her record sales. This was a good PR exercise but she shouldn't pick a wrong guy to get married. She has her own finances and I am sure she can pick a better person than Dato K. Last month Dato K was caught with his ex-wife. It was reported in the Star newspaper. He said something his divorce was not final yet so he could sleep with his (ex) wife. A singer shouldnt get married in the 20s. She should get married after 30s. By then these singers/musicians will be matured in her/his personal affairs. I think entertainers should be free of distractions. Likewise if they choose wrong partners their careers will be over. In Malaysia this is what happening. Get married no career. Pick your choice entertainers. Yusry and Erra Fazira married in 20s divorced in 30s Sad episode really after the grand wedding no fairy tales ending after 3 years.

Malaysia....entertainers make life beautiful but their lives in the rocks

samy and pac

Samy didnt show up to PAC. He must have something to hide. This arrogant minister shows no respect to PM and PAC. By now PAC chairman should take up Samy's challenges and refer him to Parliamentary Discipline Committee. The short cut will be for him to leave the cabinet. PM should make a decisive action on his errant minister(s) He should walk his talk. Now we have a few ministers who do not care. They forget they are elected by the people for the people and not for themselves or their cronies. In this public arrogance Samy has to go. He shouldnt be in the cabinet either. A leader must know where to draw the line. He must set an example. He must know his perimeter. He can't act he likes and does as he likes. I am not a supporter of MIC. I support leader(s) who can do a proper job for the country and people. I dont see leaders who will fight for the nation and people. Will the PM take appropriate measures on Samy? He should do it to build up his reputation as a cool guy with an iron heart too. Tomorrow's MIC election I hope the delegates will vote out Samy's elite. These people are there to prop him up and get the projects.....the 1,441 delegates should send a clear signal to Samy that he and his team didnt help the Indians. Too many excuses which finally the Indians suffer. Let Subramaniam gets his chance to lead the party in a year or two. Samy must retire after this election when his team loses it all.

Malaysia ministers who are ineffective must go otherwise sack them

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

backdoor thieves

Thieves break ins through back doors. Most of the house owners spend alot of money to beef up security of the houses but they forget about the back doors. Normally the back door areas they convert it into modern wet kitchens. They build back doors with steel doors and that about they spend money on it. They dont put extra latches on the back doors. Some put grilled frames on the windows which I think it helps to prevent break-ins but the back doors itself thieves find it easy to break through. If a house has too many doors, it is advisable that the back door should be concrete up - no back door in the wet kitchen area just with windows and grilled frames - which I think will deter the thief to break-in the house. And dont forget to install CCTV in the house. Of course you have to spend a few thousand dollars to feel secured in your own house. Dont pinch on security. Life and valuables are too important to mess it up. Some people never want to learn at all. "Penny saved pound foolish" Look thieves are many. Every one is trying to find easy money. Statistics on drug addicts arent encouraging and many people are jobless...many things can happen. When you read newspapers advertisements, job applicant must have a degree speak a few languages...Tell me what about those who have no degree?
These are the people who would be the potential thieves not that they wanted to but the need to survive. When there is no job available, events can be very emotional. Look at the pregnant woman stealing in the supermarket. When she is caught she would say she has no job but a baby to feed. Can we blame her for stealing? Our conscious couldn't condemn her. Likewise when it happens to our own houses, can we blame the thieves? Or the government? Or the companies?
Or the thieves for becoming lazy and good for nothing? Hardly. It is our own system for not establishing a trust fund to help those in needs. We can contribute $10 a month. Imagine the amount collected in our workforce. It is a good theory which could be made into reality. Don't tell nobody can't give $10 every month? you we trust in you our homes flow

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

kongsi raya

The ulamas dont agree. Religions and celebrations shouldnt mix in the cauldron. It brings fire unnecessary to the people. Is it a pagan celebration? Is it so celebrating on a particular religion? One has to look at overall theme of kongsi raya. This is a celebration of people sharing joy and food and drink throw in some music to enlighten the night. If it brings peace to mankind, then it shouldn't be wrong to celebrate. If it doesnt worship any idol of any kind during the occasion, why should the ulamas interfere. Theology remains as such platform. Involving the like minded people to debate and share views which it can't wash down as the truth. God/Allah has given us enough to last many thousand years to digest what He intends us to do. God/Allah wants peace on mankind. He doesn't want bloodshed or wrong signals to incite hatreds amongst fellow humans. Currently Islam is viewed in a very bad light. All because of the ulamas who dont know the difference of peace and war. Jihad is to improve oneself and on extension to family members and on extension to the community and state then the world. There shouldnt be any life lost in pursued of Jihad. The ulamas called it a different tune...which reminds me of what Jesus(pbuh) said in his ministry 'every wolf in sheep clothing' influencing the people that it is the word of God..When the ulamas have their own agendas, the people should be aware of them. They aren't the prophets neither they are God chosen people.

We have Najib supporting these ulamas. What he was thinking? On one hand he says we are living in the multi-religious background and multi-cultural settings sharing our open houses to show each other hospitality...then he dropped a bombshell on kongsi raya. So when PM said kongsi raya would go on, I pity Najib for not reading the sentiments of the people. Will he become a good PM one day? The way he is conducting himself I guess he will find it hard to become one. He has to remember Malaysia is not for the Malays. Currently the Malays are the majority race in the country but Malaysia is not theirs alone!! I just don't like them to say fighting for the race....what about the other races in the country? The way they always say I think it will be a long way to call ourselves truly MALAYSIAN

MALAYSIA is for all Malaysians!!

Monday, June 19, 2006


Selangor will have another city status in Petaling Jaya this June. It shouldnt declare anymore city status. It has become a norm that eventually every town will become a city. It should tell the people that a 'city status' carries weight and rules and regulations including laws are properly done and benefitted the city dwellers. It isn't good just to change the name and the poor delivery system is the tired old horse. Basically the funding will increase in a city status category likewise property taxes and levy too will change in tandem with a city status. I see that nothing really will change in Petaling Jaya. You just wake up ' already!' Anything new for PJ?

Now Appac will file report against MPPJ for misappropriation of money by its Sports and Cultural Club. And a memorandum was sent to its president advicing him not to sign on the privatised bill board advertising to a consortium of 3 companies. The little napoleans will not care what the people in PJ are going to do. They are the 'Lord' over the people and they dont take views from the people. They know it is tax payer money they are spending and they laugh at the people 'You can't do anything to us!' People perception have changed. They want better quality services and healthy environement to live. The officials responsible for taking care of the areas should be proactive and listen to people grouses. The MPPJ president too must talk the walk. He shouldnt sit in the office all the times. He should walk around PJ and see for himself what is happening in his district. If it is too hot, he could do it at night. He shouldnt think of 8-4 cycle. He should spend hours on his turf. This is his responsibility which he couldnt delegate to his officers. He has to know. To me he can do it every month which I dont think it is difficult as part of his working routine.

Malaysia....has too many little napoleans!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

student molesters

I read today's newspaper on student molesters in school. This wasnt a new thing in school. It had gone for many years that students are not well behaved in schools. The Education Ministry and school boards new about indiscipline amongst students. So when this new item hit in the newspaper, I thought the authorities never put plans into action. Long time ago it was the gangs in schools. I doubt they had brought it under control except now the schools kept it within its compounds. A few years ago I read a school teacher caught 2 form six students had sex in the lab. What happened after that it wasnt saying anything. Every time when I read about molesting and raping the authorities are quick to point to pornography or materials related to sex. Aren't we all engaged in sex in our lives? It is the upbringing in the homes and in schools. One can see thousand of those shows, read books or magazines it doesnt mean one will become a sex maniac attacking the females or vice versa.....It boils down to our behaviour and thinking. It doesnt do with what one sees or reads. To me it is too hollow to pin the blame on these sexual crimes. Read it in history. It happens in ancient times without all these candid materials in circulation. It boils down to one's reach in maturity and parents and teachers who take part in the children's development. I am wondering when the authority is going to introduce sex education in schools. Are they too shy to teach? When I was in secondary school, my scout teacher used to talk to us about sex and copulation. When I looked back at least we got a basic grounding through our scout master. I met him many years ago and he related this story to me. My junior in school got married. He couldnt perform his sexual obligation to his wife. This former student called the scout master telling him his problem. Because the scout master opened up to his students. So this was how he could teach them about sex eventhough the guy just got married. He adviced him to masturbate before having sex with his wife. It worked perfectly! The next morning he called his former teacher to thank him for his advice. Even adults are facing problems in sex education. It is high time this subject should be taught in schools.

Now on this current case, no parent should blame the school. No school principle should hide from the fact that it did happen. Advice must be tampered with sincerity. We can't make them an anti-social misfit which will become worst for the general public. Tell them the truth of their actions and make them aware of what they do is wrong without consent. Face the truth. Face the fact. Everything will be fine eventually.

Malaysia.....a great place to stay with some hiccups in our midst

Friday, June 16, 2006

PAC - show your fangs

Works Ministry Minister irked by the tactics of PAC. This body is elected by MPs themselves to check and find out what happenings or goings in the government ministries. Here we have a minister shooting stars at PAC. He is part of the MPs elected by the people. So he should answer the questions pose by PAC. The minister was combative and arrogant. I should believe PAC should take him to the MP's Committee to view his case. And the PM should have taken note of his Cabinet members. I dont need a minister who is uncooperate and abusive to the PAC. He is on tax payers payroll and elected by the people for the people not for him or his people or anybody else. The PAC has a job to do. And all ministers should attend meetings when they are called to answer on the projects or moneys spend or allocation or projects delayed...

We have a cool PM but I think he can't make a positive response until he studies all reports....And in the meantime his little napoleans will create havoc in his administration. Doesnt he know it by now?

Malaysia......sack your minister(s) who can't explain or who refuse to explain or ignore people's wishes for information

MIC election 3

MIC election heated up. As far as I know there is no party president campaigned so hard to vote out his deputy. In the bygone days of political fallout in MCA, Gerakan and UMNO, I didnt find the party president fought so hard to vote out his deputy. Only in MIC I find the party president always going out to kill off his deputy. He did try so many times but he failed in his attempt. Now he is going all out to make sure his deputy is out of the party. He always says he needs more time to help the Indians. He is already there for over 2 decades yet he couldnt finish what he wants to help the Indians. He doesnt want to go. He wants to be on top though he has served his time. He isnt helping the Indians. He is helping his own people to prosper at the expense of the Indian people in general. Many professionals dont like him. I talked to one police officer who said MIC president should go a long time ago. He shouldnt be around. He couldnt help the Indians even if he stays until he is 100 years old. What I read in the newspapers this time his deputy would have a tough time to sail through. But in the wisdon of 1,441 delegates in the assembly I believe he will survive with a majority of 246 votes. This will signal the president that his time is up and he has to go out in retirement. Let the new man takes his flight. His preferred choice Palanivel claimed it is time to change....I think he should have guts to say time to change the MIC committee not only a deputy president because he is contesting as a candidate. This politician never has the gut to say becauses of losing out position and values in the post. Subramaniam always back up by UMNO(new) during the term of Dr Mahathir. Since the latter had retired, MIC president mounted his heated campaigns to oust his deputy. Because he felt this time he has his golden chance to kill off his deputy once and for all.

The election falls on 24/6/06

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

shoot the dogs who cares?

Sukma sodomy charges quashed by Courts of Appeal. Ordered a retrial for him. Sukma had maintained all along that he was forced to write his sodomy activities by the police. Now that he has his retrial.....I will wait for the outcome of his case. I always say that cooked up cases will not last in the test of time. Somehow new evidence will suffice to renew or review the cases filed against the defendants. Now, perhaps Dr Mahathir willl be summoned as a witness in this trial.

In the city rumours were going around that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will sack Dr Mahathir from UMNO. I dont quite believe the rational if this happens. Abdullah should show gratitude to the man who helped him back to main stream of UMNO politics. Now it is time for revenge....not only for him but also Razaleigh and Musa Hitam?? The bitter memory of yesteryears still haunt these leaders. Politics has no enemy or friend. It's relationship never lasts long.

In the Federal Court appeal of death sentence, the Supreme Court upheld the Appeals Court decision on the death sentence of a murder case. However, the man had died in prison from a fall. Why merit that sentence again? Can't the Federal Court say the man has died and so there is no decision to be made? Because laws must be followed? Man's laws can't stand the test of time...because the foundation is weak which is used to serve those in powers....the weak will pay.

Finally I hear old women to gamble with the World Cup fever. What they know about football? I guess gambling has no rules....but it is a pity that these old women should indulge into this habit. Today I heard someone won his bet on football of over $15,000/- and he didnt go to work. He was celebrating his winning...

Malaysia......still out of sugar!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

someone watching my house

My house is still unoccupied. It is going for some final touches. The concrete fencing upgraded with additional concrete bars to block0ut cats from entering to the garden to shit. It is also to prevent thieves from climbing over the concrete fence. Lately my neighour informed me that a group of people are watching my house at night. It starts around 9-10pm each night. My neighbour told me these are not good people. I am on alert. My new house has alot of new things displaying around. I haven't done much to put in the correct settings. Although I have put up grilled doors on the main door and windows and CCTV around the house, I shouldnt feel over confident that thieves will ignore my house. Because whole day it is left empty. Now at night I go to sleep there. Afterall all air-conditioned units put up and mattresses and divans had arrived. Now I need to put up curtains which will be sometimes though. I ran out of curtain rings. My kitchen half completed because the man keeps giving currently I dont have a clue yet. When this is done, the plumber has to finish his work. He needs to adjust the auto gate mechanism too. He can do many things. After which I must call back the painters to retouch the house and the concret wall to paint. The final run will be the LCD TVs, home theatre system, kitchen utensils, glasses, plates, cups, blenders...whatever...I am not shifting my goods in my other house. It will remain there always. Day time I will go back there or in case relatives or friends need to stay over....Now I have to play detective to watch who are these guys watching my house. My detective told me two days that he stopped two Indonesian guys torch lighting my house. He told them to go because they told him they were working as security guards..I know there is an Indian guy who provides private security services around the neighbourhood at night...I havent contacted him for his services. So I should be aware of the Indonesian guys....because most crimes here are committed by them( sorry I dont have the numbers only what happened to my relatives)

Now at night I go sleep in my new house. Day time in my old house. In between surfing the net. What a day for me! Feeling the freedom only if I dont break any law of the country

Malaysia....the best country in the world for me!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

answers Mr Prime Minister

Dr M asked for answers from the current administration. I too want to know what is happening in the country. The 9th Malaysia Plan launched and it is so quiet now. I think they are studying how to go about it. Thinking about 10th Malaysia Plan...and the little napoleans nibbling on the cake....many sweetness to taste the good life..When will the PM visit Immigration Dept again? Beginning there was much publicity made on the spot announcements then quiet down. What about IRB? Very efficient in collecting taxes from the companies and taxpayers, fine here find there but come to refund IRB is dragging its feet. The PM shouldnt extend the contract of the current director general. He should get someone new to head the department. The double railway tracks suddenly no news about the project. Even the bridge project in Johore was cancelled after awarding the contract. It makes me wonder the grip of running the country is by whom....Now the country has to pay compensation worth over $100million. It is the way he conducted the affairs of the country? The PM wants report to study then more reports to read...he has to make decisions a quick one too. People need the confidence in his administration. So when Dr M hit back at the administration every cabinet minister came to defend the PM. These ministers should wake up and see. Dr M was their boss 3 years ago now retired. So he should know what he is talking about. I believe a good leader will leave behind enough funds for the projects initiated in his time. There shouldnt be none at all. These cabinet members including the current PM were Dr M's ministers then. They participated on these projects and were aware of the costs involved. They should read the cabinet minutes..Now we had seen everything had gone up - toll charges, petrol hike, electricity hike and water hike. Now I have to hike myself to the sky.....

Some admire the PM for his silence but I think he dares not say. His advisors will spin a different story...It is over for me. He should have launched his campaigns and pulled in the results within 2 years. Now he has lost his credibility. He should retire some of the ministers.

It just show how ungrateful some of these ministers are. At one time they were reporting to Dr M and now they asked him to shut up. I prefer Dr M to speak out so that I can learn what's wrong hitting the country. No one is perfect but answers must be given. It shouldnt hide behind the publicity campaigns to pull wool over our eyes.

Answers Mr Prime Minister! are sleeping soundly through the night. World Cup fever grips the nation...until then there is nothing but football!

Friday, June 09, 2006

stop hillslopes developments

The PM knows of asking report. This is what he did. The latest tragedy in Ulu Klang he did the same thing.Write report! I dont think I want report neither is the people affected by the tragedy. The people require appropriate measures to haul up the parties responsible for the tragedy. Dont MPAJ learn already? The president of MPAJ should be removed from his chair. What he said during the dialogues with the reporters showed he has no ikling what he said. Lives lost. He should open his eyes to see. No development on hillslopes. In 1993 Highland Towers rocked the nation. Yet MPAJ was cleared off negligence. The Federal Court should fine and send the officers to jail. These officers shouldnt hide behind a piece of legislation absolving them of liability. In this case I want to be in their shoes. Why not? Bolih cari makan lagi. I remember a former Army Chief house collapsed around the area under MPAJ. It was on a hillslope. Abdullah administration has no direction to lead the country. The 9th Plan will not get going. His little napoleans will create layers of nuisance which will delay the projects. Because the PM says there will 10th, 11th or 12th plan....This tells me he has no direction for the nation. He has to stay focus of doing his job. If projects need to get it done in 5 years, he should get it complete in 5 years!

No wonder our former PM Tun Dr Mahathir got cheesed off with the current PM. I agreed with Dr Mahathir that promises make should be made to fruition. This is the gentleman's doesnt need to write it down. The word is the honour. Otherwise one has committed a serious sin. Last year he gave the promise that the IPCMC will be implemented by 31/5/06. The AG would study the report and forward his views/recommendations to the Cabinet. You know what? The AG is still studying it after one year. Priority never in these people vocabulary. Sorry I feel this is what I think. Report and report.....when will it end?

Malaysia.....give these people some medicines so they can pop their heads!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

mic election

June 24,2006 D-day for Subra. Palanivel got 185 nominations Subra 2. He is the current deputy president of MIC. Palanivel is the vice president. Samy wants Palanivel to be his deputy. In announcing his dream team, Samy becomes the campaign manager for Palanivel. The president decides his nominated people and henceforth the 1,441 delegates do not have to vote. Why travel to KL to vote when Samy decides who should be with him not the delegates? I hope the delegates vote in Subra signaling to Samy that he has to go. He is 70 years old. Why can't he let a younger person runs MIC? What read through the many letters many Indian professionals never have a thing for Samy. As a result MIC dwindles in the eyes of National Front Partners. Last time Samy nominated Dr SS Subramaniam then the vice president of MIC to contest against Datuk Subramaniam but Dr Subramaniam lost in his bid although strongly supported by Samy. So in this connection I hope history will repeat again. Let Subramaniam retains his post as deputy president of MIC signaling the end of Samy. High time he retires with Tun Ling and Dr Mahathir...Samy can't help the Indians.He has to let someone takes over to run MIC.

A good leader must know the time to go. Samy never does. So in the end the Indians will lose again in the economic cake of the country.

Currrently the government officers are demolishing illegal temples in Selangor. Palanivel as the Selangor chief never go out to help. Every one is quiet. What happen to champion for the Indians?

Malaysia.....every leader talks and talks and forget to retire!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

relgious faith

Once a Muslim always a Muslim. This is the law of the country. Like the Socso, once a member always a member no matter what position one holds in the company; he/she has to contribute to Socso. Nobody can run away from it. A Muslim - man or woman - can't change religion to suit marriage. It is the other party would have to convert. Period. Otherwise there is no binding marriage in the eyes of the syariah law. Even the High Court is reluctant to make any ruling on religious faith especially on Islam. There is a case pending in the High Court regarding a Muslim woman who wanted to become Christian. In fact she had denounced her Islamic faith and embraced Christianity. No doubt the Federal Constitution guarantees religious freedom to all the people, in reality it is different altogether. Other religious faiths have no laws to bide them. They can change any time they feel the need to change without the hassle of religious officers ticking them or charge them in syariah court. Ayah Pin is another religious cult who had disappeared since the authority clamped him down for spreading falsehood in his sermons. His community is pursued by the religious officers and some are brought to court to answer charges......for establishing a religion against the tenets of Islamic teachings. Islam is a peaceful religion yet the way it has been said, it has become a battle cry to commit sin for the wrong reasons to suit certain leaders' ambitions.

Why God create so many religions? If not Him, then who makes it many? At one time we all speak in one tongue then God changed it to many languages (Holy Bible) Through Muhammad(pbuh) He sent the Arabic language to His people.....another language of so many in the market. It is His way to test the market? To me He is trying to confuse His people but the aim is the same to richly rewarded for doing good deeds...

Malaysia- the official religion is Islam whereas other religious faiths are allowed to practise freely without any sanction from the authority in each state

Monday, June 05, 2006

losses through thefts

Utility companies lost over $74million on thefts of wiring cables and other products. Every year these companies claimed that they lost a few millions through theft. The question is why these companies never installed CCTV in their premises and employed guards to patrol the premises. As what the Pas Government in Kelantan says the party wanted to audit the TNB management for increasing the electricity hike of 12% on 1/6/06. Aren't we, as the tax-payers paid for the losses of these companies? TNB for example always declared making profit over $1billion and yet the company wants to hike its rates citing the burden of $30billion loans. Now why borrowed so much money and yet causing frequent breakdowns? As one former TNB officer said it was outright wastages of funds and wrong management people sitting on the company. IWK another GLC of the government which was a failure in the privitization project and the Federal Government had to bailed it out. I think the bosses of these companies arent walking the talk. They are working in the offices fogetting about field audit of the many offices/branches in the country and employing many deadwood who just bleed every penny in the company's coffers. These CEOs should routinely audit the staff throughout the country. In doing so I believe they can reduce wastage and know the real problems affecting the companies. Walk the roads where you find the answers to all the losses running to millions..

Malaysia.....always very charitable until our pockets turn dry...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

time sharing blues

Time sharing concept for business. Just beware how you are approached. The sales agents will pitch it until you pay for it. Promises of many things but in the end empty cans only. Money gone a taste of sour in the mouth. Crying serves no purpose. Loss of income and adventures. Some companies rent hotel rooms to sell be it 5 star hotels or 3 star hotels. Name it they sell it to you. The news coverage by NST told how many people were short changed in buying time sharing business. Every purchaser has a 10 days cooling off period but how many really get their monies back? It is so difficult to get your refund. (Same with our IRB for excess tax payments. Write letters, personal visits many times and yet promises here and there and no refund!) You can still see the sales agents promoting this time sharing concept in the supermarkets. Printed beautiful brochures and enticing sales pitches to entice the would be customers. I say watch out and study it in your leisure time until you are satisfied with the promotions and the company. Every company will say it is belonging to an Association and so it is concrete evidence it is not a fly by night operations. On the safe side dont let go of your money yet. Study the company. It helps you to make a firm decision then. Even some hotel groups have joined in the band wagon to promote their own resorts on time sharing basis. At least these hotel groups you can find them easily....but the rest I think you should walk with caution.

Malaysia......has many interesting tourist spots why go for time sharing?

economy of the country

The PM said that the economy would be at 6%. It is good for the country if the government is honest and transparent. Giving out statistics doesnt show that the country has sustained the cushion of any external attacks on her economy. I always view statistics with caution because it never tells you the real term in dollar and sense. Say the business improved by % over the same period last year. But if you study the figures, it shows a jump of say $20,000 which by itself is insignificant. Actually it doesnt improve on the strength of the company fundamentals. Likewise in our country economy one should study in monetary values to picture the gains of her economy. If you read in the newspapers, banks will auction 400 properties in June in KL. Likewise in the motorcar industry, finance companies are auctioning motor vehicles worth over $1billion to the public. So in a sense I dont quite believe in numbers in %. It should be in real terms pegged against the current trend happening in the sectors. Even in Penang many houseowners surrendered their properties to the banks for failure to service their housing loans. I also saw in Perak abandoned properties. Some were sitting there for over 10 years...

Let it be fair. We wish the economy is really improving for the benefits of the nation and her people. Sometimes political speech should be excercise with extreme caution. They always say different things everyday. Think hard for a minute. Our pockets are full of small change owing to the hikes of toll, petrol and electricity. Economy improved? I wonder at this stage.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

the match makers

A Pennsylavia woman sued a pricey match maker and won US2 million. Will it happen here for the match makers? Bad dates and or wrong persons delivered. On the surface these match makers claimed they are professionals in their area of work. On this assumption they should screen and select the best candidates for dates to their clients. There shouldnt be second best or 3rd best suitors. Because you pay for a service and as such the dating agency should provide the best for you. I know nothing of the match makers here. I only see it advertise in newspapers or internet. Will the people sue them for wrong dates or wrong profiles on their dates? I know of suing broken promise to marry or broke off engagement but of dates I am in total darkness here. Perhaps Asians have not come to the stage as yet. Maybe with this case in USA, it may trigger a similar awareness amongst the people who use dating services to procure life partners or friendship. In the dating game so many make believe scenarios to woo the potential dates. Just walk on the rope with extra caution. You never know at the end of the line...

Malaysia.....the goodness you make us live

Friday, June 02, 2006

neighbors what's gone wrong?

The Avian flu worries the WHO in Indonesia. The agenda seemed to fall on the deaf ears of the local councils to protect the people. It was reported there are 450 district councils and the power rested in these officials to do something positive in fighting Avian flu(bird flu) Now with the disaster in Yogjakarta, the measures needed to confine the advance of Avian flu will take a back step towards containment of the deadly virus. Malaysia government should be on alert at all times. We are neighbors across the Straits of Malacca where the migration of birds are easily sighted into our shores. Currently there is no news about latest development of bird flu in the country. By tomorrow we can sigh a sense of release. The government will declare we are free of bird flu but with the latest developments in Indonesia we should practise caution with live birds.

And there is another 'bird flu' menace in our country. The police force reluctant to accept the concept of IPCMC to regulate its operations. In other words these police top brass are afraid of losing their control of power. I dont think IPCMC is taking away its power base. The police force is to protect the nation and her people. It is not established to push the agendas of the political master at all or to serve their own interests. They are the civil servants paid through the tax-payers coffer and as such they shouldnt feel threatened in accepting the IPCMC. The way these officers posted in their website is tantamount to challenging the government who pays for their services through the tax-payers' money. I rather the police force should be rationale and be more professional discharging their duties delegated to them by the government elected by the people. Follow the rules and the laws. For those who can't accept it, they should resign. They dont have the interest of the nation and her people in their hearts and minds. Why remain? Every time a person leaves or resigns, there is somebody to come forward to replace. It is the natural law of replacement. You dont like your job yet somebody will...

Malaysia......your kindness people forget....