Friday, September 17, 2021

words we share


For many

Words we share

In any medium to say

How we think and carry on

Words we live to say

Communicate ourselves

In every possible way

In any relationships

Words can bring

Peace or joy or happiness

It is easy to say

But it can bring bad intentions too

The wrong words

The wrong context

Problems arise in everyday living

So words have power

The events of our lives

We can't use words differently

It is better to use simple words

Let the meaning stay clear and meaningful

Words we share

Let it light up the minds

Let it bring a soothing echo

After the words have spoken

it must have been


It must have been

Religion of a race and money

Of power to stem authority

Branding a race to the top of the chart

What has it gotten us?

It must have been

We are the fools to believe in change

When a race is willing to stay in the cocoon

This is why the bad leaders reign

Marketing the bad slogans

Only for a race to rise

Lacking in harmony, economy and understanding

Rocking Rona hit us squarely

A race fails in its efforts to control

The spread hits the roof

The deaths make us cry

It must have been

The back door isn't locked

It allows the bad to enter smiling

The bad history the nation can't afford

It must have been

How we feel the shame

How we feel the let down

But we aren't giving up!

The real tsunami will make the change

It must have been

We will taste it once again

When we are back to fight for our rights

the chairs are the members


The chairs are the members

In Parliament the chairs stayed true

As if it represents the constituency

Listening to words and echoes ringing

The people's representatives

They were absent or hide somewhere

Though they are paid their allowances

They need to do their work but why no show?

The Standing orders must be included

When Parliament is in session

Every member must be present

Half a day or more

There shouldn't be any excuse

The Speaker shouldn't allow it to happen

The notice has been given weeks ahead

The ministers and members aware of it

The chairs are the members

The real ones disappear

Leaving Parliament in echo

Of no real debate to carry weight

the cold approach


The cold approach

Many guys get the shiver

Afraid to get rejected on the spot

When they start to approach women

There are many questions in the mind

Floating around what to say and do

How to handle a situation of rejection

Turn turtle and hide in the cocoon?

As you write many times before

Cold approach will make a man glow

In the long term he will bloom

As he masters his fear of approaching women

In every life of moving

Mistakes need to be made and learned

Even rejections walking on life

It is how everyone will start living

During my time I didn't learn a lot then

But your articles have shown the way ahead

Though I may not be in the game now

Once I was called a loser with women

I summoned my courage to show my friend

I took out 3 women out who happened they were friends

He kept his mouth shut since that day

I had a thumb up sign to last me in history

Cold approach in the beginning

The hardest chord to learn to strum

Once the fingers move on it

Slowly every way will be effortlessly easy

in the circle of Rocking Rona wind


It is always a wrong move

Allowing local tourists to flock in and out

Langkawi islands will be open to tourists

In the circle of Rocking Rona wind

It is meant for vaccinated tourists

Allowing them to unwind on the islands

The swap tests will be conducted on the spot

It means MOH is still worried

Bearing in mind vaccination is a wall

The virus still can drill holes and spread

Even every precaution is taken on the islands

Knowing people they will ignore the rules

We may encounter the islands cluster

As the new variant MU is attacking other countries

We haven't controlled the Delta infection

Now the opening of tourism sectors

Look at Singapore

80% had been vaccinated

Yet the island republic got a hike of infection

It tells us why we shouldn't hurry at all

Learn to be slow and steady

The economy can wait for now

In the pandemic we can't hurry along

Because the infection will rear its ugly story

It is good to stay alive

Though our pockets may feel empty

Economy can revive and bloom

But death is forever a sleeping beauty

Thursday, September 16, 2021

how the wolves will play the game


The Turtle man wins

The signing of MOU with Pakatan

It signals he has a back bone

He can walk with confidence

Now he can push back Moo

He knows he has an advantage

With the string of changes

He has to accomplished

Moo is off his back

The political move he needs

Even he doesn't worry

About the crocodiles too

Though MOU isn't CSA

The perception the Turtle man gets

He has a block of votes he can count

When he needs it in his administration

Pakatan Harapan may not lose a thing

Its leaders should be wary of the wolves

They can change shapes and thinking

Because the wolves don't like to share

Now the people may win some

Let us wait what the outcome will be

Within 60 days we should know

How the wolves will play the game

the discrimination on women


The discrimination on women

It has to be stopped immediately

The granting of citizenship by operation of law

The women shouldn't be discriminated

When the High Court judge gave his ruling

It was applauded by the women in the country

Finally a brave judge gave his reasons of hope

The women married to foreigh husbands

The children can have citizenships

Under the Constitution there shouldn't be discrimination

The women have rights as equal as the men

In granting citizenships by operation of law

Now the back door appeals to court

Its leaders want to discriminate the women

Though some disagreed on this appeal

The back door should just drop the case

The Turtle man wants a family concept

But actions tell a different story of his mantra

This is back door and the bad move

The women have to wait how COA judges say

the tiny homes a trend in the West


The trend of the young people

They are fighting for nature to progress

Living in the bright light of nature

Claiming back their rights and freedom

Even homes they are looking

The tiny homes to blend and mix

With the communities they will share

It is happening in the Western countries

Even parents are restricting children

No more spending time on internet or movies

They are told to play outdoor breathe the fresh air

Love nature for all the natural glory of life

Some adults are on the move

Now they can work anywhere everywhere

They too can enjoy their live styles as they like

By driving a motor caravan for work and sight seeing

Something Asians need to focus too

They always think of big homes, fast cars and show off

The tiny homes should be a good start

Because it will not cost a bomb to buy

Maybe we don't see motor caravans yet

But by converting vans we can save on bills

We don't need to stay in hotels or motels

We can drive anywhere in the country as tourists

But Asians will worry about heat

Mosquitoes, snakes and wild animals

So it will be a while to get on the scheme

Maybe we reserve our forests and natural habits

money is the game


Money is the game

From small till we die

We will have to find it

The wealth in our lives

Even if we are poor

Living under the bridges

Living under run down homes

We still need to beg for money

Money is the game

Wake up in the dawn

Till the night takes over

We still need to work on it

We can't hide away

We still need money

Rich or poor we are

Money is the game

It will make us move

Be rich or be poor

Sometimes die from it

As we play its game

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

where she got the money?


Where she got the money?

Paying off her debts in million

Transparency should be shown

The Turtle man shouldn't answer

For the woman who got it settled

There must be trust to tell

How she received the fund to pay?

It isn't something she earned in quick time

The accountability must be shown

Let her speak of how she get her due

Did she declare her income to IRB?

Has she paid the tax on it?

There are questions still circulating

The woman needs to clarify how she get her fund

It shouldn't be swept underneath the carpet

But as minister in the back door

The truth will be kept indoors

Maybe IRB can enlighten the public

Has she paid her tax on the million?

It has been months

When it was said she paid her debts

The Turtle man should have given clarification

Not what has been reported elsewhere

The truth still needs to be answered

don't walk out on Malaysia


Don't walk out on Malaysia

She is now facing the bad shape

She is fighting hard on the pandemic

Even she cries in the days and nights

Don't walk out on Malaysia

Even we hear the supremacy of a race

Playing its racial game and bad vibrations

Yet the pandemic teaches them a lesson

They have to stick together in harmony

Fighting against a common enemy

Hiding every where; most times invincible

The many colours don't want to get infected

Don't walk out on Malaysia

She is facing her low drives

She is facing the low economy

She is facing the high unemployment

We know we have a back door regime

It will cause us more pain to remember

The same incompetent leaders running the show

Yet we can't walk out on Malaysia

let GE15 the road to change


The 3 former prime ministers

They still have the gumption to go

Saying publicly to announce to contest

In the next election as candidates

The Old Man still has high hope

Eyes still painting the chair

Waiting for him to sit on

A 3rd time he will wish to happen

He has betrayed the people

By his actions he brought down PH

Because he couldn't get his way

And he still dislikes Anwar

Moo too has betrayed the voters

He lies to his teeth about the wolves

During his reign the pandemic hit the roof

The bloated Cabinet and poor management

Causing deaths to hit over 20k

The IMDB man stole wealth

Convicted of his crime yet still talks big

Dreaming he will be free of his crimes

He still wants to return to the power

All 3 should go away

The trust has been gone

The truth has come out

What else they want to say?

The urban Malays have known it

It is the rural folks still dreaming

The 3 parties want to woo this group

It will be an uphill battle to survive

life of whispers and melody


I am enjoying my life

As the wings of birds in the air

As the wind blowing everywhere

Though still living in the pandemic

Let the fear stay

It is always there in life

Nothing we can do about it

As fear will rear its ugly grin

As long as we acknowledge it

We can take flight and be free

Let the fear of anything do as it like

Because time is the value not to be wasted

The pandemic makes the choice

The humans have to stay together

Fight the battle on the common enemy

It's life we need to cherish and grow in unison

I am living

Walk in the beauty of nature

Listening to her whispers and melody

In the town it carries in my mind

jack sparrow the cat


Jack Sparrow the cat

She was active to find her mates

Every season she had her taste

The male cats would chase her

The whole day; some even waited

Staring and hoping and wanting

The heat of the season

One day long ago

A neighbour brought kittens in a box

Put it at the back lane

Where Jack Sparrow would hang around

I knew it was her kittens

But she refused to feed them

Later all the kittens died

Lacked of milk and warmed

One even dropped into the drain

Because a neighbour shouted to her friend

What a pity the kitten fell and died!”

The last I saw Jack Sparrow the cat

It was like 2 weeks ago and pregnant

Now I didn't see her walking at the back lane

It isn't like her to stay away too long

She used to wait and steal food

When the house-owners were careless with their food

I once saw her dragged a chicken drumstick running away

Now I guess she may have died

Maybe somebody throws her away

Because it has been 2 weeks

I don't see her walking at the back lane

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

the turtle man is smiling

The Turtle man

Losing he can't face

Now he has MOU with PH

He may breathe easy

He has much to gain

In a stroke he can contain his rivals

In the wolves and the Moo

This he finds comfort with PH

Now what has PH gained?

Reforms to be had in coming months

It is short-changed to gain some points

But the wolves can ignore it later

PH shouldn't trust the wolves

They have shown what they can do

They will ignore rules and laws

They want a free flow by their standards

PH shouldn't dance yet

The tune isn't in chords

The strumming hasn't got the rhythm

Yet the Turtle man is smiling

Because he knows he wins

He gets the ghosts off his back

What has PH gained?

A sleeping beauty in the mind

the bad guys


The bad guys

Lots of experiences

Living in the bad ways

Doing the tricks of the trade

They can make millions

They can party all nights

They want to enjoy their lives

Because they know they can be caught

In the mean time

They want their lives in song

The power, the fast lanes and benefits

Living it up until they are caught

Once a disgraced leader

He wants to get back to the top

Bending the law or rules to serve his needs

He wants to be the economic advisor

Only in the back door

This dilemma can happen

It sounds a bad judgement

From a leader of the government

The people are watching

Waiting for the day to strike

The back door should close shop

On the day of recognition in GE15

it's flat on the tune


The Turtle man

Why no confidence on VOC?

You shouldn't shy away

Be a man strike the gong!

If you think you win

It says you have lost

Without the vote in Parliament

You can't cement your position

Like Moo before you

He got problems on the go

Karma made sure he didn't settle in

Do you want to go that route?

You were his team then

You realize the headaches

Yet now you are in his position

You do the same way too?

The Turtle man

Maybe you don't have it

Like Moo you dare not call

Because you will get short changed

So karma will set to begin

Because in the back door

It always never rings true of spirit

It wants to sound good but flat on the tune

Monday, September 13, 2021

the entrapment for PH


The entrapment for PH

Take a page from its manifesto*

Give it to them to sing

Its leaders will sing so loudly

The back door pulls in its trick

Gaming it up for the support

It shows the Turtle man has his worries

Knowing he doesn't command the support

The signing of MOU

There must be a clause to say

VOC must be in the agenda

Let the Turtle man stick his head out

As it is what was reported

PH is willing to support the back door

The wolves know they will face headaches

By using PH, Moo will stay his attacks

The changes want to be introduced

It needs to be done by this year

It will show the commitment and value

Otherwise it is a wool over the eyes

* a press conference on 13/9/21 at 5.00pm

to announce the MOU signing agreement

stay healthy


Stay healthy

Good for body and mind

In the days of fast food

Fast living quick responses

Watch what we consume

The daily needs to sustain energy

Fresh products and supplements

To keep the energy flow

Green tea has many uses

Grass-wheat powder has vitamins ACE

Turmeric and raw honey has potent anti-biotics

Drinking apple cider vinegar helps to cleanse the body

Exercises and sleep

Help to repair body and reduce weight

Drink sufficient water to ease the flow

To flush out bad elements in the body

Nobody wants a sick body

It is up to each of every one

Spend a few minutes each day

To keep the body and mind in constant flow

freedom will be restricted



A time we take for granted

We don't give a second thought

We think we can stay as it is

The pandemic strikes in full

Freedom is controlled causing by the virus

The government and MOH jump into the queue

An opportunity to restrict the movements

We can blame Rocking Rona

Causing us the loss of our freedom

The ruling elites and MOH will be basking in it

Because the people can't argue or complain

It's C19

Causing us to lose our freedom

We have rules and SOPs

Ignore it we will be fine and imprisoned

All because we need to stop the hike

Rocking Rona has to be denied its hosts

By it the ruling elites and MOH will control

Freedom as we know it will be restricted

we should try to balance our needs


Every business owner

Raring to open business

The outlook may not look good

Wasting time isn't the norm

Every company wants it too

The suffering during the pandemic

It has caused hardship financially

But the lost of lives?

It can't be balance out

It can't have both ways

One has to give up

One has to stay in the dark

Even the working population

They find it hard to stay indoors

They want to get into working mood

Destress their lives in working environment

C19 still causing high infection

The new variant Mu will be attacking

Does everyone see it coming?

Now the death toll stands at over 20k!

We have to live with it

We can't have both running together

It isn't a normal way of life

Rocking Rona makes the changes for us

We mustn't be too eager to open sectors

We will cause the rise of infection again

We should try to balance our needs

Until we bring down the infection rate

Sunday, September 12, 2021

is there no new way to begin?



A convicted person

Advising the government

About economy and finance?

That's the back door

The common sense shuns away

Leaving tales of disappointment

The good aroma will not wing it


A corrupt MP

Case still pending in court

Filing a post in Parliament

What message the back door is bringing?

The rule of law will not be applied equally?

The back door MP may want his post

Until the court will say he is guilty


The back door is indulging

The old tricks all over again

Is there no new way to begin?

The way of the light

Maybe still crawling in the cave

Finding ways to shine

While the back door runs and smiles