Saturday, November 27, 2021

omicron on its way


What are we going to do?

The world now screams of a new variant

Rocking Rona sure knows how to create its image

Omicron on its way

It started in South Africa

The nearest to our shore is Hong Kong

What will MOH going to do?

Wait and see and no plans?

Think of the first wave of Spanish flu

It was on social distancing and wearing masks

It managed to pull down the virus

The old method could be correct

Now we implement vaccines

As the additional way to control the virus

And see what happen to us?

The virus mutates to challenge the vaccines

It has become stronger

And we are still living within it

Better close the borders local and international

Follow the rules and SOP

But do MOH listening?

Does the turtle man wake up?

Stop the Sarawak election

We are still counting the days

bad luck


Bad luck to the nation

Bad luck to the people

If the crooks are welcome back

Sitting on the throne of power

The nation can't afford to lose her dignity

The VIP crooks have brought shame to her

Leaving her reputation in bad taste

As the world leaders watch with dismay

The people may not hold their heads high

They will feel the shame in their minds

What have the fools done welcoming the crooks?

The wealth of the nation will be plundered again

Bad luck to the nation

Bad luck to the people

When common sense will prevail

No crooks should sit on the wealth of the nation

don't let the bad go on bail


Don't let the bad go

They have to be in jail

Let them ponder of their sins

How they cheat the nation

The VIP crooks

They mustn't allow out on bail

Once they are found guilty

They should be sent to prison

This is to be fair

To the ordinary small crooks

Who are sent to prison

It takes them months to get bail

Likewise the VIP crooks

They must need to learn in prison

Let them taste the hard life

While the lawyers file appeal

Don't let the bad go

They may influence decision under appeal

Especially those who have wealth and connections

Let them stay in prison to ponder their fate

the cold approach on women


The cold approach on women

Most guys will shiver looking into it

Many shameful scenes will hit their minds

The worst part is the word never flows out right

Today we have the MeToo campaigns

It will make it harder to approach women

They may scream at the men approaching them

Maybe saying they are the sex maniacs

Now we have the Covid19 fear

Most women will not be socially ok

Because everyone is afraid of the virus

It is still a worrying trend

If the men are worried

The women will feel lonely

They need to see guys

So there is still a hope

One guy suggested bring along

Some small packet of chocolates

Give to the women while doing the cold approach

It helps to bring the ice

Bearing in mind a window of 30 seconds

This is how the men have to get it done

The cold approach will make failure a success

The men need it to feel the confidence flow

Friday, November 26, 2021

nothing good


Nothing good

The mind can't see

Living in a bad politics

Everyday we hear

It is about a race

Always needing help

How long the spoon feeding?

It has been 64 years now

They have grown old

Have grand children and the next

Yet still talking about a race

Lacking in economic wealth!

Don't the bad leaders know

It is the bad policy hindering progress

Feeding them with addiction

Sad to see a race can't wake up soon

Take way the clutches

The able body can fly

Seek the fortune and live free

Without addiction free to choose

Anwar's star sparkling dim


Anwar's star

Still sparkling dim

The critics will say

It's time to move on

Anwar has to reinvent himself

It is his only way to stay relevant

Though the bad mistakes he made

Crying wolves too many times

Even he accepted frogs

Though the grass-roots vented in dismay

As a result the Malacca poll

His party scored 11 zeros!

GE15 will be his Waterloo

He better gets his strategy right

He has no time to waste now

The wolves may spring a surprise

Anwar should forget PH's MOU

The wolves have not honoured it

They have no desired to get the Bills passed

Even “Undi 18” turtle man drags his feet

The star of Anwar

It may dim for now

It is up to him to get the score

GE15 show us you can beat the race

rocking rona still stalking us


Rocking Rona

Why don't you go away?

You still keep stalking us

Even after 2 years down the road

What it is you wanted?

Because we have committed our sins

We have to pay for it now?

You spread your hunt in the world

The deaths toll run into a few millions

Yet you have mutated to increase your presence

Rocking Rona why don't you go away?

But you don't you want to stalk us

Rocking Rona

We have been living on day to day

The fear and worry still carry in our minds

We try to live as normally as we can

But Rocking Rona

You don't want to slow down

You still rising high to hunt us

Because of our sins?

everyday economy catching us


Vegetables prices soar

Eggs and chickens too

Now bread will follow

In fact most items will rock high

Because we have

A turtle man thinking of his agenda

Racing for his own race

His slogan can be dumped in the bin

The 'tongkat' should have withdrawn

It shouldn't be used for decades

It will make his race losing the edge

The clever ones migrated elsewhere

Rocking Rona hasn't finished its agenda

The cases still rising like a yo-yo

Is the vaccine still necessary when virus knocked us down?

We don't need extra worry in our bodies systems

The everyday economy catching us

The rising costs and unemployment

It doesn't sound a good vibe

Yet the turtle man thinks of his own agenda

Thursday, November 25, 2021

maybe we don't know


Maybe we don't know

How the bad can win?

Why the people don't see?

The crooks still singing

One even found guilty

Yet the people think he is a Rock Star

The people flocked around him

Listening to his speeches

Maybe we don't know

The way of the bad

The authorities will stay quiet

Though the truth can be found

Look at the assets

It will tell a story

A short stint living in style

Do the math's but do the people?

Maybe we don't know

The people want a short cut to wealth

They want to learn how to do it

Then drag on the cases on bail

Maybe we don't know

The dark shadows cast its spell

Lick the minds let everything go blind

A crook can be a Rock Star

wake up people


Wake up people

The wolves have the day

It isn't the end yet

We still have GE15

The wolves won Malacca

The voters wanted the crooks

There is nothing much to say

They better don't shout at the side road

This loss will give PH a lesson

Wake up its leaders and listen

They can't sell a short term plan

Nothing will help if principles are forgotten

Wake up PH

The gentlemen always never get the hot women

Because they lack the confidence and aggressiveness

So play a better game in GE15

Wake up people

Don't let the crooks return

Don't we have enough of the bad dreams?

Still want to play fools?

fading away Anwar?


Fading away Anwar?

This isn't the time yet

He still has his final chapter

GE15 will be his Waterloo

Malacca losses

Anwar has to learn

Failure is a success

This will happen in GE15

Anwar has to shift his focus

New young dynamic leaders should arrive

He can't work all by himself

It will not help him to win election

The decades he is in wilderness

Because he doesn't read the situation

He always gets the wrong end of the stick

Now he has to rethink his strategy

Fading away Anwar?

This isn't the time yet

He has to rewrite his plan

GE15 can be his Waterloo

we forget to excite our minds


When we feel boring

We forget to excite our minds

We let the normal routines fly in

Forgetting how to tweak it around

Everyday we do the same thing

Like clockwork moving its needle

If we don't stop to look at it

We forget the value of time

Boring is in the mind

Stuck on the rut forget to move

It happens to all of us

When we are used to the routines

To break it

Sing a song, play the guitar or organ

Let the routines stay behind for a while

Let time be of value because once gone it is done

As we found out

Practise make it good

But it isn't always the best

Because we need to achieve it

Once we think we are the best

We may not want to upgrade

We may tend to become lazy

Then boring will return to laugh at us

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

the poor or bad leaders


A race base business

It will not survive in the long term

The Mara Mall suffers its fate

Because Ismail Sabri never learns

It will be his badge of failure

Though now he is the prime minister

By his lucky star he has the top job

Yet he can't move easily like he wants

He has to listen or look over his shoulder

What his back up leaders will say or do

He is afraid he could be the shortest pm

Ever to hold the post in the nation

His slogan is just that

Like the previous 1Malaysia

It is just changing the name

Every intent is the same for a race

The Turtle man should learn

Success comes through hard work

It isn't through spoon feed

It is to teach them how to fish

The poor leadership

The nation will go down deep

Into the murky water

The Malays mustn't let it happen

They have to wake up and change

Else the nation will be economically colonized

By the debts the nation owes to other countries

Because of the poor or bad leaders

the lonely road


The lonely road

When a leader doesn't listen

In politics of the grass roots

He will fail in his attempts

In Malacca the voters did

Telling PKR or PH to listen

Don't take frogs into your fold

Stick to your noble aim in politics

In this instant Anwar has to pay attention

He mustn't think he can control his way

The voters will punish him for his attitude

Malacca voters did it to PH

PH won 5 seats out of 28

It didn't give that good feeling

Don't talk about popular votes

It doesn't win seats

It can help PH to return to the white board

Find out how to win and finish ahead

Learn to listen; learn the basic economics

It will make the difference of winning or losing

Else it is the lonely road

Anwar should play his ears on the ground

Learn from the past history of mistakes

Plan now for the grand prize in GE15

the colours of politics


The colours of politics

It will be an impact in our lives

We don't have to play in active roles

It will come right into our living

Some will say they don't care

Yet in everyday living they will hear

How the laws will affect them

The taxes, the criminal laws or labour law

The colours of politics

It is always be in our lives

We can curse the politicians

When bad laws affecting us

We mustn't run away from politics

Because our everyday living will hang on it

We must know the fundamental roles

So that we can have our rights protected

The colours of politics

It will be a canvass in our lives

Don't run away with it

Because it will come to us

a cheerful life; a happy smile


Every day

Up in the morning

See the morning rise

Be happy everything will be fine

Start the day

With a firm view to do

For ourselves before we move

Don't be rigid as if we are stones

We should be flexible

Because events and things can change

We mustn't be afraid to change course

It is for the better of the day

A cheerful life; a happy smile

It will be radiant to others

The positive ringing in the air

It will make the day great to stay alive

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

move it Pakatan Harapan


Move it PH

No need to feel the blue

The result shown how it was

Defeat wasn't a good feeling

Gear it up for the major one

The wolves will try to spring a surprise

Now they feel Covid19 can help them

To spook the NM from coming out to vote

Even those in outstation or overseas

They may not want to participate

Unless EC moves into internet voting system

PKR can show EC how to conduct it

Move it PH

It's the rural Malays

They still live in spoon feeding mode

Tell them the nation is in a huge debt

It may take 3 or more generations to clear it

The nation doesn't need to suffer like this

Move it PH

Beware of fixation dream

rocking rona still rules


2 years of Rocking Rona

The tears and fear

The deaths and memories

Of faces lost and time gone

The cure still hasn't been found

The virus still running free

It has mutated become infectious

The vaccines have an uphill battle

The big pharma shouting for booster shots

It will increase the companies profits in billions

The world still will face the reality

The vaccines are just walls for protection

It isn't a long term solution

We are still facing the virus

Now it has become more infectious and deadly

Affecting the world of people

Rocking Rona we still hear

The mutations arise to spook us

Delta plus, Mu and lambda

We better still follow rules and SOP

Anwar shouldn't take the blame alone


The back door

The aroma of bad

The state of Parameswara got it

The bad roared the loudest

The grapevine says

There is an undercurrent

Fighting for the CM post

Maybe a split should happen

The back door

The wind will blow

The compassionate ones

Better stand out in GE

Anwar shouldn't take the blame alone

The whole PH machinery should have

PH needs leaders who can plan and adjust strategy

Let Anwar has his final run in GE15

the race to make the score


The wolves high on winning

Now they want to hunt for more

The race to make the score

The infection in their minds

PH should dump the MOU

It isn't helping the opposition

Don't they realize it by now?

The Turtle man holds them

The Turtle man returns

On his old haunt again

His slogan isn't for all

It's only for his race

PH better throws some punches

The MOU makes its leaders weak

What reforms are coming?

All seem to talk

Meantime the hunting begins

The race for his people

Leaving the others behind

The slogan is just to feel good

Monday, November 22, 2021

one failure shouldn't sound the alarm


PH lost a way to win

It isn't a big deal

One failure shouldn't sound the gloom

Let the wolves howl as long as they want

The voters like the bad

Because bad always attract

Ask the women how they fall

The bad guys in their lives

Because the bad

A score on the forehead

Saying “I am bad don't you like it?”

So the bad attracts like magnet

PH has to return to the white boards

Lessons can be learned in Malacca loss

The main objective is still Putrajaya

Don't lose hope but look ahead

walking out of the back door


Walking out of the back door

Every voter should make a go

Don't let the country down

Don't let our future generations pay

The sins of our generations

Liking the bad field so much

Until the filth we don't see

We imagine the pile of trash gold

The false golden rays

Flashing right into our eyes

The older generations should realize

Our future generations will pay big time

Walking out of the back door

It is the only way we can change

The old and young voters must make it

Let the back door bite the dust

the greedy cats


The male cats fight

Over the territory or female cats

Screaming loudly staring to each other

Will you let me have it?”

The Old Romeo cat

He has gone for good

He hasn't shown his face

Leaving the territory opens

Now the new male cats arrive

Smell the air of easy inroad

Of territory and female cats

Though many had disappeared

The greedy cats

They aren't sharing territory or female cats

They will fight it out

In the morning or at night

Now look at the wolves

They scored a huge victory

The Malacca voters gave them

Fighting for the spoils

Like the greedy cats

Each wants to control

The way of power and benefits

The friction will rub their minds

let Anwar has his last hurrah


Let Anwar has his last hurrah

When GE15 is called to contest

Let him lead PH to Putrajaya

He must listen to his grassroots

Malacca defeat for PKR

It was a telling to him

Because he can't rationalize strategy

He always thinks of himself

Now he has to change his mindset

He has to call back his young leaders

The clever ones to plan his attack now

He hasn't got much time to prepare

The Turtle man may spring a surprise

He may think Malacca victory is a signal

He may want to call a snap poll too

Using Covid19 to his advantage

Anwar, the MOU should be discarded

It doesn't bring the changes needed

It is the slow walk to Parliament

There is no desire to change by the Turtle man

Because he doesn't have the green light to change

He is the sitting duck pm controlled by the court cluster

Anwar should know how to read the messages on the ground

Time, Anwar wakes up and start a serious shakeup

GE15 is his last riding show

He better gets his sight in concrete plan

Restart, review and regain a new

Anwar, there is still hope for you but change quickly

Sunday, November 21, 2021

the sweet losers PH


The sweet losers

Let PH realize to realign its strategy

Back to the school of white boards

Learning the facts of losing

Anwar should recognize his faults

He has to listen carefully on the ground

He mustn't get screwed up in GE15

It will be his last final battle

The sweet losers

They have 12 months to get going

It is still the older generation voters

Living in the rural areas

GE15 may establish its existence

On the 3rd quarter of next year

The wolves may want to execute it

Believing C19 will spook the NM

The sweet losers PH

Learn the lesson on frogs

Change your strategy now

Because the wolves feeling good to hunt