Sunday, January 31, 2016

the black marks

Let bad hats play
Open the curtains see the show
They have the power game
We have our torch lights to wave

The bad hats smile
Waving hands eager to play
They think they have the plots wrapped up
Tucked it away in lock and key

We wave with our lights
Spreading the dark shadows wide
Let the bad hats see we can play
The twists and turns of a crooked mind

Now bad hats win
Feeding the hound dogs
Let them enjoy the breeze
Playing a game of falling asleep

The bad work will stay
It will be the black marks one day
The bad hats forget to remember
History will return to claim its prize

the nightmares in putra street

The nightmares in putra street
The crying in the nights of shadows
Don't go to sleep if you can
Stay awake you may live a little while longer

Don't you see what it is like?
When we tell so many lies
You can't reason what is right and wrong
You get it all bundled up

Don't go to sleep if you can
The night crawler will come
He is waiting for the moment
He only takes a few seconds

The nightmares in putra street
The crying in the quiet day of night
The dogs will howl in the dark
The cats will hide under the bushes

Don't go to sleep if you can
The nightmares in putra street
The crying in the nights of shadows
When we tell so many lies

smiling faces bad intentions

The enemies in the open
The smiling faces bad intentions
Once they grease the trap
They will not let go

They are comrades in the same party
They play the game of Brutus to the hilt
They say so many negative issues
They forget they are part of it too

The ball kicking on the field
So many strikers to kick the ball
Leaving the defence in porous net
The enemies don't see it coming

They want the prize
Sitting high on the table
The striking flame of gold
The eyes can't forget at all

The real enemies wait
Waiting for an opportunity to take
Let the Brutus make the strike
Of the cry in the open field

it's an addiction

The addiction of NEP
It is to be used for all races
Along the way of diversion
One race benefits the most

The clutches of dependency
It is hard to give it up completely
The rights to the wealth of the nation
The race never think beyond time

Even today it is said of the addiction
The shouting matches in the air
The way of life to this race
Clutches to get the wealth

The race to kick the habit
The will isn't there to make it
The addiction plays havoc in its head
The languid wave of hands the eyes see fear

What will happen?
On its own facing the world?
The craze of its addiction
It clutters its mind completely

when power is gone

The languid gesture on his way
A smiling face hard to say
What's in the mind of a politician?
Everything can be bend inwards and outwards

Political friends political enemies
It all depends on the loot behind lock and key
How much greed and corruption ring in the head?
There you will see the line clearly

Like the song “I can see clearly now”
The rain has stopped the sun shines
The brightness in the darkness
The demons run away to hide

The sea of people
The rain of tears
Life has come to a halt
So it will when power is gone

the lies to get a new coat

The lies get a new coat
It can splash out for all to see
There is nothing to hide now
It's the new way to smile

Maybe it is a modern way
The short-cut to the moneyed world
Work in a life time the wealth will not come
Others take flight enjoying wealth

It makes others think
Why walk the straight way?
What lies ahead nobody can say?
Take a detour sometimes it helps..

Once it meanders away
The lies will keep coming in
There will be no stopping it
The lies get a new coat

The colour green all the way
There isn't a red or yellow light
In the eyes and mind it is green
Taking it to the high in the air

Saturday, January 30, 2016

the crisis in kedah

The crisis in Kedah
The Sultan should put his foot down
Do not allow the change of guard
The popular MB should stay

Until the State Assembly convenes
There shouldn't be any swearing of post
It will become like the case in Perak and Selangor
It will look bad to the public

Let the Assembly pass the motion
Let democracy run its course
This is how it should be done
The Sultan should put his foot down

The new MB may not get the support
The people may not like the way it is done
Kedahans aren't thinking like the city folks
They like the rules to be followed

tppa breathes into live

TPPA breathes into live
Bee Anne voted for the trade pact
They say it is good for the economy
The country has to move forward

No doubt every one has a pie
Across the borderless sphere
The opportunities are endless
So they wanted us to follow

Other countries signed
The income levels are high
They have the trained and educated pool
We still have to import cheap labour

There are different modules
The experts trained their guns
Ultimately the consumers have to pay
When rules are broken...

We can't run the speed
We are only good at the big walk
What will happen to us gearing up?
Will we lose though we see the opportunities?

the game isn't over

The people sway
Body to left; body to right
Hands throwing up in the air
Eyes rolling with the lights

There is no logic
There is no case
The money in the bag
It just can't walk in

The creative words
It says of hell in the work
Donation and donaton
When the fingers in the jar

The pallbearers walk
Chanting slogans singing away
The air of unbelievable things
When the fingers in the jar

The wasted months and time
The practising brings no benefits
It is all gone to waste in the dump
The people sway in unbelievable eyes

Friday, January 29, 2016

i walk into a maze

I walk into a maze
Full of shadows and spots
Every turn brings I get no where
I only see the lights and shadows

I can walk through
The corners like scary soul
I think of the shadows
Reaching out to touch my face

It never go away
Above the sky the crescent moon
Laughing at me of my fear
Of nothingness in the night

The shadows walk at night
In the quiet place out of sight
In the dark who can really see?
What the shadows will do?

This is where I learned
The smiling faces keeping lies
They say every thing is good
Deep down there is hell running loose

I walk out of the maze
Looking relieve to get it over
But it is still a game
Pay your money get a kick out of it

the big sharks

The big sharks in the oceans
They keep getting away
Now there are notices to say
'Let them live!”

Jaws may cause fear
Swimming in the ocean water
The vibrations of sound
The big sharks swim by

Though we understand
Sharks are finding hard to live
They are hunted many times
For the value it enriches others

But we can't understand
On the land the big sharks keep escaping
The law of the net seems impotent
The hunters of law falling on the wayside

The big sharks walking away
Stored their billions enjoying luxurious lives
The laws seem to have no bite
In a person no checks and balances

The truth on the land
It will not disappear
Today the land sharks win
They have their people in place

The people aren't moving on
The algebra equation isn't solved
Somebody wants to take us for rides
We aren't fools living in the coconut shells

if it is bad faith

If it is bad faith
We are screwed
When giving such authority
In the hands of a person

All charges can be dropped
Nobody will question it
It seems he's the judge
He decides all the cases

Parliament grants discretionary power
For a person to be impartial and deal it in law
It doesn't grant bad faith in deciding cases
Letting go of bad hats in the society

The person can be hauled up
If he tries to cover cases under his review
Pursuing bad faith in process of the law
Uncover the veil behind a decision made

Are we there yet?
The court of public opinion sways
Our nation needs the truth
She cries to be free!

why we need to change party

Now we know the reasons
Why we need to change party
There is no transparency and accountability
The sharks seem to get away free

Somebody always hang around
With big cutter to pry open the steel nets
Let the big sharks swim away
Free to roam in the oceans

We have all kind of laws
Then we allow one person to decide
To charge or not to charge?
Going up to the head to play judge

Though it is discretionary
It isn't absolute in its term
The framers weren't that naive were they?
Granting one person to decide?

The police should go in
Investigate for abusing position?
The facts must be there
Else Macc can close shop

A police report made
Will the police go in?
Let it be impartial
Or Macc should investigate

Malaysia is a colourful nation
With different flags hoisting high
We sing the same tune but we talk differently
Of sharks, small fishes, big prawns, small shrimps

Thursday, January 28, 2016

the discretionary power isn't absolute

The discretionary power isn't absolute
It just allows an authority to decide right or wrong
On cases coming into its review and charges
The Constitution doesn't grant absolute authority
If that is so one can be held at ransom or threat of life
When cases coming into the hands of that sole person
It will be so easy to dispense justice by the mob
I doubt that what Constitution wants to give away

The recent big scandals in the country
Where AG cleared without giving documentary evidence
Saying he found there were no basis to charge
It left a bad taste in the agencies involved in the investigations
And the public couldn't accept that decision
For a lesser known person it will be corruption!
For a lesser known person it will be money laundry!
When a person fails to declare monies in his accounts

The way it is said
This will be a new trick to acquire money laundry
When they are caught, they can say it is a donation
We have returned the money to the senders
There is a case history as a bench mark in our legal history

AG can say the cases are close
The public will not let it go
There are no answers to the cases
It is just merely to stop charging a person
Now Royal Commission of Inquiry should be held
The nation needs her closure too
But she hasn't got it for herself and her people

clear the clogged drain

Ah Mandi washes away
The clogged drain in his back yard
He stands there looking please
He has done a good job

With his shovel he makes it look so easy
The town council workers fail to see it
Now Ah Mandi makes it running smoothly
The town council workers can smile

But Ah Mandi forgets
The debris will be still floating
Swaying to the river
Some may get hooked on the river mouth

Filtering as a a conduit for others
It just never want to go away
Ah Mandi forgets to remember
For now town council workers can smile

For his reward Ah Mandi gets a prize
A new shovel to clear the clogged drain
He still stands proud to be recognized
But the town council workers still can smile

the many nails on a coffin

The many nails on a coffin
It is to make sure the dead doesn't return
Back to its deep slumber for eternity
It's only the memories people will say

A certain party members
They will live to regret their actions
A nail hammers into its coffin
The lifting of the lid will be difficult

There is no surprise at all
The ground has known it all along
There are the living Zombies
They can't count the numbers

Up North we hear of the blood transfusion
Calling the public to donate freely
But the people recognize a plot
The living Zombies want new blood

The public can't be fooled
There goes another nail to its coffin
It is better to get it sealed tightly
Let no night Zombies roam the street

When the coffin is finally sealed
We will know where it will go
Burying deep in the ground for its sins
Cremated ashes to ashes to wash away

isis never learn from history

Isis rocks the world
It's the time of its life
Spreading chaos and deaths
Isis thinks it makes the grade

Using religion to push
The frontiers it seeks to find
Across continents and oceans
It's brand of terrorism of death

Isis goes the wrong way
Exactly the old Christian's history said
Follow me or perish!”
Once upon a time in history

Isis thinks it can do it
Doing by force will bring itself down
Learn from history

Isis will go the same fate

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

the lying blue

The lying blue
It will never go away
Everyone will try in many colours
Some think they can get out of the loop

The lies we nurture in our lives
Hiding it in colourful loops
We make it sound so grand
We want to believe in ourselves

We do tell lies
The growing up years
Cooking all kind of excuses
Without blinking eyes

When we grow mature
We still play it along
Telling others how great we were
The stories we made to believe

But in the praying rooms
We say the right things
We will ask for forgiveness
We are afraid to make up lies

the smelling pot

The smelling pot
It is quickly close it tight
It is afraid it will pollute the air
By doing so it is believe

But the smell blowing by the wind
It stinks into the homes and minds
There is no stopping it now
It takes too long to close the lid

People begin to complain
How it is unfair to get stuck in
There is no explanation
Everyone makes his 2 cents worth

The smelling pot
Stuck on the stove
The dry liquid on it
It tells a story

Once it was boiling gold
It made everyone happy
Now it is the smelling pot
It makes us cry in sorrow

tomorrow another day to make it right

Don't look so sad
The bad things will happen
The bad things will come and go
It will bring us to our feet

Isis threats
Using religion and fear
It will not move mountain
It will perish by its members sins

Don't look so sad
Telling lies the way of life
The power corrupts the mind
The greed takes your soul

We face threats in many ways
Walking on the road driving on the highway
Jogging in the park smelling fresh air
Smiling faces; helpful people but we hardly know

Don't look so sad
The bad things we face everyday
Ashes of knowledge if we let fear ruin our lives
For tomorrow there is another day to make it right

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

there is nothing shocking

There is nothing shocking
Many knew what the outcome would be
Every involving person was removed or transferred
Some got promoted to deputy ministers

The former AG was replaced instantly
Saying he was sick a few months to retire
There wasn't any logic the way it did
It was just to put the trusted soldiers in

There is no case
Months of investigations no result
Macc where to put it face?
When its own officers were hounded

It says of a bad precedent
Beating a string of excuses
Now the cases are closed
To the people it isn't!

The truth will appear
Maybe not today or tomorrow
But in time it has to come
The cleansing of the nation's soul

the blues stand at the door

We want to cry
We want to laugh
But we can't do
We will look foolish

The dishes of lies
The course that it comes
We can't taste it
The smell turns us away

We want to go
The blues stand at the door
With pens and note books
Say “what's your take?”

We can't say
We have no desire to taste
The smell turning us away
We are not standing here whole day”

But the blues take us back
We want to cry we want to laugh
We can't do we will look foolish
So we stay counting the day

the twists and turns

The politics of twists and turns
Burning in the air scaling new high
The sound of their noises
It is always the gravy train of power

In Kedah the MB issue
The apple polishers run the attack
Holding a public press conference asking MB to go
There is no disciplinary action by the party top guns

Last year in Negeri Sembilan
The party divisions chief held a public press conference
Asking the president to resign and go
They were punished by the disciplinary board

Now the $2.6 billion issue
The running line of excuses
The AG says it is from the Saudi royal family
The money had been returned

The main man never say
He keeps saying it is from donors
Once it was said to fight against Isis
Why then return the funding?

The life in Malaysia
We live in a colourful history
Once we learned about Hang Tuah
Now he seems to be a fiction

hell is the game

Isis becomes bold
Its leaders issue threats
We have to marshall in
There is no way for Isis

Its blend of religion
It is hellish way to go
Its members better wake up
There is no heaven!

Jihad is to fight yourself
Cleanse the inner demons in your soul
Learn the religion and its way of life
The right way and God will smile

Believe me Isis brings you to hell
The burning fire in the eyes and mind
You will not find peace and solace
You will cry for your deliverance

Those in Isis mode
Why do a cause benefit somebody's else?
Blow yourself into pieces for what purpose?
Going to heaven and cleansing of your sins?

Hades likely you will go
Lucifer and his merry angels wait
Smiling face knowing the souls he takes
It's another knot another lie

a better nation a great life

Our chance our hands
We can't depend on the judges or police
The nation cries for our help
It is our future we have to fight to keep it

The shackles in our minds
Even the little napoleons run loose
They ignore the Cabinet orders
They do it their way

Like the case of dressing
They still impose the rules
Though the Cabinet made the order
There is no follow up action

We have few honest men and women
They recognize the pitfalls in their minds
In the judges and police we have seen
They strike to make a balance

The few we have in our midst
They can't make the changes
They still have to follow orders
It is us where the change will be fought

It takes a small step
In time the giant will be made
We mustn't forget our dream
A better nation a great life

there is no need to have SDs

They signed SDs
It doesn't prove a thing
It isn't a binding document
A Sultan can ignore it

It is better to do it
In the State Assembly
By showing hands vote
The no confidence matter

A good and clean leader
The rebels can't mix it
They want him to go
For their own political game

The rebels are old
They know their times are up
They will not be around to face the voters
So they play the political game

The Sultan has his authority
He knows how to diffuse the situation
He will follow the Constitution
There is no need to have SDs

p/s sultan selangor ignored SDs
on the Selangor's MB issue

put the lid on the can

Put the lid on the can
It doesn't bring us anywhere
It brings us to the sorry state of affairs
We keep reading it in our prime time

Don't you see it?
The hollowness ringing through
It doesn't bring us the faith
It makes us looking so bad

Put the lid on the can
You hear it right
You don't need to explain
It is just lies in our ears

The worms dancing in the light
Smelling the good air showing us its smell
We don't need to see it anymore
We hear the lies in the air

Put the lid on the can
We don't want to feel bad
It doesn't bring us anywhere
It brings us to the sorry state of affairs