Friday, August 31, 2012

time we take back our destiny

The water flow
The bridge the old man looks
The twilight of his life
He looks at different angles

Once he remembered
The clear water with fishes
When he was young walking on the bridge
The decades of his timeNo

Once it was cool
The environment was clean
The air quality was excellent
The national integration a harmony for the eyes

Now he returns
The bridge is still there
The water is murky
The polluted river flows

Merdeka hasn't made him
He knows about the losses of the nation
The decades under the same party rule
The bad history; the lost of freedom

Now he prays
For the change
Like the water polluted and brownish
Though the water flow easily...

Merdeka the spirit has frayed
Years ago when race became
He looks at the water
Time we take back our destiny

the cupcakes

The cold weather
Narrabeen sings its melody
The windy breezes knocking
The leaves and window panes

In the workstation
The women learning skills
The dough, water,sugar and salt
Instructor and receipes

The busy fingers
The days of the young
Playing a game of pastry
The colourful cupcakes arise

The heated ovens
The flow of warm
The cold wind monkey faces
The women smile and laughter

The cupcakes of shapes and colours
Popping up nicely in the ovens
The skills of the instructors
Words and encouragement

Here it is folks
The cupcakes painted and groomed
Only the taste and texture
We can dream and imagine

the heavy rain

Yesterday heavy rain
The soft windy breezes
The crying of cats and dogs
The sky darkened for it was night

The showering rain
Other parts of the world
The severe storms and flooding
Here there was joy

The light of the car entered
The mother cat and her kitten bolted
Running away under the rain
They knew it wasn't the home

The mother cat hid under the palm tree
Though the heavy rain belting its song
The kitten didn't want to share
It bolted over the fence and disappeared

The roaring rain
The rocking sky and its songs
Heavily downpouring of sweat and tears
For the humans never understood

The mother cat still hanging in the cold rain
The palm leaves protecting her against the beats
Curling under the palm tree of the night
The dim light showing its shadow....

The humans live quietly in the homes
Some on the road marching with the rain
Others waiting in cafes and hawkers' stalls
Watching the rain belting out its songs

janji demokrasi

The police
Work for the people
This is your job to do
You have failed miserably
Helping the ruling elites
You issue threats
You use acid water cannons
When the people's democracy gathered
You can't allow them to march peacefully
You want them arrested!
But you play a double game
When the ruling elites and partners do
There is no threat; there is no arrest
Whom are you working for?
We tax payers pay you to protect us
You have failed us miserably
When crimes get flourished every day
Don't you see it all?
Bee Anne leaders and others gathered
Drilling in exercise for Merdeka
Do these people apply permit?
You don't issue threat
You allow them to proceed
But for Janji demokrasi
You issue threat to arrest
Yesterday tens of thousands gathered
At the Dataran Merdeka
It was a peaceful gathering
Yet the police still want to investigate
For what when it is under our Supreme Constitution?
Maybe I don't know the country
She is crying for us to restore her dignity
This Merdeka the change we seek
It's a long cherished wait to light up our minds

the traffic rules

The traffic rules
Some impatient motorists refuse to follow
They will try to beat it causing accidents
To the innocent drivers on the road

The town has built 2 roundabouts
It is supposed to ease the traffic flow
It is supposed to slow down traffic
But there are drivers doing the opposite

They think it is a short cut
They never stop they just fly
The motorbikers the culprits play
They just cut into your way

Some are impatient to wait
They just ride into the short cut
With straight faces never think of their lives
They think they rule the roundabout

Men or women motorists
What they are thinking on the road?
The heavens or hell of fire?
Just the traffic rules!

merdeka for malaysia

Patroitism isn't how many flags you fly
It doesn't mean a thing in every one's eye
The truth lies in your mind and heart
How strong when the truth calls?

Patroitism isn't so much about a country
It is how much you bonded with her citizens
They come in many colours, shapes and belief
It is how we blended them into a cohesive unit

The politicians display surfing the water
The rushing of public relations exercise
Standing together in the people's eyes
Yet when it is over what else they started to spin

The party members will go opposite directions
Where's the patriotism once in a year thing?
One party claims it fulfills the promises
How lame can it when people know the truth?

Let's the people celebrate for change
When the dust settles, walk the road to cohesiveness
Let's live in equal opportunities, freedom and justice
Let's our rights be the key to forge a new page in our history

Thursday, August 30, 2012

the lust of men

The old man wakes up one day
He wants to get married to another woman
He thinks he is a young stud riding a white horse
Riding like the stallion on the rocky mountain

His eyes turn into fire
His body lusts the images of the woman
His mind entangling into his needs
He sees only his lustful desires

When he asks from his wife
Surely he thinks he will get his wishes
He gets an earful of negative vibes
He turns angry he loses his mind

He takes poison to end his life
The family members find him unconscious
On the floor rushing him to hospital
Where he is treated for his stupidity

The lust of men
It never goes away
The old men must learn to accept
The time has passed them by

the young girls

The young girls
Living in the men's world
You will be the object
You will be the slave

When you go out
Don't believe what you see
Don't let your misguided soul
Falling into prey

The men young and old
They know how to make you great
What they have in their minds
You don't want to know

Now the law on the misguided assumption
A bright future of the youth....
The judges forget about the young women
They have lost everything holding dear

The young girls
Learn from your peers
The falling disgrace
Don't make the same mistake!

the isa's shadows

Bee Anne leaders
They cry of ISA
They know how good that law was
For decades they crossed

Now it was appealed
Bee Anne leaders reluctantly agreed
Behind the closed doors
They crafted behind ISA's shadows

In their minds they never forget
ISA the instrument to hold on to fear
Detention without trial and reason
A draconian law against human democracy

Many people were rejoiced
When ISA was repealed
The feeling only lasted for a while
Bee Anne leaders can't let go of power craze

Now there is
Section 114A of the Evidence Act
It becomes law the easy work
The prosecutor doesn't have to proof a thing

It's the law behind the shadow of ISA
Bee Anne leaders never really want to forget
The fear of it has come back into shape
It is best we changed Bee Anne

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

life is full of tricks

Don't think you are strong
You can run; you can write songs
You can feel the sun, the wind
The echoes of yesterday and today

But tomorrow is hard to say
Strong people fall sick without reasons
Yesterday they shared their joy and laughter
Today they lie sick in beds

Life is full of tricks
Nobody can deny it
In a minute so much joy
In a few minutes falling flat

So don't take it for granted
Tomorrow is hard to say
Live the moment
All its glory and faults

we have to rethink our values

What to celebrate for National Day?
The faces of many colours glow
Once it was such an easy way
Those were the years

The political divide
The ugly face the bitter words
It breaks down the national flow
What's there to celebrate?

The country's debt piling high
Now it is 54% of GDP
The government leaders just spend
What is tomorrow?

Ah..they don't understand!
The GDP jumped but debts grown high too
Is the statistics wrong?
The country lives in denial?

The ugly truth
We are moving to the low
Unless we make a brake
Change the government for our sake!

Here to our Merdeka
May the change come to us
May the light glow in our eyes
When we make the change

the hungry ghosts 2

The Hungry Ghosts
The folklore of a time
The Hell's gate opens
A month to roam

Some say a chance
The ghosts will look for preys
In exchange to reborn
To live in this world

Some say for families
A chance to see their loved ones
Coming home to pay visitation rights
The world they have left behind

Some say don't take chances
The ghosts enjoy playing pranks
Let the fall and the bruises
Stay alert all the times

The Hungry Ghosts
A time to remember
The departed souls
The second phrase of life

sex with a minor

Oh sex!
The magic and the curse
It never runs away
The business and prison

Sex with a minor
Consent or not
It's a statutory rape
No matter what it is said

The law is laid down
Clearly defined the distinction
As long as it involves a minor
It's a rape consent or not

No pleading should be entertained
The punishment should be severe
A message has to send out
Rape isn't a free ride!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the old car

The old car runs its course
When it was new, it drove every where
From North to South
The energy revving along

Even in floods
It never failed
It ran through
Holding it steadily

Now the old car
The years of services
It has finally come
Too tired to run

Parked at the side of the house
The years of thunder had gone
It still drives around town
The old car takes a slow drive

The law maybe enacted soon
Old cars have to go off the road
Until such time it stays put
A sentimental value in time

the spinning lies

The spinning lies
Every interested party will go
They talk it in straight faces
They don't think of the consequences

They want their own interests
Burying it deep in their pockets
We can call them liars
They say what have you?

We live in the world
Of double standards ruling
Even in religion we will see
As long as we are humans

We tend to spin tales
Of a small mole to bigger hill
We don't see it coming
We only say and move on

the litterbugs

The litterbugs
The enforcement officers must walk
Fine the people who don't follow
Ask them to do community services

The hawkers must be told
No more leeway in cleanliness
When renewing licences tell them about it
Let them realize they have a part to play

Every time every where
Where there is a night market
The littering is every time
It isn't about the bins

It is the attitude
The people and hawkers
First fine them and community services
Next put them in jail for a day

In this way attitude will change
Littering isn't a way of life
Every one has to learn and play a part
The authority shouldn't sit in the office

Monday, August 27, 2012

the demons and angels

The demons and angels
The political game we have seen
We live through the devil
We see the greed and corruption

What else can the angels bring?
We look forward to receive
The angels of politics
For a change in our thinking

The demons can't stop
Crawling under our skins
It's time we get rid of it
Let the angels sing the melodies

Maybe we will see
A new light in our minds
What worst can the angels bring?
We have seen most of it

they have the handphones

The people young and old
They don't look at you
They have the handphones
Walking blindly on the road

They talk and whisper
Of markets and lovers
Of study and gossip
All in a day's worth

They are the easy preys
For the robbers and thieves
Maybe even kidnappers
They wait in the corners

The people young and old
The world they think are with handphones
They block out the surrounding
They think they are the marchers on display

frogs right frogs wrong

Frogs right frogs wrong
The voters make the wrong choice
When they put their marks
So the frogs get elected and changed road

I only support frogs
When it is for the country and well being of the people
Without any monetary gains through backdoors
Strictly for the consciousness of good governance

What we have are the monetary frogs
They do it for the rewards and perks
It is nothing to do with country and her people
It is for their own personal gratifications

Our Constitution never stops party hopping
For the representatives choice of party allegiance
But Bee Anne has put into law once you resigned
There is no chance to contest again for 5 years

Seriously DAP wants to pass Anti-party hopping law
It is against the spirit of the Constitution...........
The DAP leaders should pick the upright and good candidates
But money runs into millions may tempt some to fall

The voters dilemma when they pick the wrong candidates
When these representatives hop over to another party
We should blame ourselves for our short sightedness
For politics is a game of fool, knight, and glamour

We will have frogs
They know how much they worth
No matter what we have to say
It is for their own personal gratifications

the baby words

The baby boy can say
A bit of hello
Smiling happily
In the arms of his daddy

He copies as he listens
The monkey faces he sees
Likewise he will learn
The funny faces the parents show

Though he may not know
As he grows in his daily routines
Time surely flies he is older now
Before long he will be 2 months

The baby boy wriggles his small fingers
Sebastien surely wants to play along
The sound of his baby voice
Hakloh” as he makes his limited vocabulary

Sebastien will lift up his parents spirit
He will make his grandmother sleeps with joy
And make his big sister hovering around him
Listening what other words he will say

Sunday, August 26, 2012

man's greed

Sembrong of green
For decades and centuries
You keep Nature
The camouflage for her inhabitants

The sunny days
The long cool nights
The buzzing of the quiet journey
The natural raindrops on the leaves

Now the penpushers
They make the blunder
The natural habitat
The bulldozers revving it up

The destruction laying bare
Nature cries in her sleep
One day Man will learn
Nature has her fury

the sharing

Let the man sit on his throne
Let him feel the importance of his life
In the family and relationships
Give him the face to smile

In life pursuits
There must be give and take
The harmony in the relationships
Give way doesn't mean a poor second

In the kitchen and family routines
The woman is ruled supreme
It is here she will hold court
The man should give way....

No relationship should be made in concrete
There must be ways to adjust and review
The basic etiquette shouldn't forget
Give and take the shining journey glow

In privacy of their lives
Man and Woman have no rules
They are equal in sharing and giving
As it should be for life benefits...