Wednesday, January 31, 2024

a better day ahead


A better day

Ahead for the nation

As the new King will be installed

A direct hitting monarch

Without mincing his words or actions

His Majesty will bring his wisdom

The years he lived and experience

The nation will not falter

The opposition leaders should behave

Else His Majesty will rain words on them

At worst they may be summoned to his palace

To hear His Majesty give them his wisdom

The nation and people will be glad

A better day ahead

As His Majesty will take on his new role

From his campaign of Bangsa Johore

To perhaps of Bangsa Malaysia

Every one will live to enjoy our labour

In living a happy and joyous life

if we try


If we try

Never surrender

When life turns ugly or bad

It will test our faith

If we try

Stay on the right road

Driving within our ability

We can't feel regret

If we try

Do the simple tasks

Give us confidence

To pursue bigger aim in life

If we try

Leave the bad thoughts behind

Living without fear

Life will be easy going

If we try

God is salvation

We don't have to worry

About our sins and burden

the pursue of corruption


Renaissance man

Hitting one right note

On his pursue on corruption

He has to maintain his charge

The Malay elites will wake up

The decades of protection on wrong

The signal has been lighted

They should be worried now

Macc run on

It is the time to clean up

The dirt and cobwebs

Eroding the confidence

The driving hard

The signs on all the road

Corruption isn't free

Crime has to pay

Karma extracts full

No bargain or compromise

The shine has to return

Renaissance man must clean it up

MO1 saga


MO1 saga

He is in jail

Still never showing his remorse

Still thinking of Saudi Arabia king

The crime he did

He still says he is innocent

In SRC case of $42 million

Credited in his bank accounts

His pardon bid

It will become a mockery

He hasn't returned the millions

He hasn't paid his fine

His Majesty shouldn't grant it

A person of his capability should stay in prison

Send a clear message crime needs to pay

It shouldn't get it from the King

MO1 still has his ongoing court case

He still hasn't paid his tax bill

So there is no reason to consider his bid

He has to stay in prison to be humbled

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

DZ saga


DZ saga

He isn't out of the wood

He will still be investigated

The holdings he has off shore

Macc will run on

Sniffing out the best they will

DZ once considered untouchable

Now the axe has fallen on him

The lawyer can cry

He is old and suffers a stroke

It isn't about his bad health

It is about his insane wealth

He has to explain how he obtain it

Macc has given him 5 times to explain

Yet he refused to address it by law

Now he lands himself in court

Who is to blame?

DZ should blame himself

As a lawyer he shouldn't plead otherwise

The law is clear declare your holdings

the riches in our names


The riches can't go

Hoarding it will not be good

Living in it while we are alive

We can run off with our smile

We are born with nothing

We can only cry loudly

Letting our cry ring in the hall

We don't care others opinion

When we make our cut in life

We shouldn't forget where we arrived

We have nothing from the beginning

We will have nothing when we return

The riches in our names

Let it go no need to hold it

It will not help us where we are going

Ashes to ashes floating with the wind

the bad rich elites


The bad ways

The bad people do

Care not what are consequences

As long as it satisfies their needs

The bad rich elites

They can show and stay free

Behind they may have the support

The police will not dare to approach

It is the nation suffering

The coffers will be depleted

The people will suffer

Carrying the bad loads

No pardon should be allowed

Those who steal wealth from the nation

Those who commit murders or treason

The bids should be rejected

The bad rich elites

They should repent

The sound of drum beats

Ringing loudly now

the ghosts


Ghosts in our lives

Do they exist or just our imagination?

Those who haven't seen them

They may say the ghosts don't exist

Our bodies have the fire of high and low

When we are at our peak we will feel great

We will feel we can't go wrong in our pursuit

Everything or events will turn out good

When we are low in our spirits

This is the time the bad will happen

The fire is low; it can't shine far ahead

It only attracts the undesirables

The bad elements will encourage

Go on the wrong way to live

Gearing up to make us the fallen ones

They want us to be like them

The ghosts living

Beyond our eyes or minds

It is through imagination of our minds

Through records of ghosts appearances

It is the bad spirits roaming

Banished to Earth to live their last moments

They will try to play their bad game

Challenging their master for a better frame

It is us who are the pawns

We will live to see ghosts

If our fire is low in our minds

We hear sound or images instead

Monday, January 29, 2024

the Old Man and DZ


The Old Man and DZ

They are the wolves in sheep skin

Finally they are exposed by a man

Who ran with them in the past

The man who spent years in jail

For a charge nobody claimed is the truth

Now he is the prime minister

He holds the power to decide

The Old Man and DZ

The time of their lives

Slowly the law will reach them

The wealth they have

Why afraid to declare assets and wealth?

The corruption law requires on demand

No person should try to evade

It will tell something is to hide

The aging duo

Time is on borrowed hold

They need to face the truth

No lies; the truth to be free

the new King on his way


The new King on his way

The nation and people looking ahead

The changes His Majesty may bring

On his list is corruption

His Majesty will speak his mind

He isn't someone to stay quiet

Though he may be roped in by the Constitution

There are ways he can play his role

The new King on his journey

He has a good relationship with the Prime Minister

Together they will find ways to grow the nation

Let the people stay and work together

The new King

The opposition has to behave

Because he can speak his mind

The nation and people come first

shake up may happen in Moos


The Moos

The bad ways they do

Now the infighting

Karma is smiling

The Moos

The back-door always ring

They don't think of nation

They only want their needs fulfilled

The crocodiles are worried

The partnership may go down in dust bin

The crocodiles have their own worry

Bawang health is a concerned to many

The Moos

Facing a task within

The shake-up may happen

The elected MP may switch support




Hey you don't have to worry

You will never know

What it will bring

Live the life

Live the moments

Don't dream of yesterday

It is a done thing already

Today is the moment

The hours you will draw

The smile or pain

It is your choice

But tomorrow?

Ah...don't let it worry you

It hasn't arrived at your door

It's today you have to live in it

Sunday, January 28, 2024

the moos infighting


The Moos infighting

The camps involved

Fighting for positions

Going for the funds

The DNA of frogs

They will keep jumping

They can't stay still

The infighting of positions

The MP 7 declare support

The ruling government for funds

It is the logical consequences of needs

The MP 7 will stay alone

The more will follow

This is the year the frogs will jump

They can't live without funds

The situation of needs will make them switch support

The Moos infighting

The characters aren't normal

They always want power and benefits

Not serving the nation and people

the dark shadows


The dark shadows

They will stand there

They will not disappear

They have their needs

They work for the pay masters

The loaded guys who can pay

The dark shadows will comply

Giving headaches to any one

The dark shadows reach

In subtle ways and quietly run

Until it reaches the height of tension

The headaches hitting the heads

They are paid to work

Create tension in politics

Driving a wedge to cause issues

The dark shadows will not disappear

the boat starts to rock


The Malay elite

They better get ready

How they get their wealth

Write down their assets local and overseas

The history will tell

How they progress to achieve their wealth

The tax forms filed for the years

It will show how wealth is acquired

The Malay elite

Macc is sending signal

The drum-beats on the roll

Don't try to hide or pretend

Macc will have the run on

The officers will have the information

It is only the time to knock on the doors

It is better they get their list ready

don't worry about tomorrow


Renaissance man

Start the move

Don't worry about tomorrow

It's today

The nation needs to change

The civil servants should know

It's for the country

It isn't for themselves

Let the pension go

Start the move

The nation needs to survive

She can't survive with heavy load

Renaissance man

You don't have to answer

The right move for tomorrow

It starts today

Though you may lose votes

It is better this way

The nation needs to carry light

The heavy load should go

Renaissance man

Be the leader who dares to challenge

The sake of change for the nation

It's today

Saturday, January 27, 2024

wild cherry


Wild cherry

Once they had their time

Hitting all the right connections

Nobody dare to challenge

Living life on the fast lanes

Driving in luxury living in style

Every on-looker would stare

How could they?”

Understand the outcome

Wild cherry had the connections

They could swing it all

Nobody dare to complain

The years were good

Woodstock songs and party girls

The lights always turned green

Many were high screaming white power

Wild cherry

Hitting all the right connections

Driving in luxury living in style

Many were high

you are no good


You are no good

Live on the sweat, hard labour and tears

On others to let you live in luxury

Without a concern on their lives

You think you have your rights

Taking it as long as you have them

Paying them peanuts working hard

You live in an easy life

You are no good

You don't see their suffering

Waking up to work and paying bills

Draining away their limited funds

Yet they have to struggle on

Else they will become homeless

When mortgages can't pay

The banks will foreclose it

You are no good

Living in your castle

Sipping champagne smoking cigars

Smiling and laughing ring in the echo

You are no good

You forget your root

Once you were struggling

Now you live in luxury

the pension scheme


The pension scheme

It is time to phrase it out

The tax payers can't be footing the bill

It is time the drastic change required

In the future

The nation will not pay

The high on pension payment

It will make the nation bankrupt

All of them should contribute

To the EPF and Socso funds

EPF is a well managed fund

The civil servants shouldn't cry

The civil servants work for the nation

Servicing the people pay by the people

They shouldn't eat all the cheese too

The hard decision needs to be made

The ministers and elected members

They shouldn't be given pensions as well

They can contribute to EPF and Socso funds

The nation can breathe much easier

The pension scheme

Time to phrase it out

It doesn't help the nation financially

It will be a huge burden to carry it

tell the truth


Tell the truth

The elites will stay away

Of how they acquire wealth

In their time amassing well

The nation bleeds

They will turn a blind eye

They only see benefits for themselves

The side effects aren't their issues

When Macc strike into their lives

They start to wake up finding out why

With the wealth at their disposal

They will fight to delay the investigation

Macc may have strike the pot of gold

The elites may have felt the tremor

Cruising through their minds

How to explain their wealth creation?

Tell the truth

The whole truth without lies

No need to assemble a team of lawyers

It will show Macc is right on the spot

Friday, January 26, 2024

the stolen wealth


The stolen wealth

It can't be hidden for long

It has to be told

Now or in later years

The layers to feed

In time greed will rise

Without fulfilling its wants

The spin of tales will begin

The wealth creation

It has to be in legal way

Any back door or favours

The law wil come a knocking

The stolen wealth

The nation will cry

Karma will haul it back

Unbundle the pack

new lawyers new bid?


New lawyers new bid?

They still have to face the court

Nobody can stop an investigation

Just let the law make its way

We can file our court cases

Challenging the authority to stop it

In court the judge will have to weigh

He can't rule in favour of the defendant

The judge will allow the investigation

Until all have been done and file

Then a judge can weigh on it

In the full trial in the court

The current scene of one defendant

He just wants to buy his time

As a trained lawyer himself

He should know his law

The police or Macc

The officers have the rights

Under the law to investigate

As this stage no judge can rule against it

don't say no nothing to show


You can't say no

You have nothing to show

The negative flow

The day will be low

Fear or lack of confidence

Dare not go and give a try

Hiding back in the safe haven

Afraid to take a different load

You can't say no

What will you show?

It is always better

Give the affirmative bid

You have something to show

Gather your team to get it done

There is the tangible project

It will bring confidence back then a reject

the moos will frog


The Moos will frog

It's the only way to do

Finding hard to pursue for funds

The constituents need help

The Moos can't provide

Maybe pride not to beg

Afraid of losing face

Running with the crocodiles

But the members of Parliament

They can't provide services without funds

Relying on religion and small contributions

They can't survive in next election

So switching support for funds

It is the logical way to run

They aren't switching party

They do it for the constituents

The Moos will frog

The raining season and floods

The funds will be channeled

It isn't about losing face

Thursday, January 25, 2024

the light will shine on the bad deals


The Old Man cries

Who want to see his crocodile tears?

He has moment in his life

Now his children should atone it

Macc will run on

The officials will not stop

They have to dig it up

One of his sons will on the spot

The Old Man cries

Nothing will stop the drive

It has to happen in his time

Aging old karma wants him to see

The bad deeds can't escape

A person can hide for decades

Yet when the truth wants to get free

The light will shine on the bad deals

suicide no road to redemption


Suicide is the weak mind

Causing a person to lose hope

Of life many challenges

He sees no way but sinking in the hole

It is the satan's work

Closing eyes to be blind

Causing the illusion

Death is a better option

We are better equiped

To handle the fall out on our lives

We can't have it easy as we make our way

Life isn't a straight road of paradise

We are bound to fall or fail

Suicide isn't the way to find redemption

It makes a person suffer more in return

When facing the Maker the hard work he did

karma in the circle


The Old Man should be charged

It is the way to chain him to stay silence

The venom he tries to spin on his tales

The 'failed government' and his race losing rights

He is jealous of losing his power

Now as a normal citizen he can't live in it

He keeps harping on his race rights

Still saying his race will lose

The majority of the ministers

His own race running the show

There is no losing of his race standing

It is the Old Man creating his illusion

Call for snap poll

He wants to get back into his game

He should stay at home and pray for his sins

His time will come soon in his advance age

He had his time

He tasted power before

He did it his way

Now he can't stand his treatment

His way or the highway

He can't believe he's on his way

The police shouldn't allow any leeway

The Old Man needs to take his medicine