Wednesday, February 13, 2019

the brutus

The Brutus are everywhere
They are the paid spies to make havoc
They will spin their tales or gossips
The objectives to bring a down trend

The Brutus can be outside the group
They will target the persons to attack
They will try to make the worst scenes
The affected persons will try to deny or defend

The Brutus can be within the group or party
Some hold senior positions to influence decisions
In it they will make the most damages
If a leader doesn’t recognize the moles

The Brutus can be paid assassins
They will try to put down honest leaders
By giving out false statements
Let the other party to defend

The worst Brutus are the addicts
They will do anything for money or rewards
They don’t care the damages cause
They seek for their own pleasures and wealth

The Brutus let them sleep
In their own house and bed
Do not let them crawl out to shout
They will say for their own benefits

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