Tuesday, February 05, 2019

when the truth spreads its power

Once Hadith filed his case
In London court he wanted to say
With his peacock feathers in the wide open
He wanted to bully a woman in legal court

When the going got tough
Hadith found out he gone out of funds
He appealed to his members to help out
On his defamation case on SR

When the ruling elites lost the power
Hadith found he couldn’t carry on
He opted out of court settlement
But SR got the articles maintained

Now the questions will be asked
Hadith has to explain why he opted out
He doesn’t want to entertain the questions
The sins he has to carry in his mind

SR could have won the case
Now the court sealed it
Nobody would know the settlement
It was between the two persons involved

When the truth spreads its power
Nothing will stop the light from shining
It will penetrate in the dark corners
The liars and sinners will be caught

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