Thursday, May 31, 2012

pick and choose

The way of divide and rule

The fear and intimidation

The unfairly justice in the beginning

It makes you feel you can't hide

But is it the truth?

The higher up in the ruling elites

The police and macc decline to pursue

They drag their legs giving much leeway

Even those in ruling elite members

Spinning seditious venom nothing came out of it

The police never charge or open investigation

They just close the files

When a Pas member said about royalty

Bidding for car number plate of $520k

The police investigated him for seditious posting

When it is the truth JPJ released the bidder

The country needs change badly

The way she is heading the people will cry

The free exchanges seem to be curtailed

The slogan 'people first...' gone to the drain

in the lake

In the lake the swimmers take

The ripples circle they don't see

They want to get it across

The winning bet on the land

The friends and supporters shout

There is a water snake behind you”

The swimmers don't hear a thing

They want to swim to finish the race

The guitar players strumming songs

Along the bank of the lake giving them melodies

In the lake the swimmers take

Splashing and cutting water to swim along

The green and black reptile floating along

The swimmers yell and kicking hard like fishes

They swim to the shore breathing heavily

What's that in the lake?”

The guitar players sing

It isn't anything you see

There is no water snake

It's part of your imagination”

On land the party begins

The food and water flow

The winners get their prizes

They look at the lake imagining of snakes

bee anne wants you to believe

On paper Bee Anne will win

Through the weight of its propaganda tools

History has recorded its people who decide

The pathways of the country's direction

The public relations team

The paid cyber-troopers

They go all out to paint

The wall of mystical colors

They think they look good

With money flowing into their coffers

They should admit their actions

It betrays the trust the country wants

The shell life has arrived

The ruling elites know it well

They just want to crank it up

How to do when there is no engine to run?

The majority wants change

The country needs it too

She can't sleep well with her battered soul

She cries for her needs

once he was...

Once he was in the thick of action

Standing up to fight for the rights

On the stage and his writing

Until he turned 360 degree

The years he fought

It has become a bitter taste

A man once who stood on his principles

He finally succumbed to his own fall

He claimed to have deep throats

In the government machineries to help him

He wrote many articles urging the people to change

Now he himself went through the back door

He came a zero once he was worshipped by many

People who believed what he wrote and tried to do

Now many couldn't want to believe what he writes

He has become his own liability

Now many leave him alone

Let him brag what he wants to say

He can't fall back the way it was

The fabric of trust has broken....

the hungry of power

The diseases in our lives

We are lucky we are still walking

In this world of power hungry types

They want it all blind eyes to our cries

There are the hidden walls

We don't really see what they try

The secret conversations to destroy

The innocents - adults and children

Sometimes we wonder ourselves

Are we in reality shows?

We see the props and ulterior motives

They are the clowns with evil masks

We see the guns, bullets and bombs

The weapons of mass destruction in our minds

Are we that safe in this world we lived in?

Maybe we are in reality shows

The diseases will come

Now we are running out of time

There are many pushing the barriers

And we are arguing about rights and boundaries

Over in Syria

The army killed many innocent people

Adults and children fell on their guns and tanks

The world body only talked and protested

The dark shadow playing games

It has been predicted and it will come and pass

Many innocent blood will be spilled

On the ground the crying never die

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the shadows in the light

The shadows in the light

They watch every step you take

You think they are the beggars

Sleeping in the open lighted corridors

You see it with your own eyes

The mind says they are the destitutes

They look for alms to stay alive

Dirty clothing eyes of lost ambition

You should step away and look

The shadows may play acting on the shades

They may have other business in their minds

You will never know unless you keep an open mind

Once I remembered a story up on a hill

A dirty man acted like drunk and beg

He would pick up throw away cigarette butts

Sleeping on the corridor living in his world

When he found what he wanted

He came with his troop and to look around

He was an Army Captain camouflaged as a drunk beggar

Some people recognized him for months he was around

do you remember the years gone?

Do you remember the years gone?

Do you remember the faces of people?

You meet in work, in school, in social working?

If you look back, you can't remember

Do you remember names?

Once you were great knowing them

As years passing through

You lose the memories of recall

The past seem a reflection

Once you were there

Once you were part of the scenes

Then the moving then the lost in touch

Even classmates when left school

You don't meet them any more

They are just a part of life reflection

Once you were part of the class

As you step on the cross road

What you have are just collection of memories

Of people, places and interests

You just look back and salute then move on

the people have decided

GE13 jumping on high

The spreading of words

The timing and the month

The guessing game unfolds

The people have decided

They don't care when it is called

What they want will be known

When the ballots are counted

The ruling party still trying

The way to link to power

The leaders can't sleep well

They use money into programs

The party linked newspapers

The cyber-troopers unleashed

They paint the wall with grafitti

The good feeling splashing line

The sound on the streets

The hot breezy wind keep blowing

The guessing game and bets

The people have decided let it comes

what do we gain?

Trojan horses and frogs

The Brutus and spies

The intrigues in the political games

It never seems to fade away

The center piece of color

It's the money and power

The hunger of greed

The humans forget the basic

The world we live in

The leaders keep talking

They can't find a common ground

They fight to keep their own

The borderless world

We imagine it to be so

Trojan horses and frogs

The Brutus and spies

In my backyard

The cats and dogs

They face each other

They know their boundary

Trojan horses and frogs

The Brutus and spies

It means nothing to them

They just want to live and frolics

The humans should learn

Forgive and carry on with our lives

We don't have to make it worst

In the end what do we gain?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the sun rays

The hot weather

Make you run

You don't want to stand too long

You don't want to get sun burned

The piercing sun rays

It never wants to go away

It penetrates on the skin

You can feel the heat

The hot weather

The heat rising high

The hot breezes

It makes no difference

It will be a breeze

In the airconditioned malls

Walk for hours without worry

Out of the sun rays

it all comes down to business

The gated community

The segregation of neighbors

The muscles of wealth

The thumbdrive to class system

The fear of robberies and thefts

The safety issues drawing the line

The people pick the gated community

A feel of security just that feeling

A monthly fee will be levied

Some will pay others will shy away

Some don't bother to pay

It isn't a compulsory bill

The gated community

The premier hike in housing price

It all comes down to business

Capitalize on fear and safety issues

listen to the voices

It's the money

They are doing

The same old tactic

They run out of ideas

Listen to the voices

They don't need your money

It's the principle

We are the changers

The running dogs bark

Give the people money

You want to cut to be PM?

They run out of ideas

Money can ease the burden

The rural folks and the destitutes

It is just a short gun bullet

Once fired what's the end result?

Listen to the voices

We want change not transformation

The backbone is bad

It can't hold the pressures

Don't fool the people

Do what are the grievances

It's the transparency and accountability

Nobody should run into the shades

the land sharks

Much ado of loan sharks

They pasted cards and flyers

With contact numbers to dial

Yet the police can't sweep them up

We hear of houses and cars

They get red paint on the compound

Some get molotov bombs....

The low key investigations run

The loan sharks are everywhere

Where are the men in blue?

No charging at the loan sharks?

They are every corner bragging about

We don't hear them catch the big fishes

The men in blue good at chasing the opposition

With shields and batons and water cannons

What about loan sharks no chasing them?

Monday, May 28, 2012

the painted roll

The painted roll

It hangs on the wall

The artist refused to bring down

He said he has no tool to do

The cracks on the frames

The years of hanging up there

The new cobwebs made the scene

The artist fails to see

When it is pointed out

He doesn't agree with the observations

He says he isn't blind to it all

This is a piece of art!

Even the fellow artists say

The painted roll should be replaced

It has no artistic value

Unless he wants to be unappreciated

The artist refuses to believe

He hangs it there in his world

Others can come and go

He lives in his way of life

the kitten is back!

The kitten is back!

Where did the kitten hide?

No idea for the past 3 days

Yesterday it made its presence

Hiding behind palm trees

Snoozing in the evening shade

The mother cat meowing

The kitten didn't bother to response

When it sensed human presence

It quickly woke up and ran

It got stuck along the concrete walls

For a while it took to recharge its battery

It finally crawled out

Running to the bushes nearby

The mother cat chased after its kitten

The family cat reunion at last!

it's the money world

It's the money world
Live right through with it
Every day there is the point
You can't live without

You wake up in the morning
You sleep in the night
The mind just can't let you forget
It's the money world

You can say
It isn't the sum of all
You know you can't live without it
It's the money world

It's the engine driving through
You work hard for it and you know
You can say we don't have to live with it
But it's the money world

we lost that bonding spirit

The gated community

The sharing of it is missing

The house owners pay the security fee

The bonding is just missing

The neighborhood watch

It has lost its magic

Those years in the villages

You don't hear crimes committed

Stealing and robbery

Nobody wants to take

It was an open concept

Every door welcoming guests

Those were times in the villages

Every one kept a watch for the neighbor

At time moved on the sharing disappeared

Now in the modern concept the yearning returned

But the sharing is missing

It's about money letting others patrol

Around the neighborhood

We have lost that bonding spirit

Sunday, May 27, 2012

the change singing in every corner

The Taiko doesn't speak

He silently keeps his distance

When the political goons go

Intimidating the helpless

The sidekick never says

He keeps mum too....

Letting the goons the assumed role

They go and make a nuisance

The top dog too

He is so quiet

He should come out

And see what's happening

On the ground the people know

These are the farm out goons

They owe their allegiance to gravy train

So they are there to stroke their power

The majority waits

Patience is the way to free

The shackles the country faces

The change is singing through every corner

a moment of time

A moment of time

On a rest on the wooden bench

A small cried on the push trolley

She looked at me

Her daddy pointed her to me

I waved my hand she stopped crying

I looked and made some monkey faces

For a while she kept looking...

When I looked back at her

She smile sweetly at me

Maybe something of knowing

There is a friendly face

When her father went to his ATM

The small girl still looked at me

I smile to her before I took my leave

Maybe she saw a friendly face

be prepared every day

The gated community living

Every house owner will pay for it

Along the way the falsehood of safety

There is no guaranteed of its success

Every housing developer

The trend the customers want

The new housing scheme will implement

The gated community living

It has become a selling point

The would be house owners will look

They are willing to pay for premium rate

Of safety they wish to live free of troubles

The crimes of robberies and rapes

The house break-in and inside jobs

The bad people will move in too

In the gated community living

Be prepared for any eventuality

Paying for a sense of security

It never is a guaranteed safety

In a gated community living

Saturday, May 26, 2012

the world of good and bad

The werewolves in our midst

Everyday in the night we hear

The stories of losing monies and souls

Somebody loses; somebody dies

The greed we have

Admit it we all have our secrets

Along the way don't let darkness ride

We will lose our souls to the dark side

The jealousy in our minds

We control we hide it well

When we can't the sudden implosion

The ugly truth sink its teeth

We play the games

The truth and lies

We think we learn

We are just werewolves..

In the full moon

The evil smile

The time of taking souls

Somebody loses; somebody dies

It is life

The wrong way

The wrong turn

The sleepless nights

Live with what we have

Recognize there are troubles in our lives

There is no such thing as free and enjoy

We live in the world of good and bad