Monday, May 30, 2005

conversation with Gandhi and guests

Gandhi was walking along the road. He was thinking how to find his journey of truth. Along the traffic junction he met his friends and he brought them together to discuss about his longing of finding the truth and other religions. PH, Tess and Lanai trooped in to his house and shared their view...

The Plymouth Brethen said " You cannot understand the beauty of our religion. From what you say it appears that you must be brooding over your transgressions every moment of your life, always mending them and atoning for them. How can this ceaseless cycle of action bring you redemption? You can never have peace. You admit that we all sinners. Now look at the perfection of our belief. Our attempts at improvement and atonement are futile. And yet redemption we must have. How can we bear the burden of sin? We can but throw it on Jesus. He is the only sinless Son of God. His word that those who believe in Him shall have everlasting life. Therein lies God's infinite mercy. And as we believe in the atonement of Jesus our own sins do not bind us. Sin we must. It is impossible to live in this world sinless. And therefore Jesus suffered and atoned for all the sins of mankind. Only he who accepts His great redemption can have eternal peace. Think what a life of restlessness is yours and what a promise of peace we have "

Gandhi replied " If this be the Christianity acknowledged by all Christians I cannot accept it. I do not seek redemption from the consequences of my sin. I seek to be redeemed from sin itself or rather from the very thought of sin. Until I have attained that end, I shall be content to be restless."

Gandhi continued " All Christians did not believe in such a theory of atonement."

Gandhi said " It was impossible for me to believe that I could go to heaven or attain salvation only be becoming a Christian. "

Lanai concurred " Salvation is on each individual path. How he is going to attain it depended on his journey to the kingdom of God. Surely God doesnt want a person to commit sin and ask for forgiveness every time without learning the process "

Gandhi continued " Hate the sin and not the sinner is a precept which, thought easy enough to understand, is rarely practised and that it why the poison of hatred spreads in the world "

Plymouth Bethren said " Love Jesus. He makes you free!"

Lanai chipped in " Only God grants our spiritual freedom. He is the One who decides not any prophet or messenger "

Gandhi looked at me said " The ahimsa is the basis of the search for truth. For we are all tarred with the same brush, and are children of one and same Creator and as such the divine powers within us are infinite. To slight a single human being is to slight those divine powers and thus to harm not only that being but with him the whole world."

Tess came to participate said " I am an agnostic. I can only see what's in front of me. The future is just a blurring story. The Bible is a story of blinded souls who couldnt make it to anywhere. what ills the world? What we believe in? The Christians always say in the name of Jesus or Lord Jesus please save us mortals who have committed sins...Is Jesus the one to salvage our souls? Or it is some one grand story telling to fool many souls? Look the forces of good and evil is everywhere...and who makes it happen? God? Jesus?"

Gandhi put his specs aside said " You have to find your own truth..."

Plymouth Bethren said " The truth is with Jesus. Whoever believes in Him will find salvation."

Lanai looked around said " God decides one's salvation. You can't possible commit many sins and ask for redemption. You can't possibly do that. Jesus said go and sin no more! But what do the Christians do? Here I should add Jesus didnt start Christianity. It is not his intention at all. Muhammad is the one who brought Allah's religion to the world. And so is Jesus! "

Gandhi concurred " True. You can't ask for redemption all the times. I am looking for my atonement and find the message of Truth."

Tess stared at us said " You are bullshit! You can't even see tomorrow. Not even the future. So what God do? Let the demons plundered our souls. Even that I can't see. So what's new guys? Even the religious books are long stories to sweep off our feet and mind. Faith when you get nothing? Atonement? Redemption? Tell me can you see tomorrow man?!"

Plymouth Bethren shifted his chair looked at Tess " Her outburst isnt over. By damning herself she has damned God. Cursed of all creation. Denied it. Disfigured it for the rest of us. A selfish woman! You should come to Jesus. He makes you free!"

Lanai gestured with his hands " It is her view. Right now Tess may be right. Why dont you look around the world and see what's happening? It isnt a good picture to take home. Is it testing our faith? For someone who we dont see at all? Like Job who had suffered so much but his faith pulled him through. So I should say the God's religion still helps...from the beginning till the end
Islam the way for peace and atonement...."

Tess flashed her eyes " You people are stoned death! Walk on the road you get killed. Stayed at home get clobbered. Go to office get raped. Hey...make it real will you?!"

Gandhi looked pain in his seat "A mind consciously unclean can not be cleansed by fasting except by intense self examination, surrender to God and lastly grace."

Lanai looked at his friends " Dont fast because it is a condition. Fast for the joy and grace of it. Fast for long term journey as one of the ways for salvation."

Tess argued further " You want to feed the world poor? The 3rd world countries in terrible shit holes. Yet people just walk as usual, work, smile, laugh and all those positive values but never done alot to the poor."

Lanai " It is the journey to save our souls. The 3rd world countries are caused by greed, corruption and internal conflict. It is a shame they forgot about their lives mission."

Tess " Such as??? "

Gandhi " My experience teaches me that for those whose minds are working towards self restraint, dietetic restrictions and fasting are very useful. The path of self purification is hard and steep. To attain to perfect purity one has to become absolutely passion free in thought, speech and action, to rise above the opposing currents of love and hatred, attachment and repulsion. "

Tess said " are bringing us to far away land..."

Gandhi looked at her said " No Tess. So long as man does not of his own free will put himself last among his fellow creatures, there is no salvation for him. AHIMSA is the farthest limit of humility. "

Lanai said " Time for break guys! "

Saturday, May 28, 2005

other crazy thoughts 5

The Old Testament and the Quran condemn the doctrine of three persons in God; the New Testament does not expressly hold or defend it, but even if it contains hints and traces concerning the Trinity, it is no authority at all, because it was neither seen nor written by Christ himself, nor in the language he spoke, nor did it exist in its present form and contents for - at least - the first two centuries after him.
It might with advantage be added that in the East the Unitarian Christians always combated and protested against the Trinitarians, and that when they beheld the utter destruc- tion of the "Fourth Beast" by the Great Prophet of Allah, they accepted and followed him. The Devil, who spoke through the mouth of the serpent to Eve, uttered blasphemies against the Most High through the mouth of the "Little Horn" which sprang up among the "Ten Horns" upon the head of the "Fourth Beast" (Dan. viii.), was none other than Cons- tantine the Great, who officially and violently proclaimed the Nicene Creed. But, Prophet Muhammad has destroyed the "Iblis" or the Devil from the Promised Land for ever, by establishing Islam there as the religion of the One true God.


"And I will shake all nations, and the Himdah all the nations will come; and I will fill this house with glory, says the Lord of hosts. Mine is the silver, mine is the gold, says the Lord of hosts, the glory of my last house shall be greater than that of the first one, says the Lord of hosts; and in this place I will give Shalom, says the Lord of hosts" (Haggai, ii. 7-9).
I have translated the above paragraph from the only copy of the Bible at my disposal, lent to me by an Assyrian lady cousin in her own vernacular language. But let us consult the English versions of the Bible, which we find have rendered the original Hebrew words himda and shalom into "desire" and "peace" respectively.
Jewish and Christian commentators alike have given the utmost importance to the double promise contained in the above prophecy. They both understand a messianic predic- tion in the word Himda. Indeed, here is a wonderful pro- phecy confirmed by the usual biblical formula of the divine oath, "says the Lord Sabaoth," four times repeated. If this prophecy be taken in the abstract sense of the words himda and shalom as "desire" and "peace," then the prophecy becomes nothing more than an unintelligible aspiration. But if we understand by the term himda a concrete idea, a person and reality, and in the word shalom, not a condition, but a living and active force and a definitely established religion, then this prophecy must be admittedly true and fulfilled in the person of Ahmed and the establishment of Islam. For himda and shalom - or shlama have precisely the same significance respectively as Ahmed and Islam.
The Holy Quran (ch.61:6 ) declares that Jesus announced unto the people of Israel the coming of Ahmad: "And when Jesus, the son of Mary said: 'Children of Israel, I am sent to you by Allah to confirm the Torah that is before me, and to give news of a Messenger who will come after me whose name shall be Ahmad.' Yet when he came to them with clear proofs, they said: 'This is clear sorcery.'"

So Jesus had spoken the coming of Muhammad yet the Christians didnt believe Him. Because Jesus didnt preach about Christianity! Paul is credited with the founding of Christianity

Thursday, May 26, 2005

the politics of the day & others

The Star Wars trilogy of a different kind - a man dressed up as Darth Vader and exposed himself to the females in the housing estate. A clever move but a sick mind. Maybe he was kicked out by his girlfriend and now he revenged on the females. Perhaps he couldnt find his sanity so he stopped himself to get insane for awhile. Moreover who could recognize him in his outfit..Sick mind yet has the mind to think

The Produa had launched the new model called MYVI of 1.0 cc and 1.3 cc models. Prices below $50k Designs copied from some cars linked to Perodua. It looked neat and spacious too. It can be used for a family car. I have to wait to read the review of the car. To mind it sounds like 'Buy Stick' I hope it doesnt come out lame with a nice body but no energy..

Now the ruling party wants a university for themselves. The members got jealous since the other component parties have their own universities. Come one guys...the government universities are monopolised by 70% of the same race...dont you think you shoud have enough cake to eat? You have these graduates say 80,000 or whatever number given who can't even think and speak properly and yet you want another university for the party. For what? Another line of robot to get sick in the work place? I think we should brush up on our delivery systems of the universities. Think global fight global sleep global. Yeah...the pill is hard to swallow but else is new in the 21st century? Nothing!!! You feel scared the race will loose...too much spoon feeding will ultimately kill yourself...

Sunday, May 22, 2005

corruption, schools and piracy

A retired police officer had a wealth of $34 million. He declared it to the Royal Commission. So every party wanted to know how he could amass a wealth of such multitude on his policeman's pay. The IGP didnt know and so was the Minister. To me he must have his reasons to declare it. He could have the necessary documents to proof his wealth. Right now let him submit his papers. Why should the Royal Commission put down in record when they didnt have the papers? By right they should investigate and find it out first on the information received. It just a matter of calling him to enquire about his wealth either in person or write to him. So simple to get the truth of the information...

No thug in school now. So said the Education Minister. He could reduce the rate because these bad students are laying low until the heat is over. The ugly head will poke out when every one sleeps on the job again. Look at the piracy of dvds...They are back! Because the so called manufacturers never reduce the price and the Minister too sided with them. Consumers pay again. The government always on the side of the manufacturers/companies not the customers.
Why must they want to make hefty profits? Can't they just make enough and let it sells in large quantities? In the end the profits soar and piracy curtailed at source. Shit...they never learn the basic marketing..

Thursday, May 19, 2005

other crazy thoughts 4

I have to remind those who stop by my blog not to be offended of what had been said by a former Catholic Bishop. We believe in One God One Religion throughout the history of Man from Adam and Eve right through the present time. lanai

The Christian auspicatory formula: "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost," does not even mention the name of God! And this is the Christian God! The Nestorian and Jacobite formula, which consists of ten syllables exactly like the Muslim "Bismillahi," is thus to be transliterated: Bshim Abha wo-Bhra ou-Ruha d-Qudsha, which has the same meaning as that contained in all other Christian formulas. The Quranic formula, on the other hand, which expresses the foundation of the Islamic truth is a great contrast to the Trinitarians' formula: Bis- millahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Rahim; that is: "In the Name of the Most Merciful and Compassionate Allah."

The Christian Trinity - inasmuch as it admits a plurality of persons in the Deity, attributes distinct personal properties to each person; and makes use of family names similar to those in the pagan mythology - cannot be accepted as a true conception of the Deity. Allah is neither the father of a son nor the son of a father. He has no mother, nor is He self- made. The belief in "God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Ghost" is a flagrant denial of the Oneness of God, and an audacious confession in three imperfect beings who, unitedly or separately, cannot be the true God.

The trinitarian branch of the Christian Church, for about seventeen centuries, has exhausted all the brains of her saints and philosophers to define the Essence and the Person of the Deity; and what have they invented? All that which Athanasiuses, Augustines and Aquinases have imposed upon the Christians "under the pain of eternal damnation" to believe in a God who is "the third of three"! Allah, in His Holy Quran, condemns this belief in these solemn words:-
"Because the unbelivers are those who say: 'Allah is one of three.' There is but One God. If they do not desist in what they say, a painful punishment will afflict those of them that disbelieve." (Quran Ch.5 v73).

Those who maintain the unity of God in the trinity of persons tell us that "each person is omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal and perfect God; yet there are not three omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal and perfect Gods, but one omnipotent . . . God!" If there is no sophistry in the above reasoning then we shall present this "mystery" of the churches by an equation:- .
God = 1 God + 1 God + 1 God; therefore: 1 God = 3 Gods. In the first place, one god cannot equal three gods, but only one of them. Secondly, since you admit each person to be perfect God like His two associates, your conclusion that 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 is not mathematical, but an absurdity!
You are either too arrogant when you attempt to prove that three units equal one unit; or too cowardly to admit that three ones equal three ones. In the former case you can never prove a wrong solution of a problem by a false pro- cess; and in the second you have not the courage to confess your belief in three gods.

The fact is that the Popes and the General Councils have always condemned the Sabelian doctrine which main- tained that God is one but that He manifested Himself as the Father or as the Son or as the Holy Spirit, being always one and the same person. Of course, the religion of Islam does not endorse or sanction the Sabelian views. God mani- fested Jamal or beauty in Christ, Jelal or Glory and Majesty in Prophet Muhammad, and Wisdom in Solomon, and so on in many other objects of nature, but none of those pro- phets are gods neither the beautiful scenery of nature are gods.
The truth is that there is no mathematical exactitude, no absolute equality between the three persons of the Trinity. If the Father were in every respect equal to the Son or the Holy Spirit, as the unit 1 is positively equal to another figure 1, then there would necessarily be only one person of God and not three, because a unit is not a fragment or fraction nor a multiple of itself. The very difference and relationship that is admitted to exist between the persons of the Trinity leaves no shadow of doubt that they are neither equal to each other nor are they to be identified with one another. The Father begets and is not begotten; the Son is begotten and not a father; the Holy Ghost is the issue of the other two persons; the first person is described as creator and destroyer; the second as savior or redeemer, and the third as life-giver. Consequently none of the three is alone the Creator, the Redeemer and the Life-giver. Then we are told that the second person is the Word of the first Person, becomes man and is sacrificed on the cross to satisfy the justice of his father, and that his incarnation and resurrection are operated and accomplished by the third person.

In conclusion, I must remind Christians that unless they believe in the absolute Oneness of God, and renounce the belief in the three persons, they are certainly unbelievers in the true God. Strictly speaking, Christians are polytheists, only with this exception, that the gods of the heathen are false and imaginary, whereas the three gods of the Churches have a distinct character, of whom the Father - as another epithet for Creator - is the One true God, but the son is only a pro- phet and worshiper of God, and the third person one of the innumerable holy spirits in the service of the Almighty God. ( Professor David Benjamin Keldani former Roman Catholic Bishop)

And Jesus told in one of his many messenges to the people then

Jesus said 'If you love me, keep my commandments' John 14:15
Jesus said further 'Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven Mathew 5:19

Monday, May 16, 2005

other crazy thoughts 3

It is my rumblings and it has nothing to do whatever faith you profess. I am not going to engage in the religious pursuits of any one who may thing otherwise. You keep your council as what you believe in. I get on with my journey from the books of the prophets and history records lanai

I was told Jesus (pbuh) founded Christianity. Now when I read through the gospels and the opinion of the religious scholars it wasnt Jesus who founded Christianity. The 27 Books of the New Testament more than half is authored by St Paul. Jesus (pbuh) during his time on earth didnt write a single word of the 27 Books of the New Testament. Don't be shock that 80% of Gospel of Jesus from Paul. So it is credited that Paul is the founder of Christianity Ahmad Deedat

Jesus work is to spread the word of One God One Religion of The Lord of the nation and the world So I could understand he didnt have time to write it down. Moreover he had only 3 years to tell his people what God wants them to practise. But his own people didnt want him then I knew too that the Gospel of Jesus (pbuh) was written 300-400 years after his death. Jesus preached the same religion and The Lord of his ancestors - Abraham, Moses, Solomon, David, Jacob,etc - from then on in my view he didnt preach about Christianity so He is preaching about Islam - the religion of Allah/God! lanai

So the 1.2 billion Catholic Christians got the wrong road to heaven?? Really a time to assess...the truth....from the beginning!

It is good to open up mind to understand what God wanted us to follow. Lucifer has a free reign to blend his falsehoods and lies in anyway he could. It reminds me that maybe God/Allah is playing a chess game with Lucifer - Satan - The Evil One and see how far he can corrupt the mind of Man! So far he did quite well..Because God let him too!

In the present world we are still divided on our belief although the road is very clear basing on the books of Torah, New Testament(Holy Bible) and Holy Quran - God's religion, words and commandments Yet as human beings Lucifer has wedged his lies into our mind...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

lure of money stuck in life

Lured to prostitution. It happens so many times and I begin to wonder why people still fall for it. Easy life and good income. Even educated people gone the passage to doom. How come? Women always, especially the pretty ones, fall for the bad guys? I knew a few who fell for it. Fast money, fast cars, fast entertainment, fast publicity. Every fast one. Now the latest ones from a small town to the city..The city eats your soul every time. I know. When you have the money, the city beckons you to her world. Once I knew a Malay guy who set up a poultry business. He did it well in his business supplying chickens to the hotels. Because of his crazy entertainment to throw around he lost his business. He didnt work as hard as before. He lost his direction. Although I did tell him so, he couldnt be bothered with me. The last I heard of him was when he came to borrow money from me. I didnt see him anymore. He was a pitiful sight. And also about uni students who walked part time in the social services to supplement their course fees. I heard it is still happening in the city...although I had left the scene. Friends still hanging out or stay put in the city.

I always hear the similar story...Meet the guy a few days or weeks and then gone off with the man...See? Got brain didnt want to use. It reminded me about the Oxford university graduates who plunged down to the river just because it is a tradition..quite a number got severe injuries. These people are considered the cream of the uni graduates. But no brain when it came to party themselves.

So Lucifer is capturing them.....for awhile I think but not for long. The angel of light - false hopes and false needs..lure of money the fast track to fame and plenty of wants...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

other crazy thoughts 2

According to the Aztecs in Mexico through documents known as the Vaticano Latin Codex and another cultural document of the Aztecs survived the ravages of the conquest is the Sun Stone of Axayacatl, the 6th emperor of the royal dynasty which as with the codex stated on the belief that the world has already passed through 4 Epochs or Suns and which we are now on the 5th Sun

The First and most remote of these is represented by Ocelotonatiuh, the jaguar god : During that Sun lived the giants that had been created by the gods but were finally attacked and devoured by the jaguars

The Second Sun is represented by the serpent head of Ehecoatl, the god of the air : During that period the human race was destroyed by high winds and hurricanes and men were converted into monkeys

The Third Sun is a head of rain and celestial fire : In this epoch everything was destroyed by a rain of fire from the sky and forming of lava. All these houses were burnt. Men were converted into birds to survive the catastrophe

The Fourth Sun is represented by the head of the water goddess Chalchiuhtlicue: Destruction came in the form of torrential rains and floods. The mountains disappeared and men were transformed into fish

The Fifth Sun, our current epoch, is the face of Tonatiuh, the sun god himself. His tongue, fittingly depicted as an obsidian knife, just out hungrily, signalling his need for the nourishment of human blood and hearts. His features are wrinkled to indicate his advanced age and he appears within the symbol Ollin which signifies movement. The Fifth Sun is also known as 'TheSun of Movement' - in it there will be a movement of the earth and from this we shall all perish (recorded history in museums from footprints of the gods)

And this scenario the Fifth Sun is going to come to an end on 23/12/2012..

Do the people really believe the truth? Or we think the ancient people are nuts as well?

From God's own warning prophecies - that this greatest multiplied intensity of corrective punishment will fall on Britain and America - including British peoples in Commonwealth countries And it will strike them down first! (Herbert Armstrong)

There can never be peace on earth until all nations will have been turned to God and His ways. ruled by His supreme government! (Herbert Armstrong)

Behold EVIL shall go forth from nation to nation and a great whirlwind shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth (Jer 25:31-31)

The coming Great Tribulation probably will last about 2 1/2 years - the Day of the Lord about one year then comes the RESURRECTION and second coming of Christ (Book of Hosea)

(from Herbert Armstrong founder Worldwide Church of God)

Pray a moment to ponder. The political situations in the present world is tense. North Korea has the Nuke bomb. India and Pakistan have it too. Iran suppose to get it but denied it now. Russia will come to play she never forgets her lost territories and not forgetting China in the war game. And also about the Muslim fanatics in the Middle East countries...The evil has set in motion...only time has not come yet.

And I have two devil advocates to tell me...thank you, thank you people. I hope there shouldnt be offence on my part...just say your piece and smile. The world is bad enough already

Friday, May 13, 2005

other crazy thoughts

In today Star it was reported that a group of teenagers (boys and girls) bashed another girl because they said she behaved arrogant! In Singapore where I had suspected all along that the people need an outlet to blow off their frustrations, loneliness, lovesickness, employment blues etc. A country where every one must toe the lines - the party itself and the laws - each citizen must embrace the gifts of the present government. There shouldnt be any disagreementt in the establishment. So now you can imagine the pent up frustrations right through the young minds. In Malaysia you can find gangsterism in schools, drug pushers, bullies and exhortionists. What really has gone wrong in our young?

Education and religion....and pressures to excel in schools.

In the same newspaper about 56% below 35 years old are stressful in jobs and studies. The softies they have become. So I guess the crime rates will go up....The mind can't control the dilemma face by these young adults. The disease of the modern world or society itself

Religion is always a sensitive issue. Every faith always get boil up whenever someone tries to discuss the interfaith dialogue. The 'love thy neighbour' always goes away in the course of the opening up statement. The Jews hate the Christ -ians, the Christ- ians never like the Muslims and the Muslims say these people never know their scriptures. The Holy Quran is the final book for these people - Jews, Christ-ians and Muslims. They come from the same source and family tree. Abraham(pbuh) is the one who built the Kaabah..the 1 God 1 religion theme. Yet the Jews and Christ-ians think otherwise. So you see the implications of the scene. The Holy Quran is the amalgation of the Torah and Holy Bible as it is written for these people. Jesus(pbuh) told the truth that he had to die before Muhammad could come. Jesus preached of 1 God 1 religion. He didnt talk about the Trinity- God - The Son - Holy Spirit!!! Salvation is knowing the truth!! God is one forever He is!! And He has one religion for mankind. Not so many floating in our times.

By the time it spreads to the nations every meaning changes to suit the time. Even the Sabbath holds differently for the people of the faith. Torah on Saturday, Christ-ians on Sunday and Muslims on Friday. This is the day God rested after He made His world. A time for meditation and renewal of sight and soul...But then if you read the book on 'Footprints of the gods' you may think our lives have no meaning in the end! Every 5,000 years he destroys what He had made!
In Malachi it is prophesied about the present Pope and the final one to replace him. Then the end is complete. Lucifer will take control of the Church together with the rising union of nations in Europe to control the World. The one year of sufferings and turmoil the nations have to go through then Jesus will descend from Heavens to administer his unfinished work. Remember he had 3 years before he went away Muhammad had 23 years before he died at aged 63 years old

After that it starts all over again?! As the chapters on Footprints of the gods seemed to tell the story. Many objects left behind couldnt be achieved by the people then. It was through another race lost without trace...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

a thought flow 3

Games never finish until you touch the line. You can be last or you can be first; it really doesnt matter as long as you complete the circle.

Every sentence has a head and a tail. Every relationship has a beginning and an end. The sweet and sour life too.

Loneliness doesnt come; only we make it so. If you sit and cry, who make it so? You yourself make it miserable. Look in the mirror what you see will make an impact in your life.

Monday, May 09, 2005

life in the city

Do I love city life? You are kidding! I had my share of my city life. Kuala Lumpur. I called it the city of dreams or the money making machine city. Here alot of things I could do but when I had nothing good on my way the city life could drown any person without a base. It could suck your life away with every opportunity. The life on the surface is materialistic. No money no talk seemed the trend in the city. Friends I find was here today gone tomorrow...Like see you guys!! After awhile I got bored with it. Living in the city I had my share of problems. Lucky for me I got away before I got caught in her trap. Of course I could still return and haunt the areas but the scene nowadays have changed. It has turned into attracting the very young and the eager ones to her fold - money is the main attraction and the business opportunities too. Yet at times I thought about her pulling effects on me. What it did while I was in the city. I had been to night clubs and disco until I didnt go home too. I slept in my office for good measure!! I saw how the women got their side income and why they wanted it badly. I even saw old women did the same for money And I even advised the old women that their times had passed them by...but money is sure one commodity no one wanted to pass it over. I talked to the mummy....and those women I had the opportunity to talk to. Their stories - live an easy life - worked like shit in the city and balik kampung jadi orang terbaik siapa nak tau? Some were sad stories...

Every year many crowd in the city. They bring with them hopes and desires - love, money and relationships. Drugs for quick fix and rich. Choked the city life. Leave the place in a mess of the human race and the environment. Everything one desires and a quick fix boils to money and corruption to get what one needs. Nothing is forever free. Even if it is free, there is a payback time when honor is called to help. Life in the city it can make your rich or you damn your soul to the ghost in every corner waiting for the lost souls.....Crying for help, lost their directions in life. the dreams shattered to pieces like pieces of fools floating in the sky...Begging for assistance in sorrows and loneliness. It is the state where I came bonded by the short distance with highways and linkage roads. It is so easy to disappear and everyone may not know where the birds fly to..Life in the city once she gets you deep you won't escape her clutches easily. You breed like her - fast and tempting life, throw the weak, brand it and put aside and go for the top with a ruthless mind to achieve the mantra of richness, the power and feeling of greatness.. the city makes you hit the rock too...

The city
In the State I was born
I got away before I turned
Yet the calling for my return
Her power then was limited
She didnt get so many souls
As the years had gone
She had got the mandate
She breathes fire in her eyes
In the city
Once awhile I go home
And let the clutches hold me still
The memories flooding my mind
Only for a minute or two
I am back to my own turf
And the city
she wants me home
Putting up fantastic structures
but without her soul
I still hear her melodious cry
tempting me with many
the dazzling display of colors
as I go home once awhile
Now I have become like a tourist in my own State. I go in for a visit then I go out again. I dont spend hours and I hardly staty over night. Maybe the pull of city life I dont want to think about In my mind the mantra of her cries linger in my mind. I see her all the time only waiting to engulf me into her bosom and this time I doubt I can run away....yet I am going for a visit...the city waits for her lost children...

Saturday, May 07, 2005

about food and drinks

Everyone talk about food. When I heard the radio DJ announced that Penang food is best in the country..Arrrrrgh! Only a few that I could think of. The cendol stalls off Penang Road, Ah Guan apom balik stall in Burmah Road, the People's Park area in China Town and the oldest Restaurant in Burmah Road quite near to Komtar overhead bridge These areas are cheap and delicious. Nasi kandar has lost its glamour. Those areas in Air Hitam or Swatow Lane are the so so type but the Sultan Mee is good ( because at one time Sultan Kedah loved that mee) I should know. I had stayed in Penang for many years before I moved on.

And now the Star paper published about food stalls in Taiping where one can find good food and drinks...This is another story for me. I haven't been to Taiping for a long time..So I guess I should drive to find these food stalls eh?

In Ipoh there are many stalls selling delicious food too. But I am not Ipoh person so I dont really know. I went to Beacon Point in Soldier's Road (Jalan Perajurit) Good and not expensive but I only sampled the pastry..

I guess all the very best food have gone to KL city or in PJ..There are the places where you can sample the delicious food from the best of other states. Because it is easy to make a living in the city where majority tend to lunch out or dine out. Time is for dreaming about money...Men and women, party and sex, extreme loneliness, back biting friends...drugs and booze and the demimonde women...the money scene otherwise you havent arrived..My home state but I ran away I guess it is not my taste I had seen what I wanted to see So it is time to start something new of my life Maybe I come back to my home state to relax.

a thought flow 2

The hot plate principle where everyone gets a fair reward and punishment There is no cronyism and favoritism Each gets a fair and consistent deal Trying putting your hand on a hot plate every time You get the message

When there is money made Everyone wants a share The consequences leave it to the losers The winner wants to enjoy

Education a passport to a better future Money is in your hands and mind It is how you going to use education to harvest your labor Share what we have It is a pleasant smile you see Look around many times we smile to make the world shine?

Favorites today better enjoy it Tomorrow it is yesterday's gossip One has to improve with time LIFE THE AGE OF MANY SEASONS EVERYDAY SOMETHING NEW HAPPEN ONE MUST BE READY TO FACE THE CHALLENGE IT COMES WITHOUT CEREMONY

Life changes Everyday every time Sometimes you dont see it The cycle just moves around When you open your eyes, you seem to lose many So every minute it counts towards where you want to be Take the opportunity otherwise you dont get it You have to waitThen again life changes....every time

Give a smile to yourself; you make the world go round with you It costs you nothing but it brings you joy and cheer The life begins the day you cry; the destiny you take on your hands you create, the mind to reason and accept the way and believe in The Lord He makes it easy in the end When you want to reach to the stars, you know how many times you need to practise? Many times

Success never comes easy It takes years to materialise There is no short cut to get one's satisfaction!You must willing to sacrifice to gain something in the end It is hard to undergo this process It takes courage to do it Once you do you get the rewards in many forms

When you are poor take what comes your way Yet dream on to make you happy Just believe that everyone has a chance to make it big on the day one is bornNothing comes to those who never dreams Do the best you have forget about the rest Focus on it success comes easy The day is fixed at 24 hours You can't have more You can ask but there is no way you can find So do it within this time frame You wont get crash...Mind you people do!!The law of the Seed - Dont be afraid to try Once you fail dont give up Try again and again until you find success If you can't get a thing right, it doesn't mean you are stupid It only shows lack of experience and knowledge So have to learn Actually, it never should end

We must have knowledge, skill and desire to progress and with God's help too No one can persuade another to change Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside We cannot open the gate of another, either by argument or by emotional appeal - Marilyn Ferguson We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit - Aristotle Friends survive a life time heroes just a split second Live life understand why you are born to it If you do, you are at peace with yourself and the world The right way the pictures in your mind Planning is just a road map to your destination It is you who made the difference Life is a misery if you mix in a wrong companyBuild a strong foundation to go forward otherwise you will fall You can't stick to others you have to find your foundation to build your castle Life is short; pain is the long journey to find success so enjoy it while you are at it and dont worry about tomorrow because nobody knows

a thought flow 1

Everyone dreams When there is no action it remains just a dream Life is hard life is easy. It depends how you look at it One thing it sure never comes easy Life the wind it is hard to understand Life is a blind alley; if you believe it then you are a fool! When you smile you think the world be nice to you It is a trap to take you in Read the newspapers The police cases Be prepared all the times You live to look for another day

Generosity brings goodwill Goodwill brings peace Peace with grace Marriage is a beginning of a journey A heavy load to carry in a life's living Every one thinks it is so easy My friends the song and wine makes you drunkYou dont know what hit you Everyday you are blind Nothing is the same every time Sweep the floor, sweep the floor and you get clean You can go some more

Life is easy when you have your pot of gold Down the river you row The smile and expression flow On dreamland you grow Rape occurs because of a sick mind It doesnt mean that when you are naked you could be rape So in nude camp so many rapes....???? The flow of the mind makes the difference! You think money buys many things. Wait when you have lots of money You may not know what to do with it!

When you are down and out say a prayer You never knows how it helps when you want it It lets you see a clearer picture of yourself What you need to do to get it done Sometimes one needs to lie to get ahead As long as you hide it for yourself without sharing with others, you should be fine Dont let conscious play you silly Then you can't sleep You try to make good this dog eats dog business one must be firm in one's belief Dont worry about the little white lie You get ahead right? When you fail you answer for it You shouldnt shift blame to others A good leader must be answerable to himself

Fear makes one stays alert Hunger finds one working harder to surviveinding wealth one has to be smartbut dont follow blindly what others say Dont be conned to pursue wealth You can get blind so eassssssssy! They say 'love is blind' Dont get fooled by others You have your sense use it all You cant say you try your best when you forget to use everything you have Love never is blind; it is ourselves who made silly of our lives

Friday, May 06, 2005

greed rich and poor

Today's news...A millionaire was duped to let go RM3 million for black money of US3 million! He financed his personal assests and his wives' properties to land that deal of millions. Sadly he lost on his greed. How many times do people fall for money? Mind you there are not the uneducated ones. Most of them are well to do and highly educated...just imagine to fall utfor money. They forget that money is the root of all evils!!!!!

And a Datuk was charged with CBT of RM37 million....all because of money! 1 million is not enough wanted more millions to satisfy..It is the 100% GREEEEEEED!! When you have more you want more to keep the pace. It is desire to punish the mind and not to relax to do good..Sad to see it still happens.

The modern world - is there a modern world?- Maybe next time we are old world...No??? People want to make money quick - fast and furious and on a set time frame - otherwise they think they have failed. But they want easy life with comfort and easy flow of money...It is nothing really to ponder about. It is hard honest work!!

One must remember the base otherwise everything every belief is gone

Thursday, May 05, 2005

costs of living gone up

Damn! Costs of living gone up once again! How to survive with no increase in pay? Feel sorry for the average wage earners. Though cost of interest is still low for borrowing funds yet I think it won't stay at the present rate for long. The contraction of the housing industry is overhung by 15,000 units yet the housing needs can't be satisfied. Maybe wrong location wrong strategy. It should move to where the people are concentrated not in any place just because of creating jobs and businesses. Proper planning is lacking in our end system. Wrong designs, faulty engineering works, delayed completion and poor services. These add up to the collapse of an industry.

The petrol increased by 10cts and diesel by 20cts and the transport companies said they are going to hike the cost by 40% and so would be other products...The government said it couldnt subsidize any more. If that is the case let the market forces decide. Let it be open and a free trade to compete for customers...There is always a hint of brown envelopes passing baton..See before the increase of oil prices there was the shortage of diesel in the country. It started in Sarawak and the minister said it was under control; then the unfolding events happening in the peninsula and he started to scratch his head to find price increase!

The PM has a bunch of idiots in his line up. He dares not change his cabinet. He wanted to be nice and feel happy about it. He forgets he has to serve the people. I think he has forgotten about the mandate given to him during the last election......Too many increases to side the business communities So the cronies/companies harvest more money until the next election whining about it once again

Cost of living gone up and I have to dream how to make it easy for me. It is not easy for me to scrap through every month. As it is I am still enjoying myself but only for the poor average earners who have to belt it up

the previous rumblings story

The state chief minister in the row of exchanges..about corruption in his administration. Yep...many reports done in the police station but nothing happen. The people are getting angry with the process of leg dragging to get a state chief minister. Now the media reported about land grabbing by a Datuk and his family during the title transfered of land. The 9 parcels of land went to this Datuk and his family and the Land Office didnt know......? It really smells of corruption!!!! No check on the background of these people??? What really happened? The people wanted to know...Any government elected is to help the state to prosper and the people live in harmony with wealth distribution fairly...No...these elected officials want something else. The people, 5 years later, then tell them a different story...

And after some headaches the PM wanted to change his cabinet members...It was rumored that it could happen soon. The current cabinet ministers should change. The present group some of them have served their times and some of them are rumoured to gain wealth easily....Time to shift posts for a better world to the people. And tackle the corrupted officials seriously....PM used to talk and talk but nothing really happened in my country...

And you believe it...a minister called MPs stupid!!! This was in debate in Parliament...Even stupid people have ideas that learned people never know about..The cabinet ministers had spent hundred of millions in projects in developments yet it made more problems than solving who is stupid???

Today I found the town council officers put big dustbins in the park where people use to sit and relax...Just imagine the smell of shit in that big the park!!!! Who that stupid?!! Even the workers understood the problem but not the so called council officers...They should sit and do their work in the park than in the air-conditioned smell it while doing their work!! The workers stupid??!!
During the last election many promises were made. Every word spelt a decisive journey for the country and every voter voted in the government. Now a year had passed. Most words remain passwords to the mind of the citizenry. Nothing really has been done to alleviate the rampant woes of the country especially corruption, talking of one race benefits, intolerance, one sided benefits for a race...scared to use English to compete the world and what others scared mentality in store for the country. On one hand we recognize English is the world language even in IT yet we enforced one language policy in our education system thereby neglecting the globalization at our doors. So now we know why graduates can't find jobs. Choosy? I believe employers dont employ them because they can't speak good English...

And I am tired of my PM words....It has become a laughing stock to me. Every word now seems shallow to me. I dont see any decisive action taken against corruption and red tapes in the government departments. Shortage of is a very lame excuse. Many charters drawn up in the departments. Yet the services provided are the slow coach of 19th century..We are in 21st century for crying out loud!!!! what did my PM do? Increase pay for the cabinet ministers!!!

And the worst scene....wanted to take action against e-newspaper for April Fool joke....The government has important things to do like those corruption cases pending some in 1992....Why single a newspaper portal for investigation?? I just can't understand their mentality..Money they want criticisms they want to take legal action. Next time I vote for the opposition!!

What about the many police reports made by the opposition parties on corruption and abuse of power by the political bigwigs? Years and years yet nothing has been done. Wake up people!!!

Suddenly the ministers seem quiet.....

Politics is really a dirty business. You can get yourself involved but make sure to watch your back! There are parasites who wait to dump you off. Because politicsis a dirty game. No rules to draw the line. You want to be the leader take down your enemies or the parasites. Burn them to hell! So you are surrounded with best people you want to hang around. Shit face and money face!! When you are the top dog everyone will smell your shit and say Yes Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now I hear about the 'Towering Malays' Nothing is said about 'Towering A Country' Where is the country going to go? The terrorists? The religious fanatics or what? One policy shifting to another; leading my hands to the food, and I think you can get to the 'Tower something' when you arrive? is the mindset that playing the games. Eventually we lose the ball and so what happen? Blame the government of the happened we are taking shots at the Education System in the country All rich families send their children to study overseas...saying the Education System in the country is not good at all for their children....But these same people will tell the poorer folks that our Education System is one of the best in the world...How ironic one could get! The PM and his Cabinets did the same thing too....Why so third class mentality? When we have first class facilities make sure everyone enjoys it...

Corruption is still rampant in the system. How many more years we will listen before we see the light? The government is still protecting the cronies through public fundings.

The government should change its mindset too. Too much talking not enough action to tackle the problem. They do all the red tapes. To me it is simple thing to do...Change the system Overhaul the mind!!

And we have two chief ministers who dare not own up to what have happened in their dealings. Talking about helping the people....The mystery ways events are unfolding....

A Muslim State passed a state regulation for the dressing codes for Muslim and Non-Muslim. It is too much that the over zealot Muslim party governing the state. History has shown that one can't throw something at someone when no one wants to accept it. You can't force a person to eat if he doesnt want to. The Federal Constitution guards the right of the individual yet the Muslim government tends to forget. It is a shame really when the world has taken steps to isolate the Muslims and their antics. We have seen the fanatics handled the administration of a country..Here in my country a Muslim State government is trying to repeat what had gone wrong with Taliban administration...There were some political comments on it but the PM is silent...It has encroached the freedom of an individual as protected in the Federal Constitution.The state cabinet ministers given luxurious bungalows to stay with a club house worth 21million. Why?
They dont need this type of bungalows..After so much criticisms, the chief minister said it is for the senior state officials. Again why spent millions???The whole state executive councillors and chief minister should be removed from office. They are suppose to take care of the rakyat not to live in luxury for themselves.

My country a band of nuts. At one time I had the religious officers raiding a discotheque frequently by the Muslims. To them this is not the place for Muslims to meet or enjoy a good time. These people forget about the meaning of Islam.....Before this act can be solved, another one cropped up by the greedy housing developers raping the virgin forests as if it is approved by the state government. The state government never mentioned who are these developers - about 35 of them. Apparently the chief minister sided these developers...PM just couldnt believe it so he took a helicopter ride to see for himself...I think he should ask the chief minister to resign...He shouldnt allow the rape of the forestsSustaining life is important for a country's economy. When everthing is destroyed in the name of developments then I think something is painfully wrong in the country's management. Every time something is given a wide coverage in the newspapers then the concerned officials start doing their jobs. Yet they never want to own up. Passing the buck is the norm in the administration. There are many good values spoken of in the elections but implementation is still weak...So I guess the weakness will be there. And someone will try to cover it up as always. Another thing I read a report about the Filipinoes taking up my country citizenship How??

The Muslim faith can only discuss on Muslim laws (?) and the ways of Islam and the implications to the Muslims. I think one shouldnt be afraid to digest on the views given by other faiths in the World. Every religion is interlinked to the Holy Father. It is only the protector of each faith that would decide which one has the authority to discuss about one's religion. It is really a narrow minded discourse to man. This is what Lucifer wanted it to happen. It has happened!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Lucifer thundered in his cell.

The Americans had got rid of the Taliban in Afghanistan with their narrow minded interpretations of the Islam which is peace to all mankind yet the Muslims screwed into their own benefits and called the rest infidels. So the modern warfare still fights like the earliest time of Prophet Muhammad..I think the Muslims miss the point of the prophets ' love thy neighbors as your own' Then I feel peace can take hold in our hearts not the hypocrites in our midst camouflaged as the religious lords be it Muslim or Chritstian or Buddhist or Hindus or whatever....

The narrow interpretation of the Islamic laws which conflict the freedom of speech and religion will one day tantamount to anarchy for the country. People want their choices to say and not push through their throats by the people who profess to have the knowledge on Holy Quran. They forget they are humans too and their minds are not pure and simple and they too commit sins..

This is what happening in my country. The religious officers raided places deemed sinful to them. They lectured on the wayward Muslims through their rote advices. Do they understand it? Islam is peace. Yet they arent showing that they are a peaceful group of officers to listen and advice in a manner condusive to their job as religious officers. So they are no different than the Taliban religious zealots though they didnt agree what had happened in Afghanistan then.

Islam is peace so when one follows it everything will be paradise!

Rape drug on the cruise. Yep...the modern living..where everyone wants freedon of choice and freedom of interaction. Friends and acquaintances meet in coffee shops, restaurants, discos and night clubs or social clubs...everyone wants to be linked into a social hub so that life wouldnt be lonely..right?True..we need human interactions to drain the boredom away. Fly away to the nest! Meeting in such places become a norm. Where else but these places....And the mind works differently as evil always says 'You belong to me no one can take you away'

So in discos and night clubs with loud music blasting away; everyone getting pretty high, they dont think about evil because they dont see it; everyone let loose and get high, maybe on the dance floor and or drinking and getting drunk...only the evil mind stays awake...waiting for the killing to begin..
See you dont know the mind. Pop a tablet into the drinks enjoying the party and screaming with pleasure...When the effect takes place your mind blows to pieces..You dont know where is reality where is the truth..You just give a piece of yourself away..How many? Shameful? Hard to say!!

A few days ago the JAWI officials raided a night spot in the city. Divided the patrons into two groups -one for non-muslims and one for muslims which for the muslims into one for male and one for female
The officials by right should be polite and explain their work..NO...they got abusive and aggressive and showing their powers and authority too. When they rounded the muslims- male and females- they put them in locked up for 10 hours. The females were asked to parade in front of the officers. These male officials ogled them and took pictures too on the scantily dressed women..They are the officers of the right they should know the Quran by heart and know what to do. They go against the Holy Quran...they called themselves the officers of the religion..EVen it was reported that a woman wanted to pee they refused her to do it. The poor girl had to pee in front of everyone!!!

So you see when you give power to some people; they never know how to use it. School in religious text yet they fail to carry out their job. Sad isnt it? They forget they are humans; they arent Gods for God's sake!!!Aids still pour in for the tsunami disaster funds. Most of the relief workers had gone to help. Some gone home for rest. Others asked for fundings to help these disaster victims. The deatht toll had jumped to 220,000 Really it was a stupid thing to pay in lives. Mother nature got angry with her children who never know how to sustain the love of Mother nature. Do we learn ourselves? More are coming to wake us up....Storms, fires, earth quakes, changing many yet we dont seem to learn through the calamities striking down on us...Are we deaf or what???

The La Palma in Africa continent is touted as the mega tsunami for this century!! The rock formation is tumbling slowly down. The water fissures in the rocks is waiting to explode..Yet the signs are there for us to see. The many small volcanoes eruptions on the surface...the scientists couldnt predict when and they have to wait for it to happen.

The estimated height is 450 meter hitting the shore. It can spread to over 1000km from its base. You can imagine the impact on the continents....especially USA!!! The tidal waves rocking the beach and the hinterland flooded with ocean water...It is not yet the great flood of Noah's time..It is just a warning of the many come our way...

God says he needs only one pious person amongst the then will be saved. Do we have one person who walk with God???
Trust the Lord.He is the One who decides the Heavens and Earth and the surrounding areas of the galaxy..
I still find durians along the street. I thought the durian season is over. Maybe these village people have learned to plant it for all seasons. could be. But I havent tried it. The demand is high price tooo00 hit the ceiling when supply is limited. I am not that crazy about the king of fruit Or I heard somebody said the king lost his shine??????? There are so many varieties that I couldnt know...

Now there is less news on tsunami....the death toll stood at around 163,000 people died. Bandar Aceh in Indonesia is the worst hit town. Majority of the death came from there. In my country it stood at 68 the marine police found one floating in the sea sometime last week...Well.....aids still pouring in by the people.....yet I read the political situations made the process of helping looked longer to handle. So we never learn in tragedy....greed and power rule the day again!!!!

Now in my country dengue fever attacking the Northern States and parts of the city and the surrounding states. People still walk as usual and health officials take their own sweet time to crack the whip.....well...another tsunami hit the country....then the ball starts rolling on and on....Now the officials are sleeping on their jobs..It will happen at the rate the work is carried out...

When major tragedies happen, many answers and solutions flow from these people. And the government comes in to state what need to do...It is the same old story begun so many decades ago yet it is used to repeat all over again (case the electricity board)

The people is the power base yet the power rested on the handful who runs the government; the people get fooled again another time in the election....I rest my case!!!!!

Tomorrow is Hari Raya Haji...I hope these people think what they need to sacrifice to make the country stands out in the world...No more cronies no more corruption no more pulling strings

sex education

When I was in school, my teacher said the women talked alot. Why? Because they have 3 holes to poke!!!
Sex an exercise to live longer. No pill no drug. Just simple enjoyment!!Sex burns your calories. It makes you healthy and young. Everyone should do it. But do everybody? It is sad, isnt it? The best spot in our lives never springs as the top list in lifeSex with different partners it brings sizzle to your act. But it is short strategy. One may just lose your life. AIDS kills. So one should know your partner very well. The best advice is never change partner. Stay with the One onlySex is heaven and hell! It brings joy. It brings misery. This is why doctors make money out of the misery of the people. So learn to know sex. Dont be an idiot. You may just lose your life!The mystery of sex still haunts humans. Why? It has been explained in karma sutra and yet people still ignorant about it. Even in modern times many books have been written. Still we find problems relating to sex. Every time. Every day.Many fail to learn the sex techniques. They think it is as easy as ABC. Just putt the hole hombre' Everything is done. Learn the zones and the requirements of each zone. Like playing golf. Practices make perfect. You must have stamina too. It requires energy and skill. Like every sport you must have stamina to last the pace. No half measure. It never works.Sex is a game. As a sport one must learn the skill and technique to do it well. Learn from the professionals. In the olden days the father sent his son to visit the lady of the night. Teach my son so I can be a better fatherWhen you have learned the skill, you have to reinvent and relearn it again. Dont always think you are an expert. The game never ends. Sex is a wonderful gift. Do not let it go to waste!Every skill you learn you get more thrills in your sex life. Every knowledge gains it helps you to better yourself in sex. It is never easy to learn skills for a satisfying sexual life. One must be eager to explore and learn. Nothing comes through dreaming about it. Action! Action! Action! You get the skill sharpenedIn a poll conducted by Durex, many Asian couples prefer the missionary position (29%) followed by the doggy style(27%) Dont limit to these two positions. They are many interesting ones to adopt too. The scissors position is one of them. It gets the excitement going. The movement is not hindered and there is easy access to the various movements rquiredDont ever think you know the moves about sex. Believe me you dont. So learn the skills. In the sex books from doctors or the sex workers. They can give many tips to better yourself in sex. Learn and practise and relearn again.

life a star

Don't go for something you can't find
Get what you can see and do it the best you can
Leave the rest for others to chip in
You can enjoy your liberty

Love brings joy
The sorrow disappear
The world light up
Our eyes shine
Time has no fixed rule
The bliss in the light
The one in the mind
Forever smile on the line

God nourishes the wants
The glorious day in the mind
Only for those who are willing
The sacrifices for a cause
Sure it takes time to understand
The way one has to go

Never mistrust a belief
It is there always in the mind
Open up to receive the glory
When the time has come

Life a star
The Lord says so
Make it worth
The long road to paradise

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

once a Taiping great

Taiping the wettest town
I was told many times
It is recorded too in years
As I traveled from town to town

A lake garden to cool
The shadows mingle
Many people young and old
Place to be after a hard day’s knock

The serenity of the place
The shine has gone a little
New housing developments
Taken the toll on her quietness

The charm of Taiping
Lies in her cool place
When developments come
The silhouette of the past
One lives in memory
Of the old times never last

New things must come
Must old ones gone too?
The rustic place of yesteryears
It has changed with current waves

Taiping a cool town
She may lose her place
When the bulldozers ready
Forever down the road

where do we go?

When you have money what you do? I just like what you watch on television about someone who hits rich in the reality programme. The person may say he has many things to do and he goes on to list what he intends to buy. But if you think deeply, in this modern world, how long a person can last with his riches? A friend of mine in the bank said he couldnt last the distance. What with the cost of living going up and the constant price revision by the government on the requests from the business community.....and you think you can survive that long? Huh! The government wants to boost the business community at the expense of the consumers like the management rule 20% rules the 80%...