Sunday, July 31, 2022

the mists of dreams


The mists of dreams

Floating in the mind of many

Trying hard to stay relevant

In the land of divide and rule

The old ways still hanging

The bad DNA still hanging in

The wrong choice of candidates

The frog culture breeds our losses

The mists of dreams

The land of low economy gears

The hard living and bad finances

The pockets of holes quickly

The old ways of greed and corruption

The current court cases telling us the stories

Will the village folks wake up soon from sleeping?

Learn what they have lost just to receive crumbs

The mists of dreams

Floating in the minds of many

The changes we must do

No more the bad leaders on stage

the wolves should learn humility


The wolves

No acceptable leaders on the rise

They old horses still galloping the show

Standing on stage singing the old praises

The wolves

The convict is used again

Telling others to listen to his tales

Until a day he walks to Bamboo River

Even the pet dog sings praises

On the convict on the campaigns

What have gone wrong?

The need of corruption flow?

Behind the doors of the wolves

Some wish the old ones get the chained

Because they can't stand behind the shadows

They too want the power and benefits

The wolves with the bad DNA

They have to be forgotten if we want to progress

They have to be sent to the dark pit

Let them stay to learn humility

The wolves

New leaders can't be seen

The old ones in court cases

They still hold on to the stage

the party itself can avoid the Anti-hopping law


The Anti-hopping law

On the surface a lone MP can't frog

He will lose his seat but can recontest

But who want to go another round?

It is about monetary gains

Losing it no MP will frog by himself

He rather stays in his party

Work behind the door

It is the party itself

It can frog to another coalition

With all its members intact

The members will not lose their seats

The Anti-hopping law

It needs changes in time

Currently it stands to capture the lonely frogs

Now the voters can have their choices

the scarecrow can't move on


The court cluster

They can breathe a bit easier

As ROS recognizes the amendments

It put to stop the hiccups

The scarecrow can't move on

He may think he can shift gear

As ROS officially accepts the changes

The scarecrow will know his standing

So he will follow his boss advice

Like it or not he has no say

Because his political career depends on it

His leader will have the final decision

He will stand

In the heat of the sun

In the heat of the moon

He knows his fate as such

cuepacs out of tangent


Cuepacs thinking

The mind of raising pay

Nothing else they ponder

Nothing on the state of affairs

They demand a pay rise

Else they will start to picket

The country's economy on the low

The pandemic causing us pain

Yet we have to hear

The silly antics of Cuepacs

The unemployment rate is high

The civil servants don't feel the pinch

The bloated civil service

High time to cut down to size

It isn't helping the nation

It draws out her finances

Cuepacs antics

On the wrong time and day

Besides we have the pensioners

Asking for the revised remuneration

Cuepacs should read

Sri Lanka or Greece dilemma

They should be happy currently

Don't milk the nation dry!

Saturday, July 30, 2022

MO1 has to face his karma


In August*

That will be the day

A former prime minister

Will walk to Bamboo River

He can't escape the webs

Capturing him for his misdeeds

He has to face his karma

That will be the day

He tried to delay the inevitable

By appointing a new team to handle his case

It is his way to delay his prison term

But he can't swing it his way

In August he will face

The judges will tell him

The national embarrassment will be put away

In Bamboo River for a long time

In August

MO1 will cry

The crocodile tears will not help

He has to crow in the cage of walls

The wolf party will go down

We can't let the same DNA to return

We have enough of it now

MO1 has brought the shame to us

* the final hurdle and the months the judges need to write judgement

the way of dollar


For money

Once never support

Now he support the bad

It's the way of dollar

Even he declares

MO1 is innocent!

Is this a joke?

Sadly it makes him bad

He now follows RPK

Who fled to UK to shoot

On behalf of the wolves

With rubber bullets fly

Now the trust is gone

Many will view him differently

Like RPK and Art Harun

Principles gave away

MO1should pack his bag


A million tears flow

In his house he cries

Looking at himself in the mirror

Once so high now sinking to the ground

His new lawyers can spin

It will not help their client

The mark of karma on the roll

The singing in Bamboo River

Do the bad things

In greed and corruption ruin

Any person should realize

The circle will return

MO1 should pack his bag

He will stay in Bamboo River a long time

He mustn't think of a royal pardon

For his deeds the billions he has to return

The million tears flow

MO1 has to crow in prison

The people will celebrate

Drinking wine, beer and chocolate

karma shows moo the way


The scarecrow ignores

The contractual obligations he signed

Now he sits on the chair

He can do what he likes

Moo can harp on it

It is nearly a year

The scarecrow doesn't appoint

He leaves it open as he likes

What will Moo do?

He was played out twice in his life

By his former party he hasn't learned

He shouldn't expressed his dismay

He did it to PH

Gave him a life line to survive

But he backstabbed PH

Now karma shows him the way

Moo should know what to do

Score a goal to his former party

At least he can bring him some satisfaction

But will he be greedy on benefits and power?

Friday, July 29, 2022

the caged walls closing in


Once he was so high

He could bark orders

Nobody dare to challenge him

Every one would keep quiet

He had his fingers in the till

He could take it as he like

Nobody dare to challenge him

Even Macc stayed away

He could distribute cash

Buying support in his day

He was riding high indeed!

Until a foreigner disclosed his deeds

Then on he fought hard

Putting those in fear of prison

He would swear on it

He would sue

It came to nothing

He was expose in the open

He couldn't find his way out

His test run came to an end

Now facing prison

A holiday will be good to him

He can hold court in his cell

Let the walls listen to his tales

the guilty politicians


The guilty politicians

They aren't the gentlemen

They will cling to their positions

Until the final hurdle falls

As they will file appeal

They aren't in a hurry to resign

Nobody can tell them to do

They have liberty to seek higher courts

It is on their own consciousness to decide

The benefits and power in the positions

They will want to hold on for as long as they can

Our politicians should behave in Look East credential

The guilty politicians

They don't feel a thing

As if it is a normal way to live

Only we feel the shame

sue if it isn't true


The millions transferred in cash in bags

Dealing with corruption without paper trails

It leaves behind nothing to implicate a person

Only the words of the giver and his accounts

The mentioned persons only deny in the press

They don't give any explanation why they were named

They don't say they will file defamation suits to save faces

Too many were highlighted it couldn't be coincidences

All the names came from the same coalition

The past and present of the current regime

Something is cooking; the ingredients can't be wrong

The public really wants to get the truth

The alleged persons deny it through

Macc still dragging its feet to investigate

There is no quick knocking on the doors

If it is LGE he will be called in ASAP

The millions transferred in cash in bags

Macc still studying how to investigate?

The court testimony will not be a lie

Because the person can be sent to jail

the underground will rock for the frogs


The Anti-hopping law

Finally get to finish the last lap

Waving its smile hoping for a mile

The uncertainty still lies the ground

The individual MP can't frog around

He will lose his seat and he can still contest

Some will try to play the game for the new party

Believing the voters can be bought with crumbs

The Anti-hopping law

Shifting the whole party to the new coalition

The Bill will not affect the elected members

Because the Bill covers individual MP

The frogs will get a setback

They will find loopholes in the law

Because man made laws have loopholes

They will burn the midnight candles to find it

For what it is worth

This law will stop the frogs

But it will not stop the whole party shifting support

In the coalition of partners to form a government

Thursday, July 28, 2022

no more floating like the cascading wind


The draconian laws

PH should use it as one of its call

In the coming GE15 for the nation

All the draconian laws should be abolished

Even part of the Penal Code too must be reviewed

The Act on the Multi-media too must need amendments

The Freedom of Expression mustn't be curtailed as it is

It is guaranteed in the Constitution

Why should we need oppressive laws to cage us?

Democracy is our right of freedom with our views and living

PH leaders mustn't be cowed not to spook a race

Our country comes first then the paradise can follow

PH got a chance

But the leaders blew on their faces

They forgot how hard to win in GE14

But traitors stole the people's mandate

The draconian laws

PH leaders mustn't forget to campaign

GE15 make it a clean sweep for change

No more floating like the cascading wind

the turtle man ignores his own contract with moo


The contractual agreement

Signed and delivered to fulfill it

The turtle man doesn't keep his promise

He ignores his obligation since he gets what he wants

Of course Moo has spoken on it

Why he takes nearly a year to speak up?

The turtle man should have kept his promise

The binding contract shouldn't be dismissed

The turtle man has to fulfill his obligation

A deputy prime minister from Moo's camp

Moo kept up his promise to the turtle man

But the latter ignores it as his grace

Maybe GE15 on its way

The turtle man doesn't want to renew MOU

The turtle man will be forced to call GE

Because the court cluster can't wait

Still the turtle man has to keep his promise

The binding agreement should be fulfilled

Else it will show the turtle man has no back bone

A leader who can't fulfill his own signed agreement

PH members don't need the MOU


Let the MOU not renewed

It has put a gag on PH itself

It allows the wolves to roam freely

Now the scarecrow doesn't want it

Let the battle begin

Finding the votes in GE15

PH must gear it up now

Don't wait for the outcome

The wolves want to feel confident

With the recent court case relevation

The wolf leaders know the score

They aren't confident now

Then there is the ROS

It can deregister the wolf party

The wolf leaders have felt the push

The party may fall again by itself

PH members don't need the MOU

It is the party leaders who got entrapped themselves

Now it is a free fall it will be good for PH

Because the scarecrow weaknesses need to be exploited

education isn't a race breed


Wee Wee of Am See A

You talked so much on UEC

During the time of Pakatan

Now you seem so quiet as a mouse

UEC hasn't recognized yet in Malaya

Sarawak has accepted it in her education needs

Sarawak has a forward thinking leader

He recognizes its value to Sarawak

Why Malaya can't accept it here?

Sarawak has taught us a lesson

Education is blind in all areas

UEC has been recognized globally

But Wee Wee of Am See A

He has forgotten all about it

He hasn't made any noise

He has become a pet dog

UEC is still in limbo in Malaya

One race feels so afraid

No confidence breeds fear

Education isn't a race breed

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

the draconian laws still stay


PH leaders

The draconian laws stay

When you had the opportunity

You didn't start the ball rolling

Sosma comes back again

28 days without trial in lock up

The police say it is good for them

What happen to the Penal Code?

PH leaders

GE15 will give another chance

You shouldn't burn it again

The draconian laws must be disbanded

The police need to be overhauled

From top to bottom to clean it up

The over 200 years history of cobwebs

It needs a sweeping broom for reforms

The draconian laws

It doesn't need it in democracy

It needs competent law officers

It needs rule of law to be fair and true

paul yong found guilty of rape


The end of the road

Paul Yong found guilty of rape

In his house in Ipoh

The High Court rules yesterday

The incident happened 3 years ago

He raped his Indonesian maid in his house

The maid made her police report

The case got a huge publicity

The Tronoh state assemblyman

He will face a jail sentence of 20 years

And a possible whipping in prison

He should think of the consequences if it isn't consensual

Now his political career is gone for good

The black mark in his name in his history

Though the lawyers will file appeal

To fight until the last bullet fly

david tan testimony


David Tan testimony

Sending down quivers to the receivers

Every name he mentioned in court

In his ledger he wrote their nicknames

The main crook still in court

Showing no remorse or regret

The corruption in high places

The nation get the shame

Now the receivers

All deny their roles

One says he passes it to his lawyers

While Macc will call each of them

So far nothing has happened

The slow walk in the park

Feeling the cascading breezes

As if nothing has changed

David Tan testimony

The mentioned names haven't taken legal action

Maybe they are waiting for Macc to absolve them

Only then they will start their legal matters?

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

MO1 playing his delay tactics again


MO1 playing his delay tactics again

We read the many incidents of it

Now he appoints a new team to handle his case

This new team wants to ask for postponement

There is no reason to allow it

The Federal Court should carry on the task

Hear the final round of his appeal

It shouldn't be delayed again

The case has dragged on for years

It should have settled it long ago

The court should put a brake to it

MO1 knows his life to roam is over

The new team

If they can't handle it

They shouldn't take the case

They should burn the midnight candles

If the Federal Court allows the postponement

The judges should revoke MO1 bail and send him to prison

This is the only way now to bring him down to earth

Wear the orange suit he will realize his guilt and shame

tomorrow another day


We will wait for tomorrow

It will be a new day a new narration

Leaving yesterday as it was

Learned our failures learned our mistakes

The past shouldn't enter again

It has its day and its time

We need to focus tomorrow

Today will be seen how we narrate ourselves

We mustn't living in fear

Though there are elements stamping it

We have seen the submission and control

The bad leaders will use to stay on power

We will wait for tomorrow

The narratives can be changed

The bad politicians must count out

They shouldn't have a place in it

depressed emotion


Depressed emotion

The mind can't think ahead

It will stay at limbo going in circles

Trying to get it out but the tears fall

It can happen to any person

Rich or poor it doesn't divide

Once a person sinks low in his life

Getting up he will find no reason to do

Some may hide in the rooms

They will not mix around

They will stay with themselves

Staring at the walls or sleep time away

Depressed emotion

These people should walk in botany gardens

The natural settings and fresh air will refresh their minds

The cascading wind will guide them to live again

Nature has her healing powers

Within the natural environment the power will heal

A person has to return to take charge of his life

Living in poor frame of mind isn't good for the soul

david tan testimony in court


David Tan testimony in court

He dares to disclose the names of politicians

Who walked in the corridor of power

On the case of a leader of the wolf party

Some are ministers now

Some out of the Cabinet

Some holding posts in the wolf party

The millions given out for a project

Macc should have known the names

Yet the Head doesn't investigate earlier

David Tan might have disclosed it to Macc

The catch word is political donation!

All those mentioned deny receiving the millions

Are they saying David Tan made up his stories?

David Tan can face his jail if he lies in court

They should sue him to save their honour

But denying is cheap

This is the standard reply when it is in the open

Deny and deny that it never happens

The ledger is tendered as court exhibit

If the rural folks still living in dream land

They will get a shock when it finally shows on them

That they can be independent to earn the wealth of the nation

They do not need to accept crumbs in their lives

Now we wait for Macc show

What the office has to say?

Of course the files will be opened

The investigations may drag on until no case?

Monday, July 25, 2022

you can only win by contest


The wolves

Jail your crooked leaders first

As of now they can't win in Penang

There is no reason Penang folks wanted it

The Wee Wee party

They are finished in Penang

They better don't field any candidates

They may lose all the deposits

What the wolves will see?

The heyday of their times are over

They are good at taking benefits and power

They will not share with others

The wolves will not be welcome

In Penang or in Selangor

The folks there are solidly behind the current leaders

Making the states proud with their management

The deputy wolf

You can't take back Penang

You don't own it

You can only win by contest

karma has all the times to catch up


MO1 knows the end

He can't get his QC to defend him

The delaying tactic can't work now

The last leg will begin in August

He needs to wear the orange suit

It is the only way he will see his guilt

As it stands today he's still telling his tales

Like a proud peacock showing his colours

Maybe he should blame Atlantuya

Causing him to suffer his pain while he sleeps

Thinking of his time spending in Bamboo River Resort

By August his nightmare may come true after all

Karma moves in circle

Nobody can escape her grip in our lives

We will have to face our music

Nobody can hide from karma

MO1 must wear the orange suit

It will finally tell on him his greed

The corruption will not get away

He has to stay in Bamboo River Resort

This is where he will be registered

He doesn't need to walk out

It is good for him and others will follow

Keeping him in company in the darkest hours

MO1 can play his game

But time isn't on his soul

Karma has all the times

Slowly catching him for good