Thursday, July 07, 2022

the poor drug mules risk of their lives


The island city state

Abolish death penalty

It may save the city one day

Don't spill too many blood

In the prison walls

The crying will be loud

In the shadows of the dim light

The judges will have to account

They don't have the right to take lives

By man made laws to rope to death

The judges should show compassion

Even the law may sound so closely written

It is man made law

It can be changed

Drugs in the city state

There are still addicts

The fake security will not last

No doubt the drug mules are wrong

Some may be by forced to carry out

Still the judges should have compassion

Let the drug mules live

In life imprisonment than parole

Let them have a second chance in life

The city state should adopt it

The city state can't catch the drug lords

They are living in high places smiling away

Keeping their ill-gotten wealth

Drinking up to their passion in lives

It is the poor drug mules

Always at the risk on their lives

The judges should show compassion

Let life imprisonment be the order of the day

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