Tuesday, November 30, 2021

once bitten yet want to try again


The HSR project

The nation paid $320 million

When the project was terminated

Singapore smiling to the bank

Now the turtle brain

He is trying to find his name

Too many advisors

The bloated Cabinet

He wants to start the project again

There is always the back door deal

The perception is always on the move

Only the watch dog stays silence

The nation shouldn't continue it

It doesn't bring much economic benefits

It is only to service cronies companies

The current train services making losses

Can the nation make monies?

Can the domestic air travel survive?

Covid19 is still burning in our minds

It isn't the way to make a name

If it isn't in the budget

He shouldn't be talking about it

The cash flow isn't in good footing

The turtle brain shouldn't even try

The HSR should be put away

The nation has to concentrate on her people

The Covid19 has caused us hardship

The turtle brain shouldn't think to make a name

living poor


Living poor

It isn't an option

Every one needs to get it out

There is still time to change

Don't let the situation pull you down

Don't let the bad influences bring you fear

Living poor doesn't bring you backwards

You still have to make it ahead

Don't let negative vibes rule it

Living poor can be a test of a life

Change the mindset see the years ahead

If you don't push it you will never know

Living poor

Life can be sad

Watching the rich

Watching yourself

But dare to change

Dare to push it ahead

The lights will shine

Success is within yourself

every one needs a plan


Every one needs a plan

It doesn't need a complete game

Maybe just a simple chart

Showing where one will be going

In 10 years or 30 years on

Nobody should live day by day

While we are young we may think all right

But time will fly quickly by

By the time one wakes up

The old age has taken its toll

The illness or lack of funds

It will make life unbearable

Insurance is a saving

Help a person to see

The years ahead when he is old

He will get his investment returns

Many have felt the crushing blow

When Rocking Rona hits us hard

Forcing many to withdraw life saving

To survive on the current economic downturns

But the future saving has gone

The life ahead will tell a story

Without sufficient saving it will be bleak

It still boils down to a plan

There is always a lesson to learn

Believing the lights will shine

Don't forget the hardship going through

The memories mustn't be forgotten

the grapevine


The grapevine says

The back stabbers on the rise

The turtle brain will cry

Will he survive?

He seems reluctant to follow the MOU

PH should have abandoned it by now

It has shown he has no interest

It is just a support to stay alive

The promises of reforms

So far nothing has come out of it

But only the back door needs arise

The Omicron is trying to waltz in

The grapevine says

He can't handle the top job

The Moos want to crown him off

Pushing for a GE15

The pandemic isn't slowing down

The super spreaders will hit the chart

With the new mutations running

The back door dreaming of power and benefits

The long knives are out

The long shadows will spread

The wolves can't hold the spread

The grapevine says the arrows will hit target

Monday, November 29, 2021

PH concentrate on the ground and economy


Pakatan Harapan

Forget who will become PM designate

Concentrate on the ground and economy

This is the battle will be fought and won

PH leaders must sing in one voice

No leader should try to strum a different chord

It will bring bad blood within its ranks

Internal bickering will cause its downfall

Anwar as Chairman of PH

He should return to the basics

Learn to listen to the grass-roots

These members can make or break it

Anwar shouldn't try to grab more seats

Malacca election saw he lost all the seats contested

PKR is always the weakest link in PH

The many frogs it had produced in GE14!

Sarawak election looming in December

Unless Omicron stops the election

Anwar's party should concentrate the seats to win

Don't try to fire rubber bullets to coalition partners

Anwar should engineer the downfall of GPS

There is a likely GPS will fall in this election

Because the leaders have become too arrogant

Though they may use money politics to win

Anwar should play the hard game now

No more walking slowly to win

He has to make sure his PH returns successful

It will help to restore his tattered reputation

stay single


Stay single

In this modern world

There are no chains to tie down

One will feel free to fly

Stay single

Running to find own star

Running to find own bliss

There is no need to feel obligated

Stay single

Parents will not understand

They think of becoming grandparents

Holding the grandchildren and smile

Stay single

The time isn't sharing

Answering to nobody

The freedom to hunt and joy

the wolves will not stay on with promises


The wolves will not stay

With the promises they signed

When the leaders feel the advantage

They may try to pull a fast one on it

Because the wolves want absolute power

They don't want to share with any party

Though they may accept the slaving ones

Who will just follow blindly

The Malacca result got the wolves thinking

They may think they have the advantage

Gaining the upper hand to win the seats

If they suddenly declared the GE15

Anwar and his partners

They better think ahead and on the ground

The wolves may just declare a GE15

Though Rocking Rona still flying high

Now with Omicron suddenly appears

The world leaders will sit up and notice

But in our shore we think of politics

How to win and stay on with power

The countries nearer to us

Hong Kong and Australia

The Omicron hits the shores

What will the wolves say?

They will think of power

They will think how to stay on

They don't gear up to the virus

Anwar and partners should forget MOU

one day we all will be gone


He has gone to a better place

There he can fly and smile the whole day

He doesn't need to worry about anything

It's a new world to experience

All of us who have lost our parents

We will treasure our memories

We will never forget how they try for us

Sacrifices for us to be the better persons

We will have to carry on with our lives

Maybe make it better in the years ahead

Our parents will be proud of us watching

How we will make our lives worth it

Maybe when you think about your father

You can play one of his favourite songs

It will help you to move with the times

He will say a silent thank you

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Anwar should concentrate how to win


Anwar many want you to go

You cried wolves too many times

You have lost your credibility

Maybe the Old Man will smile

Anwar now to abandon the MOU

The wolves aren't going to honour it

They have dragged their feet for reforms

The lights may not shine as yet

Anwar must craft a new plan

For his sake and PKR future

Malacca was a wake up call indeed!

Now Sarawak he should plan well

GE15 is his Waterloo

Will PH win big in his charge?

He shouldn't think of the wolves

The moos or the crocodiles

Anwar should concentrate how to win

He hasn't much time to prepare for his dream

For once he has to think of how to play the game

Forget about his ambition until he gets his success

a fear keeps rising in our minds


A new variant Omicron

It comes to create headache

A fear keeps rising in our minds

Stalking us spread from South Africa

We haven't found a better way

How to control its spread of infection

The virus mutates to survive

So we are at its mercy live or die

We have heard about lambda, Mu and Delta plus

Now we have another name to our list

Why the virus keep mutating?

Is it because of the vaccines?

As it stands for us

The border should be closed

Stick to the rules and SOP

We will live to fight another day

the winners take it all


The winners take it all

That's the way that's the truth

Nobody can twist the fact

The winners have the ball

Though it may not have the majority support

The winners get all the power and benefits

The people have to accept the verdict

The winners take it all

When events or things turn bad

The people shouldn't shout or cry

They pick their choice

The majority shouldn't lie

If the people elect bad leaders

They shouldn't shout or cry

The winners take it all

That's the way that's the truth

the voters are cats


The voters are cats

Jumping from house to house

They don't show any remorse

They can poo on the grass

They don't care the outcome

Are we that stupid, dumb or what?

Voting the party which makes us shame

We can't even stay high in good spirits

Malacca voters did it

Let the bad return once more

The bad party still shines

The voters are cats

They are willing to beg and live day by day

While the bad enjoy the beauty of sunset

Fine dining, wine or beers and songs

Luxuries life styles, wealth and power

The voters are stupid, dumb or what?

Begging on the back lanes

Accepting crumbs of sorrow

Sometimes jump from house to house

We should realize and make the change

We can't be fools, dumb or what!

Saturday, November 27, 2021

omicron on its way


What are we going to do?

The world now screams of a new variant

Rocking Rona sure knows how to create its image

Omicron on its way

It started in South Africa

The nearest to our shore is Hong Kong

What will MOH going to do?

Wait and see and no plans?

Think of the first wave of Spanish flu

It was on social distancing and wearing masks

It managed to pull down the virus

The old method could be correct

Now we implement vaccines

As the additional way to control the virus

And see what happen to us?

The virus mutates to challenge the vaccines

It has become stronger

And we are still living within it

Better close the borders local and international

Follow the rules and SOP

But do MOH listening?

Does the turtle man wake up?

Stop the Sarawak election

We are still counting the days

bad luck


Bad luck to the nation

Bad luck to the people

If the crooks are welcome back

Sitting on the throne of power

The nation can't afford to lose her dignity

The VIP crooks have brought shame to her

Leaving her reputation in bad taste

As the world leaders watch with dismay

The people may not hold their heads high

They will feel the shame in their minds

What have the fools done welcoming the crooks?

The wealth of the nation will be plundered again

Bad luck to the nation

Bad luck to the people

When common sense will prevail

No crooks should sit on the wealth of the nation

don't let the bad go on bail


Don't let the bad go

They have to be in jail

Let them ponder of their sins

How they cheat the nation

The VIP crooks

They mustn't allow out on bail

Once they are found guilty

They should be sent to prison

This is to be fair

To the ordinary small crooks

Who are sent to prison

It takes them months to get bail

Likewise the VIP crooks

They must need to learn in prison

Let them taste the hard life

While the lawyers file appeal

Don't let the bad go

They may influence decision under appeal

Especially those who have wealth and connections

Let them stay in prison to ponder their fate

the cold approach on women


The cold approach on women

Most guys will shiver looking into it

Many shameful scenes will hit their minds

The worst part is the word never flows out right

Today we have the MeToo campaigns

It will make it harder to approach women

They may scream at the men approaching them

Maybe saying they are the sex maniacs

Now we have the Covid19 fear

Most women will not be socially ok

Because everyone is afraid of the virus

It is still a worrying trend

If the men are worried

The women will feel lonely

They need to see guys

So there is still a hope

One guy suggested bring along

Some small packet of chocolates

Give to the women while doing the cold approach

It helps to bring the ice

Bearing in mind a window of 30 seconds

This is how the men have to get it done

The cold approach will make failure a success

The men need it to feel the confidence flow

Friday, November 26, 2021

nothing good


Nothing good

The mind can't see

Living in a bad politics

Everyday we hear

It is about a race

Always needing help

How long the spoon feeding?

It has been 64 years now

They have grown old

Have grand children and the next

Yet still talking about a race

Lacking in economic wealth!

Don't the bad leaders know

It is the bad policy hindering progress

Feeding them with addiction

Sad to see a race can't wake up soon

Take way the clutches

The able body can fly

Seek the fortune and live free

Without addiction free to choose

Anwar's star sparkling dim


Anwar's star

Still sparkling dim

The critics will say

It's time to move on

Anwar has to reinvent himself

It is his only way to stay relevant

Though the bad mistakes he made

Crying wolves too many times

Even he accepted frogs

Though the grass-roots vented in dismay

As a result the Malacca poll

His party scored 11 zeros!

GE15 will be his Waterloo

He better gets his strategy right

He has no time to waste now

The wolves may spring a surprise

Anwar should forget PH's MOU

The wolves have not honoured it

They have no desired to get the Bills passed

Even “Undi 18” turtle man drags his feet

The star of Anwar

It may dim for now

It is up to him to get the score

GE15 show us you can beat the race

rocking rona still stalking us


Rocking Rona

Why don't you go away?

You still keep stalking us

Even after 2 years down the road

What it is you wanted?

Because we have committed our sins

We have to pay for it now?

You spread your hunt in the world

The deaths toll run into a few millions

Yet you have mutated to increase your presence

Rocking Rona why don't you go away?

But you don't you want to stalk us

Rocking Rona

We have been living on day to day

The fear and worry still carry in our minds

We try to live as normally as we can

But Rocking Rona

You don't want to slow down

You still rising high to hunt us

Because of our sins?

everyday economy catching us


Vegetables prices soar

Eggs and chickens too

Now bread will follow

In fact most items will rock high

Because we have

A turtle man thinking of his agenda

Racing for his own race

His slogan can be dumped in the bin

The 'tongkat' should have withdrawn

It shouldn't be used for decades

It will make his race losing the edge

The clever ones migrated elsewhere

Rocking Rona hasn't finished its agenda

The cases still rising like a yo-yo

Is the vaccine still necessary when virus knocked us down?

We don't need extra worry in our bodies systems

The everyday economy catching us

The rising costs and unemployment

It doesn't sound a good vibe

Yet the turtle man thinks of his own agenda

Thursday, November 25, 2021

maybe we don't know


Maybe we don't know

How the bad can win?

Why the people don't see?

The crooks still singing

One even found guilty

Yet the people think he is a Rock Star

The people flocked around him

Listening to his speeches

Maybe we don't know

The way of the bad

The authorities will stay quiet

Though the truth can be found

Look at the assets

It will tell a story

A short stint living in style

Do the math's but do the people?

Maybe we don't know

The people want a short cut to wealth

They want to learn how to do it

Then drag on the cases on bail

Maybe we don't know

The dark shadows cast its spell

Lick the minds let everything go blind

A crook can be a Rock Star

wake up people


Wake up people

The wolves have the day

It isn't the end yet

We still have GE15

The wolves won Malacca

The voters wanted the crooks

There is nothing much to say

They better don't shout at the side road

This loss will give PH a lesson

Wake up its leaders and listen

They can't sell a short term plan

Nothing will help if principles are forgotten

Wake up PH

The gentlemen always never get the hot women

Because they lack the confidence and aggressiveness

So play a better game in GE15

Wake up people

Don't let the crooks return

Don't we have enough of the bad dreams?

Still want to play fools?

fading away Anwar?


Fading away Anwar?

This isn't the time yet

He still has his final chapter

GE15 will be his Waterloo

Malacca losses

Anwar has to learn

Failure is a success

This will happen in GE15

Anwar has to shift his focus

New young dynamic leaders should arrive

He can't work all by himself

It will not help him to win election

The decades he is in wilderness

Because he doesn't read the situation

He always gets the wrong end of the stick

Now he has to rethink his strategy

Fading away Anwar?

This isn't the time yet

He has to rewrite his plan

GE15 can be his Waterloo

we forget to excite our minds


When we feel boring

We forget to excite our minds

We let the normal routines fly in

Forgetting how to tweak it around

Everyday we do the same thing

Like clockwork moving its needle

If we don't stop to look at it

We forget the value of time

Boring is in the mind

Stuck on the rut forget to move

It happens to all of us

When we are used to the routines

To break it

Sing a song, play the guitar or organ

Let the routines stay behind for a while

Let time be of value because once gone it is done

As we found out

Practise make it good

But it isn't always the best

Because we need to achieve it

Once we think we are the best

We may not want to upgrade

We may tend to become lazy

Then boring will return to laugh at us