Wednesday, June 30, 2021

do the right way or we will perish


Our lives

Will not return to normal

We have to face it

It isn't a dream

The pandemic causing it

It brings the world to its knees

The economy hits in low gears

Starvation will rise

The poor countries will be affected badly

The WFP predicts over 260 million will get hit

The starvation will rise to its limit

Our lives will not go back to normal

We will face a future

Where normal isn't there

We will live with the pandemic

Because we don't learn our lessons

The rules in the scriptures

The scientists fail to see

The people fail to read it

This is a wake up call

Our lives

Born for a reason

To test the good and bad

And to live with the scriptures

Our transgressions

The pandemics of many

Telling us we have to wake up

Do the right way or we will perish

let us do the real lock down!


EMCO in areas of high infection

The barb wires surround

Police and army officers

Guarding through the days and nights

The lock down has failed

The back door has to admit it

Because there is no seriousness

The businesses still carrying on

Miti dishes out permits

So easy to the business operators

Some use it to travel cross borders

C19 will dance with glee

The clusters formed

The infection rate jumping high

The lock down doesn't help

The emergency too has failed

The emergency is used to prop up a person

He has no majority to stay in his business

The waves of deaths in C19 keep rising

Don't let University Washington say it right

The university predicts 29,000 deaths in September

We have to protect ourselves whatever we can

We can't depend on the back door and vaccinations

Because Rocking Rona isn't afraid to cross borders

EMCO in areas of high infection

It tells us the failure of control

Why do people don't listen?

Let us do the real lock down!

if you need to beg


If you need to beg

You have to do it

There is no shame now

With Rocking Rona high

Many are out of employment

They are looking at bad signs

There is nothing much they could do

As the back door has no plan

Giving band aids to ease the pain

It will be for a short while

But Rocking Rona isn't going away

A new variant B1617-2 comes to play

Taking lives to ashes

It will not solve any problem

Be humble and ask for help

There is no shame now

Understand this

C19 isn't going away yet

Because vaccines aren't a cure

It is building walls to protect

If you need to beg

There is no shame to face it

Raise your white flag

God will get help on the way

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

the white flag movement


The white flag movement

It has started in the nation

Because of people who need help urgently

It shows the failure of the back door

Offering band aids*

It doesn't help in the long term

It may cushion the bad cycle for a while

But it will not last

C19 is for the long haul

The back door has no clue how

To pull out from the rut

Giving band aids just to ease the pain

The economy will be low gear

As C19 will make it difficult to soar

Bite the bullet do the real lock down

Pain for a week or two cut off C19 hosts

But the back door doesn't listen

Now the white flag movement in the country

People in urgent needs calling for help

It says the back door has failed

Moo should resign

Be a gentleman and walk away

He isn't cut it to handle crisis

Let another party has a crack on it

learn to live with scarcity


The EPF withdrawals

It may be good or bad

It depends how we look at it

To gain a breathing space now

And lose it in old age?

Many members will withdraw

They want to live now not tomorrow

Because with C19 nothing is certain

Lives can be gone without notice

C19 show us

How our cash flow management fail

We don't plan and we let failure drop in

In the drowning sea we struggle to breathe

We may have a breathing space

With the EPF withdrawals scheme

But what about days and months ahead?

When the till is empty and no ringing?

The nest of old age

There will be hardship to live

Learn to live with scarcity now

Because tomorrow is still a long way

pick how we blend in society


Live in the positive

It is the way of a life

But living in the real world

The mixture will hang around

Basically we are living

In the yolk of good and bad

It's a circle moving in

We can't escape it

The only way we can do

Pick how we blend in society

We can't have all the positives

Because we will not reach it

We have to balance our life

A little mixture of spices and herbs

It makes life interesting and joyful

Sometimes feel the pain and regrets

Because we are humans

We have feeling and we have fear

It is with us through our lives

Live a simple life everything will stay fine

the man in putrajaya


The man in Putrajaya

Hit the back door and remain

The bad ways come up to ring

He can't handle but refuses to go

The man in Putrajaya

The weaknesses of leadership

Nothing is shown to get it going

Because it is back door

Karma doesn't like it

She isn't forgetting the play

The man in Putrajaya

He sells his integrity

C19 makes him look weak

His leadership quality can't match it

He fails in every effort he tries to mend

The chart will keep high

The man in Putrajaya

Don't waste time hanging there

He has failed in many ways

He isn't cut out for it

the ring of sadness flow


The days ahead

The ring of sadness flow

The eyes will see

The faces of tears

The jobs are lost

The businesses closed shop

Leaving a trail of sadness

The eyes will see

The faces of tears

The waking hours

The hope is only way

Don't let the cash go too soon

The faces of tears

The bills, loans and mortgages

Nothing will be gone

It will hit like clock work

The days ahead

The ring of sadness flow

The eyes will see

The faces of tears

Monday, June 28, 2021

in an emergency the King holds the ace card


Moo has to heed HRH the King advice

He shouldn't play a paloi man ignoring it

AG has given his half truth on his reasoning

In the Emergency ordinance the King holds the ace card

It is HRH who will summon Parliament

It is in the emergency ordinance 2021

It isn't the paloi pm to advice the King

Now HRH the King has to act on the stubborn pm

When the emergency ends in August 1

Article 40 of Federal Constitution will apply

Here the pm will advice the King

Who has to accept the advice

Yet the King still can ignore the advice

If the pm has no majority to hold the post

The King then can ask the pm to resign or sack

Using the case law of Perak 2009

The King doesn't need a no confidence vote

To remove a pm from office he can do it himself

If the King finds the pm has no majority

The King can remove the prime minister of the day

Moo has to think hard over it

Do not show disrespect to HRH the King and Sultans

The King and his brother rulers have given the advice

No extension of emergency and Parliament reconvenes quickly

the lock down hasn't helped


The lock down

It hasn't helped

C19 is still hitting red

The back door has to go

The lock down

It has to be serious

Totally no movement

Let the economy stay idle

Saving lives are important

As C19 isn't running away

But it mutates to form another

The Delta variant or B1617-2

The back door can turn the wheel

Many times but the results never change

Words and ideas it doesn't listen

Arrogance has a price to pay

The back door

Give way to another party

Let the new face tackle C19

New ideas to roll the ball

learn to grow


We can born rich

We can born poor

We can't decide

Which family tree

We will fall into

It isn't our choosing

We will never know

While we are in conception

We only know after we grow up

The rich or the poor

Yet we have our lives

We have to plan ourselves

Even the rich even the poor

We can't stay stationary

Because we will lose our bearing

Even our potential in the future

While the poor needs to double up efforts

To fight for a living worth the life

There will no excuse to stay poor

The rich will try to make it richer

Because the rich can turn pauper

If the wealthy people forget how to survive

The wealth is just temporary in name

It can be gone playing on the wrong

And the poor will look for opportunity to grow

the gang of 25


The gang of 25

The party of the wolves

They will know their fate

They sealed it by turning rogues?

They should stand behind their chief

They wanted their way and so it would be

They may get the sack from the party

When the chief wolf decides the outcome

So far the gang of 25

It is news for all to read

They haven't shown their hands

Now it is just a speculation

They may have signed SD

They may sign many too

Maybe they know

They will be out in the loop

The gang of 25

The party of wolves they came

If they don't fall back to party line

They may get the sack from the party

Don't let power corrupt the mind

Winning today losing out in lake of fire

It isn't worth the time and energy

It is better to stay humble and honest

you can't stay poor forever


You can't stay poor forever

You can born poor but life isn't

You have to carve it out yourself

A new page a new chapter in life

You can stay poor

If you can't move out from the present

Because a new beginning starts within

As long as there is a will to get it done

Everyone can teach how to progress

You are the person to make it work

If you are still living in fear of the beyond

Success will become an illusive dream

You can't stay poor forever

Because life isn't made it that way

You have to make it work

In the land of many roadblocks and opportunities

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Anwar pursues his dream


Anwar pursues his dream

Anwar pursues his cause

In the nation of many back stabbers

Anwar should learn his lessons

Twice he was played out

As he publicly proclaimed

The numbers didn't materialize

He was left holding his empty basket

Maybe he has learned

The art of failures to gain success

He should now adopt a better perspective

Because politicians are crafty

Though he is a seasoned politician

He should be aware of the dark side

He shouldn't be fallen too many times

It will not look good on his resume

Failures will always turn into success

If only we learn our lessons and pitfalls

We should stay true to ourselves and be humble

The success will light up the road

the lock-down


The lock-down

It will be extended again

As C19 hasn't gone down yet

It still hangs there above 5,000

There are people

Who refuse to follow SOP

They will think they are immune

C19 will not touch them

The lock-down

No reason to extend

Because businesses are allowed

Running its operations

The statistics has shown

The clusters from the factories

Increasing the numbers of C19

Yet the back door refuses to see

Yesterday I saw motor-cyclists

Never wear face masks and helmets

Riding their bikes in public view

They think God will protect them

The lock-down

It must be 100% else don't implement

It will defeat its intention and purpose

C19 will climb the chart

the slutty women


The slutty women

They are easy to lay

They may not care

About money or look

All they want

A good time to live

Once they have their filled

They will go hunting again

Don't tell them to be good

They aren't listening to advice

They may think you are unwise

Poking into their lives

The slutty women

The cream of the lot

The guys will ogle

Wishing they have the chance

The guys will try

Playing all kind of tricks

The slutty women

Smile and play along

The slutty women

They will stay for a while

Once they want to settle down

They will disappear out of sight

Saturday, June 26, 2021

moo staring at the exit door


Moo on the way out

Staring at the exit door

Day in day out every day

Since HRH the King said

Reconvene Parliament as soon as possible”

Moo doesn't take it in his head

He keeps it slow with delaying tactics

He can't find a way out to stay

Since it is under Emergency

The King can use it to his advantage

In the Ordinance he signed for it

There is a law allowing him to do

The King can even adopt a case law

Initiated by the late Sultan of Perak in 2009

He could ignore advice and take an active role

Because the Federal Court ruled in favour of late Sultan

The King can remove the prime minister

As long as HRH believes the pm has no majority support

Then he can appoint another person to take over the post

As it happened in the case law of Perak 2009

Now Moo has to work harder to stay

The wolves aren't giving him another round

Maybe he should return to PH

Where once he came in the winning team

is it a lock down?


Is it a lock down?

The nation doesn't see

It is as if businesses still going on

As if there is no Rocking Rona

Miti issued approvals

Letting the companies open for businesses

The road now full of cars and lorries and motorcycles

All carrying on doing their trading pursuits

Our infection numbers?

Still hanging higher instead of low

Is it a lock down?

Tell it to C19!

Now there is a new variant B1617-2

Delta variant as it is called

It can infect very quickly

Are we prepared for it?

Rocking Rona will stay

Right through GE15

The way the back door doing

The public should prepare the long haul

the game of winners and losers


The game of cards

The politicians like to play

Throwing to each other

Trying to fish out the lot

The game of winners and losers

The politicians will bring to the public

Let the people realize what they are

A group looking for power and benefits

The people can be forgotten

As the politicians stake their claim

Though they will keep a distance

Afraid to lose it even before they begin

The nights of the long knife

It will begin to start its move

They are afraid to lose it all

When GE comes a calling

Friday, June 25, 2021

a game of desperation


The wolves

Fighting for positions

Now there are 25

Signing SD against the chief wolf

Are they desperate?

Clinging to power and benefits?

Maybe they know they will be out

In the next GE15

They should show their hands

As reported in the news of 25 SD

It will come to a naught

Even by tomorrow

Now who will believe in SD?

It can be changed at any time

The 25 wolves trying to breakaway

Their chances for the next GE?

Maybe they can kiss goodbye

The grass root may not want them

They look like hungry for power and benefits

They will face the exit

The chief wolf should act

He can't sit and watch the game

It is now in the open

He should strike to make it count

the 2nd dose


The second dose

I got a slight pain

Maybe the nurse didn't know

How to inject properly?

I drove to Utar

Stopped at the 1st point

Asking the same questions

On health issues

Checked on Mysejahtera

To show it is the right person

Gave road map and form

To be given to the 2nd post

Many came for drive in

Waiting for sometimes

The security guards directing traffic

Reached the 2nd point

Asking the same questions

All about health issues

Gave a card to rest for 15 minutes

Proceeded to the injection site

The nurse told me

It's Sinovac”

I received my injection

I could feel the slight pain

Drove out to the parking lot

Waited in the car for 15 minutes

Before the guard allowed me to drive away

Leaving Utar; the first time I drove in

It took about nearly an hour

It shouldn't need the 2nd point

Handled at the 1st entrance

It saved time but wanted to look busy

a delaying game


Back door

Delaying it to survive

The reopening of Parliament

The leaders will try to keep quiet

The Emergency decree will end by August 1

There will not be any extension to it

The back door can't hide it forever

HRH the King had given his order

In the Emergency decree the King has the authority

There is no dispute over it of his power

So it is best for the back door to reconvene Parliament

It shouldn't play a delaying game

Some states have confirmed their sittings in August

The back door can't simply stay quiet and wait

The opening of Parliament the back door must go

There is no reason to stay for its leaders have failed

Back door

Karma will come to claim

Listening to the pain and misery

There is no reason back door to stay

the signs are in bad shapes


They want to paint

On the canvas to look good

The back door wants its way

Though still hanging by a screw

The bats fly

Depositing its bad signs

Leaving it for all to see

The back door can't smile

Yet they want to paint

On the canvas to look good

The signs are in bad shapes

Of bad cows walking blindly

The time of the gate

The drawing close to maintain

The bad cows still looking

Counting the seconds to stay

They want to paint

The field of grass

Eating all the way

The signs are in bad shapes

a distraction


A distraction

A back door strategist

Pulling the way

On the 25 members

Supporting another leader

Who has no grass root support

Who is just an ordinary member now

To lead the party?

Nobody cares to believe

A move like no back bone

It will fall flat

As the 25 members don't want to lose

When the next GE comes along

As they need the power and wealth

Supporting the wrong person

It will spell the way down

Because Moo is desperate

He needs to garner support

He is surviving on porous ground

On wrong signal everything will fall

Like the wind of falling cards

Maybe it will turn out differently

It is changed of direction for a good cause?

The way of politics

Only when it is in black and white

Or in public announcement

Then the truth can be said