Sunday, June 13, 2021

let the back door bite the dust for good


The crocodiles open mouths

Breathing in the air as they yawn

Blinking at their good fortune

Living in a luxurious life and tasting power

They want to stay within the benefits

They have tasted it and they don't want to go

They will propose anything for their own benefits

The Islamic agenda to run the nation

The Talibanism has gained traction

Even in the universities and civil servant groups

It doesn't augur well for a nation of many colours

These people should study Middle East countries

Why these countries have clashes and problems?

Because God makes it they have to pay dearly

They are many races living here and the world

It isn't on a race and a religion at all

It is to show compassion

It is show how to live and share the world

It isn't about self interests or benefits

But Talibanism a single road to bad way

But the crocodiles here

They can't think ahead in economy

Even in religion they talk a different tale

It is for them to rule and decide

The crocodiles

They want to swim freely

They have tasted the power and benefits

Of course they want to stay

But the nation doesn't need them

The people can't trust their words

It is time let Parliament return to its functions

Let the back door bite the dust for good

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