Monday, June 14, 2021

the new alignment?


The new alignment?

The political leaders will seek

Finding ways to knock off the back door

As it is hanging on by a screw on the swing

The chief wolf should act fast

As his role has become untenable

Some quarters have called him to sacrifice

For the sake of his party and members

Before the chief wolf should do it

He should make the bold move to quit the back door

It is only saving grace the people will remember

Though he is facing his corruption charges in court

The new grouping can hold the fort

The wolves, the blue eyes, the red flower and Rocket

These leaders can emerge as the force to rule the nation

If the party leaders put aside their differences for the country

The Horn Bill and Land Below the Wind

The leaders have to decide which road to take

They may have a bargaining chip to use

Pursue benefits and allocations in partnership

The new alignment?

These leaders should seek a quick formation

Get it going to salvage whatever is left

Because the back door has to go quickly

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