Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Anwar still stands focus


Anwar still has his failures

Every time he tries to muscle his way

Along the road he will be side-lined

As others want to make him look bad

He tries his way to get there

Every failure he doesn't make him forget

He will learn because failures make a person

To fight on a course he believes he deserves it

Anwar has failed many in his life

Spent some years in jail because of persecution

The normal person will surrender and fade away

But Anwar returns and fights for justice

He could even forgive the Old Man

But Dr M still ditched him out again

Now Pejuang can't be flying high

The party is still unregistered till today

Anwar still stands focus

His opponents may poke fun at him

He will have his final fling in GE15

This is where he will know his stand

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