Saturday, June 12, 2021

the religious people


The religious people

They don't follow the rules

On SOP and Rocking Rona

They believe God will help

C19 doesn't pick

Rich or poor or religious

It wants to infect hosts

It wants the fear to rule

God will not help

If we don't help ourselves

We have to find ways

Protect ourselves against C19

Only then we can pray

Asking God to help us

Don't let Rocking Rona fly

Seeking hosts to multiply

The religious people

Don't stand to fight without masks

They are inviting easy passage for C19

In their everyday meeting or socializing

The Rocking Rona spikes

Those who never learn and understand

They will suffer on their own mistakes

God will not help because they don't learn

Learn to follow the rules

Rocking Rona will not take you in

There will be the walls of protection

Giving you ample time to run away

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