Friday, June 11, 2021

NOC should stay away


NOC shouldn't be allowed to return

Once in 1969 was enough for the nation

It doesn't need to roar its head to us again

The Old Man shouldn't have thought of it

It only will say we are going backwards

We haven't learned our lessons after 1969

Let Parliament reopen to find ways

The problems we are facing with C19

The Old Man is thinking way to return to the top

He should understand he had his chances but he blew it

He shouldn't plan to get back to his game

The people have enough of his one sided view

Let Parliament reconvene

Let members decide a new man for the job

The back door has failed and should go

The nation doesn't need duplicitous traitors

The back door can't handle the crisis

It has 15 months to get it going

But the leaders only interested in their own positions

And politics is always its cup of tea every day

His Majesty should think about the nation

There are angry people and confused ones too

He should follow the precedent set in Perak 2009

Use it to correct the misdirection and adjustments

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