Friday, June 18, 2021

end of emergency


End of emergency*

The back door will cry

The face of power

It may not arise

Rocking Rona will be high

That's the excuse to say

Hold on to the emergency

It's the power to take

The wolves may not leave yet

They hope Moo and gang will trade

As the emergency is gearing to a close

To stay on with the power game

But the wolves will know the score

The leaders shouldn't ignore grass-roots call

Pull out from the back door to avoid a bad name

In the next general election

Currently the Treasury in dire straits

The funds may have drained off now

As the back door used over $700 billions

For the numerous packages to shore up support

End of emergency

The Blue Eye should hit the trade

There will be leaders willing to support

Bring back the nation and economy

*August 1

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