Wednesday, June 16, 2021

let the good light flow


The Dark Valley

It isn't a good place to live

The mind will be cornered

The days will be a mental anguish

Everything we hear and read

There isn't a clear cut way

Some little napoleons will bend the rules

They don't follow the Federal regulations

The double standards flow

The ministers disobeying SOP

The ordinary folks who never follow

The way of summons take a different route

The Dark Valley

It is why the back door needs it

But karma has her way to bring in the open

We have to come out as quickly as possible

Now HRH the Sultans have agreed

The Emergency shouldn't be allowed to extend it

Parliament must reconvene as quickly as possible

Let Parliament take back its role and dignity

But the back door leaders?

They may try to cook up a different menu

It is high time the wolves make the cut

Don't just stand there howling in the full moon

The Dark Valley

The mind isn't free

Let the good light flow

Let the nation take flight

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