Sunday, September 30, 2012

lee lam thye

Lee Lam Thye*
In his days he was the Bukit Bintang man
No Bee Anne man could unseat him
He worked throughout his tenancy

With his old typewriter
He would walk the road
He helped those who needed it
He was reachable to all in his constituency

He didn't have to campaign
The people in Bukit Bintang did it for him
Every election he would win
MCA had to crawl back to its shell

Because of internal squabbles in DAP
He quit his post and politics
And devouted his time and energy
Helping the people and country

Though many had said he was a frog
He had his principles in his life
He quit all positions in DAP
For a while he was alone

Then he joined Kuok foundation
Later he joined other organizations
All the while still helping the people
In different capacity yet still a man of principle

We don't find such personality
Coming up through the nation
But his works in Bukit Bintang is well known
The helpless can count on him for assistance

*now Tan Sri Lee

the moon cake festival

The Moon Cake Festival
The colourful lanterns on parade
The adults and children walking
On the busy street at the old town

The traffic slowing down
Many thought there is an accident
As the Rela members controlling traffic
It is the lanterns on show

The children are happy
Holding the colourful lighted up lanterns
With parents following closely with them
The family bonding on a common festival

But the moon isn't bright
The haze has coloured its shine
Long ago in the village
The young children would beat the drums

Now it is just parade
On the busy street of the old town
Traffic trawling to a slow
The Moon Cake festival glows

a different stroke of life

A bilionaire sits in his office
In his mind he worries about his daughter
He knows he has spoilt her in her days
Now she says she is gay

He lights up a cigar
Puffing smoke looking out the window
He sees cars, buses and people
They don't seem to worry about life

He studies them a while
High up in his posh office
Alone pondering his brood
Why she has to do this to him?

He sent her to England
She got her degree
Now running her own business
She practically runs her own life

The papers say she got married
In France to her girlfriend
The same sex marriage isn't allowed in Asia
In foreign countries nothing to impede a marriage

He can't take it
He can't show his face
He puffs his cigar
Blowing smoke every where

His daughter says
I had boyfriends before
Now I am with women
Is there something wrong?”

The billionaire thought hard
Finally he came out with a bounty
A US65 million to any man
Who can convince his daughter to marry him

The news spread like fire
Many guys send in their applications
The daughter image becomes an icon
For the gay community in Hong Kong

The life of an individual tastes
It is best leave it to God to decide
The father should let her have her life
She has to answer when the time comes

Asian face values
It is only to the rich and famous
Once you have a wayward child
You have to stomach it and live through

The community of different tastes and values
They are the minority in the straight games
Now she finds herself become the talking point
The whispering will light up underground....

The day of her life
The father should let her go
Let her find her road home
God is there to make her so

Maybe today she finds life different
Going out of the form book to taste
The father should pray for a change
He doesn't need to offer bounty..

His daughter's life is her own
She can do what she practically needs
One day she may find it is wrong
God always works in different ways

don't run on borrowed money

You don't run on borrowed money
You can't live an easy life
When the taps run dry
You know you will cry badly

Bee Anne has no focus
Dishing out goods with borrowed funds
The debts will keep piling high
Don't be like Greece and Spain!

A short term sugar coated spree
In time the sorrow of diseases
You will cry badly when it hits
You have no way to hide

Bee Anne has no economic direction
The way the party leaders manage the nation
For decades helped by Petronas and EPF
This isn't the way to manage the country

Let's this be the last
Bee Anne will present its budget
We need a new eye and skill
For the country is crying every day

the crows of klang

The crows keep flying
In the air of freedom
Once they had their uses
Now they become a nuisance

Those were the days
When the crows were brought in
They multiplied too quickly
They became uncontrollable

The crows allow to breed
In no time the Klang gets hit
The crows become an icon
On the landscape of Klang

In the evening
On the compound of General Hospital
The crows will come to hit music
The sound will make the patients wake

The crows of Klang
In the old days it was bad omen
Now it is a everyday occurrence
Nobody pays much attention to its superstition

Saturday, September 29, 2012

love the many faces

Love the many faces
It doesn't show all the colours
It comes as it wants
It leaves as it likes

There is the living
Love comes to the scene
Of the many ways it shines
It never wants to tell as it likes

The bright light of love
Everything seems so free
There is no hindrance on its way
The smooth flow the mind rejoice

Sometimes the ugly faces
Love makes all the pain and sorrow
The painted face and the lies
The road seems bumpy and uneven rides

Love the many faces
It never shows its full deck of cards
The road of sparkling lights and shadows
It can make all the pain and sorrow

they live to be free

Lesbians and gays
The scorn of society
They are ridiculed in public
For something they are inborn

They struggle to live
In a society of straight
Harbouring for acceptance
Even God has decreed

It's the personal taste
They struggle to get free
Of lives they are born
They want to get into society

In Asia they live
Quietly and holding back their presence
Hiding their true nature
They don't want to be ridiculed

The scriptures have warned
The lovers of lesbian and gays
You can live as gays and lesbians
You can't indulge in the unholy union

For the society of straight
It is the test of their faith
We can't judge these wayward people
They are struggling to be free

It is God's creation
These children have their rights
Let's the straight show them compassion
Lesbians and gays will find solace and peace

the fatal attraction

The fatal attraction
Bee Anne spends
Propping up its power
Throwing out easy dough

The leaders forget
Of the debts of the nation
They only see power
They can't let go

The fatal attraction
Power and corruption
They look in the mirrors
They see the old...

And they can't let go
They plead to stay on power
Giving out money
As if tomorrow never comes

The pillars of our nation
Day by day it will collapse
When bad intentions rule
There is no way to save the nation

you hit the wrong

You want to learn boxing
Getting into the ring
You hardly have practised
You box a few rounds
You feel great
Then you stumble on the mat
You hit the rope
You fall flat on it
When you wake up
You find you hit the wrong
Your hand gets injured
So you stay indoor
Listening to the breathing
Of the walls the eyes peep
You count the seconds
Listening to the budget speech
But you don't get any specials
You aren't in the grouping
So you play with your laptop
Hey people I am in my cage”
You look out the window
You want to get healed quickly
Pray for a quick recovery
Then you can go driving again

the script never changes

The budget same old story
The Bee Anne leaders will praise
All the decades the familiar saying
Every one benefits!

The cronies will benefit
The billions coming their way
Education to reeducate the graduates
Why Bee Anne doesn't overhaul the universities?

English language the business of growth
Into the borderless world...
The graduates can't string a proper sentence
How to become a developed nation?

The middle class are left out
The affordable housing who can afford?
Capped at $400k a person will be in debt
He can't smell his freedom when he retires

Civil servants get 1.5 month bonus
What have they really contributed to the nation?
Our debts are piling high they don't cut expenses
When Auditor's Reports say of massive leakages

1,000 motorbikes for the police
Patrolling the housing estates
Is it a wise move causing pollution?
When the effectiveness is zero..

When the police run with cars
It should have made impact on the crimes
They should utitilize Rela for patrolling
There is cheap service yet for show only?

The underlaying call
It is fishing for votes
The GE13 sending Bee Anne shivers
This could be the last they got

Friday, September 28, 2012

the daughter's gay

The father's tears
As he sees his days
The daughter's gay
He has his heartbreak

He has the money
He has all he needs
In the family and in business
He can't understand his daughter's tastes

The mark of the mind
The line draws into it
The likes of his daughter
He can't sleep at night

The father's tears
The daughter can't understand
She has her own ways
Of life she wants to live

The father prays
For the enlightenment
His daughter will see
It is hard to believe

you can say

You can say
The bad in a day
Using all the adjectives
You know it is just second best

You can sing your praises
How good you are than your Boss
Amongst friends in similar spirit
The spider's web will tell

You can grin
You can smile
You can say
Within the walls of your own

End of the day
You must admit
You are not the Boss
You still have to take orders

the lights and shadows

We have the lights
We have the shadows
No matter how we want to think
We can't go away

The lights and shadows
Of our lives in journey
We will hear and listen
The good and bad and ugly

In politics and in corporate world
The lights and shadows interplay actively
The bosses will live a lonely figure
They were there once before

DAP the rocket man
PAS the angel of space
PKR the spider of webbing
The sponge of people is the glue

Within their areas of expertise
The inter-play of cat and mouse
The dog occassionally wakes up
What's the fuss all about?

The active inter-play of games
The minds of keeping each other plan
When they come for a common stand
They will smile and shake hands

Thursday, September 27, 2012

death makes no appointment

In one day
Bliss and tragedy
The day of a life
It was taken so suddenly

The day he got married
The smile and joy on his face
Pictures perfect on his wedding
The day was joy and bliss

A new life of wedded bliss
A new chapter would have written
He was gearing for his moments
On night out with his friends

By the clock chimed at 2 am
8 men came to slash him to death
He died on the way to hospital
A new chapter of his life gone

Death makes no appointment
It never tells you the day and time
How you will meet your fate in life
So it is better to do good deeds all the times

the farmers losing

The farmers wail
The years of toil and pain
Under the sun and rain
On land belonging to the State

For decades through families
They make the land their living
They help to cut down on imports
Saving hundreds of millions in bills

The sacrifices they endured
For decades they have the land
Now the State through its agencies
They send notices of eviction

What is the State thinking?
Building more concreted buildings?
The import bills will increase
When farmers are squeezed

The agriculture industry one shouldn't forget
It will nourish the people saving millions
It is time the people wake up quickly
We shouldn't feed the 20% in our society

job hunting

Job hunting
You mustn't be desperate
You must maitain your composure
Let the confidence take it along

No doubt you want to gainfully employed
In the world of working class and interactions
Along the way you will try hard to land a job
You forget your backdoor and the consequences

No doubt you will hear the negatives
School life is over and degree earned
Now time to make a living with it
You can't stay home and wait

When job can't be found
The frayed confidence takes its toll
You begin to wonder what has gone wrong
Remember Job patience makes the day

Job hunting
If you lose your way
You forget to check
Enticing by the high pay

Many fall victims
To the jobs scam in newspapers and internet
They think of the high remuneration
They forget the road of lapses...

Get the small job
Learning the working life
Learn some experience
It will help you in the end

we have to rock the boat

Some don't want to rock the boat
They live in style or in fear of the unknown
So they will rather get sodomized by the devil
Then waiting alone for angels to sing them a song

The years we have been conditioned
We think Bee Anne has all the answers
As the years capturing our minds and souls
We have come to realize we are fools

Bee Anne has been here
The day of independence and now
Slowly the inequality cutting edges
Yet there are people crying don't rock the boat

The country crying for a change
She can't stand the smell of greed and corruption
The power crazy leaders and followers
They use force and fear to silent the critics

It is time to rock the boat
Let the evil feel the dizziness
Of the undercurrent swelling it up
For the day comes we can truly celebrate

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the fighting cats

The white cat and the grey cat
They snarled and stared at each other
Around the concrete fence they met
Meowing loudly for all to hear

The territorial dispute
Each cat wanted to control
Now they fought over it
Each didn't want to give way

The female cats would be smiling
Maybe they thought how stupid the male cats were
Fighting over line of coverage
When they were here and around

The sound became louder
The curves bodies the pressure built
The contours of the striking bodies
The fight would seem inevitable

Then old couple came along
With walking stick the man talked
The disputing cats quickly ran away
No fight for the night

life is what you choose

Life is what you choose
Don't feel bad
when it turns out different
Don't go blaming others
You have a choice
And you take it

As the years falling in
You find you are far behind
You shouldn't feel regret
You have your choice
You take it

The years may have gone
There must be some gains
What you may achieve
Believe in that process
You will not feel so much blue

You may have aged
It doesn't say you can't relearn
There are many opportunities
It doesn't wait to be exploited
You have to take it

The rain and shine
The time will move by
You must have learned
You shouldn't feel so low

You have made your choice
Learn to live with it and grow
There is a place for every one
Big or small you have to take it