Saturday, May 31, 2008

the frogs quiet before the storm

Oh the frogs!
Quiet before the storm?
I can’t hear the croaking
Only the echo

BN must be counting
The eggs in its basket
Thinking the frogs in season
They won’t cause harm to its coffer

The war is fought
When the enemy is lax and sleeping
The quietness in the battle field
The frogs assessing the situation

Let it be known
The creditability rules
The frogs wait for the right moment
Then it strikes deeply for its kill

When the enemy is over confident
Relaxing its frontiers and accumulating wealth
Then when the gates are left sparsely guarded
The frogs will jump
Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee high in the sky!

media freedom

Media freedom
No walk police say

Go listen to the talk
Zaid and company tell
In the hall branding marks
Will it happen in the end?

Judiciary a long way to go
The BN leaders afraid of the shadows
Blooming big and intimidating
The BN leaders seem bewitched

The Darth Vader and his troopers
They will come hard and fast
The last leg of its frontier
They want to go down in history
Fighting for their survival

The battle ground draws
The silent marching in cyber-space
The words flow
And the shadow soldiers fight on

e-zam and his 3 bags full

Is he a Trojan horse so obvious to all?
No hiding in sack walks right into it
Let all and sundry see
Let them speculate

Is that the scene?
Scripted into a daring flight
The big applause and snide remarks
Position, position and position…..

The publicity generated
The MSM and blogs
E-zam must be shining bright
For the sleeping beauty gets to night

The Dark Hill
The echo of the listless souls
Returning to engage within and outside
The battles learned now to put into use

But E-zam loses his balls
He can’t fight hard he turns soft
Only in his former UM-NO
He runs back home

A Trojan horse……..
Inside to inflict turmoil………………..?
Let the corrupted leaders beware
Dig holes and all fall down

E-zam sells his soul
He can’t stomach it any more
Years fighting for the oppressed
Spending time in jail
He becomes his own lost shadow

Goodbye saudara
The pages of history you will go
Sadly people won’t be thinking about you
They are planning the marching
For a change of tomorrow

the game lucifer is playing

Lucifer plays
The game of heavens and hell
Don’t we all know about it?
We read it in our Holy Books
And yet we get riled up
When labeling becomes a snare

Are you with me, are you not?
The sickness of the mind
Lucifer plays right into it
And the children of God become
The puppet of the great Pretender

One for you, one for me
One of others, one for me still
One for the rest, one for me to chew
Until I get it all
The children of God look so perplex
It isn’t fair, Lucifer!

Yet the religious scholars
Named him as Satan or Devil or Evil One
Or whatever name they can think of
His name is Lucifer
The angel of fire
In case we forget………….

Anything new in this world………………?
We should draw our own conclusions
The right to heavens isn’t for one race
Look around us so many colors of people
And we named names……………….
A sin if that ever is repeated every time after prayers
We are bullshitting ourselves aren’t we?

pudu jail

Pudu Jail
On Pudu road once I walked
Touching the walls
Thinking of the people inside

The scum of society
The other side of the human beings
Without them life must be very peaceful
Inside the walls I got no chance to see

I remembered the thugs
The drug addicts there
Pudu Jail won’t deter them
It is just a home when others failed

The ghosts of the past
The haunting cry in the night
If you listen intently
You may hear those died inside

The BN leaders don’t make it grand
A tourist spot they have no idea
They want to spend on things they can take
Pudu Jail they think they will be there

So Pudu Jail
Standing still on the busy road
Motorists passing by every day
The old haunt people just forget

Friday, May 30, 2008

bmc saga finally ends for now

The BMC wall finally gone
Cabinet decided it has to go
The residents blew a sense of relief
In the end the people triumph
For now………….

The saga shouldn’t stop there
The police officers too must be investigated
For their part and police brutality
Ganging up to beat a helpless man

The company Grand Saga
The directors too must be charged
For erecting concrete wall without state approval
For talking big ignoring local laws

The Pakatan Government must initiate legal action
Bring the directors to book on their action
Defying laws on state land can’t go Scot free
Bring the law let them taste its magic

The residents too should bring class action
On the company and the police
Let the laws punish the culprits
And see justice finds its way

mbc saga

Chor chor forgets
He is there people voted him
How could he make such a stupid statement?
Defending the police beating up a 21 years old youth?

The thugs were there in BMC
What are the police do?
Waiting for colleagues as backup
Close one eye when thugs gone wild?

The fracas in BMC
The Police officers should be investigated
The company Grand Saga should be interviewed
The directors of the company seem flouting the law

It is on state land
What right does the company has?
The director arrogantly issued public statement
He would order it to be barricade up again

Chor chor wakes up please
Don’t fall asleep like the pig
See what have been done in your stewardship
You haven’t learned when you were out of office

BN ministers go make your play
The marching of the people silently begin
Keep your seats warm before you are booted out of office
And you will not be returned into it again

Thursday, May 29, 2008

the former sailors jump on ship

The sinking ship
Crying out loud in her final days
Body rusty holes cracking big
Yet the former sailors quickly return
Telling all and sundry
They want to help her

Race base party is dinosaur
It is better left in the dustbin and more
The country can’t entertain these political leaders
The peoples’ power have shown it since

Time for change on March 8
Leaders who forget or dream of lofty wealth
They are out of touch of reality
People want change now

The former sailors can go
Nobody will miss them
Let them fight to save the sinking ship
The people have other projects to think

The sinking ship
Sailing on the open sea
Arrogant even in deep sorrow
Nobody can help her
She is going deep into the water grave

White splashes echoing the past glory
In time the sailors will once again abandon ship
She has too much corrupted fiber connecting into her wires
Cleaning it up will take ages……
It is time to let her sink into the deep sea

The former sailors whoever they are
Now your cover is blown and creditability gone
The people wish you a sad journey
You will not be missed in our marching victory

the state government should make it right 2

Grand Saga
Red sea of the wall
Putting it up
Defying civil engagement
Police stand by
Thugs pay to do nuisance
Blame it on the people then

Shouting and attacking
Injuries, brutality and retaliations
All because of Grand Saga
Taking law into its own hand

The state government
Holds 20% of the stake
So the state must make a ruling
Remove the director(s)
For creating chaos with the people

It has become a sad joke
Putting up concrete walls
Residents united to bring it down
In between shouting matches
In this corner weighing so many pounds
In that corner many eyes angry faces breathing hard
Weighing XXX many……………..hands full of energy

Grand Saga
Community services hardly show
It isn’t its road yet the director wanted to impose
The company rules on the people

Berlin Wall is gone and in history
Here Grand Saga wants to build its red barricade
On the people of Cheras
No way Jose, they let the company had its way!

ezam rejoins um-no

Ezam gone back home
The UM-NO bed he goes
Smiling sweetly thinking of his lost love
“I am home, honey”

When he was in PKR
He fought and went to jail
About freedom and corruption
BN government caught him in
Now he forgot and wanted the spoils
In prison maybe he thought about it

When he fell out in PKR
He forgot about politics
He hides behind Gerak
Still talking about freedom and corruption
Until today he applies to rejoin UM-NO
He frogs into the sinking ship
The ‘Titanic’ sending distress signals
Ezam gone overboard…………
“Honey, I am home!”

When he walks around
He will find the loopholes
Water dripping sleeping isn’t to dream
Summer kisses sorrowful songs
He is trapped in his own folly

Lack of patience
Lack of perseverance
Thinking of rising to the top
Never willing to wait for a time
He may lose all his creditability
Going into UM-NO again

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the government wants to take on bloggers

Bloggers aren’t nameless and faceless
There are around giving their worth
Shooting stars in the dark space
Only fools deny them all the time

What they write
What they think
Maybe they don’t make many
Government leaders fail to take them on
Labeling them names and what not…..
Some threatened with Sedition Act and ISA

This is the borderless media
Engaging them write out plans
Just don’t use the draconian laws
To silent the critics in blogosphere
They love the country more
Than the party and leaders
Does the government get it?

Now the BN government wants to engage them
Just don’t use the draconian laws…………….
Come in and talk in cyber-space
Without fear and favor

The country needs informative people
Not those sweet coated bananas
Not the tak pedas nasi lemak……….
Just give it like it is
The original take of what need to be done
And what need to be handled properly
For the country and her people

the cold turkey buzzard

The cold turkey buzzard
Flying high in the sky
Eyes of wild wings of prey
Looking for it
Smells the dead

On the empty desert
Cactus stand erect
Commanding view
On a desolate sand

The guide creeps
Shoveling sand silence weep
The troopers wait
Sweating it out under the hot canopy tent

The cold turkey buzzard
Flying down cracking noises
Smelling another prey
Who will it be?
In the quiet desert……..
Only the whisper of the wind

The guide reflects
In the city flash bulbs and publicity
He feels proud of it
He gets his news

The troops wait
The guide crawls nearer
The glimpse of shadows
A log of wood or what it is?

He looks up
The cold turkey buzzard
Waiting for the kill
In the desolate desert
It is judgment day

Will the truth be known?
When explosion hear in the sandy desert
The cold turkey buzzard
Flying high smelling of death
Of greed and power
Game the corrupted officials play

this is the borderless world

For a guy who escaped Operation Lallang
Now he wants to show his stripes
Where for your destination?
The beauty and the beast………..?

Good leaders should understand
The innovative war techniques
The subtle weaponry in cyber-space
Learn the craft or forever hold your tongue

The frog has come out from the coconut shell
The people of the old had all given up
It is the baby boomers and the present generation
They come with knowledge and skills to fight
And you want to use the old war head?
Fear of the laws…………OSA, ISA, Police, FRU?

Moviegoers watch Spartan 300
The freedom is the most important weapon
These soldiers and their king fight for it
On those soil they defended with their lives
So that others will live without slavery

How many millions watch the movie?
People see people value choices
Don’t come and tell me what to do
In your back yard you better clean it up
Because the twister is coming your way

The haze and the cloud seeding
Creating dark clouds and falling rain
So you want the people to frog in the shell
Dear Sir they have seen the world
They aren’t stupid any more

People will stand
People will fight
People will be united
When their rights and freedom curtailed
In the country they live and die

We are the bosses
The workers shouldn’t give us threat
In our votes we make and break a leader and government
Have you forgotten it already?

The whisper in cyber-space
The onslaught will be given
On the borderless world
The bloggers triumph all the time

white rock is gone

White Rock
You wave goodbye
Sad eyes as you close it
Looking into the future
The lover on the island

The weak team fighting for you
They don’t have the mind to bring you in
They were there to prop up sentiments
Thinking you will return home

Match makers came
Defending your virtues and your value
In the end the match makers are foreigners
They don’t measure you as a bride
So now you wave goodbye
The truth is hard to swallow
For a country once part of Malaysia
Now Singapore gets her way
Malaysia must not give in any more

The country gets a slap
On her face for not working it well
The small outcrop teardrops gone
Only a remembrance once she was ours

Now Pulau Pisang
Don’t be complacent
Thinking it is ours too
Singaporeans manage the lighthouse
One day we may lose it
So get going before something turning over
We can’t afford to lose any more

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

selangor government must take a stand

Grand Saga
Defying against the people
The director still insists
The concrete wall will be put up

Mind you on state land
A company crony of BN
So he thinks he can do what he likes
Money is the motif
Telling the motorists
No way Jose, can you bypass

Pay me the toll
Else the concrete wall will come up
Police report should be lodged
The state government should take action
No way a company director
Running as if the land belongs to the company

A former OCPD
Now a director of the company
He should know the law
Yet he fails to exercise his knowledge and experience
When money flowing, mind becomes blank

The state government
Positively legally tell the company
This is state land under its control
Let no other trying to muscle in

The people had spoken
Clashing with the police
Sometimes I wonder
For the people or the company
The police pay by the peoples’ taxes
Fighting for the company?

The police force should be neutral
No showing side let the law decides
Yet in this land of Malaysia
Cronyism runs high on the streets

The state government
Make no mistake in its administration
Sending a strong signal
No one should transgress on state land

federal level must change

Selangor assembly passed a motion against ISA
A good try in history
When the Federal government isn’t changed
Nothing much the state government can do

Here lies the crunch of it
The Federal Government controls
BN can lose all the state seats
When Federal Government in BN hands
Will there be many changes in the end?

I don’t think so
Selangor gets to start a small fire
In it others may want to take
Another small fire in other state
Like the haze then it is gone……

It becomes history
The next round of debates and protests
Echoing pass the corridors of power
Nothing changes ISA will remain

Peoples’ Front should take the Federal Government
Otherwise it will be just dreams for now
BN knows it so they will hold on to it
And the rest can put up small fires………….
Thinking it can choke them to quit

Changing will come
In the Federal Government
EC said there could be a snap election
If that what BN wants
Bury them for good this time around

drive with full alert

Accidents happen, don’t you know?
Driving on the trunk roads
Speeding on the highway
Challenging the demons
You think you are the best

Don’t you see the speed limit?
Why it put up there for all to see?
If you value life, think of it
Don’t speed with the demons
You are at the losing game

Even you don’t speed
Cruising leisurely on the roads
Stay alert eyes round up all
You never know
About freak accidents
Hurling right into your way

Bad luck or poor karma
Unlucky fengshui unlucky day
Forget to say prayers
Forget to remember the Lord
You never know

Drive with full alert
Be prepared on the roads
Don’t leave it to your instincts
You have just one life
So make it last for a long time

snap election?

Snap election
To satisfy the losing leaders
Running, panting hard on the streets
Dreaming about their lost gold
Eyes full of glow can’t forget the darkness flow

EC chairman
He should retire now
He shouldn’t be issuing public statement
He thinks he runs the government

O the ink!
Finger pointing nobody takes responsibility
Is the indelible ink in store?
In 2007 it was costing $1 million
In 2008 it is $2.4 million
It was easy money if that was true

48,000 bottles of ink
Dancing in darkness
Singing their tunes
BN got chicken
People got short-changed

Now BN talking about snap election
Covering tracks once again

This time BN will be buried
Deeply into the sinking sand
Remember they want their pot of gold
They can’t sleep since March 8

In case somebody says differently
I am a BN member way back in Selangor
I gave up when I can’t agree
The way they behave and do things
Leaving the people begging
Scholarships, housing tenure, land
And the one sided policies
Leaving the crumbs for the others to pick
Take it or leave it seem the order of the day

Snap election
BN will see their plot of holes
Lying aground waiting for the fall
The people should do it
Wishing them a good night sleep

Monday, May 26, 2008

dig the past to avoid pitfalls today

The previous BN government in Selangor spent
$27 million in 50 days
Without a care to the state
So BN leaders knew
They were going to lose
In the GE12 election!

In Selangor PR government probes
The new state cabinet wants to know
Even Sultan of Selangor raised the issue
What do BN going to do?

First when they lost
They shredded away documents
They transferred money out from Balkis
Then closed the organization
When their status had finally broken
On March 8, 2008

Now the opposition BN
Wants promises to be fulfilled
Asking PR government to forget about it
Carry the business of governing the state
How easy this BN leader says?

Past corruptions and misdeeds must be identified
Catch these BN leaders and put them behind bars
As have been highlighted in the press
There must be grounds to haul up these BN leaders
The better for the state and people

Now PR government will find ways
To prosecute the Judas Iscariots
Let them feel the heat and sorrow
Let there be payback time

aca the soft stalk

ACA dragging feet
They wait for orders
Then they start going
Don’t they read newspapers and blogs?

ACA the soft stalk
Growing up no backbone to talk
The leaders always wait for telephone calls
Otherwise bullying the small fry

So many ills
The slick politicians openly do
Knowing the taiko will settle
When the going getting tough
They will disappear cooling off a while

The many cases
The high profile ones limbo rock
They don’t go proactive
They wait for orders
Then they start cracking

Only the small ones
Quickly they come to talk
The big ones ages they walk
So ACA where is your backbone?
Work without fear and favor
Do your job for the people and country
It isn’t for the ruling elite
It is your badge and honor
So live it up!

sharp needles need no statement


Forbidden words
Hiding in the mind
Yet wanting to go free
Lips wavering sound in silence agree

The acts of many
Deaf and mute display
Engaging yet pretending
The scenes in the minds

Of desire and lust
Of liberation and speech
Yet there are laws
Sadly controlling the traffic flow

Many words
Only in closed doors hear
Shame isn’t it?
When you read the lyrics of “Here in my home”
The subtle messages behind the meaning
Putting it beyond censorship cut
The forbidden words narrating it there

Ah the words
Beautiful or negating news
It is beholding to the person
Who dares to say and believe it in?

the old man rants

Rule of Law
It must be fair to all
It shouldn’t favor one class
Denying the others

When police report make
The authority must investigate
Yet you find it never happens
The warlords rule

So what happen now?
In your time you did the same
Selecting persecutions on law
Leaving others Scott free

I know you try
Wanting it your way
Tun, you had your chances
Now let the people decide
In GE12 BN got the mandate
To rule the country

Though I don’t agree
What the directions the country going
With the sleeping beauty snoring away
The economy runs on C4
Quick fix then conveniently forget

UMNO and you
Let it be Tun
These warlords don’t appreciate
They forget already

Write in your blog
Let others bring it up from there
So they don’t describe bad about you
The man who put Malaysia
Where world leaders know

many reports police headaches

Many police reports made
On the Lingam tape
Of the people involved
Will the police go for it?

I don’t hear the drumbeat
It is silence on the streets
I wonder what holding it
Ah….the traffic jams!

The pig snorts
He wants to take his pills
He can’t believe
He has to go hunting

I see the division
The party lays the rules
Don’t you see the unfairness?
When it is Karpal Singh
So swiftly the police came

When it involves the ruling elite
Friends and cronies it is a snail pace
I wonder what the police waiting
To go for it or just forget

Even AAB the police don’t investigate
On Sedition Act 1948……………..
Report lodged why no action?
The pig gets a headache

This is it
The police can’t walk the beats
Silver coins lying on the pavements
Wonder who forgets?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

petrol hike will come later

No petrol hike
Don’t hold your breath
This is the trick
Stopping the internal turmoil
In the ruling elite

I rather the petrol subsidy is let go
Let the forces determine the price
The people bite the bullet now
In the years ahead knowing how to budget

WE can’t believe
The subsidy will last forever
Petronas surely harvesting hundred of billions
Just for the moment before the fall

Right now the rich and poor
Pay the same price for petrol
Across the board no class differentiation
In the end who losses the most?

Nay the government of BN
The leaders try to hive off problems
Squabbling amongst its members
They can’t afford to rock the boat
Until such time when the situation improves

In September BN will review it
For now the cabinet is buying time
Knowing the petrol hike has to come
They can’t close one eye, can they?

supremacy of race has no place

GE 12 March 8
The UMNO leaders still don’t get it
Don’t talk about race
Supremacy of it has no place

The people have enough of it
Only UMNO goons eager to flow
With their leaders harping on the glittering gold
Sparkling diamonds, rubies, jades and minted notes

The ball carriers catching on it
Beat the bell to say how true
UM-NO leaders forget
The deception has been broken
On GE 12 March 8

The Old Man still says
About race supremacy
On the bogeyman in his mist
He has lost touch of reality
The days of glory
It will be gone in 2008

Bee End is near
The sight has turned dark
Only the young Turks think they have chances
To bring the party to glory……..
Even renegades want to return
Smell the final plunder before it goes?

And the Darth Vader
Jet setting in his jet
About economy he doesn’t know much
He leaves it all to his C4 boys
He wants to bark orders
Like the Old Man……

The end is near
The road has ended
Only the time for the final blow
A new chapter begins

malaysia day a new leader will be born

The Darth Vader
Walks into his Dark Hill
Piercing eyes into his empty wall
What have happened to all his trophies?

The story of his time all gone
Disappear right in his eyes
He rubs it hard to see
It is true he is facing his empty wall

The power he has once
He begins to lose it
When the emperor barks his order
‘Go away into oblivion
Don’t show your face any more!’

He doesn’t get the hint
The upstart begins to wave his magic
Into his domain he plays his skills
Marrying his princess he wants to be king

The Darth Vader collapses on his chair
Gold glittering diamonds cut every where
The greedy prince has finally taken all
The seal and his worth……………
Now he realizes he has nothing
He has been used all these years

The battle fields decided in secret
He isn’t part of the party inner circle
Once decided Darth Vader is gone
Come Malaysia Day a new leader will be born

It is only for the sinking ship
It has fought many epic battles
Now it can’t go on any more
The changing of the guard is only symbolic
The new chapter has begun months earlier
The peoples’ party has taken the role
The new dawn is set………………..

Darth Vader only dreams
About his Dark Hill
Of his corridors and the gravy train
The plaything he cherishes now gone
When he looks from afar
It is the bright lit up Glorious Hill
The peoples’ leader sits and gives the new dawn

history will have a lot to write about

The Old Man says
About events happened long ago
When the needs required
He could recall

On Musa Hitam and Shahrir Samad
These two gentlemen should recognize the assistance
It explains why the rot in the government
Of people who never remember asking for help

The Old Man
He too has his faults
In his heyday he wanted his way
He won’t stand feedback
He only directs others do the jobs for him

He decides what the country needed
He didn’t ask for open tenders for bids
He just pushed to those in his mind
They could do the jobs for him

The UMNO leaders
All learned the same tricks
Arrogant, egoistic, for me not for you, magic
Now when the Old Man is out of the game
He doesn’t like what he sees

The Darth Vader should have resigned
Losing Penang his own state
Yet he doesn’t want to
He tastes the power and the gravy train

So the Old Man pushes and rumbles
The Darth Vader refuses to go
In the end he brings dispute to the country
The FDI and economy slips away
Now we lost White Rock………..
What more does he need to say?

Now do we hear any news about Tun Diam?
I heard he shifted his wealth and family out of the country
Occasionally he returns to say hello and tie up loose ends
He knows what will happen to him…………..
When the new party takes over the country

It will be interesting to dig up the past
History will have a lot to write about
When the new government takes the reign
Let the grave diggers of the gravy train pay
For the country shouldn’t forgive them

Saturday, May 24, 2008

spider woman 2

What could he say when he rejoined UM-NO?
The years he spent fighting for justice and freedom
And spent time in jail of what he fought for
Now he wants to jump into the sinking ship…………
He wants to be Jack Sparrow
‘One more round, my baby, before I see you go’

The rolling waves rising high
The storm and thunder lashing the sinking ship
And here I see
The man who did play a part in the lost years
Telling the whole country what UM-NO is
And I see him furiously rowing his boat
‘Let me see you before you go’

Has his mind turning to stars?
Out of politics he feels left out?
Now the dying ship sending signals
Suddenly he wakes up he wants a share
The tragedy of once mighty ship
Now battle worn riddled with holes
And he wants to share with her

The way a politician behaves
Nobody cares what he will be
In politics only in black and white
Do the action and talk less
Result counts in moving ahead

Ezam going back on his words
He is reversing what he had said
About UM-NO and the ills
For that he spent years in jail…

Sorry saudara
You will lose your respect
You built it years ago
Now you want to go back
When Dr M stepped out already

white rock 2

Oh the waves
Roaring onto the White Rock
The symbol of supremacy
It has now gone out of our reach

The signal of avoiding danger
The leaders of the country forget
Leaving it alone fighting with the natural ills
The sea, the wind, and the loneliness

Complacency roosts the sorrow
Now we have to say goodbye
White Rock lying alone
Kissing water rocking waves

Tears may not flow
She curses the day BN forgets
Waking up to fight for her
It was too late………….

Now she belongs to another lover
She doesn’t want yet by law of arbitration she goes
Wiping her tears of sorrow
The family she leaves behind…………

White Rock
The people will sack the BN government
It is in this year or next GE
The people will make BN pay
For not fighting you to come home to stay

white rock

BATU PUTEH: The International Court of Justice has ruled in a majority decision that this outcrop of rocks,
situated where the Singapore Strait meets the South China Sea, belongs to Singapore in a 12-4 decision. — Reuters
borrowed The Star

White Rock lies on the sea
Alone no lover no company
Years you waited for your true love
It never comes to peep at you

It is only 14.3km away
The government never pays a call
The leaders are so busy accumulating wealth
And they forget about you
Living alone on the sea

The small island state came
Only 46.3 km away……
The leaders there see you so alone
They send their water rats to make their pride
With you White Rock you feel not alone any more
In 1851 since

Lovers quarrel dragging on for decades
You want to go home to see your family
So near yet so far away
They don’t come visiting you any more

Now ICJ delivered
You have a new lover 46.3 km away
You shade your tears of the unfaithful family
Casting you off without a goodbye

White Rock
The BN leaders blunder
They hardly know you are there on the sea
The people will make BN pay
For letting you go away

Friday, May 23, 2008

let democracy work for the people

In politics
We shouldn’t have ‘yes’ people all the time
Even in working relationship
The CEO or General Manager must view dissenting ideas

For a project to work
Ideas and feedbacks should be the norm
It is here that investors see
There is healthy democracy at work

Certain issues dictatorial decision rules
Like the basic groundwork of a budget entails
Here CEO or General Manager shall not bulge
It is the tenure at work…………..

Politics mustn’t be one sided drumbeat
It has to flow fighting the ‘common’ enemy
Though the approach maybe different
One shouldn’t be a lackey then where is the self worth?

A leader should know his tenure
When there is too much grumbling
He must know when to go
Lingering on will only make matter worst
The economy will suffer; productivity declines
Here you will find the little warlords rule
They want to be the small kings

Like in DBKL…………..
The city folks are up in anger
What will the minister do?
He is thinking about his position
Then going down to the ground

Let democracy works in the peoples’ party
Otherwise they are no different than BN
We can’t afford to have ‘yes’ people running around
We may as well elect ourselves…………….

the finger pointing

The ink dancing
The fingers pointing
The shadow play just begun
The end shows hardly a surprise?

The 4 messengers
Gang it up to concoct a story
Now the script tattering
The small Brutus playing his game

Police report made
Let an independent officer investigates
Let there be transparency and accountability
Otherwise a file on ‘insufficient evidence’

This is what will likely happen
The police can’t investigate
There is no green light to go in
The indelible ink of 48,000 bottles
The sun will take it up
And the 4 messengers walk away coolly
Under the camouflage of shades and shadows

The PM, IGP, AG and EC
They better tell the truth
Finger pointing isn’t the way
Tell the people why it happens?

The shadow play
The small Brutus makes his way
The 48,000 bottles shaking their heads
Don’t let us be prisoners; let us go out and dance
Under the hot sun………………

humility saves souls

The Old Man and Darth Vader
Corroding the system to engage in personal tiff
One doesn’t show respect the one who made him
The other forgot how to be an elder statesman

The marching soldiers spread
Of ripples in the deep sea
Silently waving in the calm water
Of what will happen it let to be seen

The C4 boys brew their potent juices
Selling in the market the supporters buy
Never want to question its logic
Else they think they get behind

The Old Man cuts off ties
He fights on his belief
The country’s economy and politics
It is his own creation now he has seen
The picture he doesn’t like at all

The Darth Vader walks in his power
Given to him in a silver platter
Once he took it he doesn’t want to reciprocate
He wants to live like king

The Supreme Ruler can’t intervene
In his rule he has to be neutral
He can offer advice in his personal capacity
To bridge the divide going out of control

The people watch
The signs of the frogs
Jumping out from the pond
Stake their claims to be the lords

UMNO is bleeding
The internal wounds begin to soak in
Outsiders see it coming
Only the members and leaders still think arrogantly

The lies will keep floating
Until reality sinks into its depth
The truth about UMNO leaders
They must know how to go gracefully
And think about Malaysians
Not on party, religion and race

The peoples’ crusaders
They are marshalling to take over
The voters had said in GE12
This year or in the next election

it is the mind

borrowed school uniform)

It is the sick mind of the guys
It isn’t of tastes and fashion
How women wear, don’t make the guys go bonkers?

In this world what sex difference do we find?
Only two – man and woman
And yet we have so many sexual problems
Throughout the history of man and woman

The root cause is in the mind
It doesn’t go with a woman fashion
Lack of control is the weak mental capacity
It has nothing to do with religion
If it ever is, nobody is sinless
Even imagine it will be sin
So it boils down to the mental capability

Look on the beach resorts
There are women and guys go topless
Will they create a group of rapists on the locals?
I don’t think so

Even watching pornography
Will guys go robbing women sexually?
It isn’t to me personally
It is the mind where it all begun

Educate the mind
In schools and universities
Viewing nudity is an art
Look at the human body objectively
It is the mind which controls all good and evil
Just don’t go blaming fashion
Else copying western cultures

It is the sick mind
Where troubles begin in the society
It is like the drug addict
He doesn’t blame himself
He says it is the drug

Thursday, May 22, 2008

the spider woman

The lure of the spider woman
The scent of her magic
She makes it known
Transparency my boy………..
Yet her hidden agendas
Oh boy you won’t know

The trappings of power
The galore of the wealth
The souls she has accumulated
The clutches she captures souls
Under her belly spreading on her web
The sufferers of greed, power and wealth

And yet there are people
Willing to go back……..
Even though they had gone away
The scent of the spider woman
They dream all about it

From afar the ground breaking
Sending signals of white and black smoke
Oozing out into the dark sky
They are people willing to go back
Sacrifices to enrich souls………
The spider woman calls her dues

She needs people
The greed of power and wealth
This is much she could offer
In return she wants your soul

The spider woman living in the Dark Hill
Entangling web of destruction of your soul
Once you escape don’t go back
She doesn’t forget the turncoats
She will make them pay big time

missing children

borrowed from The Star

O missing children!
Many running to thousand
In the country

And what do the police do?
Chasing after the demonstrators of peace
Running down MPs doing their jobs for the people
And the crooks roaming free

O missing children!
Somewhere parents cry can’t go to sleep
Pinning their hopes children will return
Days gone to months then to years
The tears dry up memory lingering on

And the police
Go after the wrong elements
Wasting time going after NGOs
And MPs fighting for the good of the country

And the Darth Vader
Looking down on his Dark Hill
Finding ways to sustain his supremacy
While the crooks steal the children away

Police O Police!
Do your right job; catch the crooks
Children are missing
You can’t even find them quickly

And the publicity seekers
Donating money forget to fight for crimes back home
O missing children!
Let the Lord shelter you in His care

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the old man steps out

The Old Man finally steps out
To the chorus of the wind

The silent calm breeds
Swaying calmly in the mind
Of what the UMNO members want?
When there is pot of gold
It magnets them to the fall

Now the frogs
Croaking a bit louder too
Listening to the talk
The Old Man out of the scene

The impact will come
When the pain finally stings
The direction it has to go
UMNO sings the wrong melody

Party, religion, Melayu and country
Where is Malaysia and Malaysian?
The wrong footing the fall
UMNO has its 2nd chance
And the leaders blew it!

Listen to the soft wind
Imagine the calm sea
And the talk by UMNO leaders
About party and positions
Then push calmly the wealth of the nation

They don’t learn do they?
We are children of Malaysia

ego takes over

The cabinet ministers
The big flash on posters
It is to make them feel
They are the lords over the people

So when motorists driving pass
They see their pictures
Promoting products are secondary
They want them to know
Who are they?

When eye level sees
The faces of the ministers
Gracing the posters
Promoting products or themselves?

Why don’t they advertise the places?
Or the products to be sold
Niamah…….ego takes over!

this is life bro'

The years gone by quickly
You thought you could do something for the community
Writing without fear or favor
Yet there are people just couldn’t take it
They want to use their wealth to muscle in

This is life bro
Nothing really changing
Except every one grows old and wiser
Else turning senile and writing nonsense

The good fight just glaring to go
The events in the country slowly unfolds
Lingam tape video and its report
And the Old Man quit UM-NO

And the frogs will keep croaking
Deeply in the pond occasionally popping up its heads
Eyes turning big mind listening attentively
For the call that they have to jump

The UM-NO ranks will crack
The ripples will not be seen now
It will happen in a few months
When the realization hit home

Now the peoples’ soldiers marching in
Silently in space and on the ground
You will have more stories to write
And share with us

Congrats for the 2 years
I came here since last year

the down of an era

The down of an era
It came swiftly
Many didn’t know
It has become the talk of the people

The Darth Vader doesn’t care
He walks on his corridors
With power and counting his blessing
Finally the troublesome shadow
Disappeared from his sight

He looks at his advisors
They know what he wants to do
Scale up his dreams and bring in the wealth
He has many works to do………
Like the man who said it is Act of God

Sentiments sound so similar
Walking on the power, glory blinds the eyes
Out from the Dark Hill
Darth Vader doesn’t see the white smoke rising

The signals of the Indian Chief
Gathered and telling others to forsake the hill
Time to go hunting
A new light will be theirs

The soft vibration
Reaching out to the hinterlands
Crowd of people will get the messages
What action they will take is everybody guesses?

In the sky the painted white blue
Clear imagination; spoil by neighbor’s smoke
Dark Vader stares out from his windows
He can’t see a thing
He is afraid……….
Of the frogs croaking in his head

the frogs wait for the calling

borrowed jg)

The frogs wait
In the wings

Listening to the rumbles
The weak leaders sleep
Telling others to party
Leave me alone to sing

The frogs leap in the shadow
Knowing that something big will happen
It is for the country
It isn’t about race and religion

The one way track leaders
Harping the wrong tune
Sadly it spells the end
Of the song………out of time

Without a country
There is no party
Without the people
There is no government
To rule and dispense justice

So the frogs wait
For the right time to spring forward
Now the leaders sleep
In the Dark Hill
While smoke rising in the sky

the wrong footing the fall

the ghost ship of patagonia since 1963

The UM-NO registered ship
Battled wounds in its organization
Marshalling of its glories years
On the race base philosophy
Party, race, religion and country

The country is on the last pole
Without a country where is the party?
Without the country where is the race and religion?
O leaders! On the wrong footing any party will fail
Now the internal ripples ripped UM-NO

The leaders lied
UM-NO should be 20 years old
Yet they celebrated as 62 years
The false premise the ghost won’t forget

The old UM-NO died in 1987
UM-NO (new) came into being
Took over assets and a new beginning
Wearing the familiar red and white uniform
Telling all UM-NO survives….

A second chance to live
The party leaders never learned
They still go after the same ideology
Party, race, religion and country

We are children of Malaysia
There should be color blind
Let every one sharing the wealth of the nation
Not on class and division of distribution

It must be on a need basis
Transparent and accountable to the people
Nothing to hide; nothing to corrupt
Let it be clean and fairly implemented

The ills of the country
Of the leaders of self interests
Now the cracks have split open
The water seepages will be hard to conceal

The dripping echo
Have you heard the call?
The sailors stare
Ooi! Time to jump ship!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the um-no ship

The UM-NO ship
Sailing into stormy weather
Gale of waves rising high
Calling them to ride

The ancient leaders
Looked up to the sky
Knew then the ship can’t take the heat
It is time to let go
Lower the small boats
Make a quick exit to land

The ship captain falling asleep
He doesn’t care the ship sink or float
He has his beautiful dream
In Alice of Wonderland

Niamah………the pirates of neighbors came!
He can’t handle even within his party
The ship sails rudderless
Chopping along the undulating waves

The body parts floating
In the dark blue sea
The UM-NO ship clashes with the waves
Only the silence greeting on the deck

In the far distance
Some make it to land
Others sadly sinking into the deep dark sea
Too greedy of wealth and positions
The dark land below claims them for free

Niahmah they deserve it
Cheating the wealth of the country
Telling lies to the people

Now the new light
We are “Anak Bangsa Malaysia”
Niahmah………UM-NO never gets it!

jumping ship

The Cyclone waves
The magic of doom arrives
On the doors of UMNO
The leaders don’t see it that way

Huddle together
Arguing drawing strategies
Listing out what they get
The spiral storm circulating strong

The ‘pension’ leaders quit
Running while they have the land
Underneath tunnels they build
This is the day they have to go

They saw the dark clouds
They know what it will be
Only the sleeping beauty and his cronies
Eyes full of greed seeing the pot of corridors
Glittering sparkles blinded their eyes

And the little monkey
Drumming up his antics and hidden agendas
The road to his kingdom
He wants it so badly……….
Until he is willing to sacrifice
Any body to achieve his aim

The rattling windows
The huge storm brewing
When they realize what hit them
They get star struck
Eyes full of fear of the unknown
The dark circles loom

The fallen leaves scattered
They can’t hold onto the branches
The parasites too let go
Knowing it has lasted that long

The people know
God has finally made His moves
We can rejoice
UMNO will crack
Malaysia will be free
Of race base parties
And the ills it brings

the brutus of modern times

Image Preview
Many ‘sick’ news
Gossiping around
Time to jazz it up
The lives of many

Profit needs
A business entity will do
A story told
Now people begin to know

Porn, Porn and Porn
The images around us
The guy in Muar
He wants to upstage Chua

So the Star
Writing about
You know the story
Lap it up on the snoop-camera spy

Somewhere in the darkness
The laughter and smile
Some one will fall
In politics and its rules
The Brutus of modern times

charity must begin at home

Disasters in other countries
Myanmar and China
Of the natural casualties
10 of thousands died

Myanmar of her Cyclone Nargis
China of her earthquakes
Buried in mud and water
Humans’ tragedy
The ills of the government
Don’t people get it?
It is greed of power and wealth
This is how we made for ourselves

The rallies of volunteer workers
Flying near and far to give a hand
Aids and donations pouring in
Myanmar puts break
China welcomes it

Maybe I am selfish
I always think of our own backyard
Why no such help for our own?
You know the poor and helpless in our midst

There is no huge publicity
Human egos want to be seen and known
Every donation extracts a measure of pr publicity
For the company and the person giving it

So charity must begin at home
Going over we must cover our base
We shouldn’t be heartless
When we know our poor
The destitute and homeless

The government should rule
One dollar from each worker
Contributing to a fund worth at least $10 million a month
I am sure workers willing to share
For the poor and homeless and destitute
It has to begin here not seeking publicity on ego trips

isa must be buried

courtesy mob1900

Stop ISA
The time stealer of our souls
It doesn’t give you a chance to say
You aren’t human when you go to ISA

The crack of dawn
The ISA will knock your doors
It has no face; it has no judge
When you are in
You are so alone

2 years without trial
You think you will lose your mind
Squatting inside the Kam U Ting
You wish you are in China
Trekking the wild
Looking for the Bigfoot Man

So stop ISA
It isn’t defending human rights
It is like Brutus stealing you day and night
Giving your soul a hard time
You hardly can file complain
You are in for the longest wait of your life

Listen do your homework
Work out plan to dethrone ISA
He sits on the chair
Smoking his cigar
Dreaming his lazy life

Stop ISA
For human rights to glow
Life is a 2 way process
Not in Kam U Ting

the stage of dr m

The old UMNO died in 1987
With it the ideals of the past
You sat up UMNO baru then
Quickly took over the assets

UMNO celebrated 62 years anniversary
To me it should be 20 years only
The old UMNO had died long time gone
The new one is just barely reaching its potential
Full of experiments; can’t understand the past ideals
This is the problem besieging the present leadership

Gentlemen you wish they are
Sadly they don’t see it your way
They see you as a meddling doctor
They want you to go and retire happily

Yet I see you can’t
The nationalistic ideals in you won’t rest
You wanted them to see the way you want it to be
Those leaders in UMNO(baru) they don’t care about you

Now you resign from the party you founded
Leaving it with sadness in your eyes
Wishing that you could do to right the wrong
But dear Tun you aren’t in the game any more

UMNO has many cracks
Years of arrogant living got its tolls
In the 21st century perception is different
Now you understand
You have to let go

You leave the stage with heavy heart
You have supporters aging along with you
They should remember what you did
The good, the bad and the worst in your premiership
So take your easy life
Write it in your bog
Share with us
And thank you for making the world
Know where Malaysia is!

Monday, May 19, 2008

dr m resigned from umno

Mahathir bin Mohamad

Dr M resigned from UMNO(baru)
The party he founded in 1987

Now he comes full circle
Following the footsteps of Dato Onn Jaafar
He left when his party officials didn’t agree
His proposals to allow other races to join the party

Will Dr M resignation signal an after shock?
Currently it is left to be seen
What will be the political outlook of UMNO?
Dying slowly or just don’t care any more?

The MPs who love this country
They should know what to do
Pakatan Rakyat on the swing
This is the party the people hoped for
Go join and make it a new dawn
It isn’t about ethics; it isn’t about fraud
It is for the country and her developments

Dare to go and win
The country and her needs
Don’t get blinded by personal glory
And the wealth you think you will get

Dr M signals his grievances
True or false the UMNO leaders judge
Will other UMNO members follow?
The party now going down….

close ns for good

17 died in NS
The parents allowed them
Believing they would be taken care
They never knew the young teenagers would die

By law the young ones send
To the NS camp for 3 months
For national integration and discipline
Learning something bearing fruits in future?

Yet on record 17 died
The government refused to close it down
Giving palatable excuses
It is money for cronies
A whopping over $2 billion involved
This money can be used to help the poor

No the government leaders
The cronies ring the gravy train
The poor in the country
Begging alms the government doesn’t see
The little napoleons sit in the air-conditioned offices
Never walk the streets……….

The sadness of parents’ eyes
The tears flow today and years beyond
The memories of the lost ones
They can’t be cloned never will they sing their songs

It is time NS closed down
Too many deaths it makes parents scared
The lack of responsibilities and the poor services
The compassion amongst the leaders……………
The money saved can be used for other purposes
Scholarships and assisting the poor

But no it is for a few connected parties
Inheriting the wealth milking the country
It is time the parents demand NS closure
It brings sorrows when death stalks the camps

the fingers dance

The fingers dance
On the beat of a drum
When the ink gets into its way
They salute run away

Who is the liar?
Telling about sabotage
The 3 stooges held press conference
Telling it so convincingly about it

Now after the tsunami romance
Fingers begin to point
Who will tell the true story?
O about the ink!

The coalition ministers
The 3 stooges on stage
They have something to say
The truth will let them free

The frogs dancing
Heating up the drum beats
Now the fingers pointing
You, You and You
They just want to save their own skins

they must answer!

Before the probes begin
Cyclone Nargis says
There could be no prosecution
On the 6 names mentioned in RCI report

So why start the probe?
There is something to hide
It is clearly understood
There are cases to answer!

He is trying to hide the facts
Ruling on his own even before the probes
This is the UMNO/BN attitude
Trying to derail it
There are many worms in the can

The 6 must be called
And answer in the court of law
Competent DPPs must be assigned
Let the show begin

If everything else fails
Use the draconian laws BN is known for
Why let them go free?
Else the Pakatan Rakyat will hammer in
The ills of the country must be cleaned
Give it a nice coat of paint
Washed out the debris buried in the sewages
Let the flow smoothly

Sunday, May 18, 2008

0 the ink!

O the ink!
Spent millions on it
Suddenly it was put in storage
Giving excuses
Afraid to lose

Now the finger pointing
EC Chairman to Cabinet thing
I wonder why said it now?
When it had already gone

Consciousness playing
Sleep deprives in the dark
So it has to come clean
Otherwise the little darkness smile

A suggestion becomes reality
O the ink! Where you have been?
After 2 months your name speaks again
You want to come out and be free

These are the liars
Giving the country a bad name
Taking the people for rides
Now when it was over
They sing the melody

O the ink!
Go to their minds
Let them taste your anger
Telling you lies
Now let them taste your medicine

it is a long bumpy road

It is a long bumpy road
Unearth the wrong doings of the past
The power that is wielding it menacingly
The connected cronies zoned it to their kind

The big guns must be exposed
Take the documents and minutes
Let the people know what had been done
Serving cronies not for the people

The scams of many
Terengganu oil money
$3.3 billion from 2004-2007
It can’t be explained thus far

Now with Abad Naluri in Penang
Hit the gong worry about it later
1000 acres to one company
If it doesn’t smell fishy
I don’t know what to label it

It is like Ah Long doing business
Pay out $10 million gets $billions
The LGE must find ways to prosecute
And bring the culprits involved to justice

You have done a good expose
I hope you will carry it out without fear or favor
Le the culprits know there are people watching
Don’t cheat the people and the country’s wealth
Anil will be there waiting to expose them

cabinet ministers living in the black night

The cabinet ministers
They have nothing else to do
Tell me what news can you cover from them?
No front page news sometimes nothing at all

The ills of the country
Corruption, lies and deceit
They dare not spin it
They know how it will work

Now the errand boys
Police report made to find out why
Who blew the RCI report to the press?
Important cases they don’t say

Say one thing doing the other way
Free of press yet put a damper stick in
So how good are their slogans?
A pity never knows how to walk the talk

The Police will waste time
Fighting crimes pushing to the back seats
Let the criminals have a field day
Interviewing reporters…………………

The cabinet ministers
Getting up late never read the ground
Of what are whispering what people say?
It is the black night for them……….
Up in the dark castle they don’t feel the pulse
Of the people needs……..
And reporters right to publish
When they get the snoop

we have our own little darkness

The Merchants of death
In our own backyards people know
Why talk about foreign companies?
When in our own terms we have it

Why talk about Palestinians?
They don’t want to accept peace
They want to fight for every inch of soil
Go shake hands then discuss about it
They don’t do; they teach the young to shoot

US of A attacked Iraq
For oil and other economic stuff
The merchants of death flourish
Weapons to be sold people need to die
Million gone yet they still at it
Soldiers and civilians die every day
Whose fault is that?

The warring factions never want to agree
Every one wants to climb on top of the pile
Big and small they don’t care
Using religion serving self interests
No wonder we can’t see the truth and lies

The peace loving people
They just can’t understand
The big fish and the small fish
White shark and crocodile tears

It is wealth of a nation
It is power to crush the weak
Religion uses it on a wrong strategy
Finally we see deaths……..
The merchants bring to our shore
Because we want investments
We don’t care what will happen

The merchants of death
We aren’t the better
We have our own little darkness
Instilling fear into the people

the oil money

The oil money
$3.3 billion couldn’t be counted
Somewhere in the transactions
It disappeared?

Terengganu should be a rich state
Owing to mismanagement of funds
She never sees her potential grow
The leaders never plan for her

Out into their companies
On projects inflated costs
Even that there is $3.3 billion
It couldn’t be explained?

The Finance Minister
He has a lot of explaining to do
He can’t keep quiet now
It was tabled in Parliament
Now the can of worms crawling out
Feeling the fresh air smelling the cool breeze

The oil money
The state is short changed
It has to find out why
It isn’t an event to forget

Saturday, May 17, 2008

bn sleeping

What is with BN government?
Police report one after another
Is it trying to pull wool over peoples’ eyes?
Now police report launched on MSM newspapers
Under the OSA on RCI report before cabinet approval of release

First going after RPK
Then Karpal Singh on his legal point of Rulers’ roles
By the UMNO goons as if they are the protectors……
And now going after MSM newspapers

The country’s agendas put on hold
The UMNO/BN leaders skipping rope
Jumping high and high when something drops by
Quickly they want to put a stop…………..
They dare not ask why

Crimes high on the list
Kidnapping and children missing
Yet the Police spring into action
When the political master orders probe

Which is important – crime or report?
The priority is wrong so is the leadership
Dato Wong I believe in fair reporting
Even it can hurt somebody’s feeling
When there is no wrong; there is no ringing to worry

Instead of planning for the economy
Understanding what is happening around the world
Here we have our sleeping owl…………….
Hoot wooing in the dark night though it is bright

Will justice prevail fairly to all?
They are the stage actors trying to run its script
As the people watch and discuss about it
Shadow play one more time…………….
Before the frogs let fly………………..

the truth now is it?

borrowed The Star

Corporate, judges and prime minister
Into the cauldron of strange fellows
On the common aim to make it work
Of power, gravy train and friendship

People lives
Make it looks according to the laws
The intra-players play their games
Profit from their relationships

The power flowing
The corporate leaders gain
The perks and awards
The judges coolly take

Now the RCI threw the spanner
Something isn’t right after all
Probes and answers must be found
Before the ghosts of the past laying to rest

Allah works differently
It takes Him years giving out ropes
When He pulls it back, He catches the fishes
One by one gasping for air to breathe

The truth must be open
Let the people know and understand
Ill-gotten gains and advantages
It won’t stand in one’s life span

So now we see
Will it happen or another shadow playing?
The life of the country’s politics

the circle rounds them up

borrowed blue)

The magnificent 6
Rode to the glory
Now the 7 begins to probe
What happened years ago?

The Royal Commission of Inquiry
Recommended probes on the magnificent 6
Of charges relating to their offices
And the C4 boys made police report
Against MSM papers……another shadow play?

The fall of grace
On the people who played the game
It isn’t finished until the final whistle
Who is number 7?

The cowboys of the past
Clashing with the modern predators
Into the battle court they will engage
And the people watch and hear the story

Crimes in any category
Of any shape and size
Nobody should get a free ride
Walking into the glorious night

Now the circle rounds them up
It is time to answer the charges
In the court of law………..if it isn’t a shadow play
Let the people hear what BN did
Of years gone into history

The magnificent 6 rides to the border
They wait for number 7 so far unseen
Only the dust in the horizon
They feel edgy yet they know their fate

‘This is my way’
The final curtain waves
Of things of the past
It comes haunting the ground

when the gravy train stops

Image Preview

When the gravy train begins to stop
Many will be out of the loop
Suddenly some will realize
What the hell they are waiting here?

The people made the changes
Knowing how fathomless these leaders were
Knowing the racial composition………….
It never is what it is before
Only when the gravy train stops
Then come the realization
Standing on the plate form has no meaning
People say they are dreaming now

When the truth fails to impress
Long time ago people had talked
Gerakan is just the office boy
Running errands for the master

Now when the party was badly wounded
Some leaders finally came to their senses
Even LKY said coalition partners are beggars
What more do these coalition partners wait?

Now it is time to abandon BN
Join forces with the Pakatan Rakyat
This is the party going to rule the country
For the people; always for them
Else we change them……………
This is the voters right guaranteed

come home and fight for democracy

Our Malaysian passports
It is not a citizen right to possess
It can be cancelled or revoked or suspended
When the BN government thinks someone has earned a black spot
Sabotaging the image of the country

The leader of Hindraf
Only he knows how best to fight his game
He has his plan and his tactics
Now he has no passport; he isn’t stateless

I feel he should return
Fight his cause even though he can be jailed
The freedom fighters must be willing to take the punishment
For when it is done then the fruit of labor shall be rewarded

I know ISA will catch him
On his arrival on KLIA
This is where the true leaders face
Direct with the BN government
Hit it hard on home ground

Mahatma Gandhi did it
Fighting the British for freedom
We need people of leadership qualities
To fight on home ground to establish peoples’ government
And fight for democratic ways for the people

Life will be hard
In prison let the wardens jokes
The last laugh should be the people
Now they know their leaders back home

To make Malaysia free
The leaders must fight back home
On her soil feel her moods
This is where the people will support
Even though one can be jailed……

the shadow play

The 187 pages
Everybody talking about
O correct; so correct and it is correct!

What now?
The newspapers said about
Now the shadow play
Police report by PM department?

Why sink so low?
Building bush fires
To hide the real issues
Let the media and people talk
Let them have something to chew

Now the Police
Start running after the reporters
Who? Where? How? When?
When cases of Sharlini and others
Still hanging somewhere on the streets

Cruising without plan
Thinking about the frogs
The land below the wind
The land of the hornbills
And the silly pests underground
The can of worms creeping out
Now who cares about ethics?
When country is running headless now?

Friday, May 16, 2008

so many committees no result

Darth Vader appoints so many committees
Into his realm he sits and sleeps on it
Looking into his hour glass
He tries to assemble the best he says

Yet this is what he would do
Appointment on announcement
And let the technicalities to his boys
And he goes on walking on his corridors
Searching for his hidden silly pests
He is worried they would come to topple him
So he spends his days fanning them out

The work he has to do
He hasn’t done as much as we know
So many committees hanging about
I wonder where the result is coming out

He knows how to break promises
Once he said the projects will go on
In the PR states then suddenly it is none
Citing silly excuses by his soldiers
He never asks them to shut up

Now the Judges’ Judicial Appointment Commission
Will it be an independent body or a window dressing show?
As far as I know it is like a beauty parade
Once you see the beauties walking on by
Admire them then it is forgotten………………
Until the next beauty line up

Let MPs grill and decide
Let the judges apply for the top posts
In this way who is going to complain?
The FC must be amended to allow for this
Then we see what judges pick will be

Integrity of the judges
Fair; act without fear or favor
In their delivery judgements

Darth Vader can’t sleep
He sleeps walking as he tries to string his ground
Knowing it is beginning to crack
Water seepage slowly tickling out
And his soldiers looking worried
Where will be their next meal come?

hit the gong

If nothing is changed now
Cyclone Nargis will take the crown
The strong wind and waving storm
Unleashing it out to the people

The draconian laws will be used
Many will land in prisons…………
Operation Lallang 2 will run
So don’t let it happens

The marshalling on the borders
The underground networks begin
The snakes, termites, worms and crawling insects
Digging furiously as if they lives depend on it

In the far distance
The hunters run smelling the preys
With their track dogs screaming hard for it
On the borders they take a break

The compromise
Bargain and try to seal it
The give and take dilemma
Finally the wind of change

The bright light
Spreading it in the sky
The beautiful weather of white and blue
The celebration begins

The lady touches
The heart melts a new page of history
In the country and her people
The dark knights all in chains
Singing their blues in Kah Mun Thing Inn

jump ship now

Dewan Rakyat Speaker resigned from UMNO division post
He has started his move for a new dawn perhaps?

The land below the wind finally rises
The bright light seems to flourish now
The frogs are croaking eagerly to leap forward
For it is the new direction they wanted to go

The Dark Vader and his commanders
Flying high in the Dark Hill
Concentrating what to do next
The Empire seems to fall off slowly

The foot soldiers are looking scared
Fear seem to shine in their eyes
What now? Will there be our living good?
As barking orders ring in the Dark Hill

Instead of clearing the corrupted ones
The Dark Vader goes to hiring them
His immediate family members jump into the wagon
Trying to get the wealth out from the Islamic officials
Set up a company tying up with Temasek
What a silly move when wealth clouded the mind?

MCA and MIC what now for your guys?
The beggars in the coalition just following UMNO
What Gerakan advisor said you don’t reply….
Silence means it is true…………….
So it is better to leave when you have your dignity
Break away and find your soul………….
For now it is better than begging every time

UMNO is moving scared
The leaders are trying something unwise
ISA, OSA and Sedition Acts
They can’t live without it
So be very careful they want to shut you out

Now the truth is finally spoken
Jump the ship and swim to shore
Lose face never mind at least your get your soul
To live for your country and people
People will respect you for it

Thursday, May 15, 2008

isa should be gone

ISA a nightmare to all
Lurking behind shadow
Once you are brought in
It is very unlikely you could be free

2 years is a long dream
Behind grilled bars in Kamunting
You can see the passages of time
Sweeping away right in your eyes

A piece of colonial law
UMNO leaders condemned the colonial masters then
Yet its leaders happy to sit on its wagons
Rumbling sweet deception and pushing for its own
Giving the people a bad taste in the mouth

The Judges good and bad
Dare not rock the judiciary line
Afraid to lose the clout of power
Dispensing justice according to the law

The basic law tenet
Nobody is guilty until proven
Now ISA is no such thing
You are automatically guilty
Without trial without court of law
It is backward argument; hard to say a point
The law already condemns you
ISA stringing rope around your body
Put its mark; you are condemned
Into the grilled bars for 2 years
Oh year the government can extend it
As long as you are still threat to the country
As long as the government thinks you are
You have no chance to get an earlier release

ISA one of the worst nightmares
The voters who voted their choice
And these leaders used it on them
Now the ground is cracking………….
The drumbeats can be heard
The changes must be coming!