Friday, June 30, 2023

the bad leaders


The bad leaders

Don't air your view

It will not bring value

They need to come clean

Some are charged

They don't feel the shame

They still walk in the open

Thinking it is just a dream

The bad leaders

They try to spin their tales

They don't want to give explanation

They think we are fools

The voters must wise up

Don't sell your future for peanuts

Don't let the bad leaders return

Let them sit in jail and repent

stop giving the false narratives


The Old Man

Stop giving the false narratives

The overseas students

They aren't living in a coconut shell

It's the Old Man divide and rule

He still hasn't apologize

The mistakes he did

The bad vibrations we feel

His race hasn't lost power

In fact they control most of it

We can see the institutions

Even in commercial enterprises

It's the Old Man trick

Thinking back to his Malay Dilemma 1

His race has achieved the status

They control most of the nation's interests

the bike dancers on the road


The bike dancers on the road

They will rev it up in the night

The night of high pumping energy

The roaring smoke and loud cry

The police should be aware

The night of the bike dancers

They gather in groups

Willing to risk their lives

The police must constantly patrol it

These bikers will send messages

Maybe through what's app or facebook

The nights to test their ability and courage

The history of death and injuries

The bike dancers don't realize

They want their cheap thrill

Forgetting they have one life

MUDA bad decision


MUDA bad decision

It will not make them good

Going solo to try its mandate

On paper going to lose

Wrote 3 letters no reply

They should call and ask why

Keep waiting waste of time

Walk to HQ ask to meet

It shows MUDA lacks maturity

Have degrees don't mean good

Still need to cultivate cables

With patience rewards will come

Compete with the big boys

MUDA will bite the dust

MUDA has to rethink its way

Plan it for GE16

the Old Man will regret


The Old Man will regret

Taking Anwar to court

Now he has to buckle up

The karma comes alive

The wheel has reversed

Bringing him back to the time

Helping his family members and cronies

Earning billions during those events

Anwar has put in his defense

In court it will become the truth

These are the cases we are aware

During the Old Man tenure as prime minister

The truth may realize

The billions make it can't lie

Macc should investigate

Digging up the files and transactions

The Old Man will regret

The court will have an open hearing

The news will be reported

The Old Man will not smile

J chia


J Chia

A joke on bad faith

On a tragedy years ago

It shouldn't be joked about

She may get known

On the bad light on herself

If Interpol wants to help

The Malaysian police to find her

If the police mounted a case

J Chia may not escape the law

There is an extraction treaty

She can be sent to face her music

She is a lawyer by training

Turning around to be a comedian

Earning herself on the stage

Yet she forgets her former neighbour

She can shout bad words on freedom of speech

It shows her lack of civic consciousness

Even in America she should mind her language

J Chia the law may catch up with you

the nurses uniform


The crocodiles

Every time they speak

Nothing comes out good

Nothing good in their eyes

Now they pick on nurses uniform

Saying it is too tight to embrace their bodies

The crocodiles can't walk on land

They will ogle the women alright

They can't talk on economy

Coming out from the swampy land

Walking isn't a breeze

They shouldn't try to freeze their minds

The nurses uniform

What got into their minds?

Afraid to get on the wrong side?

Even thinking about it is a sin!

The crocodiles

They want their own kind

They can't have other animals

They can't be number one

Thursday, June 29, 2023

covid19 stop climbing


Covid19 on the decline

The numbers stop climbing

Maybe it is a good sign

Yet the pain lingers

WHO says it is over

Reality still stays alert

Wear masks where possible

Prevention is better then get infected

Covid19 may sleep

The public mustn't wake it up

It will not be good for everyone

Stay alert avoid too crowded places

Covid19 still in the air

We mustn't get carried away

Always on prevention

Wear masks on its needs

barking like green monster


The moos

They stole a chance

They didn't make it

It was a downhill ride

Now on the side

Barking like green monster

Of the Renaissance Man

They will be carted away

The moos

Sad to say

Mat Jenins in the air

Building castle of their own kind

The 3R they croak

Only to suit their survival

Nothing good in their deeds

It is only for their own needs

life of magic


Life of magic

Maybe we don't think about it

We walk through life

Feeling its mystery

When life makes us fall

We get angry or curse our bad luck

We don't realize it is our faults

We let opportunities slip through

When life stays silence

We will blame God taking it away

We don't realize what we eat cause it

The poor health stick to us like magnet

Life of magic

In our lives we make or break it

Win or lose is our doing in life

Look on the streets it tells of stories

don't let the darkness fall


Don't let the darkness fall

It will not benefit anybody

We can plead and cry

If we do not sweep the bad away

Our nation's fate

Plundered to her core

Owing over $1.5 trillion or more

We can't let the bad run away

Let us build up the economy

It will us to survive sufficiently

On it we will be able to stay free

The past will be recorded in history

Don't let the darkness fall

Without light we will be blind

It will not be good for tomorrow

If we don't chase the bad away

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

the tales of double speak


The words flow

The crocodiles try

The tales of double speak

When they say it okay

The women wings

They shouldn't play second best

Afraid to get swing by the tails?

They can't say of their men

When their men speak low of women

The women MP keep quiet like a mouse

When it is from the opponent fence

The women wings roar amok

This is why

The voters must be wise

Don't be fools so many times

God can't help if they can't rise up

don't get drown by pee anne tales


Don't let pee anne rule

The nation was left dry

Nothing much was gained

Only the pain and suffering

We must remember the white flags

Many asking for help instead

Even EPF money withdrawn

Many will suffer in old age

We know pee anne record

It is a sad tale of bad decisions

The emergency rule to stay in power

Economy was badly affected

So in the 6 states election

The voters must see the bigger picture

Don't get drown by pee anne tales

They are salesmen stealing your pockets

MUDA a loss cause


MUDA can't fight

Yet they want to show

They have lacked of funds

They should save it

Wait for the next GE

Maybe then they can fly

Like the eagles

Scooping up the votes

In fighting solo

In the states election

It has shown their impatience

Young without experience

MUDA should learn

The patience of a game

Learn the craft build up cables

Now what they have?

let MO1 stay in prison


The MO1 supporters

Look in the mirrors

You want the convict free?”

He stole the country's wealth

The UG doesn't need to do anything

The Federal Court upheld the verdict

Let MO1 rot in prison

Don't be blinded by wealth

The MO1 supporters

Educated by can't think ahead

Supporting a crook in crime

It will be a downfall for many

The nation wants to break free

She can't have crooks or bad hats in many

The economy will be stagnant

The shame for all of us

Let MO1 stay in prison

No amnesty for him

He dares to do crime

Let him pay his time

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

the parties in politics


The parties in politics

No money can't fly

They will get caged in

Within their own walls

Ideals for dreamers

In the imaginative world

Everything seems free

Floating like the wind

But reality bites hard

Without funds can't survive

The battles will be slow

The hungry look can't fight

The parties in politics

Funding is important to survive

Patience needs to be learned

Cables need to be cultivated

stay confident don't feel rejected


The push and pull

The men will say they aren't needy

They don't want show their weak game

Women will drop them like ice cream

Women can't stand weak men

They always want confident guys

Like the cavemen of ancient times

They made the women needed them

Look at the bad guys

They are confident to break the law

They aren't ashame to go to jail

Women will fall for them

On the playing field

One night stand or friends with benefits

Women will hunt for the confident men

Because they feel the need to be protected

The push and pull

One of the ways in the game

Pursuing women by the men

Stay confident; don't feel rejected

don't show disunity


Stand together fight the adversary

No need to shout and get angry

All good if patience prevail

No need to hit the roof

What will happen if we do?

A bad scene a tale to be told

Showing the lack of maturity

Showing lack of control

It will show disunity

A chance for the enemy

Galloping on our woes

Sweeping it all without a blink

Better stand together

Hold the fort and be free

Don't turn it into a melee

We will lose our dignity

MUDA leaders


MUDA leaders

Impatience the fall of many

These leaders are short-sighted

Without experience want to be equal

Now the hidden hand is revealed

Going solo what is the point?

Changes need time

MUDA on the wrong side

They will be the spoilers

By going solo they have lost the support

They will lose badly too

Like Pejuang in last G15

MUDA leaders

Better stay out of the states election

They will not win in the contest

They will lose badly too

Monday, June 26, 2023

the members of UG


The members of UG

Save your principles

The nation comes first

Get your priority right

Don't let your eyes turn blind

Don't let your mind get stuck

Learn the art of compromises

For the nation good

Burning bush fires

On each other backyards

Time wasted anger doesn't help

Give and take a better shield to protect

The bad leaders from the opposite camp

They will use any excuses to their advantage

So the members of UG must stay on common ground

No more bush fires put it out for good

bury the bad for good


The crocodiles

Take the giant share

In the 6 states election

To contest of 126 seats

They only smell the swampy land

The aroma doesn't help in the end

The walking will stand unsteady

Wagging its tails thinking of the roses

Like their partner the moos

The voters should bury them for good

Don't let their brand invade the nation

The bad records the voters mustn't forget

Let the 6 states election

Give it to the UG

It is good for the relationship

For the economy for the nation

the sandakan man


The Sandakan man

He better stays quiet

His credibility is gone

Even his words not worthy

The Sandakan man

The police should reopen his case

The sex video tape

One party admitted

Yet the file is kept in cold

The police should view it again

It shouldn't be swept under the carpet

Let the closure begin

The Sandakan man

Stay at home pray hard

Too many sins to forget

Don't show your face again




A red light on the road

The waiting game

The time loses

We aren't bold

We feel the fear

On the unknown places

Our minds will scream


Time of regret

The losses can't get back

It is gone

So what will it be?

Bite the bullet

March forward to see

The opportunities may happen

Sunday, June 25, 2023

let UG take back the administration


The 6 states election

It will be on its way

Likely in July

Now the battle begins

The voters must remember

It is the progress for the nation

They mustn't fall for the bad guys

They can kiss goodbye

Religion isn't economy

It will not provide us to survive

So don't get fooled by the bad guys

We mustn't be fools to be scammed

Let UG take back the administration

It will be good for state and federal relationship

There will be no hiccup to block it

It will be good for us and nation

don't waste time with the bad


The moos

Telling their tales

They forget to mention

The bad they did

Don't let the bad moos in

They don't bring cheers

They had their bad record

History will not be kind

The moos can dream

Like the Mat Jenin

Don't ever let them come in

They bring bad news instead

So are the crocodiles

Can't walk on land

Good at swinging tails

Nothing good in their deeds

The 6 states election

Let it all return to UG

Let the nation progress begin

Don't waste time with the bad

we know our times


If we think we are old

We will feel the hold

The lines painted on our skin

Telling us that's the sign

We have a certain fixed time years

Along the way depends on our food intake

As long as we recognize it

Born. Live. Die and that's the story

Within the active years

Save some for the rainy days

But don't let the mind detour

Stay positive value the years

Declutter the mind

Don't let it cry

We know our times

So go out smoke life

the beggars on the street


The beggars on the street

They will feel sad in their eyes

Hoping for alms to tide over the day

Some give others ignore

The sympathy flow

But how true they are?

Most of the times

They are the pretenders

Some children will beg

The public will feel sad

How can their parents don't care?

It's the trick of their trade

The beggars on the street

Ignore them don't encourage

They will hope for our sympathy

As they look sadly in their eyes

Saturday, June 24, 2023

madam zu


Madam Zu

Time she learns her truth

Signing a bond is to honour it

It's a contractual obligation

She shouldn't give excuses

She signed she agreed

When in default she has to pay

This is a simple contract

She failed in her suit

The High Court ordered her to pay

$10 million bond she signed

She can't escape her obligation

Madam Zu

She can't escape her obligation

The others like her

They will shiver

the new IGP


The new IGP

He has to work ahead

He knows the rope

He knows the hope

The outstanding cases

He has to bring to conclusion

There is no time to delay

He has read about the news

The new IGP

He has to make the difference

Let history be kind on his actions

Get the important cases end its run

The years ahead

Let the hope bring the changes

The new IGP

Don't stick to the old let changes in

the scammers still rise


The scammers still rise

The way to scam for cash

Telling lies on the fear

It's a good way to get a knock

Fear is one of the ways

Reaching in the mind

Once it gets it hold

The bad will have a free time

Many still fall victims

Though police advice the people

Yet the scam still rises

Many don't listen

The greed to riches

Many forget to ask questions

Advice they don't get in

So the scammers win

the parties in UG


The parties in UG

The members should stop harping

The bad vibrations of each party

It doesn't bring good cheers

They are in it

To make the nation rich

It isn't about bad timing

It is about the economic progresses

These party leaders

They should stop attacking

It doesn't bring good vibrations

It brings the black shadows

Stay like a gentleman

Let the nation feel the flow

She has suffered enough

It's time to sing praises

Friday, June 23, 2023

we have the good and bad


Life isn't on a straight line

Everyday we will find its clues

High or low or flat out in our lives

Yet we mustn't hide ourselves

We have the good and bad

How we manage it will tell

Don't put everything in a bottle

The pressure will be too great to handle

We need to release the steam

Walking in the park admiring the scenes

Feel the force of nature caressing the mind

We will feel the goodness; we will feel alive

No need to attend anger management

Read the scriptures feel the glow of ancient wisdom

The first rule of life

Is to say thanks to God everything will be fine