Tuesday, June 06, 2023

the monkey forgets his root


The monkey stays high

On the cable munching his nuts

Looking below he seems he is right

Thinking he owes no party any allegiance

The monkey forgets

He got his mark through the wolf party

The years he was until he was kicked out

Trying to campaign for the opponents

Now he is out from the wolf party

He still hasn't learned his lessons

He still shouts support for the opposition

Telling his listeners the wolf party will be wiped out

Now he shows his mental capacity

The monkey should jump down from the cable

Walk the road feel the heat on his feet

He may realize he has nothing to offer not even advice

The monkey must learn to accept defeat

Learn to live with humility stay on with patience

Maybe in time a new party president may call him back

So he should stay quiet and offer assistance without shame

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