Wednesday, June 14, 2023

the grapevine says


The grapevine says

2 tycoons throwing money

The campaigns for the state election

Even before the dissolution of state assemblies

These tycoons want the states to fall

To the hands of the moos and crocodiles

These tycoons forgot how they make their money

Maybe now they feel the agencies are after them

The voters mustn't be fools

Fall into the hands of quick rich schemes

The voters will not be rich at all

They will lose more than the values they receive

By now Anwar will know the rumour

The funding to the rural folks

Knowing they need cash to pay essentials

The rural folks mustn't be fools to fall for it

Money isn't the root of evil

It is the society of humans who make it bad

The people should realize it

Don't fall prey to an illegal scheme

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