Wednesday, October 31, 2018

the persian cat never returns

The Persian cat never returns
He acts in an erratic manner
The days and nights, he sees no difference
When mating season begins

He will become hook
Sometimes running around
Sometimes chasing other male cats away
He doesn’t want competition

He doesn’t realize he is an old cat
He can’t fight with the young male cats
But he doesn’t see it that way
He thinks he is the male Persian cat

So, he never returns home
He pays his time and energy somewhere else
In a house there is a white local female cat
There he will stay not hungry not sleepy

the malay NGOs

The Malay NGOs
Wake up from your slumber
Don’t live on handouts
Get out of your addiction

We can’t live on discrimination
We should live and share our ideas and wealth
Together we stay in unity to forge ahead
You don’t take and take for your own

There are laws and conventions
We aren’t living in a coconut shell
We are sharing with the world of communities
The Malay NGOs don’t live on addiction

There is no Malay supremacy in the Constitution
It is His Majesty to protect his subjects
On certain issues relating to special rights
And interest of other communities

It has nothing to do with Malayan Union
Don’t try to pull a wool over our eyes
It is to get rid of discrimination in our lives
The Malayan Union is dead and in history

The Malay NGOs do us a favour
Are you Malaysian or a race?
We want Malaysians to share and forge ahead
In our nation of many colours and belief

in a street fight

In a street fight
It is defense and run
It’s no use winning it
Later lose a life

In a street fight
Stay calm find a way out
It is better to lose and walk away
Even live with a calling name

Just remember life is precious
Each person has a life to live
Enjoy the best with it
Why lose it and regret?

The male cats will meow loudly
Each trying to prolong a fight
The cats know the scratches and injuries
So, they play the game of meowing

Nobody wants injuries
Sometimes death can occur
Remember the song “Billy, don’t be a hero”
Sometimes be a loser to fight another day

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

learn from the streets

The cultured coolness
It makes everyone thinks
How great is a person?
Sitting in the seat of power

The direction can be had
Every one around the table will agree
Many will not ask pertinent questions
They want to protect their own skins

A leader of this calibre
He will face his weakness
When a clever reporter poses questions
He will find it hard to crack his answers

A leader who hasn’t learned from the ground
He will find it hard to fight with confidence
The cultured coolness is a false fa├žade
He will crack his cool when the heat gets unbearable

Learn from the streets
It will tell you how to stay alive
In times of unbearable road
It will come to save a soul or direction

the tragedy of lives

The tragedy of lives
It is always sad to read their fate
One minute so happy full of life
Next second their destination end

Whom can we put blame?
The technical crew repairing it
Lucifer wants to claim more souls?
As God drinks his red wine?

We will never know
We will put the blame on technical weaknesses
Like the jet-planes or buses or cars
Maybe Lucifer wants to get more souls

We know we will go one day
There is nothing to blame or delay it
But the way we all go need to be changed
Let us all go to sleep and dream of paradise

Condolences to Lion Air
The pilots, crews and passengers
Let their souls be given the light
From the darkness blooming with brightness

the ordinary folks

The ordinary folks
They aren’t thinking of the budget
They are thinking for themselves
What the nation can do for them?

As long as they can have
The needs they want everyday
The ordinary folks will stay calm
They aren’t afraid to face the truth

Maybe they recognize the hardship
It is nothing new to these ordinary people
They have gone through the process
They aren’t afraid to go there again

Every professional and businessman
They want to gain from the budget
They will put up reasons and why
They are afraid taxes may cut into their lives

The ordinary folks
They will carry on their tasks
In their minds they face hardship before
Back again what is the fuss?

Monday, October 29, 2018

the death penalty

The death penalty
It doesn’t help to curtail capital crimes
The criminals will dare to challenge it
Even pay with their lives

Most of bad hats want an easy living
They don’t want to work hard earn credits
They will rather go for the easy hits
Rob and kill, pushing drugs or drug mules

Look at the law
It doesn’t deter the criminals to behave
They will flex their muscles to challenge
It is the pot of honey tempting fate

In the world we live
The death penalty isn’t stopping crimes
It is the nature of human beings
Seek the challenge for wealth creations

Some will work for it
Some will rob and kill to take
The wealth somebody makes
Or like drugs to get permanent addicts

Life and death
Only God has the right
Let us not live in sin
Behaving like little gods

Let death penalty be in history
Let the criminals stay in for life in prison
Let them pray and repent
For in time they will regret their sins

the wind

The wind is howling
Traveling in slow speed
The trees and bushes wave sleepily
As if to say “Don’t need to worry”

The echo of the night wind
Brushing the night in low speed
It never wants to scare the low areas
Afraid of the rising tides

The city and town dwellers
They will not fear of rising wind
Cuddle in the cool rooms
Dreaming of nights in white horses

The rumbling on the hilly slopes
The falling stones and rubbles
Rolling down to the valleys
It’s the sign of bad planning

The wind rising up in energy
The night sky turns in lights of lightning
The thunder rolls along the sky
It wakes up the sleepy heads

Then the roar of falling rain
The flash floods in certain areas
The rising tides on the coastal region
The people living there worrying it

The energetic wind howling
The trees and bushes aren’t sleeping
The look of their shady plays
It isn’t a time to be brave

we have forgotten

Death is everywhere
In the air
In the homes
On the fields
In the buses
In the cars
In the rivers
In the seas or oceans
In the lakes
In the hospitals
In the nursery homes
In the old folks’ paradise

By the bullets
By the bombs
By the knives
By the swords
By the tanks
By the poison gas

By accidents
By negligence
By murders
By plotters
By poisons
By religious fanatics

When Earth implodes
Nothing will be saved
We better pray hard
Sincerely for Earth to stay
For God can make it all disappear
In death ashes return to the soil

And we are still fighting
Even death staring in our faces
We have forgotten to live in peace
We have forgotten we have a 99 years lease

the great liar

The great liar
Alone he will fall
He can’t find support
When his lies can’t be the truth

As Tunku* said before
Once you reached the top
You would have to come down
So be kind and good as you walked the steps

One day when you walked down
You would see the same faces again
Why wanted to do bad?
When you would not enjoy it

The great liar
The sins will hang over the head
The mind will be full of bad deeds
It will pull to the dark pit

* Tunku Abdul Rahman the first PM Malaysia

Sunday, October 28, 2018

dream big really?

Dream big they say
The sky is the limit
Go out and get it
Honestly is that the way?

Can we achieve it?
Dream big to feel virtually good?
I will say dream on the achievable goals
This is the way to make progress

Along the way we don’t feel down
We will achieve our confidence
We will walk or run with our abilities
Honestly many of us will not fly to the moon

Even to save for old age
We don’t have our saving
And we want to dream big?
Do the little things

In the long run we will build
Our fortunes to live well
We don’t have to regret in our lives
We dream what we can achieve in our times

the tricks of trade

The tricks of trade
In politics and business
The leaders will tell
The soothing effects

They don’t tell you straight
They can’t say a spade is a spade
They will plant the flowery words
Hiding the true facts behind an intention

“We do not accept cross-overs
When the advantage is obvious
The cross-overs will be absorbed
It will boost the party image and representation”

Even in business it will work behind the scenes
Nothing will be forth coming only minor details
When the push comes to hit the wall
Lay offs will be suddenly arrived

The economic fundamentals are good
It is only the players don’t play the games
They hide in cubicles afraid to commit
Living with their hopes and dreams

The tricks of trade
It affects us all in the cycle
The truth and lies it sings its songs
We should filter it and know the tricks

mo1 in the perfect storm

MO1 in the perfect storm
It brought down Bee Anne
It made Amno baru kneel
Once the great party fell

Now MO1 is hit by 37 charges
He is in the centre of the storm
He will find no way to escape
Even hot-shot lawyer can’t get him away

He still spins his tales
He is afraid nobody will remember him
The voters had long ago abandoned his party
Only Pekan didn’t see his wrong!

Now Deepak suing him and his wife
For a tune of $685 million
Deepak also claimed he spent $300 million
All gratifications for his projects

But MO1 dismissed the claim
Deepak also said he gifted his wife a Bentley
Deepak has the documentary evidence
MO1 hasn’t seen it coming his way

The police haven’t filed in the charges
MO1 will be hauled up for many more
By the time his trial starts next year
He will be facing 60 charges in his name

He should shut up and stay quiet
He shouldn’t spin his tales anymore
He is as if a female ghost directs him
Spinning out of his mind and character

the budget of cuts and pain

The budget of cuts and pain
Who is to blame?
The nation in the debts cycle
MO1 and his gang of rich schemes

The headaches for PH government
Inheriting a government weak in finance
Plundering the nation coffers
Dancing in the illegal wealth

The budget of cuts and pain
It has to spread with some honey
Let’s have some good projects going on
Let the economy breathe some air

Let the basic needs strive
In the economy of cuts and pain
It will take us some times to get back
In the economy of prime and progress

Saturday, October 27, 2018

atlantuya in the air

Atlantuya spreads her wings
In death she wants her pound of flesh
She hasn’t left Malaysia where she was murdered
Now she opens her eyes to seek her vengeance

The murderers are still free
One has hallucination of himself
Spewing crab of lies to cover other lies
In time he doesn’t know what he is talking

Every lie will link to the first lie
There is no way to escape the spinning tales
Along the way Atlantuya will wait her time
She has all eternity to take her pound of flesh

The air of her perfume
Spreading in the wind
The murderers are quivering in fear
The dark shadow will appear

The police may not reopen the case
It doesn’t mean the end of the sad story
The AGC may want to find the truth
Before the file is permanently close for good

One person is talking his tales
The spinning of his story hitting no where
In his mind he stills see the dark smile
“I want my pound of flesh”

we aren't alone in this universe

We aren’t alone in this Universe
We shouldn’t believe we are the only ones
We have to open our minds and eyes to see
The footprints of history will show us the way

The footprints of gods in the world
It stays for so many thousand years
It wasn’t built by those early humans
They didn’t have the skills and technology

It has to come from a superior being
We don’t see them in our lives
We can only read and see the wonders they left behind
The footprints of the gods

Now UFO sightings
Many recordings in sight
But the truth isn’t coming through
The suppressed information in denial

If we believe in God
We read of the 7 heavens
So, we must believe there are others
Watching us from above

The sad part is we believe in evidence
When there is none to show of UFO
We dismiss it as someone’s wild imagination
But the records will allow us to change our perception

anwar ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim
A chance he shouldn’t forget
What he says what he wants to do
The people of change will be watching

Thus far we read what he said
There are still the elements of his Abim days
The Islamic approaches to the central theme
He mustn’t forget he is the Renaissance Man

The nation is a pot of many brews
It isn’t fill with one ingredient to boil
It is the collective unity of all races
Bringing forth the emergence of change

Anwar Ibrahim has to embrace it all
Pandering to a race will not help the nation
It has been done for over 61 years
It is time to shift the silver spoon feeding

The unity of all races
The nation needs to push for progress
There are still the elements of 3R
It has to minimize for the sake of the nation

Without a nation there is no race
Nation building comes prominent in our daily lives
Anwar Ibrahim shouldn’t forget how he suffered
Where all races came to support his incarceration

don't do drugs

Don’t do drugs
It will never send you to heaven
You will live a miserable life
Death if you are caught selling it

Know the law involves in it
It is a one- way street to the gallows
There are no second chances to stay
Once the courts make its ruling

Many young adults have died
Running to catch the easy monies
It is the short cut to hell
If only they understand its consequences

The drug mules know the sentence
Once they are caught they will face death
Trafficking drugs to get into easy living
They should think what will happen

Don’t do drugs
You will be living in hell
Every day of your life
Even death will not spare you

In Hades the processes will begin
You can plead for leniency
Of the crimes you did long ago
But you will know the consequences