Saturday, December 23, 2017

palestine go for peace

Palestine's Rally
What is it all about?
Is it for Amno b reality?
The feeling to touch base?

Palestine's people
They must want peace and progress
The way they have behave
They want alms and arms

They are the ones who can't wake up
The decades of feeding the false hope
The generations after generations
still want to cause troubles

Look into reality of life
The battle lost change strategy
Convey for peace to progress
It is to be safe than to lose a life

When the going is tough
It is best to find a softer approach
Admit Palestine has lost
Go for peace and progress

Palestine wants to win
But fighting on a weak front
Don't they see the reason?
God wants it that way

Go for peace
It has all the benefits
Nobody will suffer
In fact they will progress

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