Saturday, December 16, 2017

the people aren't afraid to bite the bullets

The red white and the green moon
Together they sleep in the moonlight
Sharing its common goal to flourish
In the land of opportunistic wealth

It is the hidden cause
Its leaders will try to forge ahead
Bring down the Secular nation concept
Unleashed the political Islam

The other races aren't their concerned
The other religions they will push aside
The cultures of others will be banished
The infidels must obey their orders

Nothing must stand on its way
The political Islam on the road
Why its coalition partners stay quiet?
They have no voice or authority to say

It is now the opposition has to battle
The Secular nation has to stay
It is our legal duty to defend our Constitution
Though we read our agencies compromised

This GE14
The good will triumph over the bad
The people have seen and learned
They aren't afraid to bite the bullets

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