Friday, December 29, 2017

walk in the evening

Walk in the evening
Feel the soft breezes
Watching the people
Some walking with dogs

On the open field
The fat man and his dogs
The dogs doing business
Leaving the poo behind

See who is the unlucky one
Step on the dog's poo in the night
Of course the curses will come naturally
The smelly poo on the shoes or slippers

A cat is tied by a long rope
The owner doesn't want his cat to roam
Mixing with other stray cats
The ticks and fleas come along with it

The other stray cats
They chase each other
Jumping from a house to another
Catching me if you can”

It is with female cats
The male cats will do the chasing
The female cats have the power
They can sit and the male cats will run to them

In the evening walk
The sunlight is lowering its glare
The housewives will stand outside
Sweeping porches or throw rubbish

By the time I reach home
Darkness will descend
The sky will turn dark
Another being will roam the street

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