Sunday, December 24, 2017

mat rempits

Mat Rempits
Bullying on the road
Revving up the loud noises
Disturbing the quiet night

Mat Rempits
How long must they stay?
Why Amno b support them?
To cause nuisance to the neighborhoods?

It is the rule of intimidation
Mat Rempits aren't afraid to challenge police
They believe they have Amno B leaders
Two ministers airing their vocal support!

The police should haul them in
Lock them up put them to do community work
Mat Rempits aren't a Malay culture
It is a social problem of unemployed youths

The police should launch “Operation Mat Rempits”
Catch all these illegal racers put them in prison
Let them taste prison life for a change
Then ask them to do community work

As it is now
It has been years
Mat Rempits menace still persist
The police must clamp it down for good!

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