Sunday, December 10, 2017

zaid you aren't alone

Zaid isn't alone
He speaks the truth
It is what would help him through
Though Amno B will shout sedition

Zaid has his right to speak
A certain Ruler had touched on politics
What Zaid said was a friendly reminder
A chaos affects every one in the nation

Though the police is quick to act
Opening a file under Sedition
What happened in Terengganu years ago?
No file was open no charges were launched

It was Amno B leaders who demonstrated it
They showed disrespect to the state Ruler
And yet they could get away free from prosecution
It says of police impartiality of handling a case

Now Amno B wants to protect the Ruler
It shows how its leaders play the double game
The people are the ones ruling the nation
We mustn't forget our rights in the Constitution

Zaid feels let down by his party
By then he is speaking on his own mind
It doesn't reflect the party stands
As an ordinary member he mustn't expect much

His party can't say it openly
It will become a fodder to spread lies
As it is now the party always the punching bag
By Bee Anne leaders twisting it into bad news

Zaid the people are behind you
You aren't fighting alone in your truth
God always likes the light warriors
He will bury Satan and his followers

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