Thursday, December 21, 2017

GE14 the likely change the nation needed

The hound dogs have kicked in
The cages are released the hound dogs bark
Loudly for the people to hear
Of a past when they stayed mute

Now when Dr M formed an opposition party
Leaving Amno b where he knew saddled with diseases
He quit the party and walked out with a purpose
He wants to bring down his former party leaders

Though the hound dogs will say
He ruled the nation with his iron fisted rule
Everyone knew about “His Way” caption
He wanted to make the nation known

But the hound dogs never bark
They stayed mute and bowed
They enjoyed the benefits stayed by his side
Now Dr M is out they started to run him down

The party hound dogs of bad faith
They will face the wrath of the people by the cakes
They will get the smacked on their faces
When GE14 arrives we will show them our long shadows

The ruling regime has to bite the dust
GE14 will likely be the change the nation needed
As we have read and seen the worst happening
We must not allow it to go on as if nothing is wrong!

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