Friday, December 15, 2017

the costs of living

Once Sheila Majid says of costs of living
Amno B members criticizing her
When they themselves bring it up
There is the loud applause

It tells us what they are
They aren't to be trusted
In the running of the affairs of the nation
They only hope to get the rewards

When the people are suffering
They are thinking of their own pockets
They don't address it on the stage
When the opportunity arises so they miss it

Now other artistes too voices their concerned
Of the economy of the nation
Though there is the standared reply
Our economic fundamentals are strong!”

What are they?
When we see our ringgit depreciates
We will pay more for our import of goods or services
We have already faced our own internal economic problems

GST has added to the woe of our pockets
It helps Bee Anne to stay in power for a while
Now EPF has introduced schemes of withdrawals
For those who in 55 or 60 years group

It tells us something is seriously wrong
The government treasury is in dire needs of money
Encouraging internal consumption to increase its coffers
And the hole has become deeper and deeper....

Is this the way we want?
We have a choice to make
Don't get fooled by Brim or Krim
It never solves our economic downtrends

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