Sunday, December 09, 2007


The morning walk
Down on the streets of KL
The 100 or more people
Wanted to walk for freedom talk

Uniformed police
Blocked their way
Democracy isn’t working
Humans Right locked into a box

Pleading and cajoling
Nothing moved the stiff faced police
Disperse now and stay away
This isn’t the way of democracy

Lawyers try; lawyers ask for to march
The stiff faced police never bulged
Charging on the hapless people
5 lawyers charged on illegal assembly

So what does sleeping head say?
The fundamental right yet it is blocked all the way
Democracy a right to assemble peacefully
This is Walk for Humans Right

BN leaders say
How so when businesses affected?
Saying words without giving losses
Street rallies not the way
But when people write to them
The baskets wait in the corner
Gathering the basket ball

The morning walk
For Humans Right police don’t care
Arrested the people
For breaking the law

The ruling elite make its way
Head I win tail you lose
But morning walk will be there
The drum beat has already sounded
For a change into the future

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