Monday, December 03, 2007


The hawkers had increased their selling prices of hawkers' food. In my area it has increased between 25-35% even there is no increase in flour, toll or petrol yet. But these hawkers had started to impose their own prices increase. I wonder what the minister will say..............A typical reply heard long ago "Dont patronize those hawkers................" The minister should send his officers to the ground to investigate. These officers are paid to do a job so they must perform their duties for the people. Learn from the Singapore government( I always wonder why the government never learn anything from our neighbour though officers are sent overseas to learn something or another yet when they come back nothing moving at all) No proper licence to increase prices of goods licences will be suspended. The hawkers concerned shall not be allowed to operate it for say 3 years. There must be brakes on these hawkers simply increase food prices. Every body talks of about cost increases yet the ministry officials are deliberately ignoring those signals that I am sure they encounter themselves when they go out to dine or friends or relatives inform them. Will there be action on these food hawkers?

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