Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The BN government is afraid of the peaceful walkers organized by NGO and other like minded people to save the nation. Now the AG wants to prove beyond reasonable doubt that these people are "causing public disorder and more unlawful assemblies" In court attended by many lawyers, the AG antics caused him the laughing stock amongst the legal fraternity. Has he no shamed to charge blindly the peaceful walkers? Now the nation will watch when the case is up for prosecution. The BN government is so afraid now that the leaders wanted to patch up their leadership qualities to maintain law and order in the country citing public order against public freedom. The street demonstrations by the responsible and respected leaders arent there to cause mischieF. It is organised to show that there are wrongs the elected government must rectified quickly. Yet I read the government leaders want it for themselves forgetting they are elected by the people for the people to manage the country rightly for the people. Nothing else. Dont the BN leaders read the signal in Australia? Howard government collapsed in the polls after over 11 years in power in Australia. Now the BN government has 'ruled' the country for over 50 years, it is time for a change of leadership and party to govern the nation. The BN leaders have stayed too long in their posts. They have become aggressive, intolerant of dissent, wanted to rule forever, helping the businessmen/corporations instead of the people, granting favors to friends, families and cronies, dont bother to listen to grouses by the people, and many others including wasting nation's wealth. The IGP should play his active roles to combat crimes and gangsterism in the country, murders, rapes and killings and also professional killers on the loose where lawyers got killed and elected member of government shot dead; sometimes businessmen too. AG should have thrown out the cases of the peaceful walkers instead of him leading the prosecution team. Has he got nothing else to do? I am sure he has plenty on his plate. Perhaps he wants to have a piece of action in the main newspapers. He had lost the high profile case of Eric Chia; he should now must make sure he doesnt lose the Atlantuya case too but I feel many will say he will lose this case because of the way he suddenly changed the prosecution team leader. AG should know that the street walking will be held by the people no matter what the BN government leaders want to say. It is the spirit of wanting the nation to be respected and practise the legal form of democracy enshrined in the Constitution. So the rakyat will walk in honour of their country

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