Friday, December 28, 2007


The life just gone
In politics it was so young to go
In the hands of Islamic militants
Two wrongs never will be right

The sorrows in the air
The teary eyes of dear ones gone
Blown up to pieces sometimes
Sniper shots wasted lives

The life just gone
The Islamic militants don’t care
In the narrow minded view
They just take lives
In the name of a religion
So they think they will go to heavens

No way Jose
Heavens close gates
You will feel the fireballs
Tearing your skin to your bones

The life just gone
A prime life gone just like that
Two wrongs never will be right
Sit down talk it over
There must be a way out

The life just gone
Suicide bombers and the brainwashed souls
Never know what damages they cause
They thought they will go to heavens
Wrong way Jose
Hell is where you belong

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