Sunday, May 15, 2022

the task force again


The task force again

Every problem get a task force to investigate

After months nothing will emerge

The report file and put aside

The bullying in hospitals

It isn't something new to the public

It has been going on for decades

It is to teach the house officers to be thick skin

They need to have back bones to stand straight

The bullying will be carried out in the minds

This is why we aren't created equal in our lives

Senior doctors and specialists should show humbleness

The work culture of bullying

It has to stop immediately

MOH should make it a regulation

Any infraction will be severely dealth with

It doesn't need a task force

It's better get MTUC and Cuepecs

To go and investigate the issue

These unionists may get the better result

MOH task force

Nothing will come out of it

A wasted time and effort

It will be put in history box

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