Friday, May 20, 2022

a weak leader will choose the wrong


The Salak South MP

The turtle man should rethink his choice

He can't pick one who has no character

Diplomacy needs the soft approaches

The Salak South MP

He has many bad points in his resume

He shouldn't be appointed as an ambassador

He will be a liability to the country

Learned long ago

A fool will get a fool

A blind will follow a blind

A weak leader will choose the wrong

The turtle man

He can't lead the nation

He has no knowledge of how to manage

His Lowyat 2 tales will tell on him

Now there are 18,000 signed petition

These people don't want Salak South

Of course the wolves will support him

They are in the same boat

Even the retired diplomats don't support

The turtle man should ponder on it

But then he is a puppet on the strings

Can he change since he want the support?

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