Thursday, May 19, 2022

we need honest leaders


There are stupid ministers

There are stupid voters

There is no difference

The same voters; the same elected

The nation can only cry

Tears of shame every day

Because we don't see

The way of our stupidity

We know there are stupid leaders

We fall for the entrapment of cash and good

By the time our votes are arrowed in

We are left with our own greed

We want to change

The fear of the unknown keeps us away

The fear of intimidation, control and submission

We fall for it and we will lose

GE15 will once again

Decide our fate and our nation

Think of Sri Lanka or Greece

We can't have stupid ministers any more

All of the back door leaders

They must go and leave the stage

They shouldn't be hanging around

We will need upright and honest ones now

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